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How TikTok's 13-year-old pug Noodle teaches us about self-care and living life to the fullest

Noodle the 13-year-old wise pug has bestowed some valuable life lessons. Like sometimes, it's OK to just flop and rest.     
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Pope Francis Accepts Archbishop's Resignation Due to 'Gossip' About Relationship With Woman
Archbishop Michel Aupetit allegedly had an "ambiguous" relationship with a woman in 2012.
5 m
Key Albany pol joins chorus urging boot of embattled SUNY Chancellor Malatras
In calling for Jim Malatras's departure, Debrah Glick referenced texts unearthed by state Attorney General Letitia James' devastating document dump last week.
7 m
'Succession' earns more Critics Choice Awards nominations than any other TV show
The Roy family is rich in Critics Choice nominations.
8 m
Kemba Walker finally speaks out on ‘tough’ Knicks benching
Kemba Walker admits he was blindsided by getting benched last week, but the Knicks point guard is putting the team first while his own future hangs in the balance.
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CNN analysts push for sharper domestic coronavirus travel restrictions on Americans
CNN medical analysts expressed their dissatisfaction with the measures being implemented by the Biden administration to fight potential winter spread of the coronavirus, arguing more stringent measures needed to be taken.
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Dave Chappelle Continues Partnership with Netflix, Will Appear At Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival in 2022
He'll appear at the Hollywood Bowl in 2022.
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Kohl's should break up or go private, activist investor demands
Kohl's should spin off its online business or find a buyer to take the whole company private, an activist investor said Monday.
Prince William says he followed Taylor Swift ‘like a puppy’ on stage to sing with Jon Bon Jovi: ‘I’m cringing’
It was 2013 when Prince William was led to the stage by Taylor Swift during a Centrepoint charity event at Kensington Palace for a rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer” alongside Jon Bon Jovi.
Italy makes life uncomfortable for unvaccinated people
Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people this holiday season, excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums starting Monday to reduce the spread of coronavirus and encourage vaccine skeptics to get their shots.  Italian police can check whether diners in restaurants or bars have a “super” green health pass certifying that they...
'The Ingraham Angle' on Stacey Abrams running for Georgia governor
Guests: Candace Owens, Stephen Miller, Erik Peterson, Hal Wirths, Raymond Arroyo, Ari Fleischer, Ben Domenech
Up to 900 bison at Yellowstone to be killed or relocated this winter
Bison routinely leave Yellowstone and head north into Montana each winter, raising concerns that the animals could spread brucellosis to cattle.
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit dies suddenly at Santa Anita Park
Medina Spirit, the controversial winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby, died suddenly Monday after a workout at Santa Anita Park in California.
Former Rep. Max Rose to run for House seat in 2022 in rematch with Malliotakis
Former Democratic US Rep. Max Rose announced Monday that he will run for his former seat in the House of Representatives, which he lost to Republican Nicole Malliotakis in 2020.
‘Paranormal’ pub owner claims ghost caught knocking over beer in video
If no one else is going to pour one out for this pub ghost — the rowdy spirit will just have to do it for themself. Security footage shows an untouched pint of beer spilling onto the bar in what owners believe is proof of their paranormal patron.
Dow jumps 650 points as stocks swing wildly amid Omicron threat
The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped more than 650 points on Monday as stocks continued to swing wildly by the day amid the uncertain threat of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.
'Justice' on radical changes happening in America
Guests: Jim Jordan, Virginia Krieger, Derek Maltz, Nick Langworthy, Bo Snerdly
Florence Pugh fainted while getting her septum piercing
The "Midsommar" actress said she got the piercing to look like a "cool grown up" — but the process was less than enjoyable.
VW reportedly settles power struggle, Herbert Diess to remain CEO
"It is going in the direction that the dispute will be settled and Diess will remain CEO, the source said.
State of emergency declared in Hawaii because of potentially 'catastrophic' flooding
A powerful storm system is pounding Hawaii with heavy rain, and forecasters warn about the chance for "dangerous" and "catastrophic" flooding.
Malaria Deaths Increased By 69K Last Year, But It Could Have Been Worse, WHO Says
The World Health Organization predicted malaria deaths would have doubled during 2020 due to the coronavirus.
'Watters' World' on issues plaguing President Biden
Guests: Kevin McCarthy; Dana Loesch, Dustin Hice, Donald Trump, Jr.
The 13 Best Scary Christmas Movies to Deck the Halls With Horror
When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes the only solution is to make the mood scarier with a spooky movie. Christmas rom-coms and holiday classics are always delightful, of course, but occasionally you want something with a little more kick. This is where the Christmas horror movie comes in. While it may seem counterintuitive to…
Medina Spirit, an Embattled Kentucky Derby Winner, Dies During a Workout
The colt suffered an apparent heart attack while working out at Santa Anita racetrack, a California racing official said.
