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Internet sleuths spot object in Trump photo after his boycott call

Internet users accused former President Trump of breaking his own Coke boycott when they spotted what appeared to be a half-hidden bottle on his desk. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
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CDC cracking down on opioid prescriptions
The CDC released new guidelines Tuesday for prescribing opioids for pain. The move comes as officials try to curtail a heroin epidemic that's been spurred by painkiller addictions. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.
More details on American ISIS defector captured in Iraq
An American who left the Washington D.C. area in mid-December to fight for ISIS has defected from the terrorist group and surrendered to Kurdish forces. Elizabeth Palmer explains what we know about him.
Brooklyn Center mayor defends media presence following Daunte Wright shooting, ongoing riots
Mayor Elliot addressed concerns during a Wednesday press conference that insinuated the media was being demanded to leave the area post-curfew.
Floodwaters getting deeper in deep South
Parts of the South are still dealing with flooding that ravaged several states last week. David Begnaud is in a town on the Texas-Louisiana border where residents are combating the worst flooding the area has seen in 130 years.
UFC on ESPN 23 official poster: Light heavyweights Dominick Reyes, Jiri Prochazka eye title contention
Check out the official poster for UFC on ESPN 23, featuring light heavyweight contenders Dominick Reyes and Jiri Prochazka.       Related StoriesUFC on ESPN 23 official poster: Light heavyweights Dominick Reyes, Jiri Prochazka eye title contention - EnclosureRicardo Ramos off UFC on ESPN 22 due to COVID-19 protocols; Bill Alego fight scrappedUFC on ESPN 22 pre-event facts: Andrei Arlovski hits 35-fight UFC milestone
First exit polls from "Mega Tuesday"
What issues matter most to voters as they leave the polls? DeMarco Morgan has the first exit polls from Tuesday night's primaries.
Where does the Republican party go from here?
John Dickerson, CBS News political director and host of "Face the Nation," gives his insight into the Republican party, and what happens next after "Mega Tuesday."
Charissa Thompson opens up to Jalen Rose about overcoming painful incident
This week’s guest on “Renaissance Man” is someone I’ve grown up with in the biz, as they say. I’ve known Charissa Thompson since the early 2000s, when we were both on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” and it’s been a pleasure to see her grow into one of the premier sportscasters. She hosts “Fox...
Ted Cruz Slams Biden's UN Ambassador, Tells Her to 'Defend America' and Stop Appeasing 'Brutal Tyrants'
"Perhaps our ambassadors should defend America... And not kiss up to the brutal tyrants," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in response to a speech from U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield maintaining that white supremacy was "weaved" into the foundation of the United States.
Will Sanders pull off more surprise wins?
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both likely to see success as Democrats go to the polls Tuesday night. Sanders says that with large voter turnout, his campaign can expect wins in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. Meanwhile, if Clinton wins North Carolina and Florida, she'll complete a sweep of the South. Nancy Cordes has a report.
Biden starts to execute on policies Trump abandoned by crossing off another campaign promise
President Joe Biden is carrying out some of Donald Trump's biggest campaign promises by leaving America's longest war, targeting economic aid at forgotten Americans and building an infrastructure plan that may actually happen.
GOP candidates confident heading into "Mega Tuesday"
It could be a do-or-die Tuesday for Marco Rubio and possibly John Kasich as their home states go up for grabs. Despite trailing in the polls, Rubio and Kasich sound as optimistic as the two men they're trailing, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Major Garrett has more.
Brandon Nimmo thriving as Mets’ leadoff man
Brandon Nimmo laughed for several seconds Tuesday night when asked what he believes to be a reasonable expectation for his on-base percentage this season. The rest of his answer explained how his approach at the plate has made him the consummate leadoff hitter in baseball to start this season, and he rapped three more hits...
Teens slept 45 minutes more a night when their school district tried a new scheduling strategy
When middle and high school start times were pushed back, students got up to 45 minutes of extra shut-eye, revealed a new study in the journal Sleep.
President Obama slams "vulgar" White House race
At an Irish luncheon Tuesday, President Obama commented on the 2016 GOP campaign, saying "We've seen actual violence and we've heard silence from too many of our leaders." The comments come as Democrats and Republicans head to the polls for primaries in five states. CBSN's political team weighed in on the president's remarks.
Hints From Heloise: April showers bring slippery roads
Check that lights and wipers are functioning, and reduce speed.
Ask Amy: New mom wants marriage, more kids. Boyfriend doesn’t.
At 35, she’s worried that her chance to fulfill those dreams is slipping away.
Miss Manners: Aggression from older men leaves young woman at a loss
She wants to be mannerly but also assertive.
