Giants’ next opponent is a Daniel Jones cautionary tale

There is the ideal way to break in a young quarterback, blueprinted for Tom Brady and copied by Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. And there is the way the Giants are forced to do it with Daniel Jones. If the Giants are going to make a surprising playoff run, it likely will be on the...
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Shopify says ‘rogue’ employees may have stolen customer data
Two “rogue” employees at Shopify may have stolen customer data from roughly 200 online merchants, the e-commerce platform revealed. The staffers were running a scheme to steal sellers’ transactional records that may have given them access to customers’ names, email addresses and order details such as the products and services they purchased, Shopify said. “While...
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'The Great British Baking Show': How to Watch the New Season in the U.S.
"The Great British Baking Show" is now airing in the U.K., but American viewers will also soon be able to watch the 2020 season on Netflix.
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'Agents of Chaos' takes a deep, deep dive into the Trump-Russia nexus
"Agents of Chaos" talks to a who's who of key figures in the Trump-Russia nexus, conveying the scope of a Russian operation that -- to the extent disrupting US politics was the goal -- succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.
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"48 Hours Suspicion" examines the murder trial that rocked a Georgia town
"48 Hours Suspicion" spoke exclusively with a Georgia woman who claims she shot her boyfriend by accident, but police say she confessed to murder. David Begnaud shows how a major problem changed everything.
Low mortgage rates and inventory, higher sales prices drive the pandemic housing market
How near-historic low mortgage rates, fewer homes for sale and bidding wars are driving the housing market during the pandemic. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss how homebuyers can navigate the process.
Road Warrior Animal Passes Away at 60 and the Wrestling World Mourns
Animal alongside his partner Hawk won tag team championships all over the world.
Facebook and YouTube accept hate speech audits to keep advertisers happy
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have agreed to allow outsiders to audit how they handle harmful content such as hate speech following a boycott of their platforms by major advertisers.
Judd Apatow, Rob Reiner accuse Donald Trump of 'mass murder' in separate tweets
Filmmakers Judd Apatow and Rob Reiner took to Twitter on Tuesday to accuse Donald Trump of dishonesty and murder.
Gale Sayers, legendary Bears running back, dead at 77
Gale Sayers, the Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back known as the “Kansas Comet,” has died at the age of 77, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, after battling dementia. “All those who love the game of football mourn the loss of one of the greatest to ever play this Game with...
Dodgers clinch NL's top seed, West title with win over A's
Wrapping up an NL West title has become routine for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but in a year in which no one was sure three months ago if there would be a baseball season, manager Dave Roberts wanted his team to still savor the moment.
These factors could derail Biden at first presidential debate: top debate coach
Ahead of the first presidential debate scheduled for next week, Brett O'Donnell, a top political debate coach, discussed the factors that could derail Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
How Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped a high school girl in New Jersey win a spot on boys tennis team
In a case that supported what became Title IX reforms, Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for a teenage girl who just wanted to compete in tennis.
Johnson & Johnson's single-dose vaccine enters phase 3 trials
Cindy McCain rebukes fellow Republican Trump to back Biden
President Donald Trump is reacting harshly to Cindy McCain's decision to endorse Democrat Joe Biden for president over him
Watch live: Fauci and Redfield testify before Senate committee
Administration health officials are testifying after the U.S. passed the grim milestone of 200,000 coronavirus deaths.
Sharon Stone Names Robert De Niro as Hollywood’s Best Kisser: “It Was Pretty Fabulous”
"I don't know that I can compare anything else to that," Stone said of her Casino co-star's skills.
'Dancing With the Stars' Eliminations—Find Out Who Went Home Last Night
After a second night of dancing, two couples landed in the bottom two, leaving the decision up to the judges to decide who would go home and who would stay.
Trump hails Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine entering final trials
President Trump on Wednesday hailed the “Big news” that Johnson & Johnson has reportedly entered final clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine that would require one shot. “Big news. Numerous great companies are seeing fantastic results. @FDA must move quickly!,” the president wrote on Twitter, linking to a New York Times report on the development....
Cindy McCain, Widow Of Onetime GOP Nominee, Endorses Biden For President
Cindy McCain, whose late husband, Sen. John McCain, once was Republicans' nominee for president, says she's supporting their friend — a Democrat — this year against the GOP incumbent.
