India's Shafali Verma, 15, becomes youngest player to score a fifty for country

Fifteen-year-old Shafali Verma breaks Sachin Tendulkar's 30-year record as the youngest player to score a fifty for India.
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Shares inch towards record high as China trims key rate
World shares were within touching distance of a record high on Monday, after Beijing surprised markets by trimming a key interest rate for the first time since 2015.
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Cast member of Broadway’s ‘Tina’ gets injured on stage
Broadway’s “Tina” was stopped mid-performance Thursday, when one of its stars got hurt. Sources told Page Six that Mars Rucker “stepped on a trap door as it was closing” during an early scene and ended up in the hospital. Reps for the musical, which also stars Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner and Daniel J. Watts...
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Three years on, Colin Kaepernick remains in limbo
From the 'Kunta Kinte' shirt he wore to his workout to his very public calling out of the NFL, Colin Kaepernick made clear to the sport's bosses that the path to any potential reconciliation will be very much on his own terms.
"Bombshell" twist in trial of man accused of killing fiancée
Trial of Colorado man accused of murder in the disappearance of his fiancée, Kelsey Berreth, is expected to go to the jury Monday
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U.S. has world's highest rate of children in detention: U.N. study
The United States has the world's highest rate of children in detention, including more than 100,000 in immigration-related custody that violates international law, the author of a United Nations study said on Monday.
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Jennifer Arcuri turns Johnson heartbreak into comedy horror | Marina Hyde
She says she’s kept his secrets and he’s treated her like a gremlin. Could she be dangerous to the PM?On the day Boris Johnson addressed the CBI, it’s great to get a firmer idea of what he meant when he said “fuck business”. And who better to give it to us than the CEO of one of the businesses he will surely end up completely fucking. Yes, it’s time to hear a whole lot more from our favourite cray-cray multihyphenate, the model/entrepreneur/ infosec-something Jennifer Arcuri. Finally, a proper sublebrity enters the election campaign, as Jennifer breaks six weeks of silence with an ITV special, a Good Morning Britain appearance and a mesmerising Victoria Derbyshire interview in which she declared “No one’s understood Boris Johnson better than I have for the last 10 years”.So tell us about the man behind the man. He’s “deep”, revealed Arcuri, not “shallow as a paddling pool”. Right. A “very considerate person”. Also, “a man of his word”. Go on. “He saw my arc, he saw my progression as a woman graduating and becoming a mature entrepreneur.” Any more? “He liked my events. He enjoyed coming. You know, he really did like Innotech.” Continue reading...
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John Legere is leaving T-Mobile
The sun is about to set on the John Legere era at T-Mobile. On Monday, the carrier, the third-largest in the US, announced that COO Mike Sievert will take over as CEO on May 1st, 2020. The announcement comes after the FCC approved the T-Mobile and Sp...
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Dunkin' bans the "double-cup" as it eliminates foam cups
The double-cup habit, started in New England, may be "hard" for some to break, a spokeswoman said
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Pete Davidson brings Kaia Gerber to ‘SNL’ afterparty
The “SNL” star was celebrating his 26th birthday with castmates at the bash at both sceney Saks restaurants, L’Avenue and Le Chalet, and brought along his new 18-year-old girlfriend as well.
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It's Time to Finally Let Go of Your Designer Frames and Buy Warby Parker
Warby Parker has tilted the glasses game on its head.
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Hong Kong's Best Mart 360 to keep stores open despite attacks
Best Mart 360's chairman said on Monday he would keep every one of the popular Hong Kong snack food chain's stores open, despite them being repeatedly damaged during anti-government protests.
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Nile millions of years older than previously thought, study says
Geologists have extensively debated the age of the Nile River, with some early figures settling on around 6 million years. They've also wondered how the 4,132 mile-long river kept its persistence for so long, continually flowing north, a very unusual direction for river water to take. Now, researchers believe they may have the answers to these questions.
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John Legere will step down as T-Mobile CEO next year
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge T-Mobile’s trash-talking CEO John Legere, who oversaw a dramatic turnaround of the wireless carrier since he got the job in 2012, will step down next year. Legere will remain a member of T-Mobile’s board. On May 1st, 2020, Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s current president and chief operating officer and Legere’s widely expected successor, will take over as CEO. Developing... Continue reading…
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East Coast storm will bring icy mix, coastal flooding to the Northeast
A coastal storm is moving north this morning after pounding the outer banks of North Carolina over the weekend with huge waves coastal flooding and gusty winds.