Carolyn Hax: The parents vs. the pontoon boat: A vacation conundrum
The in-laws’ lake house outshines the parents’ small prairie towns. Is there a way to be fair?
Is it do-or-die for Marco Rubio in Florida?
It's Super Tuesday part 3, and polls show Donald Trump is on his way to another good night. He's leading ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida, Rubio's homestate. Would a Trump win in Florida be Rubio's curtain call? CBS News political embed Sean Gallitz joins CBSN to discuss.
Aaron Loup comes through for Mets after layoff
It was a long nine days between relief appearances for Aaron Loup, but Wednesday night the lefty reliever provided the Mets the kind of bullpen boost they’d hoped for when they signed him in the offseason. Loup induced a key double play in the seventh inning — and got five outs in all — to...
Elementary School Principal Kirk Ashton Charged with 9 Counts of Sexually Abusing Students
The nine alleged victims were all male, between the ages of 9 and 12, and were also students at the school where the alleged abuse took place.
Will Donald Trump sweep Super Tuesday 2?
Five states are voting in today's Super Tuesday primary, with over 1,000 delegates up for grabs. Donald Trump took aim at John Kasich Tuesday, saying the Ohio governor was "nasty" in earlier debates. Can Trump secure enough delegates to effectively lock up the GOP nomination? CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris, CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez, and democratic strategist Nomiki Konst join CBSN to discuss what's at stake in today's primary.
Campaign: Trump was playing character on TV
Republican front-runner Donald Trump expects to win Florida and Ohio, extending his large delegate lead even further. Anti-Trump ads featuring his comments about women and use of obscenities are flooding primary states, trying to sway voters to oppose the frontrunner. Trump's national spokesperson Katrina Pierson joins CBSN to discuss the ads and why she says they take Trump out of context.
John Dickerson on primaries' impact on 2016 race
Today's primaries may be a turning point in the 2016 presidential race. If Trump wins in Ohio and Florida, he is much closer to clinching the republican nomination. With more on the impact today's voters have on the 2016 race, Face The Nation moderator John Dickerson joins CBSN.
Expelled Yale student to sue school
Former Yale basketball star Jack Montague was expelled for a sexual misconduct claim, and now he plans to sue the university. With details on the lawsuit, CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joins CBSN.
Does Bernie Sanders still have a chance at the Democratic nomination?
Hillary Clinton has twice as many delegates as Bernie Sanders, and is halfway to earning the presidential nomination. Today, big winner-takes-all states like Ohio and Florida are up for grabs, and Clinton leads in both of them. With more on the Democratic race today, CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris and Politico's Anna Palmer join CBSN.
How today's primaries will shape the election
The Republican primaries today may change the course of the 2016 election. If Trump wins Florida or Ohio, Marco Rubio and John Kasich will likely end their campaigns, respectively. CBS News' Steve Chaggaris and Politico's Anna Palmer discuss the GOP race on CBSN.
IRS scam; Volkswagen accused of deleting emissions documents: #CBSNBusiness headlines
Scammers are cold-calling citizens saying they're the IRS; a former Volkswagen employee claims the company obstructed justice; and Airbnb is accommodating angry neighbors.Those headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch's Hena Daniels at the New York Stock Exchange.
Lujan Grisham settles with former campaign staffer who accused governor of sexual mistreatment
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her gubernatorial campaign have settled with a former staffer who accused the Democrat of sexually mistreating him during a meeting, paying out at least $62,500 as part of the agreement.
Why Vladimir Putin is pulling most of Russia's troops from Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to withdraw most troops from the Syrian war, which began five years ago. CBS News' Holly Williams joins CBSN to discuss why Russia decided to suddenly pull away from the war.
Will Clinton extend her delegate lead today?
Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has more than half the delegates needed to win a presidential nomination. Today five states will vote, and Clinton plans to extend her delegate lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. With more on the democratic race today, CBS News' Nancy Cordes joins CBSN.
Tennessee Student Killed by Police Did Not Fire Bullet That Hit Officer, Officials Say
Anthony J. Thompson Jr., 17, a student at Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tenn., was fatally shot during a struggle, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said.
