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In Japan's anime universe, ‘Belle’ seeks to rewrite script on female power

“Belle,” which will be part of the New York Film Festival, has become a hit for challenging stereotypes.
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War With China Not Likely in Next Three Years: Taiwan Intelligence Chief
The director of Taiwan's National Security Bureau said China's ruling Communist Party is "trapped inside a security dilemma."
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"The Facebook" Trends As People Speculate on Company Name Change Amid Metaverse Plans
Twitter users have joked that a rebranding of Facebook could see it return to its original name, TheFacebook.
California School Backtracks on Making Children Eat Lunch Outside in the Rain
California has some of the strictest COVID restrictions in schools in the country, being the first state to implement mask and vaccine mandates for staff and students aged 12 and above.
Bombing hits military bus in Syrian capital, killing more than a dozen people
It was the deadliest attack in Damascus in several years, and especially rare since government troops in 2018 captured suburbs once held by insurgents in Syria's decade-long conflict.
How CJ McCollum is using his love of wine to become a different type of trailblazer
It's not often an NBA star can quietly make his way through a crowd unnoticed. But with celebrities like William H. Macy, Martha Stewart, and Guy Fieri roaming the grounds of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado last month, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum figured he had a decent chance to quietly taste wines, meet vineyard owners and avoid attention.
Ted Sarandos Refuses to Back Down Over Netflix Dave Chappelle Backlash
The Netflix co-CEO admitted he "screwed up" over his communications to staff over the controversial stand-up show.
How CJ McCollum is using his love of wine to become a different type of Trailblazer
Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum is a wine lover, so much so that he and his wife have bought a 318-acre vineyard to begin producing wine. But McCollum is looking to increase diversity and inclusion in winemaking with his new project.
Josh Duggar Facing up to 20 Years in Prison After Major Loss in Child Porn Case
The former "19 Kids and Counting" personality, 33, was indicted in April on two counts of downloading and possessing child pornography.
Who Was Eliminated on Michelle Young's First Episode of 'The Bachelorette?'
23 roses were handed out during the first episode of "The Bachelorette" on ABC, which means seven men were eliminated from the competition.
Public Officials Threatened Doctors Over Ivermectin Refusal, Hospital Says
A spokesperson for the hospital said: "These conversations were deeply troubling to our physicians and staff."
Netflix employees are staging a walkout today as a fired organizer speaks out
The Netflix employee resource group supporting trans and non-binary people is demanding better representation, both onscreen and in management.
Hurry up and wait: Trump's best legal shot at blocking the release of his January 6 docs
The next few weeks will be pivotal if former President Donald Trump is hoping to bury the House's request for January 6 documents in years of litigation.
Elio Motors promised 1,500 jobs at an old GM plant in Louisiana. But, 'the intent had no basis in reality'
Not a single vehicle has rolled off Elio Motors' Shreveport assembly line and not one job has been created.
Former Australia batsman Michael Slater charged after domestic incident
Former Australia cricketer Michael Slater has admitted himself into care for "health and mental issues" after being charged by police following a report of a domestic violence incident in Sydney.
Unemployment over vaccination? These public figures paid a hefty price for their decisions.
Employers are requiring the COVID vaccine and high profile coaches, Broadway stars and reporters have quit or been fired for refusing the vaccine.
The Washington Wizards are set to begin another season of meh
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The Washington Wizards are set to begin another season of meh
Expectations for these Wizards are muted. Like, sneakers-squeaking-in-an-empty-gym muted.
Over 25% of Americans are no longer living in high-transmission counties: Live COVID-19 updates
More than one-quarter of Americans are now living in a county that no longer has high levels of community transmission of coronavirus. COVID updates.
Soldier with ‘Hitler mustache’ thrown out of military after Capitol riot charges
Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, whose photo in court records showed him with a squared-off moustache and slicked back hair, is one of at least six service members federally charged in connection with the Capitol riot involving supporters of President Trump.
As housing concerns mount, cities, states steer billions in COVID funds to address crisis
Mayors are tapping COVID-19 funds to take on an affordable housing crisis. But some say real progress depends on Biden's $3.5 trillion spending bill.
A federal program tries to house people. But it leaves many homeless and segregated in the Southeast.
The Section 8 voucher program aims to improve people's lives, but it's left many people homeless or stuck in racially segregated neighborhoods.
Zuckerberg to Be Added to Facebook Privacy Suit
The District of Columbia case, which grew out of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, could expose the chief executive to financial and other penalties.
How Will Blue America Live With Covid?
It can be the safety-above-all caricature that deep-red America has made of it, or it can leave the age of emergency behind.
D.C.-area forecast: October’s finest through tomorrow, and not bad after that either
Warmer today and tomorrow, then cooler with a few light showers possible Friday and Saturday.
This 32 Degrees Top that Helps Me Stay Warm all Winter
Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/AmazonScouting Report: This layering top from 32 Degrees not only keeps me warm but won't irritate my sensitive skin.When I lived on the east coast, my west coast-raised skin had a very unfortunate reaction to the cold, dry winters. Once the weather would dip into the freezing and near-freezing temps, I’d get a full-body rash that could only be described as a “chapped” skin situation. I learned, quickly, that I had to wear soft, tight layers in order to avoid being uncomfortable.Now I’m back on the west coast, in the rainy Pacific Northwest where I belong, and I got a pandemic puppy. A pandemic puppy demands to be walked, even when the temperatures are cold, wet, or windy (or a combination of all three). I found this 32 Degrees Base Layer Top and bought a few to wear on my dog walks. It’s close to the skin and is meant to be worn fitted, so it fits nicely underneath all of my outerwear.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Atmospheric river event forecast for the West Coast
A level 5 out of 5 atmospheric river event is forecast to impact the West Coast through the beginning of next week. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has how much rain and snow can be expected.
