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GOP may need to work with Democrats for short-term health measures

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans might have to negotiate with Democrats to pass a health care reform bill. McConnell says he wants to keep working on both repealing and replacing Obamacare, but they need to work with Democrats on short-term measures to stabilize insurance markets that are on the verge of collapse in many states. Paula Reid reports.
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Demi Moore’s daughter Tallulah Willis says she ‘punished’ herself 'for not looking like my mom'
The 27-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday and opened up about the physical insecurities she dealt with over the years.
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Fifth suspect arrested in connection with Dresden Castle art heist
A fifth suspect has been arrested in connection with the audacious heist in which around 100 of Europe's most priceless treasures were stolen from the Green Vault at Dresden Castle in Germany.
How Ohio's COVID-19 Vax-a-Million lottery will work
With the first drawing for Ohio’s Vax-a-Million lottery system scheduled for May 26, state officials announced a change to the process Monday that will require participants to opt-in.
First 90-degree heat of 2021 predicted for major cities this week
The eastern U.S. is heating up, with temperatures rocketing into the 80s through the weekend for major cities.
Ex-Clinton aide says Biden's Supreme Court commission is 'doomed from the start,' calls for court packing
A former aide to failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for packing the Supreme Court and said President Biden’s commission to explore that possibility is "doomed from the start."
Zoo saving endangered species through in vitro fertilization
Cemetery crews covering graves sunken by rain
School bus carrying 10 students rolls into ditch
McDonald's worker fans feast on positivity, songs
Mother honors late son on his birthday
I Visited My Grandkids After 16 Months and Realized How Much the Pandemic Had Changed Me
Eight days after I was fully vaccinated, I boarded my first flight in 16 months. What a moment. I settled into my seat and took a deep breath, sucking in my mask to give it that nice, sealed plastic-wrap feeling. Then I combed my fingers through my hair and ignited a fire on the right…
Quintin Jones Petition Calling for Death Row Inmate's Life to Be Spared Surpasses 150K Signatures
Advocates are calling on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to grant Jones clemency ahead of his scheduled execution on Wednesday May 19.
Adorable Video Shows Orphaned Seal Pup Being Released Into Sea After Recovery
Atria was emaciated at 88lbs underweight when she was found abandoned at Binnion Beach on the northwestern coast of Ireland
Shopify CEO Sends Email to Staff Saying Company Is 'Not a Family': 'We Cannot Solve Every Societal Problem'
CEO Tobias Lütke said that employees who engage "in endless Slack trolling, victimhood thinking, us-vs-them divisiveness, and zero sum thinking must be seen for the threat they are."
Glenn Greenwald rips 'liberals with no scientific training' who are now turning on the CDC
Journalist Glenn Greenwald ripped progressives for continually pretending to be experts on the subject of masks, despite having "no scientific training."
Joe Rogan complains 'straight, white men' will be silenced, not allowed outside due to cancel culture
Joe Rogan sounded off on cancel culture, courting controversy by speculating that it could lead to the silencing of “straight white men.”
Peter Yarrow's presidential pardon masked 'indecent liberties' conviction, victim says amid sex abuse lawsuit
Peter Yarrow's 1969 molestation victim, Barbara Winter, is speaking out about how former President Jimmy Carter's pardon of his crime helped the public forget about his criminal acts.
District attorney says police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. "was justified"
District Attorney Andrew Womble announced Tuesday that North Carolina sheriff's deputies will not face charges for the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., a 42-year-old Black man whose death sparked protests last month. Womble said they were justified in opening fire as Brown drove towards officers who were attempted to serve a search warrant. Watch a portion of his news conference.
Amazon is reportedly in talks to acquire MGM studio, home of James Bond and Rocky franchises
Could Prime Video soon be the new home of James Bond? Amazon is reportedly in talks to acquire film studio MGM.
What Is SM-102? Moderna COVID Vaccine Ingredient Claim Debunked by Scientists
Conspiracy theories about Moderna coronavirus vaccine ingredients are being pushed online by Twitter and TikTok users.
75% of Portland Residents Don't Want Decrease in Law Enforcement Presence Despite Calls to Defund the Police
Less than a quarter of Portland-area residents believe there should be fewer cops on the streets, according to a new poll.
Vaccinated Americans could soon travel to Europe without quarantine
Vaccinated Americans could soon travel to Europe without having to quarantine or take advanced COVID tests.
House poised to pass bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans
Passage would send the measure to President Biden for his signature. The bill received overwhelming support in the Senate last month.
Ransomware is booming as a business model
It's called "ransomware as a service" -- an illegal marketplace one expert likens to "a digital mafia pyramid scheme."
Business group pushes back on Yellen's infrastructure pitch
The proposed tax increases would "greatly disadvantage" U.S. businesses and workers, said U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne Clark.
Cuomo Media Blackout: ABC, CBS, NBC avoid $5M payout NY gov is set to receive from COVID book
Major networks continue to circle the wagons for their fallen idol, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The faces of the Biden administration are still sometimes behind masks
Like much of America, the president, first lady and vice president spent the past few days navigating the country’s patchwork of mandates.
25-Year-Old Killed at Palestinian Protest, 46 Wounded by Gunshots in West Bank
The Palestinian protester was killed at a West Bank demonstration when gunshots were fired.
How Tulsa's Greenwood massacre echoes today
Almost a century after a white mob destroyed the black section of town, Tulsa's racial divide persists.
I Fled Gaza But My Family Remains. Will the U.S. Step Up and Help Them?
It could not be a more critical moment for the administration of President Joe Biden to take a stand for justice
Florida Gator Wrangled After Chasing People in Wendy's Parking Lot
On Monday, the Lee County Sheriff's Department responded to a call that a 6-foot alligator had chased pedestrians through a Wendy's parking lot. The Sheriff's Department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission worked together to wrangle the gator in a separate, nearby parking lot.
Brooklyn Center City Council votes to replace some police officers with civilian employees
Following the deaths of two black men at the hands of police officers, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota's city council voted Saturday in favor of a resolution that would replace some officers with civilian employees. WCCO reporter David Schuman joins CBSN's Lana Zak with the details on the measure passed a month after the death of Daunte Wright in a police shooting.
Cancel The Olympics, Says Tokyo Doctors Association
Tokyo-area hospitals "have their hands full," the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association said in an open letter to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. The group represents some 6,000 primary care doctors.
'Disappointing beyond measure': New Jersey police officer charged with running meth lab from his home
Christopher Walls, 50, faces several charges related to manufacturing and operating a methamphetamine production facility.
Caitlyn Jenner Condemned For Post Mocking Dr. Rachel Levine
The reality TV star and California governor hopeful is being widely criticized for sharing a transphobic and distasteful post that was initially shared by Donald Trump Jr. on Instagram.
Stephen Breyer and the danger of the deluded institutionalist
You can pretend you're above politics, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to escape it.
Lombardi trophy used as vaccine incentive
Woman fatally shot while attending vigil
College student rides bike to school for 4 years
80-year-old man struck by stray bullet
Man shares his Covid-19 survival story
More than 50 shots fired in neighborhood
Man stole iPhones, Apple watches from Target
Package causes hazmat incident at fire station
Teen attacked while defending disabled brother