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Medication and lifestyle changes just as effective as surgery for heart disease, study finds
New research could slash the number of people getting stents or bypass surgery for coronary artery disease. A study looks at a more than 5,000 people with blocked arteries, but without severe symptoms like extreme pain or heart attack. It found that regularly taking medications along with lifestyle changes was just as effective at preventing heart attacks as the more invasive procedures. Cardiologist Dr. Tara Narula joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the findings.
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‘There is an anger’: where did it all go wrong for Scotland? | Ewan Murray
It’s 21 years and counting since Scotland last qualified for a major tournament – if they don’t reach Euro 2020 it would be the most severe blow yetThe latest depressing snapshot – for “greater good” see “alien concept” – preceded the conclusion to a Scotland Euro 2020 section that will be equally met with sighs of relief and shrugs. The Scottish Professional Football League is resisting a call to postpone matches immediately before Steve Clarke guides his team into the March play-offs. Twenty one years have passed since Scotland featured in a finals; with attitudes like this, no wonder.Kazakhstan’s visit to Hampden Park might just draw more than the official (and questionable) attendance of 20,699 who watched a recent dismissal of San Marino. This campaign frittered out long ago, with the curious subplot of the Scots being two wins away from clawing their way back towards relevance courtesy of the Nations League. Continue reading...
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Wendy Williams is getting a Madame Tussauds wax figure
Her figure will be based in New York.
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Gummi Tetris
Shown here is the sixteenth version of "Softbody Tetris" (also an entire genre) by C4D4U, a depiction of falling blocks made of gummi candy. It's necessary to use a powerful computer to simulate this because otherwise the tetronimoes would be eaten before settling into place. It makes me happy to create such stuff. It makes a lot of fun. ASMR for my eyes ;) I love the original Tetris game. And I love Jelly
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Jan Garbarek Group review – smooth jazz and squeaky toys
Royal Festival Hall, LondonAmid celebrations of the ECM label’s 50th anniversary, the Norwegian saxophonist delivered some compelling exploratory solos This year’s London jazz festival coincides with the 50th anniversary of ECM records and, in celebration, the festival’s opening weekend featured a host of artists from that label’s roster. All share characteristics that have come to define Manfred Eicher’s imprint, performing ethereal European jazz that focuses on texture and often seems quite stridently un-American, even when it features American musicians. Throughout Sunday, German pianist Julia Hülsmann’s quartet reimagined bebop with all the blues surgically removed; Albanian vocalist Elina Duni and British guitarist Rob Luft invented a beguiling Balkan bossa nova through heavy use of looper pedals; while saxophonist Joe Lovano’s densely written new Trio Tapestry project, featuring pianist Marilyn Crispell, owed more to the 12-tone serialism of Schoenberg than to Sonny Rollins. Related: 'This goes in deep!' Jazz stars give their tips for the London jazz festival Continue reading...
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Emre Can 'Not Happy' at Juventus Amid Manchester United Rumours
Juventus midfielder Emre Can has said he is unhappy at his lack of game time in Turin amid rumours linking him with Manchester United...
Grimsby Town: Michael Jolley left club after expletive-laden rant at reporters
• Club director: Jolley was due to attend disciplinary hearing• Manager reportedly swore 58 times in four-minute tiradeMichael Jolley’s foul-mouthed tirade towards local journalists played a part in him losing his job as Grimsby Town manager, director John Fenty has said.The League Two side announced on Friday that Jolley had left the club by mutual consent following a seven-game winless run. Fenty, the club’s majority shareholder, has revealed that Jolley’s departure followed an expletive-laden rant at BBC Humberside reporters. Continue reading...
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Queen Elizabeth approved Prince Andrew’s TV interview about Jeffrey Epstein
Prince Andrew got the Queen’s approval for his TV interview about Jeffrey Epstein — later telling Her Highness that it’d been a “great success” despite a torrent of criticism, according to reports. Andrew faced an almost instant backlash for the BBC special, which the Times of London later called a “car crash” on its front...
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How This Woman Uses Her Small-Business Roots to Motivate Franchisees
Sarah Luna's family history and experience as a franchisee helped make her a winning fit for Pure Barre's leadership.
