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Gunshot victim thanks medical student who saved him 25 years ago

A Maryland medical student, who took a wrong turn after getting lost, answered a young gunshot victim's prayer. WBAL reports.
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‘Doesn’t feel real:’ Alicia Witt opens up about parents’ mysterious deaths
A little over a month since the parents of “Dune” actress Alicia Witt were mysteriously found dead, the 46-year-old has taken to social media to discuss her relationship with them and her grieving process.
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GOP congress members from NY back Mayor Adams’ bid to toughen bail law
In a rare display of bipartisanship, six New York Republican congress members said they agree with New York City Mayor Eric Adams that Albany has to toughen up the state's controversial bail law.
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LAPD releases dramatic video of hero cop saving choking toddler
LAPD Sgt. Bumjin Kim says he was at the right place at the right time when the frantic father of a 3-year-old screamed for help and handed his choking daughter's limp body to the veteran officer.
‘World’s most inbred family’ includes four generations of incest
The 38-member Colt clan, led by perverted patriarch Tim, were forced to live in squalor in a sickening story of incest, neglect and pedophilia.
Classes teach Asian Americans self-defense as hate crimes rise
Asian American seniors are learning how to physically defend themselves amid an increase in hate crimes. Elaine Quijano takes a look.
Department of Energy approves release of 13.4 million barrels from Strategic Petroleum Reserve
In a statement Tuesday, the Department of Energy announced the release of 13.4 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.
Joe Biden’s kindly uncle routine has always been a facade — he’s dangerous
Biden, who has had a long history of snapping at anyone who even mildly challenges him, called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son-of-a-bitch” for asking a straightforward question about rising prices.
Pelosi is running for reelection but is silent on a bid to retain her leadership post
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who's 81, did not say whether she will stick by a pledge she made in 2018 to limit her tenure in elected leadership.
This is the new 'oasis' in Mexico's most dangerous neighborhood
Commonly known for its violent reputation, Mexico City's Tepito neighborhood finds a hopeful escape. CNN's Matt Rivers has the story.
Even Though They Disagree on Vaccinations, Howard Stern Doesn't Want Joe Rogan 'Cancelled'
Stern said he is against any censorship.
Alex Rodriguez was not a popular pick on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot
Alex Rodriguez's candidacy for the Baseball Hall of Fame was very unpopular amongst the writers.
David Ortiz voted into Baseball Hall of Fame
Three-time World Series champ and former Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was his first year of eligibility.
Ancient temple art reveals how a small kingdom demonstrated its might
Evidence of ancient hybrid camels has been uncovered by archaeologists who were working to restore a temple in Iraq damaged by ISIS. Although this husbandry practice has been associated with powerful empires, camel breeding also occurred in smaller kingdoms.
SAT exam to go digital by 2024
Some big changes are coming to the SAT exam. The updated version will be online only and shorter. Meg Oliver has the details.
Pennsylvania woman being treated for rabies after encountering monkey in aftermath of crash
Monkey encounter: Pennsylvania woman being treated
MLB labor talks take another positive step forward with concessions made
Baseball’s owners and players on Tuesday collectively placed another brick atop the foundation that will get them out of lockout hell.
Metro working on plan to bring suspended cars back into service
All 748 cars remain suspended by the safety commission, forcing the transit agency to use older models while operating at a reduced service level.
Records reveal Chinese government performed anal swab COVID-19 tests on US diplomatic officials
U.S. diplomatic officials in China were asked to submit to anal swab COVID-19 testing by the Chinese government, according to records from the U.S. Department of State.
Package thefts and other high-profile crimes threaten to derail the reform-minded Los Angeles County DA
A rash of package thefts from freight trains passing slowly through downtown Los Angeles has raised a fundamental question facing this city and others: how to balance attempts at criminal justice reform with the need for crime prevention.
Kaci Walfall talks superpowers and braids for new 'Naomi' series
Kaci Walfall stars as the DC Comics superhero "Naomi," whose powers are on par with Superman, in the new CW series. The 17-year-old Walfall, who said she's never starred a lead role before including in a school play, said that Naomi "just unapologetically being herself is really, really inspiring." (Jan. 25)
Biden says a Russian invasion of Ukraine "would change the world"
President Biden warned that s a Russian invasion of Ukraine could quickly escalate. His comments come as the U.S. continues to deliver military supplies and weapons to allies. CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion and CBS News Radio White House correspondent Steve Portnoy join "Red and Blue" with more.
US: 'Unprecedented' response if Russia invades
The U.S. State Department said if Russia invades Ukraine, it would be met by a response that's not only "swift, severe and united," but also "unprecedented in its approach." (Jan. 25)
Anthony Davis makes his return, will start for Lakers vs. Nets
Lakers star Anthony Davis will play tonight against the Brooklyn Nets after missing 17 games because of a sprained knee.
