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In the race to vaccinate against Covid-19, willing adults in some states may be waiting all year

It may take until the end of the year to get coronavirus vaccine to all adults who want it, a CNN analysis shows. And there are two very different reasons why.
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Kamala Harris says migrant crisis won’t ‘be fixed overnight,’ hasn't yet spoken with leaders of El Salvador, H
The migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is one that "is not going to be fixed overnight," according to Vice President Kamala Harris, who last month was appointed by President Biden to manage the U.S. response to the crisis.
28 Pages
Former Sen. Bob Graham and others urge the Obama administration to declassify redacted pages of a report that holds 9/11 secrets. Steve Kroft reports.
Tucker Carlson Says 'Our Body, Our Choice' to Chelsea Clinton's Claim GOP Men Avoid Vaccine
In past broadcasts, Carlson has accused federal and health authorities of lying about the COVID-19 vaccine's safety.
Photographer's mission to change perception of pit bulls
When many people think of pit bulls, they think "attack dog." Photographer Sophie Gamand says she's on a mission to change that. Chip Reid has more.
Berkeley under fire for allegedly mishandling sexual misconduct cases
Universities and colleges across the U.S. are under investigation for allegedly mishandling sexual misconduct cases on their campuses. Among the schools is UC Berkeley, where documents released show as many as 19 employees may have violated the university's sexual misconduct policies in the past five years. Danielle Nottingham has more.
Americans living below poverty line disproportionately impacted by pandemic
New data shows that 15% of Americans became financially worse off during the pandemic. And most of those impacted were already living below the federal poverty line. Joseph Minarik, senior vice president and director of research for the Committee for Economic Development, joins CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss.
U.S. Department of Labor issues new regulations
This past week, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new regulations requiring financial advisers handling 401k and other retirement accounts to act in the best interest of their clients. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins CBS Evening News with more.
Chaos erupts at a Hindu New Year firework celebration
The series of explosions at a New Year firework celebration were so powerful, they demolished nearby buildings and sent bricks flying a half a mile. From a distance, they looked like ordinary fireworks and crowds cheered on. But up close, it was a fire storm. Jonathan Vigliotti has more.
How Holly Williams fell in love with China
For her first 60 Minutes story, CBS News correspondent Holly Williams travels back to China, a place she once called home.
An American in China
American actor Jonathan Kos-Read has made a career in Chinese productions. He tells Holly Williams about how his roles have changed, and what it's like making movies on the world's biggest film lot.
Hoping for a hit
Yu Dong, founder and CEO of Chinese studio Bona Film Group, has high hopes for his movies at a growing Chinese box office.
Gold rush
Zhang Zhao is CEO of Le Vision Pictures, one of China's leading studios. He says the movie market may be booming, but there’s still a lot of room to grow.
How to report on a top-secret document
60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft explains the challenges of reporting on a 28-page, classified document about the 9/11 attacks
What's it like when your daughter becomes your son?
Lesley Stahl tells 60 Minutes Overtime what she learned from the parents of transgender swimmer Schuyler Bailar
MSNBC guest claims border crisis 'manufactured' by 'desperate' Republicans
MSNBC guest Mark Thompson claimed Thursday that the situation along the southern border amounts to a "manufactured" crisis ginned up by "desperate" Republicans as far-left host Joy Reid looked on in agreement.
Battle for delegates intensifies for Democrats in New York
Hillary Clinton visited several churches in Queens this weekend, while Bernie Sanders grabbed a hot dog in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. Clinton needs a victory in the New York primary on April 19 to halt Sanders’ winning streak. Julianna Goldman reports.
Photos: Bellator 257 weigh-ins and faceoffs
Check out the fighters on the scale and faceoffs ahead of Bellator 257, which takes place Friday at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.       Related StoriesPhotos: Bellator 256 weigh-ins and faceoffsUFC on ABC 2: Best photos from Las VegasUFC on ABC 2: Official scorecards from Las Vegas
Who helped the 9/11 hijackers when they were in the U.S.?
If a top-secret 9/11 document is released, Americans may learn whether Saudis had a role in supporting the 9/11 hijackers, former Sen. Bob Graham tells 60 Minutes
Candidates switch strategies to win delegates
It seems at this point, campaigns are less focused state by state, but instead focused on delegate by delegate, each one so important. Every delegate matters, and in most contests, including New York, delegates are given out on a local level. Anthony Salvanto joins CBS Evening News with more.
Political scientist: US-Russia relations are in the toilet
CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks to Eurasia group founder Ian Bremmer about President Joe Biden's decision to impose sanctions against Russia in response to cyberattacks against the US and interference in two presidential elections.
Boston Globe makes fake front page with Trump as president
The Boston Globe distributed their paper with a fake opinion page featuring Donald Trump as president of the United States. The page says it is April 9, 2017, and the header is a story titled "Deportations To Begin." Beside it another story reads "Markets sink as trade war looms." CBSN speaks with The Boston Globe's opinon page deputy managing editor Kathleen Kingsbury to discuss why they ran the fake page.
Chicago’s Lightfoot appeals for calm, says, ‘We failed Adam’
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed the city on Thursday after its police review board released the video of the officer-involved fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo and made an appeal for calm.
Cruz's strategy to slow down Trump
Ted Cruz's campaign is working to take delegates away from Donald Trump in upcoming primaries and caucuses. New Yorkers head to the polls on April 19, where front-runner Donald Trump is expected to win, but Cruz anticipates a few delegate wins himself. With analysis, Face The Nation's John Dickerson joins CBSN.
Media pushes false narrative of racism
The riots that have erupted after the killing of Daunte Wright reinforce a familiar pattern. This response is rooted not only in tragedy, but in a distorted perception of reality.   Chelsea Handler, for example, suggested that people of color have a “50-50” chance of being shot by police.  This is a complete distortion, but fits...
