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From a Talking Toy to a Shattered Face—Here Are the Creepiest Dolls Across the U.S.

The National Parks Service confirmed that one "definitely does not climb out of the drawer and run around museum storage giggling in the middle of the night."
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Wizards make it two wins in as many nights with a rare victory over the Mavericks
A hot start from Bradley Beal and late help from Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope gave the Wizards a 120-114 victory.
Wizards make it two wins in as many nights with a rare victory over the Mavericks
A hot start from Bradley Beal and late help from Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope gave the Wizards a 120-114 victory.
Giants limp into Eagles’ matchup looking to erase memories of ‘MNF’ beatdown
This could have been so juicy. Instead, it is as dried out as 4-day-old Thanksgiving turkey.
Kings' Brendan Lemieux ejected for allegedly biting Senators' Brady Tkachuk
Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk pointed to his hand after a scrum and said that the Los Angeles Kings' Brendan Lemieux bit him.
Wisconsin Senators Ask Outsiders to Stop Exploiting Deadly Parade for Political Purposes
"We are asking anyone considering such action to cease and desist," Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Ron Johnson, a Democrat and Republican, said in a joint statement.
Defense attorney brings up Colonel Sanders in attempt to save his client
Kevin Gough, William "Roddie" Bryan's lawyer, raises eyebrows with an unusual comment.
Ahmaud Arbery's mother fulfills promise: "I will get justice"
Inside the trial against the three White men accused of killing a Black jogger, the final guilty verdicts, and a mother's pursuit of the truth of what happened to her son.
Triller Triad Combat results: Mike Perry survives knockdown to decision Michael Seals
Mike Perry overcame adversity to get his hand raised against Michael Seals at Triller Triad Combat.       Related StoriesTriller Triad Combat results: Mike Perry survives knockdown to decision Michael Seals - EnclosureConor McGregor updates on injury recovery, likelihood of Diaz trilogy, Kamaru Usman's 'many holes'Triad Combat: Live blog, results for Triller event
CBS Weekend News, November 27, 2021
Countries reimpose restrictions as new Omicron COVID variant cases emerge; Typewriters make comeback during pandemic
California town in fowl mood over peacock infestation
The colorful birds have been clamoring on housetops, gathering on people's lawns and porches and defecating all over the town of Tracy, Calif.
Quincy Williams looking to step out of brother’s shadow in bigger Jets role
When Quincy Williams was drafted by the Jaguars in the third round of the 2019 draft, he heard plenty of “that’s Quinnen Williams’ brother.”
Suns overwhelm Nets in Brooklyn to extend win streak to 16 in a row
The Suns never trailed and led by as many as 22 on the way to a 113-107 over the East-leading Nets in Brooklyn.
News crew security guard dies after being shot during attempted robbery
Kevin Nishita was an armed guard for Star Protection Agency and provided security for television news crews who are often targeted by robbers for their equipment.
French bulldog stolen from Long Island home found 50 miles away
Matthew Hauck, 34, thanked The Post for coverage that led to his joyous reunion with Stella Saturday afternoon in Center Moriches, an hour away from his Huntington home where the 4-year-old pup was snatched.
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Nets fail another test, fall to league-best Suns in front of record crowd
The Nets looked worse Saturday night than they have since ... the last time they played a top team. 
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Liberalism is a 'crap bumper sticker' with policies that fail: Dan Bongino
"Unfiltered" host pointed to low bail policies as one example of how Democrats' actions have led to people getting killed.
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Texas crash kills off-duty cop, injures family members; suspect facing DUI charges: reports
An off-duty Texas law enforcement officer was killed and three family members were injured Saturday in a suspected DUI crash in Tarrant County, according to reports.
1 h
Dismembered body found on Long Island Expressway in Queens
Human body parts were found strewn on the Long Island Expressway in Queens Saturday afternoon.
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Israel closing borders over Omicron variant fears
The ban, if it receives final government approval, is to begin at midnight Sunday and last 14 days.
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Depleted Knicks snap Hawks’ win streak in first matchup since playoff exit
No Kemba Walker. No Derrick Rose. No Nerlens Noel. No Taj Gibson. No worries.
