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Former cast members of "The Daily Show" on Jon Stewart's legacy

Former cast members of "The Daily Show" spoke about the legacy of host Jon Stewart as he prepares to depart from the program.
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Police release more video in search of Texas church murder suspect
Missy Bevers’ suspected killer was dressed like a police officer and seen early Monday in a hallway. The victim's body was found a short time later at the church in Midlothian. Vinita Nair reports on what the victim’s husband is saying about the mystery.
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New rescues as more Texans impacted by flooding
With tons of water -- and no place for it to go -- rescues continued in and around Houston overnight Wednesday. Flooding is blamed for eight deaths in Texas. Omar Villafranca reports from Houston, where the flood threat persists.
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Sean Hannity Slammed for Calling Adam Toledo a '13-Year-Old Man'
Sean Hannity was criticized for his choice of words following a viral clip of a guest on his Fox News show calling Kyle Rittenhouse a "little boy."
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Does Ted Cruz still have a chance?
Cruz had a dismal Tuesday, getting stomped in the New York GOP primary and possibly losing any chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination outright before the convention. CBSN's political panel offers insight into Cruz's options at this point.
Ex-cop charged in Daunte Wright's death makes court appearance
Kim Potter, 48, is charged with second-degree manslaughter, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars.
Donald Trump wins big in New York
Trump proclaimed, "We don't have much of a race anymore," after taking the New York GOP primary by a huge margin. CBSN's political panel breaks down how he did it and what it means for his campaign.
How Clinton and Trump won in New York
What exactly were voters in the Empire State looking for? For word on the exit polls, Demarco Morgan and Anthony Salvanto join CBSN.
UFC on ESPN 22 weigh-in results and live video stream (noon ET)
Check out the results from the official UFC on ESPN 22 fighter weigh-ins, featuring Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum.       Related StoriesBill Algeo still open to fighting Giga Chikadze 'after Cub Swanson whoops that ass'Mads Burnell discusses evolution since departing from UFC: I'm way more matureBellator 257 live and official results (6 p.m. ET)
Hillary Clinton gives victory speech in New York
Hillary Clinton may have slammed the door shut on Bernie Sanders with a big win in the New York Democratic primary. She addressed supporters in Manhattan after picking up the win.
Biden Administration Puts Abortion Industry Profits Over Women's Safety | Opinion
Far from governing as a unifying president, Joe Biden has pushed a radical abortion agenda that places profits for the abortion industry above the health and safety of women.
New York Apartment Costing $2.5k a Month Mocked As You Can't Open the Oven
The one-bedroom apartment in the West Village is 325 square foot and was originally on the market for $2,650 a month.
Latin AMA stars step back into the spotlight
Carrie Underwood and DavidBisbal team up for the Latin AMA event in Miami - while Anitta, Ziggy Marley and Pisco 21 get used to playing live again, after lockdown. (April 16)
France outlaws sex with children aged under 15
The French parliament on Thursday adopted legislation that characterizes sex with a child under the age of 15 as rape and punishable by up to 20 years in jail, bringing its penal code closer in line with many other Western nations.
Power Up: This GOP senator wants to overhaul unions in America
But his GOP colleagues and labor experts are skeptical.
Hillary Clinton set to win home state of New York
The Hillary Clinton campaign says it's not about how many points she wins by, as long she wins her home state. Bernie Sanders is arguing the close race in New York is a sign that he's catching fire after seven straight wins. Nancy Cordes reports.
Donald Trump wins New York primary
CBS News projects that businessman Donald Trump will be the winner of the Republican primary in his home state. It was a much-needed win for Trump, who was trying to regain momentum in his campaign after losses to Ted Cruz.
This vacation hotspot is offering vaccinations to visitors
After becoming one of the first destinations to fully reopen to tourism, the Maldives is now rolling out a program to inoculate foreign arrivals who are checking into its upscale island resorts.
Final hours of voting in NY
CBSN political contributers Rick Davis and Lynda Train join Real Clear Politics reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, and CBS News senior politcal editor Steve Chaggaris to discuss what to expect in the final hours before NY polls close.
Baltimore girl saves her neighborhood from further air pollution
When an industrial incinerator was approved to be built near her already polluted neighborhood, high schooler Destiny Watford jumped into action to stop it. Now 20, Watford is being rewarded in a big way for saving her neighborhood from mercury and lead. John Blackstone has more.
Stephen Colbert tests Paul Ryan on presidential goals
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said multiple times he wouldn't accept the Republican nomination for president if it were offered to him, but Stephen Colbert isn't exactly convinced.
Family blames Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after man reportedly suffers stroke
A Mississippi man who experienced a blood clot after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, has been left paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to talk, his family said.
President Obama travels to Saudi Arabia amid tensions
President Obama will fly to Saudi Arabia Tuesday night, as relations between the U.S. and the Middle Eastern ally are being tested. The Saudis are not fond of Obama's recent comments that they are "free riders" in the region, or the possible declassification of the myterious 28 pages of 9/11 documents. Margaret Brennan reports.
