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Improbable comeback in series symbolic of Rangers’ resilient season

This first-round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Penguins has turned into a microcosm of the Rangers’ whole season.
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Watch Schumer's Passionate Speech to GOP Senators After Uvalde Shooting
The Senate majority leader said action on gun control is needed, not just thoughts and prayers, following the Texas school shooting that killed 21.
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'Should Be Dead:' Man Has 10 Inch Tumor Removed After Years of Misdiagnosis
Patrick Duff was misdiagnosed as having bowel inflammation when he actually had a 10-inch tumor growing in his colon.
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Skeptical Schumer gives bipartisan gun talks a chance
“I think it's a slim prospect. Very slim, all too slim. We’ve been burnt so many times before. But this is so important,” the Senate majority leader said Wednesday.
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Candy and snacks made with Jif peanut butter now being recalled
Americans urged not to eat an assorted treats and snacks amid a multistate salmonella outbreak that's sickened 14.
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Columbine survivor on Texas school massacre: ‘I never thought it could happen the first time’
Kacey Ruegsegger Johnson was a 17-year-old junior at the school in Littleton, Colorado, when deranged seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 classmates and a teacher on April 20, 1999.
Andrey Rublev on wild French Open outburst: ‘I lost my mind’
Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev said he “lost [his] mind’ during an “unprofessional” outburst Tuesday in the first round of the French Open. The world No. 7 viciously spiked the ball against a courtside chair after dropping the first set of his opening round match against South Korea’s Kwon Soon-woo. The ball bounced off the...
Turkey Finds Potential Evidence to Use Against Sweden Joining NATO
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dismissed the attempts by NATO leaders to convince him to change Turkey's stance on Finland and Sweden joining NATO.
American cities are re-thinking traffic stops
CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz sat down with the mayor and police chief in Lansing, Michigan, where the city has banned minor traffic stops.
Monkeypox in Europe: Where it is and how authorities are reacting
EU officials aren't sounding alarms about widespread epidemics, but they are urging countries to check vaccine supplies, and in some cases, offering them as a precaution.
Couple with ‘busy life’ gets married — after 60-year engagement
"Usually at this age people are thinking about funerals," the couple's 59-year-old daughter said. Alex popped the question to Jane in 1962 — the same year The Beatles released their debut single "Love Me Do."
FDA chief to detail delays inspecting baby formula plant
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf will answer questions from House lawmakers about what's caused the formula shortage.
'Easy Win': Kate Moss 4-Minute Testimony for Depp Praised on Social Media
Kate Moss caused a huge reaction across Twitter and TikTok as she testified on behalf of Johnny Depp in the ongoing defamation trial with Amber Heard.
Donald Trump Can't Afford More Primary Humiliations Like Georgia
The former president's endorsed candidate, David Perdue, ended up losing by more than 50 percentage points to Gov. Brian Kemp in Tuesday's GOP primary.
Read Daughter's Heartbreaking Tribute to Mom Killed in Uvalde Shooting
"Mom, I have no words to describe how I feel right now, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life."
What we know about the victims at Robb Elementary School
Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli are dating: report
The "Euphoria" star and the "Dancing With the Stars" alum have been sparking romance rumors since December when they were first spotted together.
How Democrats can address our hopelessness about child massacres
Amid the Uvalde horror, Democrats need to tell voters what a specific path to action looks like.
Climate change might be keeping you from a good night’s sleep, study finds
The tossing and turning, in sweaty pajamas, during the usually cool nighttime hours is no fun, but unfortunately, we are in for more toasty nights.
Putin Visits the Wounded at a Military Hospital in Moscow
The Russian leader also announces new social welfare measures and military benefits in an apparent effort to show Russians he is aware times are tough.