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Charles Hurt: Happy Thanksgiving from Bidenland, Where the Highs Aren't Possible Without the Lows
TIGHTSQUEEZE, Virginia — As the great philosopher-poet Bret Michaels taught us, every rose has its thorn.
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Jamie Dimon’s quick kowtow after telling truth on communist China
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie ­Dimon was right to call out China’s authoritarian regime -- but then realized his bank does way too much business with them to risk hostilities, Charles Gasparino writes.
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A chilled late November day suggested older, colder times
We were well below average on Saturday and the breeze offered no aid.
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Kevin McCarthy's Statement on Lauren Boebert Doesn't Condemn Her Remarks
"Saying I am a suicide bomber is no laughing matter.... Normalizing this bigotry not only endangers my life but the lives of all Muslims," Rep. Ilhan Omar said.
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US Postal Service announces holiday shipping deadlines: How to make sure packages arrive by Christmas
The United States Postal Service has announced holiday shipping deadlines that should be followed to ensure Christmas packages arrive on time.
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College Football Playoff: Where do teams stand after Week 13?
Michigan revives its national title hopes, Alabama keeps its title defense alive and Wisconsin kisses a New Year's Six bowl goodbye.       
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Judge Jeanine tells Americans how to stop Democrats from releasing violent criminals from prison
Judge Jeanine tells Americans to focus on down-ballot races in the coming elections to keep progressive legislators out of office.
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Joe Biden’s ‘cure’ is what ails us: Goodwin
Absent major changes, it is hard to see how the Biden presidency can go on for even three more years.
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Omicron variant symptoms ‘unusual but mild’, says South African doctor
The South African doctor who alerted on the Omicron variant of the coronavirus said that its symptoms are “unusual but mild” in healthy patients -- but she's worried it could cause issues in the elderly and unvaccinated.
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WHO Skips 'Xi' in Greek Alphabet for Naming Coronavirus Variants 'to Avoid Stigma'
When naming the latest coronavirus variant, the WHO skipped the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, spelled Xi.
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U.S. Lawmakers Discuss Alliance With Taiwan President Despite Disapproval from China
Five House members arrived in Taiwan Thursday to meet with local officials amid a wider delegation trip to several regions in Asia.
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Travis Scott hit with lawsuit by family of 14-year-old killed at Astroworld
The family of the 14-year-old killed in the reported crowd surge at Astroworld has filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott. Hilgert was one of ten people who died during the music festival.
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Notre Dame Cathedral slammed over rebuild plans turning it into 'woke theme park'
Critics are slamming the rebuilding of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and accusing the renovators of turning the 850-year-old church into a “woke theme park.”
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Organized “smash and grab” thefts increase nationwide
An alarming trend of “smash and grab” thefts, where organized groups ambush stores and steal merchandise in large quantities, is on the rise in cities nationwide. Stores in California are being hit especially hard. Lilia Luciano has more.
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Child injured in Waukesha parade attack released from hospital: report
One of the children injured in the deadly Wisconsin Christmas Parade rampage was released from the hospital Saturday -- though eight others were still under medical care, according to a report.
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Typewriters make comeback during pandemic
Once considered a relic of the past, typewriters made a comeback during the pandemic. An Arlington shop is now booming thanks to the obsession with this vintage commodity. CBS Boston’s David Wade has the story.
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Analysis: Alabama football and QB Bryce Young don't succumb to knockouts. They fight.
This is the 2021 Crimson Tide, a group that majors in drama -- never more so than in Alabama's 24-22 Iron Bowl victory over Auburn.       
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Alabama escapes Iron Bowl with playoff hopes intact (college football winners and losers)
The Crimson Tide gets a late touchdown and wins in quadruple overtime against Auburn.
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U.S. restricts travel from several African countries to slow spread of new COVID variant
Health officials are working to learn more about the new Omicron COVID-19 variant. Michael George speaks with CBS News chief medical morrespondent Dr. Jon Lapook about what is known and what can be expected.
