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Hijo de "El Chapo" se declara inocente en EEUU tras ser extraditado desde México

Guzmán López fue extraditado el viernes, cinco meses después de que fiscales estadounidenses publicaron una larga causa en contra de él y sus hermanos, conocidos colectivamente como “Los Chapitos”.
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Former Anaheim City Councilman Jordan Brandman found dead at his home
Former Anaheim City Councilman Jordan Brandman, who became the city's first openly gay council member after he was first elected in 2012, was found dead at his home Friday night, officials said.
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NASCAR crew member hit in the pits as driver spins out
NASCAR Truck Series star Zane Smith had a mishap in the pits at Talladega Superspeedway on Saturday as he spun out and hit a pit crew member.
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El papa Francisco crea 21 nuevos cardenales; incluidas figuras clave en el Vaticano
El papa Francisco creó el sábado 21 nuevos cardenales en una ceremonia llena de rituales, incluidas figuras clave en el Vaticano y en el campo que ayudarán a implementar sus reformas y cimentar su legado mientras entra en una nueva fase crucial en la gestión de la Iglesia Católica.
Kevin McCarthy may avoid a shutdown. But the fiasco shows he's weaker than ever
The House passed a stopgap funding bill Saturday, making a government shutdown less likely. But McCarthy needed Democratic votes to get the bill passed.
GOP Accuses NY Democrat Congressman of Pulling Fire Alarm in Shutdown Mayhem
REUTERS/Eduardo MunozThe dysfunction in Washington reached an even higher peak on Saturday, as Republican lawmakers accused a New York congressman of pulling a fire alarm while Democrats were trying to stall a short-term funding bill.According to sources cited by Politico, Democratic representative Jamaal Bowman was the person responsible for the alarm. The Committee on House Administration, which is helmed by Republicans, said “an investigation into why it was pulled is underway.”Officials were scrambling to avert a government shutdown on Saturday. With just hours to go, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy advanced a 45-day stopgap bill, but it requires support from two-thirds of representatives.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Louisiana Tech's Brevin Randle stomps on UTEP player during game
Footage from a game Friday night shows Louisiana Tech linebacker Brevin Randle stomping the back of the neck of a UTEP offensive lineman.
Wild video shows FDNY firefighters brawling in Brooklyn: ‘Get out of my f–king face!’
A 47-second video appears to show at least two FDNY firefighters brawling in the driving rain as others try to break up the fight.
Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku burned on face, arm in home accident while lighting fire pit
Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku listed as questionable for Sunday's game.
Socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulls fire alarm as Dems try to delay vote on GOP stopgap spending bill
The wild incident in the Cannon Building was caught on camera and confirmed by several witnesses, according to Politico.
Corte Suprema de EEUU abordará casos de aborto y armas de fuego durante nuevo periodo
La Corte Suprema regresa para un nuevo periodo en el que abordará algunos temas conocidos — armas de fuego y aborto —, así como preocupaciones sobre cuestiones éticas que rodean a sus magistrados.
Decorated Army vet says he was duped into murdering old flame’s husband: ‘I became her weapon’
Lopez told Dateline that it wasn't his plan to torpedo their marriage but Jennifer told him her husband was violently abusive to her and sent him emails of her alleged injuries - which were later found to have been staged.
Jada Pinkett Smith hopes for 'closure' after Tupac Shakur murder suspect's arrest
Jada Pinkett Smith was friends with the late Tupac Shakur, and shared her thoughts on the recent arrest of a suspect in connection with his murder.
Progressive 'Squad' Democrat accused of pulling fire alarm amid tense shutdown talks
The House Administration Committee confirmed to Fox News Digital that Rep. Jamaal Bowman was caught on video pulling a fire alarm in a building belonging to the Capitol.
McCarthy’s future as speaker in peril as GOP fumbles efforts to avert shutdown
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., threatened again to boot House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his post amid a vote in the House on a short-term spending bill aimed at avoiding a government shutdown.
Upper Marlboro man arrested in fatal shooting of girlfriend
Courtney Blacksher, 43, died in a fatal shooting at her Upper Marlboro apartment, police said.
Ukraine holds defense conference to boost weapons production
Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky convened an international conference in Kyiv to bolster domestic arms manufacturing
French government combats bedbug epidemic in Paris, urges calm
The French government is asking residents to be patient as they work to combat bedbug infestations in the capital city of Paris.
6 miners killed, 15 trapped after Zimbabwe gold mine collapses
Rescue operations were underway on Saturday at Beyhose mine in the gold rich town of Chegutu, about 60 miles west of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
After jinxing MLB and NFL teams, it’s up to Knicks, Nets to meet expectations
It would mean both teams maxing out, playing at fairly high levels for the entirety of the season and not suffering any catastrophic injuries.
Joshua Primo plans to sign with Clippers after NBA hands down four-game suspension: report
Former San Antonio Spurs guard Joshua Primo plans to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers. Primo was suspended four games by the NBA on Friday.