Oxford School officials could be charged in deadly Michigan shooting: prosecutor
Michigan school officials could still face charges following the Oxford High School shooting, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said
'Gutfeld!' on incompetence and corruption in media
Guests: Allen West, Vivek Ramaswamy, Adam Carolla
Travis Barker claps back at critic who called his tattoos ‘ridiculous’
When an Instagram critic called the rocker's tattoos "ridiculous" and said he's "going to regret" them someday, Barker defended his body art.
Oregon governor spotted maskless in DC despite pushing mask mandates in her own state
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown was a “featured guest” at the LGBTQ Victory Fund’s 30th anniversary gala in D.C. and was caught without a face covering in a photo published by an attendee on Twitter.
New for Some DoorDash Deliverers: Full Time Hours and Health Insurance
Starting Monday, DoorDash is offering grocery delivery in 15 minutes or less in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York. But instead of the army of gig workers it typically relies on to fulfill orders, DoorDash is forming a new company — called DashCorps — to employ couriers to handle the deliveries. Unlike DoorDash’s gig workers,…
14-year-old Mexican girl jailed for fleeing arranged marriage
The 14-year-old girl, identified in local reports as Anayeli, was set to marry last Monday in Mexico’s Guerrero state along the Pacific coast after her family received $9,300 for the arranged union.
Ilhan Omar just put Nancy Pelosi on the clock over Lauren Boebert
The House only has four days left in session this year. And Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar said Sunday she expects Speaker Nancy Pelosi to use at least some of that time to sanction Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert for suggesting that she was a terrorist.
'Special Report' All-Star Panel on Biden's economy, job numbers
Guests: Mollie Hemingway, Harold Ford Jr., Kimberley Strassel
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit dies following workout
An attorney said the incident happened at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California.
Mayor Bill de Blasio to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private sector employees
Mayor Bill de Blasio says all New York City employers will have to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for their workers by Dec. 27.
Teacher fired for belting out ‘Toxic’ Britney Spears karaoke in class
He was “relieved of duty” after giving kids an off-curriculum course in Britney covers — complete with a pulsating multi-colored light show.
TLC’s T-Boz slammed for throwing Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B shade
“ACCOUNT WAS HACKED!!” the “No Scrubs” chanteuse said in a written PSA posted on her Instagram account amid the backlash.
Purdue earns No. 1 spot in Ferris Mowers Men's Basketball Coaches Poll for first time
Purdue made some school history after being named No. 1 in the Ferris Mowers Men's Basketball Coaches Poll for the first time. Baylor is second.
Artist Who Let Oxford Shooter's Parents Stay in His Studio 'Doesn't Watch the News': Attorney
He reportedly told the couple to lock up as he left in the evening. Police escorted them out at about 2 a.m.
Border Patrol in Rio Grande Valley sees 163% spike in illegal encounters since October
The Rio Grande Valley Sector of the southern border has seen a large spike in the number of illegal encounters since October.
Substitute Teacher 'Relieved of Duty' After Singing Britney Spears in Class
The teacher was reportedly sent home for failing to follow the school's "best practices" after performing Spears' pop hit "Toxic."
Dachshund Steals the Show as Ring Bearer at Wedding in Adorable Viral Video
"He stole the wedding from the bride and groom," one fan commented. "The cutest thing I've ever seen."
Biden to confront Putin about amassing troops on Ukraine's border
President Biden will speak with the Russia president Tuesday. Russian troops amassing on its border with Ukraine have spurred fears of military conflict.
Kremlin-Backed Hackers Still Stealing U.S. Data 'Relevant to Russian Interests': Report
The report said the hackers have been able to infiltrate U.S. and allied government agencies, as well as think tanks on foreign policy.