Cage Warriors 114 weigh-in results: All fighters make weight ahead of night 1 of 'The Trilogy'
All 18 fighters successfully made weight ahead of night 1 of Cage Warriors' "Trilogy" in Manchester.        Related StoriesUFC on ESPN 16 official poster released for rescheduled Holly Holm vs. Irene Aldana fightUFC on ESPN 16 official poster released for rescheduled Holly Holm vs. Irene Aldana fight - EnclosureYoussef Zalal excited to show off his Dutch kickboxing style vs. Seung Woo Choi
Pigs are as smart as dogs. Why do we eat one and love the other?
Inti St Clair/Tetra Images via Getty Images There’s a paradox on our plates. Imagine a dog. She spends her entire life in an iron crate so small that she cannot turn around. Her tail has been cut off so that other dogs in cages jammed up against herswon’t chew it off in distress. When she has puppies, the males are castrated without painkillers. They are left close enough for her to nurse, but too far away for her to show them any affection. Fortunately, this dog is a fictional creation. We have laws preventing people from treating pets this way. Unfortunately, we are doing this to animals that are very similar to dogs. This is an all-too-real description of how we treat some of the millions and millions of pigs we raise for meat on factory farms. So why do we treat the animals we eat in ways we would never, ever treat our pets? For the third season of the Vox Media Podcast Network series Future Perfect, we delve into how the meat we eat affects all of us. In this episode, we speak withLori Marino, a neuroscientist who studies animal behavior and intelligence, to try to understand this paradox on our plates. Marino makes it clear that pigs — and even chickens — are intelligent, emotional beings worthy of our moral consideration. She also helps us understand why we don’t consider them morally worthy. You can subscribe to Future Perfect on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Further reading: Lori Marino has written in-depth roundups of the existing research on both chicken cognition and pig cognition. You might enjoy this study tracking how students’ attitudes toward chickens changed after taking a class in chicken training. This podcast episode uses clips from a BBC Earth segment on how pig intelligence compares to toddler intelligence, as well as from a Compassion in World Farming piece on pigs and video games. Dylan Matthews here at Vox has written in depth about unnecessarily painful pig castration. He’s also written explained the practice of mass culling male chicks. Watch the first-ever video of pigs using tools with no human prompting. For more on what labels such as “wild caught,” “organic,” and “grass-fed” actually mean for the food you eat, Rachel Krantz wrote this useful guide. We also have more information on what it means for eggs to be “cage-free.” This podcast wasmade possible thanks to support from Animal Charity Evaluators, a nonprofit that researches and promotes the most effective ways to help animals. Sign up for the Future Perfect newsletter. Twice a week, you’ll get a roundup of ideas and solutions for tackling our biggest challenges: improving public health, decreasing human and animal suffering, easing catastrophic risks, and — to put it simply — getting better at doing good. Help keep Vox free for all Millions turn to Vox each month to understand what’s happening in the news, from the coronavirus crisis to a racial reckoning to what is, quite possibly, the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone make sense of an increasingly chaotic world: Contribute today from as little as $3.
Carole Baskin sued for defamation by missing husband Don Lewis’ family
Those snarky "DWTS" jokes did not go over so well.
Stimulus Bill Must Be Priority Over Campaigning, Bipartisan Members of Congress Tell House Leaders
The 34 Democratic and Republican representatives called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy to keep the House in session until a relief deal is reached.
What's Uncle Ben's Rice New Name? The Popular Brand Is Making Big Changes
Parent company Mars Inc. unveiled the rice brand's new moniker on Wednesday.
Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Could Be 'De Facto Running Mate' to Win Female Voters
The president's choice could be utilized to boost his re-election hopes as he campaigns ahead of November's vote.
Dalen Morris is Navy’s starting QB again after leading dramatic comeback at Tulane
Quarterback Dalen Morris entered midway through the second quarter of Saturday's game against Tulane and helped lead the biggest comeback in Navy football history.
The Technology 202: The White House gathering with state attorneys general could escalate tensions between Trump and Silicon Valley
The administration is expected to urge GOP state attorneys general to start investigating tech companies for alleged bias against conservatives.
“60 in 6” gets inside look at QAnon, speaks with a leader in the movement
“60 in 6” corespondent Laurie Segall reports on followers of a fast-growing conspiracy called QAnon — a movement that could possibly influence voters in the upcoming election.