A Decade After Sandy Hook, This Is What it Takes to Concealed-Carry in Connecticut
The mass shooter in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 children and two adults. That means at some point he probably paused to reload. The mind goes to dark places when it imagines the seconds spent fumbling for fresh ammo, amid the sounds of death, and the click of a new magazine as a murderer’s hand smacks its baseplate home into the mag-well. That click is, for someone who enjoys guns—as I do—a familiar, small pleasure, a tactile indication that the ingenious machine in your hand is working exactly as designed. It is a little mechanical marvel, and to think of that satisfying click in the context of a dozen dead children, with a few more to come, is enough to make even a dedicated gun enthusiast puke.After most mass shootings, the desperate questions begin: When are we going to do something about our gun laws? How many dead children is too many dead children? Of course you know the answer already: Somewhat more than the current number.[David Frum: America’s hands are full of blood]I speak from recent and direct experience. I live in the state of Connecticut, which even after Uvalde owns the title as the site of America’s most deadly slaughter of tots in their school. (Twenty-seven victims died at Sandy Hook in 2012, including 20 children under the age of 8.) Last weekend, I shelled out about $75 to see how hard it would be, in my state and in my city, to be certified to own and carry a gun, concealed or open. The fee covered a day-long class on guns and gun safety—much of which was devoted not to guns or safety but to explaining the locations and hours of the government offices to which one could go after class to get a five-year pistol permit.Anyone with an IQ higher than a mango could pass this class. Indeed most mangoes would not, as my fellow classmates did, violate multiple rules of firearm safety immediately upon being handed a plastic replica of a handgun for practice. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Don’t point the muzzle at your foot. We went to the range afterward, and a patient and vigilant instructor made sure we hit the target and not our toes. As long as we weren’t registered with the government as criminals or psychiatric inpatients, and were not “illegal” residents, the permits would be ours upon paying a fee and getting fingerprinted.I asked the instructor, who had spent decades working in fire and law enforcement, whether the officers at my local police station might refuse to issue me a carry permit, just because they thought I looked squirrelly and mentally unstable. “If they rejected people on that basis, do you think I’d have a permit?” he joked. “But seriously. You could go in wearing your underpants on the outside, and it wouldn’t matter.” Then he taught us all how to load magazines, put a round in the chamber, and start sending lead down range.He also spent hours describing his regimen of responsible gun ownership, which involves sturdy locked cases littered about his home and in his Escalade, and rules that forbid even legal carriers from bringing guns onto school grounds, say, or into government buildings. (That includes the post office, he noted, “because they don’t like the competition.”) Don’t drink and carry. Teach your children about guns when they’re old enough, but install vaults to ensure that they can never reach them unsupervised.So a decade after Sandy Hook, that is how hard it is to get a permit to carry a Glock pretty much anywhere in Connecticut: Take a class, then present yourself and your fingertips to the police, who in recognizing the right to carry deadly weapons will not discriminate even against gibbering madmen, let alone the much-harder-to-detect silent loners who perpetrate so many of the atrocities like yesterday’s.[Caroline Mimbs Nyce: A guide to The Atlantic’s coverage of guns in America]You can probably tell that I think my state should apply more scrutiny in its permit process. But a day among aspirants for these pistol permits confirmed my belief that tightening this process would only modestly affect the amount of gun carnage in America. Tens of millions of Americans already have these permits. I will put on my undies later this week and get one too. If you are in the United States, guns are all around you already, in the hands of decent people and well-adjusted people, and also of demons and sickos.Some fetishize their guns. In a way, these gun owners are among the safest and most responsible. The attention they lavish on these objects reminds me of devoted pet owners, constantly brushing the hair of their Shih Tzus, sharing a bubble bath with them every night, never letting the little darlings out of their sight. But plenty of Americans treat their guns the way I treat my laptop, as part of the structure of their everyday life, and often as a tool for work as well as fun. They carry their guns and shoot them responsibly. Why should they give them up because of others who do not? I cannot kill anyone with my laptop, but I can certainly do harm with it—and if someone suggested that it should be taken away because the social negatives outweigh the positives, I would be outraged. From my cold, dead hands. You may object to this comparison, on any number of reasonable grounds. But if it baffles you completely, you probably have no clue how deeply guns and gun-culture are embedded in America. And to change a culture is infinitely harder than to change laws. I am not sure where that leaves us. Or rather, I am all too sure.
State Rep. Randy Fine Makes Second Amendment Threat After Uvalde Shooting
"Try to take our guns and you'll learn why the Second Amendment was written in the first place," Fine wrote on Twitter.
Why Are Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren Winning as Walmart Slides?
While the world’s biggest retailer frets about inflation, high-end stores are still seeing their fortunes soar — for now.
Uvalde, Buffalo Shootings Destroy NRA's Core Argument Against Gun Control
Armed officers were on the scene in Uvalde before Salvador Ramos barricaded himself into a classroom, according to a lieutenant in the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Kate Moss, Johnny Depp's ex, says actor never pushed her down stairs
Fashion icon Kate Moss told jurors Wednesday that her ex-beau Johnny Depp never pushed her down a flight of stairs at the actor's defamation trial against Amber Heard.
PHOTOS: Families, victims of Texas school shooting
Photos of families and victims at Texas's Robb Elementary from Tuesday's deadly school shooting that left 19 students and 3 adults dead, including shooter Salvador Ramos.