Once a dump, Baltimore’s Camp Small transforms street trees into lumber
As part of a zero-waste initiative, the city is recycling its felled street and park trees to make usable wood products.
Arizona vs. UCLA college basketball betting odds, lines, trends
The No. 3 Arizona Wildcats bring a five-game win streak into a road matchup with the No. 7 UCLA Bruins.
Citrus disease driving up orange prices
The price of orange juice is rising as a disease threatens the orange crop in Florida. The state is expected to have its worst orange harvest in decades. Manuel Bojorquez has more.
Virginia governor’s embattled nominee appears to get a second chance
With every Senate Democrat initially lined up against Andrew Wheeler, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s pick for natural resources secretary, he was widely perceived as headed for defeat. But Democratic Sen. Joseph D. Morrissey signaled that he would support the nominee in a narrowly divided Senate.
Nancy Pelosi to run for 18th House term
In 2019, she got enough votes to regain her gavel by agreeing to limit her tenure as speaker for four more years, appeasing enough House Democrats to vote for her.
'It's garbage': Miami mayor speaks out against anti-Semitic flyers
Miami's mayor is speaking out after anti-Semitic flyers were delivered to over 200 homes in South Florida. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.
Activision Blizzard doesn’t respond to Raven Software union recognition request by workers’ Tuesday deadline
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VP Harris pushes effort to combat human trafficking
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said on Tuesday those who engage and commit acts of human trafficking must be held accountable. (Jan. 25)
39 missing after boat capsizes off Florida coast
The Coast Guard is searching for 39 people reported missing after a boat believed to be piloted by human smugglers capsized off the coast of Florida.
President Biden can’t blame inflation on price-fixing
The buck may have stopped at Harry Truman’s desk, but today’s eroding dollar is having trouble finding a berth in Joe Biden’s Oval Office.
Heroic Capitol officer Eugene Goodman breaks silence on January 6 riot
Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, who led the January 6 mob away from the Senate chamber, is speaking out for the first time. Scott MacFarlane reports.
Second NYPD officer dies after ambush
A second New York City police officer has died from injuries he suffered in a shooting in Harlem. Wilbert Mora died four days after he and his partner Jason Rivera were ambushed during a domestic disturbance call.
Tyrone Spong offers to train Francis Ngannou for potential Tyson Fury boxing match
Tyrone Spong thinks his history fighting in MMA and boxing could benefit Francis Ngannou in a fight with Tyson Fury.       Related StoriesTyrone Spong offers to train Francis Ngannou for potential Tyson Fury boxing match - EnclosureBrandon Moreno feels Deiveson Figueiredo rivalry remains unsettled: 'A fourth fight is needed'Spinning Back Clique: How will Francis Ngannou's UFC contract dispute play out?
Henrik Lundqvist’s best Rangers moments No. 3: Outdueling Carey Price
Leading up to Friday’s ceremony in which the Rangers will retire Henrik Lundqvist’s No. 30 at the Garden, The Post is taking a look at the King’s five best moments during his 15-year career on Broadway.
Germany is catering to Russia and is a pathetic excuse for a US ally
Germany is blocking aid to Ukraine and supporting Russia's monopolization of gas over Europe.
Oklahoma City hospital nears breaking point
Every single ICU bed at four of Oklahoma's largest hospitals is full as COVID-19 cases increase in the state. Kris Van Cleave has more.
Is Barry Bonds’s Hall of Fame banishment a tragedy or a shame? How about both?
Barry Bonds was a cheater and a legend, which makes his legacy a paradox.
Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse wants you to tip the kitchen staff
“I know a lot of my customers would love to give a gratuity to my kitchen,” Willie Degel, owner of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, told On the Money, adding that he plans to roll the option out at his six eateries in New York and Georgia.
County Becomes First to Change 'Fully Vaccinated' Definition as CDC Backs Initial Guideline
Proof of a booster shot for COVID-19 will be required in Maui County, Hawaii, for things like restaurants, bars, and gyms.
Military aid arrives in Ukraine as tensions rise
The latest round of military equipment arrived in Ukraine as tensions with Russia rise. Holly Williams shares the latest.
Donny Deutsch: FNC's Tucker Carlson Is a 'Ratings Whore'
MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch called Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a "ratings whore" Tuesday on MSNBC's "Deadline."
Ambassador to U.N: UAE reserves right to defend itself following Houthi attacks
The United Arab Emirates will continue on the track of de-escalation with Iran despite rising attacks on Abu Dhabi by the Iranian-backed Houthis based in Yemen, the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations told CNN's Becky Anderson.
U.S. warns of "imminent" Russian attack in Ukraine
The U.S. says a Russian attack on Ukraine could be "imminent." President Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin could be personally hit with sanctions if Russia invades. Ed O'Keefe reports.
Black and Latino voters have been shortchanged in redistricting, advocates and some judges say
Republicans' powerful 2011 maps have limited the number of seats available for them to flip in this year's redistricting, but they have chopped up minority communities in some states.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."