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10 Business Audiobooks to Get You Through the Commute
Invest in career growth as you're going from home to the office.
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6 'gifts' every great presentation offers its audience
Caiaimage/Martin Barraud/Getty Images Briar Goldberg, the director of speaking coach for TED, says that an effective speaker should ask: "What gift are you giving to your audience?" There are six types of gifts you could consider giving your audience. Incorporate a way that they could change, or a solution to a problem that they could be facing. Or help them identify a problem they didn't even know they had. Help the audience have epiphanies, but also provide entertainment. They should come away feeling something and a sense of community.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. You've likely already had to give an important presentation in your career. If not, you will, and if you have, there'll be more. So why not arm yourself to get it really right? Big presentations are pivotal moments in your career; much momentum — or missed opportunity — results, depending on how you do. As a professional speaker, I've given hundreds and hundreds of talks and regularly dispense advice to help others up their public speaking game. So I'm taking the opportunity to do so again, while blending it with advice that really caught my eye. Briar Goldberg, TED's director of speaker coaching, has helped countless speakers prepare for the hard to obtain and demanding TED stage. She recently shared her perspective on what makes the best talks on the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:The most successful kids have parents who do these 9 things, according to scienceBrand management shouldn't be an afterthought. A Kellogg marketing professor offers 3 ways to come up with a brand as memorable as Lululemon or Airbnb.This is how you can use mindfulness to overcome any moment of fear or anxietySEE ALSO: 5 ways you're sabotaging your progress without even realizing it, according to a life coach
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Extinction Rebellion hunger strikers target UK political parties
Activists stage protests at party HQs to push climate emergency onto general election agendaActivists from the Extinction Rebellion group have begun hunger strike protests outside a number of UK political party headquarters in an attempt to push for more robust policies on tackling the climate emergency in the general election.The action, which has seen one group occupy a lobby at the London headquarters of the Labour party, is part of a wider global Extinction Rebellion protest based around a week-long hunger strike. Continue reading...
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B/R Staff NFL Week 11 Report Card: Patriots' Standing Among League's Best Teams
Much like highly anticipated rollout of the Disney+ app, the NFL 's Week 11 weekend slate couldn't get here soon enough...
Freed prisoners killing themselves at a rate of one every two days
Charity calls for urgent action after sixfold rise in suicide rate among people on supervision The number of people who took their own life while on supervision after leaving prison has increased sixfold since 2010 to a rate of one every two days, fresh analysis seen by the Guardian shows.There were 153 self-inflicted deaths among those on post-custody supervision in 2018-19, compared with 24 in 20-11, Ministry of Justice data analysed by the charity Inquest reveals, although this is partly down to improved recording. Continue reading...
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Twist in Patrick Frazee trial ahead of closing arguments
Closing arguments are set to begin Monday in the case of a Colorado man accused of killing his fiancée. Patrick Frazee is on trial for the murder on Kelsey Berreth. She was last seen in public Thanksgiving Day last year. Her body still has not been found. Testimony wrapped up on Friday with claims that Frazee also tried to have the star witness, his former lover, killed. Nikki Battiste reports.
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Gridiron Digest: Cowboys Hopes Ride on Their Overworked, Underpaid Hero
Everything is up for grabs as NFL Week 11 draws to a close. The Patriots and 49ers may both be 9-1, but following their first losses of the season with narrow victories over the Eagles and Cardinals , respectively, proved their vulnerability...
Ravens GM Eric DeCosta Explains Avoiding Lamar Jackson Before 2018 NFL Draft
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is arguably the front-runner for the league MVP at the moment. But when the Ravens drafted him 32nd overall in the 2018 NFL draft, they did ...
Jean Fergusson obituary
Stage and screen actor who played Marina in the television sitcom Last of the Summer WineThe actor Jean Fergusson, who has died aged 74, etched herself into the annals of television sitcom with her 25-year run in Last of the Summer Wine as Marina, most often seen on tandem rides with Howard Sibshaw, escaping from his domineering wife, Pearl.In 1985, as the gentle comedy was expanding its cast and storylines beyond the original premise of three childlike old men and their misadventures in a small Yorkshire town, Fergusson was brought in as the peroxide blonde supermarket checkout assistant Marina after appearing in two stage versions in summer seasons in Eastbourne (1983) and Bournemouth (1984). Continue reading...