Lukashenko is inaugurated as Belarus President in surprise ceremony as protests continue unabated
Embattled Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has been inaugurated as President, state media reported, as protests continue over his hotly-disputed election win.
Google names fifth grader the winner of the US 2020 Doodle for Google contest
This year, 5th grader Sharon Sara was named the winner of the US 2020 Doodle for Google contest, which showcases the art of young Americans.
NYC Indoor Dining Is Coming Back: Will It Help or Hurt Restaurants?
Will indoor dining at 25 percent capacity be enough to keep restaurants afloat as temperatures begin to drop?
Magnitude 3.2 earthquake hits near Rancho Cucamonga
The earthquake occurred two miles from Rancho Cucamonga and three miles from Claremont.
Pelosi accuses Trump of rushing to fill Supreme Court vacancy to repeal ObamaCare
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of fast-tracking the confirmation of his pending Supreme Court nominee in order to repeal ObamaCare.
Gorsuch, Kavanaugh 'didn't really tip' Supreme Court balance, Trump advisers say in new book
Because both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh replaced Republican-appointed justices, David Bossie and Cory Lewandowski say, a second Trump term in which he may have the chance to replace Democrat-appointed justices could be more impactful.
WWE legend Road Warrior Animal dead at 60
WWE legend Animal, who was one half of the famed tag team known as the “Road Warriors” and “Legion of Doom,” has died, according to a post on his official Twitter account. He was 60. “At this time, we would like to confirm the passing of Joseph Laurinaitis aka Road Warrior Animal at the age...
The art of digitizing ancient calligraphy
Beiwei Kaishu is a distinctive calligraphy style that used to adorn street signs all over Hong Kong, but is now endangered. Type designer Adonian Chan is on a mission to save Beiwei Kaishu -- by digitizing it.
Almost 500 pilot whales stranded in Australia
Australian rescuers desperately working to save a pod of almost 300 beached pilot whales discovered hundreds more on Wednesday, bringing the estimated total to now nearly 500.
FDA considering tougher rules that could push COVID-19 vaccine past Election Day
The Food and Drug Administration is expected to issue new rules for an emergency use authorization for a coronavirus vaccine – and they will make it very unlikely that an inoculation will be cleared before Election Day, according to a report. The FDA is issuing the guidance to increase transparency and public trust amid polls...
Senate GOP report attacks Bidens with previously aired allegations of conflicts of interest
Senate Republicans on Wednesday issued a partisan report attacking Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden over his role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company but says little about the former vice president beyond the long-known potential conflict of interest issues that arose because of Hunter's position.
Everything Ghislaine Maxwell Has Said About Jeffrey Epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell confessed her true feelings about Jeffrey Epstein after bursting out of his house in tears, according to a former housekeeper.
4th-grader sent home from school after sneezing
"I sneezed two times then the teacher told me to go to the nurse," said the boy, Lancinet Keita.
From Stimulus Checks to Extra Unemployment Cash, Politics and Blunders Delay Lifeline Payments
Several states, such as New York and California, are experiencing issues with unemployment relief as many Americans pin their hopes on a second stimulus check despite the political gridlock in Congress.
How Sofia Coppola and Rashida Jones put their own family lives into 'On the Rocks'
In the bittersweet comedy 'On the Rocks,' Sofia Coppola addresses the midlife stresses of being a working mother and the daughter of a bigger-than-life father.
Bestsellers List Sun., Sept. 27, 2020
Bestsellers List Sun., Sept. 27, 2020
New look, new chance. But now, like other Latino businesses, mercadito hangs in the balance
A single mother opened Lupita's Market 27 years ago. Now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, her kids are pushing to keep the doors open for the community.
Los Angeles hid a methane leak for a year. Activists want the power plant shut down
Valley Generating Station helped L.A. avoid blackouts. But it operates in one of California's most polluted neighborhoods.
Column: State and local budgets face a pandemic-related meltdown. Why won't Republicans help?
The pandemic is destroying state and local budgets, as GOP refuses to help.
Adam Schiff: Why my colleagues and I are introducing the first major democracy reforms since Watergate
Donald Trump has abused the office like no president before him. It's time for serious reform to preserve our democracy.