1,700 missing after Ecuador earthquake
The death toll from Saturday's 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador rose to at least 480 Tuesday. Teams continue to dig through the rubble and search for missing people. David Begnaud is there.
Prince Philip once apologized to President Nixon for 'lame' toast at White House dinner
Prince Philip apologized for a faux pas that occurred at a White House dinner with President Richard Nixon in 1969.
White House fence jumper report released
Government investigators released their report Tuesday on the security lapses that allowed a fence jumper armed with a knife to easily get into the White House in September 2014. Jeff Pegues has more.
'All Boys Aren't Blue,' 'Unapologetic': The 4 best LGBTQ films we watched at Outfest Fusion 2021
Craving bracing, thought-proving LGBTQ cinema? Look no further than the movies featured at this year's 18th annual Outfest Fusion Film Festival.
Latin AMA stars champion diversity
Stars Anitta, Yendry, Dascha Polanco and Ziggy Marley discuss the importance of diversity and representation on the Latin AMA red carpet. (April 16)
Try these tricks for handling the pain and stress of travel: Stretching, water, CBD
From making sure you have all your travel –documents to CBD for your achy back, here are ways to make your summer travel saga a little less painful.
Publishing company Simon & Schuster won't distribute book by officer from Breonna Taylor raid
Simon & Schuster announced it will not distribute a book written by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who took part in the fatal Breonna Taylor apartment raid.
Simon & Schuster won’t distribute book by officer involved in Breonna Taylor’s death after facing backlash
After swift backlash, Simon & Schuster said it would not distribute any copies of the book by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly about the raid that killed Breona Taylor.
Officials release video from fatal police shooting of 13-year-old
Adam Toledo, a seventh-grader, was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer last month. Protests are expected throughout the night.
Nearly 6K fully vaccinated Americans got COVID-19 – out of 66M: CDC
Approximately 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans — out of 66 million who received the shots — still became infected with COVID-19, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Harry Styles Ariel Pictures Go Viral—But He Already Turned a Role in 'The Little Mermaid' Down
Photos of Harry Styles dressed as the "Little Mermaid" character for a 2019 SNL photoshoot have emerged.
New Hampshire lifts coronavirus mask mandate
New Hampshire’s mask mandate expired Friday after the state’s governor announced in a tweet on Thursday that it would not be renewed.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Campaigning to Have Police Swap to Non-Lethal Bullets
Duane Chapman said he had arrested more than 8,000 fugitives and had never resorted to lethal force.
What we know about the Indianapolis shooting: 8 dead at FedEx facility; suspected gunman dead
At least eight people were killed in a shooting late Thursday at a FedEx facility near Indianapolis International Airport, authorities said.
Police do not know if shooter was a FedEx employee
How one Baltimore student protected her neighborhood from air pollution
Destiny Watford grew up in Curtis Bay, a part of Baltimore with some of the worst air pollution in the country. She made it her mission to stop construction of a huge new industrial incinerator less than a mile from her high school, and the project has now lost its permit.
Rep. Ritchie Torres’ Big Idea: Create permanent monthly child allowance payments to parents
The Big Idea is a series that asks top lawmakers and figures to discuss their moonshot — what’s the one proposal, if politics and polls and even price tag were not an issue, they’d implement to change the country for the better?
Brooklyn Nets forward LaMarcus Aldridge retires suddenly because of irregular heartbeat
Seven-time All-Star NBA LaMarcus Aldridge has retired from basketball abruptly after he suffered an irregular heartbeat during the Brooklyn Nets' loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday, April 10.
Brooklyn Nets star retires suddenly because of irregular heartbeat
Seven-time All-Star NBA LaMarcus Aldridge has retired from basketball abruptly after he suffered an irregular heartbeat during the Brooklyn Nets' loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday, April 10.
Has Baltimore changed after Freddie Gray's death?
It's been one year since the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in police custody. Gray's death led to violent clashes and a national debate over the relationship between police and the black community. Deray McKesson is an activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate, and joins CBSN to discuss what has changed in the city since last year.
Live updates: Biden and Japan’s Suga to hold Rose Garden news conference after afternoon of meetings
Japan's prime minister is the first foreign leader to visit the White House in person during Biden’s presidency.
High expectations for Trump, Clinton in New York primary
New York primary voting is underway, and expectations are high for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both frontrunners have already cast their ballots. CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez and Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman join CBSN with more on what to expect from today's polls.
Theaters and music venues are still waiting on Covid relief funds approved in December
They were the first businesses to close and will be some of the last to reopen, yet owners of independent theaters and live music venues have been waiting nearly four months for a $16 billion federal emergency grant program to launch.
LIVE UPDATES: Indianapolis FedEx facility shooting leaves 8 dead, attacker’s identity unknown
A mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis late Thursday night has left at least eight people dead and several others injured, police say.
New report: Secret Service understaffed at White House
A new report is highlighting the alleged failures of Secret Service security during a fence jumping incident at the White House in 2014. CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues joins CBSN to discuss the security concerns.
High school students: Police don't belong in schools. Here's how we forced them out.
We have all had negative experiences with police in the classroom. So, following the lead of the Black Lives Matter movement, we fought for change.