Live Updates: Suspected Islamic State Bombing Kills at Least 14
A roadside bombing believed to be carried out by Islamic State has killed over a dozen people in the deadliest attack on Syrian capital Damascus in years. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.
How Kate Middleton's Dress Hints at Key Date in William and Harry's Relationship
Kate Middleton wore a dress with a special message to Prince William's first eco-awards—as the brothers have another key date awaiting them next year.
Joe Biden's Unity Pledge Is Failing. It Never Had a Chance
The president has spoken of his desire to close the divides across the nation. So far, such hope hasn't come to fruition.
A glorious way of eating in Greece
A CNN writer went to explore the real-life Mediterranean diet -- an award-winning style of healthy eating she had been covering for years as a health journalist -- in Greece.
A glorious way of eating in Greece
The Greek islands! It was a bucket list trip, made even more precious as a getaway after the long pandemic travel drought. I'd been to Athens before, so this trip was all about the islands, including a visit to the beautiful cliff homes on Santorini.
How to stock your kitchen with Mediterranean grocery staples
Starting or staying on the gold medal-winning Mediterranean diet? Then you'll need a shopping resource you can use to stock your pantry with Mediterranean meal essentials -- and continue to use on a weekly basis to restock and purchase fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, fruits, and more.
As Donald Trump's 2024 Chances Increase, Mitch McConnell Sounds the Alarm
Polls have consistently shown that Republican voters favor Trump for the party's 2024 presidential nomination.
'Fallout 76' Halloween Update: The Best Spooky Scorched Locations
New legendary enemies, known as Spooky Scorched, have been added to "Fallout 76" for Halloween and are carrying valuable loot. Here are the best places to find them.
Mount Aso Live Camera Footage Shows Japanese Volcano Erupting, Shooting Ash Miles High
The eruption sent a huge cloud of ash and dust billowing out from one of the world's most active volcanoes, which is located in Japan's Kumamoto prefecture.
How supermarkets are keeping worker safe amid virus pandemic
Across America, downtowns have become ghost towns. This isn't the case at supermarkets, where workers are needed more than ever. Errol Barnett reports.
Milwaukee Bucks debut championship rings, destroy Brooklyn Nets while Steph Curry cooks LeBron James
On what was a momentous day for the Milwaukee Bucks, it couldn't have gone any better for the now defending NBA champions.
Loudoun County School Board member: Important we have investigation into alleged sex assaults
A school board member in Loudoun County, Virginia, agreed with Glenn Youngkin, the state's Republican gubernatorial candidate, and called for a probe into sexual assault allegations against students in the district.
Department of Veterans Affairs sees onslaught of patients
The nation's largest health care system, the Department of Veterans affairs, is seeing a surge of patients. Jim Axelrod has the latest.
Trump administration downplays surge of unemployment during pandemic
President Trump on Thursday confronted the historic rise in unemployment. His administration tried to downplay the historic surge. Paula Reid reports.
"48 Hours" Live to Tell: Surviving Ted Bundy
Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy targeted three young Florida women in one of his final attacks. They survived and share their terrifying ordeal and long road to recovery. CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith reports.
$2 trillion bill expected to be approved as millions of Americans file for unemployment
More than 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the past week. The House is expected to approve the $2 trillion lifeline to workers and businesses. Mark Strassmann reports.
Volunteers offer child care for medical staff treating coronavirus patients
As schools and child care centers close in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many doctors and nurses on the frontlines of the pandemic are left desperately searching for child care. Errol Barnett talks to volunteers who are stepping up to help these health care workers for our series A More Perfect Union.
Expert says pandemic is a good time for singles, bad for couples
The coronavirus pandemic continues to dramatically change everyday life, as the conventional ways we work, socialize and get information have all been upended. The social isolation many are currently in as a precaution to slow the virus' spread is taking a toll on relationships and making it difficult for singles to date. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, chief science adviser for dating site Match, joins "CBS This Morning" to talk about why now is the time relationships are either made or broken.
U.S. sees worst unemployment numbers in over 50 years
More than 3 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment last week, making it the worst week for unemployment claims in over 50 years. Over half of all U.S. states have ordered nonessential businesses to close, putting millions more at risk of being laid off or not working enough hours to survive. Jill Schlesinger, who called the Senate's coronavirus stimulus bill aimed at easing the pandemic's economic blow a "lifeline" to these workers, joins "CBS This Morning" to put the numbers into context.
College seniors face uncertain futures amid coronavirus pandemic
The sudden closure of college and university campuses around the country over the coronavirus pandemic has sent millions of students home early. Aside from missing precious moments from their senior year, including a traditional graduation, many students in their last semester worry about their job prospects come summertime. Jericka Duncan speaks to some of these college seniors who say they feel cheated out of their senior year.
Essential workers risk coronavirus exposure to serve their communities
At least ten Amazon warehouse employees across the country have contracted the coronavirus, according to employee and media reports. However, they are part of a select group of professions whose workers continue to serve their communities, often risking their own health to assist people self-isolating. Adriana Diaz speaks to some of the people working essential professions about their daily struggle in the face of the pandemic.
Pharmacists share warning about over-prescription of potential COVID-19 drugs
Pharmacists across the country are raising the alarm about the over-prescription of drugs that may help treat the coronavirus. Recent data show chloroquine orders spiked 3,000% in March, and hydroxychloroquine orders rose 260%. The FDA has not approved these drugs for treatment of the virus, but doctors are allowed to prescribe them. Dr. Jon LaPook joins "CBS This Morning" to talk about the effects of over-prescribing these drugs.