Pentagon makes last-minute push to save Ukraine aid as shutdown looms
New government spending bill dramatically raises prospect Congress will reject Biden funding request for Ukraine
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Ukraine shoots down dozens of Russian drones on annexation anniversary
Ukraine's air force shoots down Iranian-made drones launched by Russia in the south and central parts of the country.
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High school football top performers for Week 6
A look at some of the top performances in high school football games across the Southland on Thursday and Friday.
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Former Republican Official Accused of Murdering and Beheading Fiancée
Joseph Roberts was charged and arrested for the murder of his fiancée Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner earlier this month.
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Erectile dysfunction ruining your love life? There’s one easy fix, scientists say — and it’s free
Improve your sleep quality — and watch the sparks fly.
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UBS says reports of DOJ probe into Russia sanctions evasion are wrong
Swiss multinational investment bank UBS says it is not aware of a probe by the US Department of Justice into suspected compliance-related missteps by its subsidiary Credit Suisse that reportedly allowed Russian clients to skirt sanctions.
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Some teachers are 'completely overwhelmed' by helicopter parents, suffering 'burnout': Essay
Teachers are experiencing “burnout" due to “teacher shortages," “classroom overcrowding" and parent over-involvement in their children’s affairs, per an Atlantic essay.
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The deadly Armenia conflict is Russia at its worst
The recent flare-up between Armenia and Azerbaijan reflects a desire by Russia to retain its regional relevance in the face of its mounting disaster in Ukraine.
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The Supreme Court Will Take Up Abortion and Gun Cases in Its New Term
Amid concerns about ethics in camp, the Supreme Court is returning to a new term to take up some familiar topics—guns and abortion.
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Anti-abortion groups are at odds on strategies ahead of Ohio vote. It could be a preview for 2024
Abortion opponents in Ohio are divided over how to frame their opposition to a reproductive rights amendment on the state’s November ballot.
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Putin Ally Issues Warning on Russia-China Ties: 'Very Dangerous'
TV host Vladimir Solovyov warned against placing all of Russia's eggs in the Chinese basket and urged self-reliance.
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Pink front door sparks viral reaction from Michigan postal worker
The pink door drew approval from the passing mail person.
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Deion Sanders, Colorado enter halftime down big for second consecutive week
For the second consecutive week, Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are entering halftime facing a large deficit. The Trojans lead Colorado 34-14.
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Groundbreaking choreographer Rudy Perez, a trailblazer of postmodern dance, dies at age 93
Groundbreaking choreographer Rudy Perez, a pioneer of 1960s postmodern dance, died Friday of complications from asthma. He was 93.
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House and Senate race to find agreement ahead shutdown deadline
The House and Senate prepared for dueling votes on two different stop-gap bills to fund the government for 45 days hours before a shutdown deadline at midnight.
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Michigan thief used Bluetooth to steal 800 gallons of gas by hacking into pumps
A thief stole around 800 gallons of gas from a Detroit fuel station using the Bluetooth option on a cellphone to hack into the pump. 
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Mets grounds crew uses blow torches amid sloppy conditions at Citi Field
The rain ended on Saturday, but at Citi Field, they were still battling the elements.
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Ryder Cup fans heckle, mock Patrick Cantlay over hat drama: ‘Where’s your cap?’
The Ryder Cup crowd wasn’t happy with Patrick Cantlay on Saturday. 
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Lefty censors stifle free speech in high school debate, classrooms: critics
The censorship is accelerating as debate competitors are penalized, and students in classrooms are reprimanded for saying anything deemed politically incorrect, critics say.
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Putin appoints Wagner Group aide to train Russian volunteers
Vladimir Putin appoints Wagner Group aide to train Russian forces in Ukraine
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Ilhan Omar Names Democrats' Price to Save Kevin McCarthy as Shutdown Looms
Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, suggested some Democrats would be open to a "50-50" power-sharing to save McCarty's speakership.
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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce planning to wear couples costumes for Halloween: report
The "Bad Blood" singer and the NFL star's rumored relationship caught the attention of the nation after she attended his football game last Sunday.
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GOP presidential candidates identify top issues facing Americans, from the economy to the border crisis
The 2024 GOP candidates outlined what they believe to be the top issues ahead of the next presidential election during interviews with Reagan Presidential Foundation President David Trulio.
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The New York Film Festival opens with the industry in limbo
A lack of actors was conspicuous at the New York Film Festival’s kickoff screening of “May December.”
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Snoop Dogg exits coffee company months after it launched
The name of the coffee brand was inspired by a lyric from Snoop's 1993 song, “Gin and Juice,” but he has stepped away from the venture.
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New York City works to dry out after heavy rain, flooding
New York City is recovering after parts of the city were inundated Friday with more than 8 inches of rain in just hours.
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New York begins drying out after record-breaking rainfall
Record rainfall — more than 8.65 inches — fell at John F. Kennedy International Airport, surpassing the record for any September day set during Hurricane Donna in 1960.
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What Beyoncé Gave Us
'Calling her Houston performances perfect would, in some ways, belie the many things they achieved,' writes Bryan Washington. 'In that stadium, she expanded possibility.'
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