The Winter of Complicated Vaccination Statuses
This past spring, if someone told you that they were fully vaccinated, you knew precisely what they meant: At least two weeks before, they’d received two doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, two doses of Pfizer, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson.Now what it means to be vaccinated encompasses much more variety. Some people who have gotten their initial doses haven’t gotten a booster dose, and some people mixed and matched the brands of their first shots and their booster. What’s more, everyone is on their own personal timeline, depending on when they got their shots. Amid this complexity, kids under 5 still aren’t eligible for any shots at all.As the weather gets colder in much of the country and people bring more of their socializing indoors, this variety of vaccination histories introduces questions Americans didn’t previously have to deal with. Is it still safe to hang out with someone who is vaccinated but not boosted? Can unvaccinated little kids safely spend time with unboosted adults? And will the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, further complicate the risk calculus of an already complicated winter?When trying to gauge whether a gathering will be risky, the most important variable—by far—continues to be whether the attendees are vaccinated. Jessica Malaty Rivera, a research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital, told me that she wouldn’t feel safe spending time with an unvaccinated person indoors; if she saw them at all, the meetup would be outside and with masks.The next most important distinction is whether someone who’s due for a booster has received one. As of last week, the CDC advises that adults should get boosted at least six months after their initial doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or at least two months after their dose of Johnson & Johnson. (A booster’s full effects take about two weeks to kick in.)[Read: Omicron won’t ruin your booster]People who have gotten a booster are generally safer to spend time with, but not having one isn’t a dealbreaker. Rivera told me that someone’s booster status wouldn’t stop her from hanging out with them.She said that she would feel more comfortable meeting outdoors with unboosted friends who are exposed to many other people each day, but “if there’s somebody who is always masked when they’re in mixed [vaccination] settings, works from home, and doesn’t see many people, their booster status doesn’t matter to me,” and she would feel comfortable spending time with them indoors.Because of boosters, however, the term fully vaccinated doesn’t indicate as much about someone’s vaccination history as it used to. To be clear, the CDC’s definition of fully vaccinated hasn’t changed—it still applies to anyone who received their initial doses—but it doesn’t capture whether an adult has received a now-recommended booster shot. Eventually, the Omicron variant or waning vaccine effectiveness could make three doses the new standard for full vaccination, according to Ali Ellebedy, an immunologist at Washington University in St. Louis. This would add another element of complexity: Some “fully vaccinated” people might abruptly revert back to the category of “partially vaccinated.”As people get boosted, many of them are getting a different brand of vaccine than the one they initially received. Some brands and combinations do appear to be more protective than others. Aparna Kumar, a professor at Thomas Jefferson University and a founding member of the public-education campaign Dear Pandemic, ranked them as follows, based on the antibody levels they produce: three Moderna shots, two doses of Pfizer with a Moderna booster, three Pfizer shots, one Johnson & Johnson dose with a Pfizer or Moderna booster, and two doses of Johnson & Johnson.But this hierarchy of vaccines, Kumar and the other experts agreed, is not worth obsessing over. As Ellebedy put it, “The differences between them are the differences between being filthy rich or rich.” Indeed, Americans are exceedingly lucky to be able to ponder such distinctions; much of the world would be thrilled to have access to any vaccines at all.In the U.S., one ongoing vexation is that children younger than 5 are still not eligible for any vaccines, which complicates the risk calculus for their families. Kumar told me that if a small child is the only unvaccinated person at a gathering of people without immunodeficiencies or comorbidities, the risk seems “really minimal.” But if multiple unvaccinated kids will be present, she would more strongly advise taking precautions such as masking, meeting outdoors, and testing.Boosters would decrease risk for all involved, but in Ellebedy’s view, children can still safely be around unboosted adults. At least for now: “Things could change if Omicron turns out to be very infectious,” he told me.Indeed, as complicated as vaccination statuses are now, they might become even more complicated in the future. The threat posed by Omicron is currently unclear, but if it turns out to be more contagious, deadlier, and able to dodge our existing vaccines, an additional dose formulated specially for Omicron may be necessary. At that point, Ellebedy noted, people’s vaccine sequences would be even more varied: Some would be getting their fourth shot, while others would get an Omicron-specific dose as their first.But over time, the distinctions around boosters and timing and brands should fade in importance. As the pandemic continues, more and more people will develop immunity, whether by getting vaccinated or by recovering from an infection. “At a certain point, we will stop paying attention, just because overall immunity will be higher,” Ellebedy said. For now, the complexity is stressful, but at least it’s a side effect of something good—namely, that more people can get more protection from the virus. The complexity will eventually pass, but thankfully the advantages of vaccines won’t.
Winners of the ‘Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021’ contest
Red Bull Illume is the world's greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest.
Chris Cuomo skips SiriusXM radio show in wake of sexual-misconduct allegation
Chris Cuomo was replaced as the host by Brian Ross, who also formerly worked at ABC and said he was "filling in" when the program started.
San Francisco restaurant roasted for booting 3 on-duty cops from its ‘safe space’
The restaurant was roasted online, with many calling for a boycott, after news broke of the cops being refused service because their weapons made staff "uncomfortable."
Pastor Rick Wiles Says Backers of COVID Vaccine Are New Nazis and We Need to 'Go to War'
Wiles also said people who are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 are "committing suicide."
'Hannity' on Biden's COVID restrictions, concerning job numbers
Guests: Peter Doocy, Newt Gingrich, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Joe Concha, Gregg Jarrett, Sen. Rand Paul, Greg Jarrett, Leo Terrell