Progressives plan 'fight' in battle over Supreme Court vacancy
Republicans rallied around a Supreme Court vacancy in 2016. Will Democrats do the same this year?
China Says TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Said It Had Only Learned About Trump Deal in the News
The president has said he has agreed to a deal to allow the social media platform to continue operating in the United States.
Yankees’ Clint Frazier keeps raking — mock turtleneck or not
Mock turtleneck or not, Clint Frazier is really heating up at the plate. Just before the Yankees’ 8-0 rout of the Red Sox in Boston on Saturday night, Frazier took to Twitter to report that teammate Brett Gardner had stolen his turtleneck undershirt from his locker to wear for himself. But the 26-year-old Frazier stayed...
Ahmaud Arbery's mother says fundraising efforts exploit her son's death
It's been almost seven months since Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while jogging in a residential community on the outskirts of Brunswick, Georgia.
2020 Emmys: Everything you need to know before the award show
As the 72nd Emmy Awards grow closer, it’s no secret that this year’s award show will be historically different from any previous broadcast of TV’s biggest night.
Couple's wedding RSVP allegedly offers better meals for guests who give expensive gifts: 'That is horrific'
A couple who is soon to be wed had allegedly sent an RSVP that demands to know the value of the gift they are going to receive and provided meal options accordingly.
'I'm An Obama Impersonator, These Are The Strangest Things That Have Happened To Me'
Something I could never have anticipated was that when you play President Barack Obama on late night television, people then want you at their live events. I have travelled the world as Obama and had some truly weird and wonderful experiences.
If GOP Creates 'Illegitimate Majority' on Supreme Court, More Justices Should be Added: Former U.S. Attorney General
Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder accused Republicans of "blatant hypocrisy" for moving to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death so close to the presidential election.
Thai monarchy reform protesters declare 'victory' after delivering their demands
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Matthew Wolff, 21, set to make golfing history as he seizes US Open lead
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Biden 'Approves' Clip of Trump Saying 'You'll Never Hear From Me Again' If He Loses Election
The president told supporters if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden defeats him in November that "I will never speak to you again."
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Trump's Supreme Court court pick likely to be Amy Coney Barrett or Barbara Lagoa: reports
Two names have been emerging from the list of Supreme Court contenders President Trump is said to be considering following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to reports.
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This game of Dungeons & Dragons has been going on for 38 years
Since 1982, Robert Wardhaugh has been hosting the same game of Dungeons & Dragons in Ontario, Canada. Over nearly four decades, it has grown to be bigger than he could have ever expected.
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Patrick Reed plummets down US Open leaderboard: ‘It was brutal’
Patrick Reed’s 36-hole lead at the U.S. Open was extended to three strokes early in Saturday’s third round, with two birdies on the first four holes. The free fall was both disastrous and spectacular, however, sending the 2018 Masters champion tumbling down the leaderboard throughout the treacherous back nine at Winged Foot. Though powerful playing...
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As coronavirus skyrocketed in the US, so did stress and depression
As the Covid-19 pandemic got worse in the United States, so, too, did levels of stress and depression, according to a new report.
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Seahawks will see new Patriots team since Super Bowl loss
There is history between the two teams that play in the Game of the Week — the Patriots and Seahawks. The most recent history between the two was Super Bowl history, with the Patriots winning Super Bowl XLIX in January 2016, when Seahawks coach Pete Carroll opted not to run Marshawn Lynch at the goal...