Ricardo Ramos off UFC on ESPN 22 due to COVID-19 protocols; Bill Algeo fight scrapped
Saturday's UFC card has lost a fight.       Related StoriesRobert Whittaker on potential title calls after UFC on ESPN 22: 'Maybe I'll surprise everybody'Robert Whittaker on potential title calls after UFC on ESPN 22: 'Maybe I'll surprise everybody' - EnclosureKelvin Gastelum says UFC on ESPN 22 winner should get Israel Adesanya rematch
Why the Kasich and Rubio campaigns are on the line today
Today is primary day in five states, where voters will shape the presidential election on both sides of the race. Ohio Governor John Kasich and Florida Senator Marco Rubio have been focusing on their home states, hoping to edge Republican front-runner Donald Trump. If they fail to win in Ohio and Florida, it will likely be the end of their presidential runs. CBS News' Major Garrett has analysis of the GOP race on CBSN.
Tucker Carlson: America is now one nation with two very different justice systems
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host analyzes the discrepancies between justice doled out to those who agree with the Biden administration, and those who don't.
Tennessee man arrested for intentionally running over beloved Old Hickory goose
A Tennessee man was arrested Wednesday on charges he deliberately ran over and killed a goose that had been a fixture at a local sports bar for over a decade. Nathan Haskins, 40, was hit with felony aggravated animal cruelty raps in the March 20 death of beloved Barnyard in Old Hickory, a Nashville neighborhood, police said....
Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara on "Schitt's Creek," Canada
Comedic legends Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara met in Toronto at The Second City comedy troupe in the 1970s. The duo has shared the screen in seven movies, including Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries, “Waiting for Guffman,” "A Mighty Wind” and “For Your Consideration.” They now star in a TV series about a family that goes from riches to rags, forced to move to a town called Schitt’s Creek. Levy and O’Hara join “CBS This Morning” to discuss the sitcom.
What 5th graders think about the 2016 presidential race
Children are joining in on the 2016 elections conversation. The name calling, yelling and attack ads might leave parents wondering how to talk to kids about the campaigns, but it might be easier than they think. Chip Reid spoke to a handful of 5th graders in Virginia to see what they thought about this election cycle and candidates including Donald Trump.
Kasich: We're going to win Ohio, then it's a whole new ball game
Voters in John Kasich's home state of Ohio could decide his campaign future on Tuesday. A new poll shows the governor leading Donald Trump there by five points. Trump starts the day with 457 delegates, the most of the four remaining Republicans, while Kasich has the fewest with 61. But he will add 66 more delegates if he wins the Ohio primary. Kasich joins “CBS This Morning” from Westerville, Ohio, to discuss his expectations for Tuesday.
Kevin Durant outrage underscores unpopular Nets truths
Was there something inspiring and feel-good about all this? Sure. The Nets trailed the 76ers by 22 points with under 8 ½ minutes left at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday. The irregulars were in, the Sixers’ regulars were either sitting or already had checked out. And the Nets came back. And back. And back....
Russian forces begin to withdraw from Syria
Russian forces have started to withdraw from Syria. Military jets took off from their base in Syria Tuesday to return to Russia. President Vladimir Putin says Moscow has accomplished nearly all of its goals in the conflict. Holly Williams, who has reported extensively from inside Syria, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the latest developments and its impact on the U.S. fight against ISIS.
New details about ISIS fighter claiming to be from Virginia
United States investigators are trying to confirm the identity of an apparent American citizen who defected from ISIS in Iraq. The man is being held by Kurdish forces. He was carrying a Virginia driver's license when he was taken into custody. He surrendered Monday at a checkpoint near the Iraqi town of Sinjar. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Erbil, Iraq.
White House to announce Russian sanctions: report
The Biden White House is set to impose sanctions on Russia as retribution for the SolarWinds hack and efforts to meddle in US elections.
Communities threatened by floods in Texas, Louisiana
More than 40 million Americans are bracing for possible severe weather Tuesday. A tornado tore through Ohio Monday northwest of Dayton, damaging several buildings. Large pieces of hail pounded South Carolina and winds accelerated to around 70 mph. Farther south, rising rivers in Louisiana and Texas have forced evacuations. David Begnaud reports from Deweyville, Texas, where the governor has declared a state of emergency.
Dickerson on Trump's fight to win Florida, Ohio
CBS News political director and “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss Donald Trump's push to win Ohio and Florida primaries, and what Marco Rubio's loss in his home state could mean.
Democratic contests could decide how long race lasts
Like the Republicans, Democrats are voting in five big states Tuesday. A poll gives Hillary Clinton a commanding 26-point lead in Florida, where 214 delegates are up for grabs. But polls in Ohio show Bernie Sanders trailing Clinton by only five points. Nancy Cordes reports from Charlotte, North Carolina, another state where Clinton is the favorite.
Kanye West's $1M Yeezys may be the world's most expensive sneakers
Valued at over $1 million, the first Yeezys worn in public by Kanye West will be among the most expensive sneakers ever to appear on the market, according to Sotheby's auction house.