Bruce Willis' Daughter and Wife Share Updates After Aphasia Diagnosis
The star's daughter Rumer Willis and wife Emma Heming took to Instagram with family updates, a few weeks after revealing that he would be retiring from acting.
See breastfeeding mom save pet goose from bald eagle
Video shows a mom who was breastfeeding her baby save her pet goose from a bald eagle. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a memorable avian rescue.
MSNBC contributor amid Texas school shooting: Republicans are 'the enemies'
Liberal MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle referred to Republicans as "the enemies" amid the fallout of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
Brittney Griner's wife calls on Biden to help in WNBA star's release from Russian detainment
Cherelle Griner, the wife of WNBA star Brittney Griner told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she wants to meet with President Joe Biden to expedite Griner's safe return home from Russia.
Texas school shooting investigators hunt for motive: 'A lot of unanswered questions'
The motive for the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and 2 adults dead was still under investigation on Wednesday.
Matthew McConaughey grieves for Texas hometown after shooting: 'Action must be taken'
'This is an epidemic we can control,' Matthew McConaughey said after a school shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas, left 19 children dead.
TMZ seeks to block Johnny Depp from calling ex-employee to testify
Depp's legal team indicated that they wanted to call the former employee -- who provided TMZ with a video of Depp yelling at Heard and slamming cabinets -- to the stand on Wednesday.
Amal Clooney wears floral gown to join Prince Charles at Prince’s Trust Awards
The human rights attorney stunned in a red-and-white dress as she presented her own award at the royal's annual event to celebrate young people.
Bombs Rain Down on Idyllic Coastal Village in Ukraine as Defenders Blast Russian Tank
A video recorded the moment bombs rain down on an idyllic coastal village in Ukraine and a Russian armored vehicle is destroyed.
Over 100 parents, advocates weigh in on NYC audition-based application process
Following fierce backlash from parents, advocates and local leaders, the NYC DOE hosted a forum Tuesday night with more than 150 attendees to rethink selective admissions at MS 936.
Pfizer lowers drug prices for some of world's poorest nations
"Supply was not enough to resolve the issues that these countries are having," Pfizer's CEO said at Davos.
NYC workers lag US in returning to office over fears of subway crime, COVID
Manhattan-based workers are not returning to their offices en masse due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and concerns over crime in the subway, according to the latest data. Overall, New York City had an office occupancy rate of 38.8% in the week that ended May 11, below the 43.4% occupancy rate nationwide, according to data...
Woman Tries First Proper Meal After 23 Years of Only Eating Potato Chips
A woman who lived on a diet of cheese and onion flavored potato chip sandwiches for 23 years has finally eaten a proper meal – after being hypnotized.
Houston Teacher Resigns As Video Shows Grades Being Traded for Book Reviews
"That's a straight-up abuse of power and very unprofessional," said one commenter on the viral video.
Texas rampage is 27th school shooting so far this year
At least two dozen children have been killed by gunfire on school property in the first five months of 2022.
Comic: Life in Ukraine amid months of war
Today marks 90 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Artist Yulia Vus reflects on how her life and community have changed.
Austin Butler finally addresses Vanessa Hudgens breakup 2 years later
"Life is full of changes," the "Elvis" star said of the 2020 split in his new GQ cover story. He is currently dating model Kaia Gerber.
Gun control advocates slam Trump's appearance at NRA meeting in Texas days after school shooting
Gun control supporters are slamming former President Donald Trump for his appearance at the NRA convention following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting days earlier
HR Survey Leaves Readers Baffled at Answer to What is Better Than Pay Raise
"Companies like this skew the results to fit whatever narrative absolves them of needing to change," one user commented.
Woman Celebrating Hysterectomy With Custom Cookies Praised: 'F**k HPV'
"I needed a way to send my uterus and cervix off with a big old f*** you," said Suzie Campbell who commissioned the cookies following her surgery.
Orion Cosce vs. Blood Diamond scrapped from UFC 275 in Singapore
UFC 275 has lost the welterweight matchup between Orion Cosce and Blood Diamond.      Related StoriesOrion Cosce vs. Blood Diamond scrapped from UFC 275 in Singapore - EnclosureMarc Diakiese signs new four-fight UFC deal, meets Damir Hadzovic in LondonMarc Diakiese signs new four-fight UFC deal, meets Damir Hadzovic in London - Enclosure
Target’s Memorial Day Sale includes 40% off patio furniture, swim, more
Target really hit the bullseye with these steals.
‘Better Call Saul’: 5 Questions That Must Be Answered in the Final Episodes
Six episodes to go and the pressure is on.