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France's Oldest Public Library is Paris' Best Oasis
Cliché Marie-Lan Nguyen (CC-by-nc-nd)PARIS––When I entered the reading room of France’s oldest public library, I let out an audible and not-too-professional gasp that was (fortunately) muffled by my protective mask. After several years of living in Paris, I have become accustomed to the city’s architectural grandeur. However, as a self-described bibliophile, I found the space’s sumptuous interior lined from floor-to-ceiling with leather-bound volumes a little overwhelming at first. Add to that the woodsy, vanilla-tinged aroma of old books hanging in the air, and I wasn’t sure whether to explore the library or just stand in the entrance and take some yoga-style inhalations. Since I was accompanied by Florine Levecque, the library’s head of communications who served as my guide, I went with the former while hoping she wouldn’t notice the protracted deep breaths I took every few minutes. Once again, the face mask came in handy.  Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Why Is Sarah Paulson So Good?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Netflix/AlamyTo understand how a lot of longtime Sarah Paulson fans feel about her, look no further than a recent viral TikTok video from the account @iwantafrankoceanalbum. “Any movie, any show, any thing that this girl is on, it’s automatically a 10 out of 10,” the TikToker, Nijhea, says. “You don’t even gotta watch it.”It’s... really true. If a project happens to star Sarah Paulson, be it great or terrible, I know I want to watch just to see what she does with it. I didn’t exactly love Ratched, but even I have to admit it was eminently watchable—all thanks to performers like Paulson and Sharon Stone, whose very presence is engrossing.But what is it about my best friend and yours, Sarah Paulson, that makes her performances so captivating—especially on television? Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Deivi Garcia excited to pitch where ‘legend’ Pedro Martinez did
Growing up with Red Sox legend Pedro Martinez as his childhood idol, Deivi Garcia always dreamed of pitching at Fenway Park. But as the 21-year-old right-handed hurler prepares to take the mound in Boston for the first time in his big league career, he can’t help but be shocked by how quickly he got to...
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At least 40 rounds were fired during shooting that left two dead at a party in New York, police say
At least 40 rounds were fired during a shooting that left two people dead and over a dozen others injured at a house party in upstate New York, authorities said.
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Dana White vents at officiating in Jessica-Rose Clark's UFC on ESPN+ 36 win
Dana White again voiced frustration toward referee Chris Tognoni after Jessica-Rose Clark's TKO of Sarah Alpar at UFC on ESPN+ 36.        Related StoriesDana White: Khamzat Chimaev 'one of the most special fighters' I've ever seenColby Covington turns to Jorge Masvidal after beating 'woke little [expletive]' Tyron WoodleyKamaru Usman, Colby Covington have heated (but cringeworthy) exchange after UFC on ESPN+ 36 
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The Bloody Night That New York City Rioted Over Shakespeare
GettyThere was one thing on which people on both sides of the pond and on both sides of the class divide could agree in the mid-19th century: they loved the Bard. Though long-dead, Shakespeare was the Steven Spielberg of the day, and with theater tickets available for a very reasonable price (Hamilton producers, look to your thespian ancestors), playhouses were democratic spaces where those from all walks of life came together to see a good show. Because theater was the closest equivalent to popular entertainment at the time, the stage actors responsible for delivering the Bard’s rhymes were the culture’s A-listers. In the 1840s, a feud for the history books broke out between two of these leading stars—one from America, one from England. Like all good celebrity gossip, this rivalry played out in the newspapers of the day; and like all good culture wars, the issue at hand went way beyond two famous narcissists trading barbs. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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 The Year the GOP Lost to Carter and Embraced the Dark Side
Bettmann/ Getty ImagesThe Deep South wasn’t always red. For nearly a century, Democrats won Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina in almost every presidential election. Republican Barry Goldwater flipped those five states in 1964 by appealing to white voters who opposed Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act, and Richard Nixon held onto them with racially coded talk of “states’ rights,” “law and order” in what came to be known as the Southern Strategy.Jimmy Carter—a peanut farmer, evangelical Christian, and Georgia Democrat—scrambled the Southern Strategy in 1976 by running as a non-ideological antidote to Republicans who were reeling from Richard Nixon’s resignation and Gerald Ford’s deeply unpopular pardoning of his Watergate crimes.It didn’t last, of course. Ronald Reagan won in the Deep South and nearly everywhere else in 1980. Historian Rick Perlstein’s Reaganland: America’s Right Turn, 1976-1980 is the story of how the Republican Party became more ideologically cohesive, more evangelical Christian, and more driven by white identity politics during the tumultuous Carter years.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day
Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesRussian spies have undermined America for nearly a century. Their goals during and after the cold war were the same: Subvert the United States, sabotage its power, poison the body politic. They used the weapons of political warfare: deception, disinformation, espionage.Their American agents held positions of power and authority. They infiltrated the Justice Department, the State Department, and all of America’s national-security agencies. Turncoats at the FBI and the CIA gave the Russians keys to the kingdom of American intelligence. Their treason went undetected for many years. A Nazi-hunting congressman, Samuel Dickstein of New York, became a Kremlin spy in 1937. His work stayed secret for six decades.Four years ago, the KGB veteran Vladimir Putin pulled off the greatest coup of political warfare since the Trojan Horse: He helped put Donald Trump in the White House. Ever since, Trump has been a priceless asset for the Russians, a point man for their war on American democracy. It’s no secret that Trump echoes Russia’s political propaganda, stands with Putin against American spies and soldiers, and undermines the pillars of American national security. No secret that he tried to erase the evidence of Russia’s attacks on the last presidential election. Now he’s trying to drown out warnings that they’ll attack the next one.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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These Double Walled Drinking Glasses Will Replace Your Mug Collection