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Iran gas price protests quickly turn violent
AP Explains: Protests in some 100 Iranian cities, towns over hike in government-set gasoline prices quickly turn violent
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Fresno football watch party shooting was ‘very likely’ targeted
The California shooting that killed four men and wounded six others at a backyard football watch party was “very likely” targeted, a police official said. About 35 to 40 family and friends gathered at a home in the southeast part of Fresno on Sunday when a number of suspects barged onto the property around 6...
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HP down 5% after Xerox bid rejection, counter offer hints
Shares of HP Inc fell as much as 5% on Monday after the personal computer maker rejected a buyout offer from Xerox Holdings Corp , and indicated it might instead make its own offer to take over the U.S. printer maker.
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Pete Buttigieg surges in Iowa polls
The Democratic race is tightening. A new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll has Mayor Pete Buttigieg surging in key states like Iowa. He's now essentially tied with other top tier candidates there. Ed O’Keefe reports.
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22 transgender people have been killed this year, but numbers don't tell the full story
Dana Martin was found in a roadside ditch. Chynal Lindsey was discovered in a reservoir. Bee Love Slater was found burned in a vehicle, and Bailey Reeves was shot after she left a party. - RSS Channel
Manchester United Reveals Rise of £100M+ Net Debt in Latest Financial Report
Manchester United released their financial results for the quarter on Monday, with the club's net debt rising by more than £100 million. Per Tom Doyle of the Evening Standard , the Red Devils posted revenues of £135...
Amazon cuts the price of the Google Pixel 3a to $299
Google's Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are two of our favorite affordable smartphones, delivering similar camera tech found in the older Pixel 3 flagship while costing significantly less than the recently-released Pixel 4. Prices for these budget options...
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What Causes Foggy Brain?
If you’re like me, you can barely read this paragraph right now. I’m amazed I’m even capable of writing it. Most of us suffering from brain fog can recall a time, perhaps illusory, when setting and achieving goals was simple, more or less—when the main impediments to accomplishment, or simply making breakfast, were…Read more...
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SoftBank to create $30 billion tech giant via Yahoo Japan, Line Corp deal
SoftBank Corp plans to merge internet subsidiary Yahoo Japan with messaging app operator Line Corp to create a $30 billion tech group, as it strives to compete more effectively with local rival Rakuten and U.S. tech powerhouses.
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NBA Power Rankings: LeBron, Lakers Look Dominant After 4-0 Week
If not for those meddling Sacramento Kings, the Boston Celtics might have given us a new No. 1 in this week's NBA Power Rankings...
Johnson’s Brexit would devastate business – the CBI must be hoping that he’s lying | Simon Jenkins
Telling employers that a vote for him would ‘end uncertainty over Brexit’ and he would ‘set business free’ are pure fantasiesWhy would anyone in business vote for Boris Johnson? His pretend courting of the CBI and others is another of his one-night stands. Just now, what he needs are the votes of “Labour leavers”, not capitalist remainers. So at the CBI conference on Monday he fobbed off the latter with Johnsonian lies.The biggest whopper is that a vote for him would “end uncertainty over Brexit”. It will not, it will prolong it. As long as Johnson pledges to withdraw Britain from Europe’s customs union and single market, the current commercial uncertainty will continue. Serious trade talks do not begin until next year, when according to Johnson either the UK will default to WTO tariffs or a new deal must be sought with the EU. The latter will be on EU terms, of long duration and infinite complexity. Uncertainty will be total. Continue reading...
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Banks and funds lower red flags on supercharged stocks
A raft of major banks and fund managers have upgraded their view on global equities, with emerging-market stocks their top pick to benefit from signs of easing in the Sino-U.S. trade dispute.
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Ford unveils all-electric car - the Mustang
The new vehicle has a 370-mile range, no door handles and storage under the front bonnet.
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How to Manage a Stubborn, Defensive, or Defiant Employee
First, figure out what is driving their negative behavior.
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The End of the American International Order: What Comes Next?
This is the text of a speech delivered by Ian Bremmer on November 18 at the 2019 GZERO Summit in Tokyo. China has made its decision. Beijing is building a separate system of Chinese technology—its own standards, infrastructure, and supply chains—to compete with the West. Make no mistake: this is the single most consequential geopolitical…
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Brontë's miniature manuscript and a defiant protest: Monday's best photos
The Guardian’s picture editors select highlights from around the world Continue reading...
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