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Biden promotes small businesses as stocks take a hit over Omicron fears
Despite some concerns about the Omicron variants impact on an already fragile stock market, President Biden said he's not at all worried about the possible fall. Weija Jiang updates.
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"CBS Weekend News" headlines for Saturday, November 27, 2021
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Weekend News with Carter Evans."
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Countries reimpose restrictions as new Omicron COVID variant cases emerge
The emergence of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant has countries reimposing some restrictions to limit the spread. Travel is also being limited once again. Debora Patta has more from South Africa where the variant was first detected.
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Americans are 'angry' and Democrats are 'nervous' over Joe Biden's policies: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters discussed the effects of Joe Biden's policies Saturday on "Watters' World," noting many Americans are angry over rising costs, and Democrats don't want the president to run again.
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Ryan Feinberg fires four TD passes as El Camino Real wins City Section Division II title
El Camino Real defeats Los Angeles Hamilton 37-18 at Pierce College in the CIF City Section Division II championship game.
3 h
Man hides in landing gear of American Airlines flight from Guatemala to Miami
A man hid inside the landing gear of an American Airlines flight from Guatemala to Miami Saturday morning.
3 h
A stowaway was found in the landing gear of a plane at the Miami airport, authorities say
Authorities discovered an apparent stowaway Saturday in the landing gear of a flight from Guatemala at the Miami International Airport, local and federal officials said.
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Netflix’s Bonkers Horror Show About Killer Elves Who Feast on Human Flesh
NetflixJust as grown-ups frequently pine for their youth, kids are often desperate to cast off their adolescence in favor of adulthood—not realizing that with advanced age comes enhanced responsibilities. That life lesson is learned the hard way by the protagonist of Elves, a six-part Danish horror saga that concerns a family’s vacation to a remote island populated by wary locals and, more menacing still, by mythic creatures. It’s a hermetic community that abides by a unique set of rules designed to keep those beasts at bay, although in Stefan Jaworski’s series, real trouble arises not from irrational monsters but, rather, from a kid thinking she’s mature and therefore repeatedly behaving dumbly.It’s difficult to overstate the aggravation generated by Elves’ Josefine (Sonja Sofie Engberg Steen), who along with her mother Charlotte (Lila Nobel), dad Mads (Peder Thomas Pedersen), and older brother Kasper (Milo Campanale) ventures from Copenhagen to the misty island of Årmandsø for Christmas. Josefine is introduced befriending a dog at a convenience store and then pouting when she’s told, for the umpteenth time, that she’s not old enough to have a pet of her own. This is a wholly typical pre-teen attitude for Josefine to have. She takes it to another level, however, when the family arrives in Årmandsø and, as she and Kasper bicker in the backseat, their car runs over something in the middle of a heavily forested road. They discover black goo on the vehicle’s bumper, and Josefine spies more of the stuff in the adjacent field that leads to an electrified fence. Yet before she can investigate further, they’re scared off by burly Møller (Rasmus Hammerich), an Årmandsø resident whom we’ve already seen deposit a chained-up cow in the woods behind the fence. Josefine and her clan retreat to their log cabin, where mom and dad try to make the most of this getaway from their hectic city lives by constructing Christmas decorations. Josefine, however, has only one thing on her mind: checking out what her dad potentially hit. Thus, she sneaks off to the fence, where she discovers a tiny injured elf whom she brings back to a nearby barn, nurses back to health, and names Kee-Ko. With a pointy head covered in wisps of hair, matching spiky ears, and giant dark eyes, the pint-sized woodland animal looks like a creepier version of a Troll doll, and it swiftly takes to Josefine, who does her best to play mommy to this baby. Josefine’s maternal instincts, alas, far outpace her common sense, and after introducing Kee-Ko to Kasper, the elf is found by Møller and redeposited behind the fence.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Artemi Panarin thinks Brad Marchand crossed line with Russia dig: ‘Lost my mind’
Artemi Panarin will have to pay $5,000 — the maximum allowable under the collective bargaining agreement — for chucking his glove at Bruins winger Brad Marchand.
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