Glassware can be tricky. Actually, it’s less tricky than you might think—double-walled glasses are the way to go. Not only are they a great way to really highlight whatever it is you’re drinking, the design also allows you to hold the glass as if the contents weren’t piping hot. Because there are two walls, the glasses don’t sweat, and yet, somehow, some way, they remain fairly lightweight. The design is a sleek, minimalism that I’m always searching for in a set of glasses, and best of all, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too. To help you stock up your kitchen cabinets with double-walled glassware, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Scouted relentlessly tries new products and scours the internet to recommend the best things for upgrading your life – so you don’t have to. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Scouted selects products independently and prices reflect what was available at the time of publish. Sign up for our newsletter for more recommendations and check out our coupon site for more deals.  If you buy something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The Klan Murdered My Sister and Our Friends. Does Alabama Care?
AP Photo/Horace CortThe scars on my face tell me a story every day. A story of how a sweet 12-year old girl and her 14-year old sister Addie giggled as they walked to church on a Sunday morning. How they met their friends Cynthia, Carol and Carole before the service. How they heard a sound—BOOM—and four of them were dead.It was 1963 and some men from the Ku Klux Klan had set a bomb at the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, Alabama, in the hope that it would kill Black people. It did. My sister and our three friends died. Doctors pulled 22 shards of glass from my face and debris from my eyes. They eventually had to remove my right eye.I went from being an A student to a girl who struggled with my eyesight and with trauma. My dream was to become a nurse but because of the injuries I suffered I was never able to complete the education necessary to achieve that goal. I hid—from the scars and the pain and that moment, that terrible, terrible moment when everything I knew and held dear exploded. I mourned for my sister Addie, and Denise, who was 11, and for Carole and Carol, who were both 14. I was hospitalized in a segregated hospital.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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H.R. McMaster Tries to Wish Away His Old Boss Donald Trump
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIn June, a host of prominent military officers voiced their opposition to President Trump’s threat to order U.S. soldiers to confront anti-racism protesters. Jim Mattis pronounced Trump, whom he had served as defense secretary, a threat to the Constitution. Joining Mattis were generals and admirals notable from the endless post-9/11 wars: Tony Thomas, John Allen, Mike Mullen, several others. Notably absent was H.R. McMaster, the retired Army three-star general who spent an uncomfortable year as Trump’s national security adviser. At the time, a disappointed former McMaster aide speculated to The Daily Beast that McMaster might be holding his fire for a forthcoming book. But that book, Battlegrounds, continues McMaster’s silence on Trump’s fitness for office. “This is not the book that most people wanted me to write” is its first sentence, aptly matching the disappointment that McMaster’s White House tenure inspired even among his friends.It’s not just that McMaster’s disinterested in a tell-all. Battlegrounds, obtained early by The Daily Beast, is disinterested in shedding any significant light on the Trump administration. Readers will learn more about what McMaster said to former Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Abadi or South Korean Ambassador Chung Eui-yong than any conversation he had with the president. McMaster wants instead to deliver a lecture about American strategy, primarily concerning Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. And there McMaster’s evasions are significant. Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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President Trump calls Colby Covington ‘great fighter’ after UFC win
President Trump called to congratulate Colby Covington after his victory over Tryon Woodley at UFC Vegas 11 Saturday night. The fighter, a vocal Trump supporter, was in the midst of a post-match interview when he was handed the phone and told the commander in chief was on the line. “Oh, the POTUS is calling me!,”...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Clinches It: We’re Living in a Dystopia
GettyWhen the smoke from the fires on the West Coast started showing up 2,900 miles away outside my window in New York City, that was the moment I realized we are living in an actual dystopia. I’m 42. I have lived through some shit, but nothing like this. Every single element of a dystopia is upon us.There are the fires, the hurricanes, the uncontrolled pandemic, the financial apocalypse, the looming eviction crisis, the increase in stillbirths. the epidemic of police brutality,  and the autocratic president who happens to be, for good measure, a moron. And that was before RBG slipped this mortal coil, and thirsty Mitch McConnell started plotting before her body was even cold. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Jets vs. 49ers: Preview, predictions, what to watch for
Costello’s call The Jets will play better this week. How could they play any worse? But it won’t be enough against a good 49ers team that will show up in New Jersey focused after losing their season opener. 49ers 31, Jets 13 Marquee matchup Jets LT Mekhi Becton vs. 49ers DE Nick Bosa Well, here’s...
