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Garcetti seeks to stem poverty, boost social justice in vision for a recovering L.A.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti laid out a roadmap for helping the city recover from the devastation of COVID-19. He emphasized anti-poverty initiatives and social justice programs, including a "basic guaranteed income" pilot program.

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Mueller asks DOJ for documents related to Comey firing
New developments in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election focus on President Trump's removal of FBI Director James Comey. Paula Reid reports.
Pastor Johnny Enlow says 'Vision' of Donald Trump With 'Golden Scepter' Proves He's President
"Heaven does not recognize [Joe Biden] having any scepter nor wearing any crown," the self-described prophet wrote. "From heaven's perspective, there is only the legitimacy of [Trump]."
4 girls helping Cambodian families from thousands of miles away
A group of young Long Island girls have been helping families more than 8,700 miles away in Cambodia. Elaine Quijano paid the girls a visit to see how they and their charity have grown.
Bellator 258 results: Sergio Pettis outworks Juan Archuleta for bantamweight title
Sergio Pettis spent the bulk of 25 minutes staying calm, cool and collected against Juan Archuleta.       Related StoriesBellator 258 results: Anthony Johnson survives rough first from Jose Augusto for KO winBellator 258 video: Michael Page smashes Derek Anderson's nose with slick kick in TKO win - EnclosureBellator 258 results: Conor McGregor training partner Peter Queally stops Patricky Freire in bloodbath
NutriBullet blender receiving mix of lawsuits
At least 22 people are suing the maker of the NutriBullet blender. They claim the powerful blenders malfunctioned and caused serious injuries, including burns. The maker of NutriBullet maintains the blenders are safe. Mireya Villarreal reports.
Sexual misconduct allegations plague Hollywood
New sexual misconduct allegations surfaced this weekend in show business. Among the accused: producer Brett Ratner, music executive Russell Simmons, TV host Ryan Seacrest and actor Jeffrey Tambor. CBS News John Blackstone has more on the growing fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage
When Britain's 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth married 26-year-old Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten at Westminster Abbey in 1947, the wedding sparked joy and celebration in a country just recovering from World War II. A new image was released showing the Royal couple ahead of Monday's platinum anniversary.
Keystone Pipeline vote comes in wake of leak
Days after a massive oil leak in the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota, a key vote comes Monday for the controversial Keystone XL expansion. Roxana Saberi reports.
Mets dugout drama unfolds in intriguing scene
Even as the Mets forged a late comeback Friday night against the Diamondbacks, the key intrigue concerned what happened out of public view.
Puerto Rican schools still improvising almost 2 months after hurricane
Nearly two months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, about half of the island is still in the dark. As David Begnaud reports, school children are getting lessons in patience and perseverance.
Zimbabwe dictator ousted from party
Robert Mugabe, the longtime dictator of Zimbabwe, was ousted by his political party Sunday and his impeachment could be next. Mugabe first took control of the South African country months before President Reagan was first elected. Debora Patta has more on the political crisis.
Taken Away
A father dreams his daughter's been killed, then later she disappears. What does her boyfriend know and could the dad's nightmare have been real? "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.
Tucker Carlson: Biden's economy will mean no electricity or small businesses, but Amazon may pay you more
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' discusses why there was a low April jobs report while businesses simultaneously can't find workers
John Dickerson on Alabama Senate race
Chief Washington correspondent and host of "Face the Nation" John Dickerson provides his insight on the Alabama special election and what lies ahead for the tax bill making its way through Congress.
Top Alabama newspapers reject Roy Moore
A special election three weeks from Tuesday could change the balance of the U.S. Senate. Sunday, the top three newspapers in Alabama ran a front page editorial rejecting Republican candidate Roy Moore. He is fighting off multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The newspapers call the election, "A turning point for women in a state that has silenced them for too long." Dean Reynolds reports.
Argentina may have received signals from missing sub
Argentina's Navy says it detected brief satellite calls Saturday that may have come from a submarine with 44 crew members that hadn't been heard from in several days.
Trump says he should have left UCLA players in Chinese jail
President Trump says he should have left three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China in jail. Mr. Trump's comments come after one player's father, LaVar Ball, minimized his involvement in granting the players' release.
How Yemen's civil war has brought 7 million people, many of them children, to the brink of starvation. Scott Pelley reports.
60 Minutes, barred from Yemen, still got the footage
The Saudi-led blockade of Yemen isn't just targeting food supplies. As 60 Minutes found, it's also stopping reporters. How producers got this week's footage
CBS Evening News, May 7, 2021
Jobs report sparks fear of slowing recovery; Son makes mom’s bucket list journey into documentary
"It's just desperation and death. It's as bad as it gets."
In Yemen, a child dies of preventable causes every 10 minutes, according to the United Nations. "All of those involved are using food as a weapon of war," David Beasley, head of the World Food Programme, tells Scott Pelley.
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe gives televised speech
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe said in an address to the nation Sunday that he will preside over the ruling party's congress next month. Earlier on Sunday, the party's Central Committee recalled Mugabe as its leader and said he has to resign as president by midday Monday or face impeachment.
A new venture for CBS Radio
Face the Nation celebrates 90 years of CBS News Radio and its recent merge with Entercom.
Former acting Defense chief to testify on Jan. 6 response
The former acting Defense chief is set to testify on the Jan. 6 response.
Will the tax reform package pass before Christmas?
Ruth Marcus, David French, Susan Page, and Ed O'Keefe discuss the path forward for the GOP tax reform package.
Arizona secretary of state assigned protection following death threats amid election audit
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is receiving protection from the Arizona Department of Public Safety after fielding multiple death threats amid the election audit in Maricopa County.