‘Tensions are high’ as Yankees, Rays renew rivalry
The Yankees and Rays have both gotten off to uncharacteristically slow starts this season, but one thing hasn’t changed: There is still bad blood between the two AL East rivals. It simmered again over the weekend at Tampa Bay, when the Rays were perturbed that Yankees pitchers hit them four times — including one that...
Ken Burns on Jackie Robinson: He was “a freedom rider before freedom rides”
Filmmaker Ken Burns previews his new documentary 'Jackie Robinson,' which airs Monday and Tuesday nights on PBS. Burns sits down with John Dickerson to discuss the “utterly human” story behind one of baseball’s greatest legends.
CBS Evening News, April 15, 2021
Former officer charged in Daunte Wright killing appears in court; Pennsylvania woman devoted to serving veterans
4/15: Red and Blue
Pres. Biden imposes new sanctions on Russia; Addressing racism against Asian Americans in U.S.
Some Trump congressional backers see big campaign windfalls in 1st quarter
New fundraising reports it underscores how much the Republican small-donor base is rewarding loyalty to the former President.
Rusty Young, a founding member of the country rock band Poco, dies at 75
Young's management confirmed to USA TODAY Thursday that Young, born Norman Russell Young, died of a heart attack at his home in Missouri on Wednesday.
Nature: Bucks in Wyoming
We end this broadcast of our "Money Issue" with a couple of bucks - male mule deer - and a few females, too, near Wilson, Wyoming. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.
Political Playback: The first contested Republican convention
With all of the talk of a contested Republican convention, “Face the Nation” couldn't help taking a trip into our archives for a peek at the first contested Republican convention of the television age over six decades ago.
Cashing out: Mellody Hobson on how to save when you spend
Financial pundits have long predicted our transformation to a "cashless society." That trend may be great for banks and credit card companies, but financial advisor Mellody Hobson explains why consumers should take a different tack.
Analysis: Donald Trump must win big to clinch the GOP nomination
CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto explains the big wins Donald Trump will need to avoid a contested convention. The GOP front-runner requires large leads in New York and California to clinch the nomination with 1,237 delegates.
Wacky jobs: Human mannequins
Imagine spending every working day trying on clothes. For a fitting model, that's a normal day at the office. Susan Spencers talks with one man whose job calls for him to test designer clothes.
Jim Gaffigan on the high costs of the Tooth Fairy
Any parent of a young child will tell you kids are expensive. To make matters worse, little kids have very little understanding of money. Comedian Jim Gaffigan explains why, when it comes to the loss of teeth, family economics is anything but child's play.
American house hunters buy up an Italian village
Hundreds of years after an Italian bumped into America, Americans are now traveling to the tiny Italian village of Guardia Sanframondi, where they are snatching up houses for as little as $15,000 - and the locals are rolling out the welcome mat. Allen Pizzey reports.
Living underground in the Australian Outback
There's a treasure hunt going on in Coober Pedy, Australia, where opal was discovered a hundred years ago. As much as 80 percent of the world's opal supply comes from Coober Pedy's mines. But with summertime temperatures soaring to 120 degrees, the town features hundreds of "dug out" homes, burrowed into the rock and naturally cooled. Seth Doane explores the underground town, complete with bar, beauty salon, bookstore and hotel.
Wacky jobs: The gum buster
Anthony Mule goes to work knowing he will face some sticky situations. It's been unavoidable, ever since he started working as a professional gum remover. Susan Spencer finds out what it takes to clear sidewalks of gum.
Bernie Sanders: We were "harshly" attacked by Clinton campaign
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders contends that he responded in stride when competitor Hillary Clinton stepped up the attacks on his campaign. “We were attacked pretty harshly by the Clinton campaign who suggested that I was not qualified,” Sanders says.
Bernie Sanders on his path to victory
Bernie Sanders believes his campaign’s momentum will only build as primary politics shift gears on the west coast. “When we began this campaign, we had to deal with the South,” the Vermont senator said, adding that the area was “not a stronghold for me”
Hannity: Democrats and the media mob ignored violent crime for years
Sean Hannity slammed Democrats and the "media mob" Thursday on "Hannity" for ignoring crime and death in Chicago for years, until it was convenient for them.
After move to lightweight, Pablo Sabori excited to showcase improved self in return to Combate Global
Pablo Sabori can't wait to show fans a new version at Friday's Combate Global event.       Related StoriesBellator 257 breakdown: What danger is mystery man Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov for Corey Anderson?Longtime Bellator matchmaker Rich Chou steps down from role, pursues new business ventureBill Algeo still open to fighting Giga Chikadze 'after Cub Swanson whoops that ass'
Nothing is working for Patrick Corbin and the Diamondbacks make him, and the Nats, pay
Patrick Corbin, the Nationals' expensive left-hander, struggled for his second straight start to open the season in an 11-6 loss to the Diamondbacks.
Watch out for that fine print
Do you actually read all the fine print in online contracts before clicking "Agree"? Neither does Faith Salie, who wonders whether that is something for consumers to worry about. She asks an attorney for advice.
TV commercial spokespeople tell all
In today's highly competitive marketplace an ad campaign's "pitch" needs to be pitch perfect - creating characters that consumers come to know and trust. Nancy Giles reports on the actors who play the characters we take to heart when they're selling their wares.
Political Flyer Slams Texas Candidate Doug Woodward for BLM Sign in Yard
Highland Park is a notably wealthy, and mostly white, section of Dallas.
Investing in college dropouts with big ideas
A select group of whiz kids seems to be thriving despite having dropped out of college. These young people are working on the next big high-tech-idea, and they've got the backing of a Silicon Valley billionaire. John Blackstone reports.