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Did Russian Spies Use Diplomatic Cover to Run a Global Cocaine-Smuggling Operation?
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettySix men await trial in Moscow and Buenos Aires, charged with operating one of the craziest, most ambitious narco-trafficking rings in history. Russia’s embassy in Argentina was the storage depot and Russian government transport was intended to move a cartel-sized consignment of virtually uncut cocaine from South America to Moscow. It was a transnational crime that astounded and confused the world, not least because authorities allege it was carried out by a small but resourceful cabal including one dirty embassy employee, one corrupt cop, and one charismatic chameleon who used some of the most secure Russian state real estate to store and smuggle $60 million worth of drugs. According to the official narrative, they did it all right under the noses of innocent diplomats and intelligence officers—and they would have gotten away with it without the plucky joint police work of Russian and Argentinian law enforcement. But what if that neat conclusion, which will soon be presented in court, is intentionally incomplete, a whitewash designed to protect more senior officials in the Russian government?The Daily Beast, in collaboration with the London-based Dossier Center, has obtained the documents from both the Russian and Argentinian investigations of the notorious 2018 cocaine bust, including hundreds of hours of telephone wiretap recordings, reams of witness and suspect interrogation transcripts, and nearly 10,000 pages of police and intelligence case files. These files were leaked to the Dossier Center from two separate sources, including one in Argentina connected with that country’s investigation who believes these forensic materials cast doubt on the alleged involvement in the affair of two indicted Argentines. The other source is close to the Russian investigation. All told, both sets of files show gaping holes, contradictions, discrepancies and implausible conclusions, which often border on the ludicrous.  Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Meet Brock Pierce, the Presidential Candidate With Ties to Two Pedophiles Who Wants to End Human Trafficking
Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images for The Sime AwardsIn the trailer for First Kid, the forgettable 1996 comedy about a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president’s son, the title character, played by a teenage Brock Pierce, describes himself as “definitely the most powerful kid in the universe.” Now, the former child star is running to be the most powerful man in the world, as an Independent candidate for President of the United States. Before First Kid, the Minnesota-born actor secured roles in a series of PG-rated comedies, playing a young Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks, before graduating to smaller parts in movies like Problem Child 3: Junior in Love. When his screen time shrunk, Pierce retired from acting for a real executive role: co-founding the video production start-up Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) alongside businessman Marc Collins-Rector. At age 17, Pierce served as its vice president, taking in a base salary of $250,000.DEN became “the poster child for dot-com excesses,” raising more than $60 million in seed investments and plotting a $75 million IPO. But it turned into a shorthand for something else when, in October of 1999, the three co-founders suddenly resigned. That month, a New Jersey man filed a lawsuit alleging Collins-Rector had molested him for three years beginning when he was 13 years old. The following summer, three teens filed a sexual-abuse lawsuit against Pierce, Collins-Rector, and their third co-founder, Chad Shackley. The plaintiffs later dropped their case against Pierce (he made a payment of $21,600 to one of their lawyers) and Shackley. But after a federal grand jury indicted Collins-Rector on criminal charges in 2000, the DEN founders left the country. When Interpol arrested them in 2002, they said they had confiscated “guns, machetes, and child pornography” from the trio’s beach villa in Spain. Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Kyle Shanahan to Jets: Stay patient with Adam Gase, Sam Darnold
49ers coach Kyle Shanahan believes the Jets need to be patient with head coach Adam Gase and quarterback Sam Darnold. “Adam has been great with quarterbacks,” Shanahan, whose 49ers face the Jets Sunday at MetLife Stadium, said. “They all like working for him. He’s a guy that you can carry conversations with. It’s not just...