Open: This is Face the Nation, November 19th
This week on "Face the Nation," host John Dickerson interviews Senator Tom Cotton, Representative Jackie Speier, and Director of the White House Office of Budget and Management Mick Mulvaney. Plus, our panel provides political analysis on allegations of sexual harassment and tax reform.
The hot new dessert: Rolled ice cream
Susan Spencer dishes up the latest scoop in frozen treats: rolled ice cream, a delicacy from Sweet Charlie's in Philadelphia that is the hot new dessert.
Bringing Yemeni coffee back to America
Yemenis were the first to cultivate coffee, which has been heralded as the best in the world, but years of conflict have prevented Yemeni farmers from growing and exporting their crop. John Blackstone meets importer Mokhtar Alkhanshali, whose journey to Yemen to aid coffee growers there has resulted in a most delicious (and expensive) cup of fair market coffee.
‘SNL’ guests Elon Musk, Morgan Wallen cause behind-the-scenes tension for cast: report
The new “woke” generation of the “Saturday Night Live” cast is armed with social media accounts — and not afraid to use them.
Blast from the past: School lunchboxes
Chances are as a youngster you carted your lunch to school in a lunchbox. Nancy Giles takes us to the Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, Ga., where 1,000 lunchboxes are preserved to serve up nostalgia.
Nancy Pelosi gets Willies mixed up, posts McCovey photo on Mays’ birthday
The House speaker marked Willie Mays' 90th birthday by posting a photo of herself with a different San Francisco Giants legend
Switching to vegetables
With 4 out of 10 Americans moving toward a more veggie-centric diet, vegan cookbook author Ann Hodgman shows correspondent Susan Spencer how vegetables can fill in for other dishes, from spaghetti and smoked salmon to bacon. Yes, bacon.
Police hope TikTok video may be critical clue in 2003 abduction
In 2003, Sofia Juarez was kidnapped from Washington just before turning 5 years old. Investigators are hoping a recent video might help them solve the case 18 years later.
Chris Rufo: Once great Disney is telling America it’s ‘fundamentally racist,’ ‘founded on discrimination'
Journalist Chris Rufo told 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' he obtained a trove of documents from The Walt Disney Company saying the company should 'reject the idea of equality, that people should be treated equally, and pursue a policy of equity'
The world's best restaurant: A Yorkshire pub
Tommy Banks' little family-run pub in Yorkshire, called The Black Swan at Oldstead, has been named by Trip Advisor the "Be st Restaurant in the World," based on posted customer reviews. The honor has had even more impact on business than the Michelin star that Banks earned years ago. Mark Phillips checks out the menu.
The sweet and sour history of ketchup
There's a lot you don't know about that most popular of condiments, ketchup - its origin, its manufacture, and (as Luke Burbank finds out) why some people who spot a ketchup bottle see red.
Yankees bullpen, defense flop in ugly loss to Nationals
Jose Altuve and the Astros weren’t around to boo anymore, so the Yankees made sure there was plenty for fans to be upset about in the eighth inning Friday night in The Bronx.
Pumpkin spice takes over the world
Over the past year, Americans spent more than $400 million on products laced with pumpkin spice. Susan Spencer brings us the very spice of life, which has become ubiquitous in everything from coffee, cereal and candy to dog shampoo.
The Instant Pot that's all the rage
Over the years many cooking gadgets have been consigned to the garage. But correspondent Martha Teichner finds one that may keep its place in the kitchen: the Instant Pot, a multi-cooker that looks like a slow cooker and cooks like a pressure cooker. New York Times food writer Melissa Clark offers her take on this very hot pot.
Steve Cohen revels in Francisco Lindor’s big Mets home run
Franciso Lindor’s clutch home run sent a jolt into the Mets and excited the man cutting his check. The once-slumping Mets shortstop drilled a 2-2 pitch from Diamondbacks reliever Caleb Smith into the left-field stands for a two-run homer that tied the score at 4-4 on Friday night. The blast brought the fans at Citi...
Expanding school lunch programs
Today more than 30 million schoolchildren benefit from the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Truman in 1946. For many students, it may be the only nutritional meal they get - and some kids are still being denied a hot meal because their parents can't afford it. Lee Cowan visits a school district in Indiana where an innovative approach to feeding schoolchildren means no one gets turned away. He also meets a New Mexico legislator who backed a bill to fight "lunch shaming."
CDC to examine report putting US COVID deaths at more than 900,000
Analysis revealed Thursday by the University of Washington School of Medicine's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) gave the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States since March 2020 as 905,289 against an official total of 574,043.
Finger food: The bite-sized treats of "Tiny Kitchen"
Anna Werner meets the chefs who create food so tiny it could fit in a dollhouse - in a kitchen that actually IS a dollhouse.
Talking turkey: Butterball's help line
"Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley takes us to the classroom at Butterball University, where students learn how to help the 100,000 home cooks who call Butterball's Talk Line for answers every holiday season, as well as the 5 million cooks who seek advice via Facebook, email, text, and Twitter.
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Week in politics
Whether tax reform, sexual misconduct, and developments in the Russian investigation, there were plenty of political stories this week. Jordan Frasier, video reporter The Washington Post, joins CBSN to discuss the biggest stories out of Washington.
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Bellator 258 results: Anthony Johnson survives rough first from Jose Augusto for KO win
In the first round, there nearly was a question of whether it was a good idea for Anthony Johnson to come back from retirement.       Related StoriesBellator 258 video: Michael Page smashes Derek Anderson's nose with slick kick in TKO win - EnclosureBellator 258 results: Conor McGregor training partner Peter Queally stops Patricky Freire in bloodbathBellator 258 results: Conor McGregor training partner Peter Queally stops Patricky Freire in bloodbath - Enclosure 
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