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Nearly 100 protesters arrested at Abolish ICE protests in NYC
Police arrested 86 protesters at tense Abolish ICE demonstrations in Times Square and near NYPD headquarters in Manhattan Saturday, police sources said.
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Anti-Trump professor's coronavirus wish for president's supporters gets her suspended
A professor at Marshall University in West Virginia was suspended last week after allegedly saying she hoped President Trump’s supporters would all die from the coronavirus, according to reports. 
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Meet lone amateur who made US Open cut at Winged Foot
He’s the last Am standing. John Pak is not going to win the U.S. Open, but he is going to be standing on the 18th green at Winged Foot late Sunday afternoon for the awards ceremony and he’ll be handed a trophy. Pak, a 21-year-old senior at Florida State who grew up in Scotch Plains,...
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Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home targeted in Supreme Court vacancy protest
At least one protester was arrested Saturday after a group of about 100 people gathered outside the Kentucky home of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.
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Yankees giving Gerrit Cole and Masahiro Tanaka extra day of rest
BOSTON — Gerrit Cole and Masahiro Tanaka will get an extra day of rest heading into their final starts of the season, setting both up for added days off before they pitch the first two games of the wild card round, which is set to begin Sept. 29. Aaron Boone said Saturday that Cole would...
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Opinion: Celtics reveal who they really are in Game 3 win over Heat
After falling in an 0-2 hole amid frustration and emotional outbursts, the Celtics' toughness revealed itself in a Game 3 win over the Heat.        
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Trump supports proposed deal to keep TikTok operating in US
President Donald Trump said Saturday he’s given his “blessing” to a proposed deal that would see the popular video-sharing app TikTok partner with Oracle and Walmart and form a U.S. company. Trump has targeted Chinese-owned TikTok for national security and data privacy concerns in the latest flashpoint in the rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. president’s...
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Desert communities told to evacuate as wildfires spread
JUNIPER HILLS, Calif. — Strong winds stoked a wildfire burning for nearly two weeks in mountains northeast of Los Angeles, prompting authorities to issue new evacuation orders for desert communities that lost some homes a day earlier. Meanwhile, officials were investigating the death of a firefighter on the lines of another Southern California wildfire that...
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Dana White: Khamzat Chimaev 'one of the most special fighters' I've ever seen
Dana White had more rave reviews for Khamzat Chimaev after his devastating knockout of Gerald Meerschaert at UFC on ESPN+ 36.        Related StoriesColby Covington turns to Jorge Masvidal after beating 'woke little [expletive]' Tyron WoodleyDana White: 'It's time to have a conversation' with Donald Cerrone after UFC on ESPN+ 36Dana White: Tyron Woodley 'should start thinking about hanging it up' after loss 
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NFL Week 2 predictions: Tom Brady, Buccaneers won’t cover
Home team in CAPS: Panthers (+8.5) over BUCCANEERS: Relish Teddy Bridgewater’s chance to keep this within a full touch, given available Carolina weapons. Tom Brady wants to avoid 0-2 start at all costs, but outscoring this visitor by a convincing margin is far from a certainty, until Brady and coach Bruce Arians find full harmony....
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Joe Judge: Cordarrelle Patterson one of best kick returners ever
When Giants coach Joe Judge at mid-week gave his lengthy and detailed overview of the Bears, before winding down, he said, “You can’t forget about special teams.’’ Of course. Would Judge, with his background steeped in special teams, ever forget that part of the game? So, we can forgive Judge for sounding enraptured about Cordarrelle...
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Dallas Gets Goals From Unlikely Sources in Win Over Lightning
Defensemen Joel Hanley and Jamie Oleksiak each scored in the Stars’ 4-1 win, as Dallas took a 1-0 lead in the series over Tampa Bay.
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Former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner dead at 91
Former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner, who served just 79 days in office, has died at the age of 91, his family reported Saturday. The Liberal Party politician also served as Canada’s justice and finance ministers while on the rise to his brief stint as country’s 17th prime minister in 1984 — only for his...
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Andrew Heaney flips the script and finds success in win over Rangers
Andrew Heaney ran into some trouble early against the heat-seeking Texas Rangers on Saturday before switching to off-speed throws in the 4-3 win.
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Gordon Hayward returns for Celtics and plans to stay in NBA bubble even through birth of child
Gordon Hayward returned from a sprained ankle and plans to stay, changing course to remain in the bubble through the possible birth of his son.        
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