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Iran cuts back on IAEA access to nuclear sites

It emerged this week that the Biden administration was already in talks with Iran – National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed that Blinken was in contact with Tehran about American hostages, with the Iranian foreign ministry confirming that contact had been via the Swiss embassy.
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2021 Golden Globes: Chloé Zhao becomes first Asian female Best Director
Andra Day and Chadwick Boseman joined Chloé Zhao as first-time winners at the season's first major U.S. awards show.
AOC Says Only 'Two Options' to Pass $15 Minimum Wage: Override Parliamentarian or End Filibuster
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Democrats "have a responsibility" to raise the minimum wage after promising voters they would.
COVID-19 at-home rapid test gets emergency use authorization
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization on Monday for a rapid at-home COVID-19 test that delivers results without the use of an outside laboratory.
WWE is sabotaging its women’s division
WWE is letting down its women’s division. The group that has been one of the company’s biggest strengths over the past five years is starting to become the victim of questionable booking, less compelling creative and the lack of new main event stars. While the issues have plagued the SmackDown women’s roster less than the...
Say it ain’t so, Joe
Will President Biden give Mohammed bin Salman a 'one free murder' pass?
Ceremonial chariot unearthed from Pompeii's ruins
Excavators in Pompeii, Italy have discovered a large four-wheel chariot, almost fully intact, dating back 2,000 years.
Golden Globes saw Bernie Sanders' mittens meme behind Cynthia Nixon
The actress was celebrated with her wife Christine, their 10-year-old son, and Manhattan district attorney candidate Tahanie Aboushi.
Taylor Swift slams Netflix series 'Ginny & Georgia' over 'lazy,' deeply sexist' joke
Taylor Swift called out the Netflix series 'Ginny & Georgia' over a joke.
Video Shows Heroic Dog Rescue From Frozen Pond by Good Samaritans
One man jumped in the freezing water of an Oklahoma pond to lift a dog out off the fallen ice.
Israel’s Netanyahu blames Iran for cargo ship attack
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of attacking an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, a mysterious explosion that further spiked security concerns in the region.
Shooting reported at junior high school in Arkansas: School district
A shooting has been reported at Watson Chapel Junior High School in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the school district said.
GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Shrugs Off Being on Enemies List of 'Losing Choke Artist' Trump
"It's not a bad enemies list to be on," the Illinois congressman said during a Monday appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe.
Lamar Jackson could be the next NFL quarterback unhappy with his team
In an offseason that has already provided a seemingly never-ending stream of quarterback drama, Lamar Jackson could be the next star quarterback to throw fuel on the growing fire. Jackson is heading into the fourth year of his rookie contract, the offseason in which many young star quarterbacks are given long-term extensions. Last offseason, Patrick...
Taylor Swift didn't appreciate that 'Ginny & Georgia' joke
Taylor Swift is over the jokes.
Taylor Swift hits back at 'lazy, deeply sexist joke' about her
Taylor Swift is over the jokes.
Franklin Graham Hails Trump CPAC Speech As Evangelicals Say They're Losing Influence
A survey conducted by Pew Research Center found 72 percent of white evangelicals, as well as 65 percent of Republicans, believed evangelical Christians will lose influence under Joe Biden's administration.
Prince Harry compares "unbelievably tough" royal split to Diana
Speaking with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry says he feared "history repeating itself."
Pandemic party boy Ivan Busheski: I was attacked by ‘Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters’
"If I would’ve gone outside, they were going to break all my bones, take my eyeballs out while the police did nothing."
Connecticut ambulance worker busted in string of Molotov cocktail attacks at EMS facilities, firehouse: police
A Connecticut ambulance worker has been arrested in connection with a string of at least four Molotov cocktail incidents in a matter of only hours at EMS facilities and a resident in various parts of the state, police said.
Washington posts first colder than normal February in six years
It was also a stormy month yet, somehow, snowfall was still below average.
Newsom, legislators strike deal to reopen California schools with $2 billion in incentives for campuses
The plan, sources said, provides financial incentives to school districts that offer in-person instruction in counties with fewer than 25 new daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents.
Spring break 2021 in California: Travel and quarantine restrictions to know
Are hotels open? What about beaches, , bars and restaurants? Here are answers to your questions about spring break travel restrictions in California.
1.2 million L.A. County residents can get COVID-19 vaccines starting today. What to know
Teachers and workers in child care, emergency services and food and agriculture will be eligible to get COVID-19 vaccinations in L.A. County starting Monday.
8 pajama sets inspired by Jodie Foster's 2021 Golden Globes look
Jodie Foster wore a matching set of Prada pajamas to the Golden Globes 2021 last night. Here's where to buy similar celebrity-inspired pajama sets.
Other nations have reopened theaters — why not us? With ‘The Comeback Project,’ two stage directors scour the globe for answers.
“Reopening Theaters: Lessons From Countries Who’ve Done It” is the kickoff discussion on Thursday.
California Republican Challenging Gavin Newsom Won't Say if He Wants Trump's Endorsement
Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego, deflected questions about if he would want the former president's backing in California.
Cat Reappears Years After It Went Missing, Makes Friends With Owner's New Cat
The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) spotted an ID tattoo on the cat's ear and were able to use the identification to trace its original owners.
'The Voice' 2021 Judges: Who is Leaving and Who is Returning to the Judges' Panel?
"The Voice" kicks off for 2021 tonight on NBC, and the judges panel has been given a shake-up again as one judge leaves and one returns.
The Moment I Hit 35, Men Started Having a Very Different Reaction to Me During Sex
Things are getting hard as I get older, but not in a good way.
GOP senators offer compromise on minimum wage as Dems ram bill through House
Some Senate Republicans say they agree that Americans working for minimum wage need a raise, offering a compromise proposal as Democrats say they’re “united” in pushing a federal $15 minimum wage through both houses of Congress. In an op-ed published Monday by Fox News, Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Ut.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) defended their legislative...
Ethiopia rejects US calls to pull troops from Tigray after CNN investigation into massacre
Ethiopia on Monday rejected a call from the United States to pull regional forces out of the country's Tigray region, and defended the deployment of some of those troops amid reports of human rights violations.
Ethiopia rejects US calls to pull troops from Tigray after CNN investigation into massacre
Ethiopia on Monday rejected a call from the United States to pull regional forces out of the country's Tigray region, and defended the deployment of some of those troops amid reports of human rights violations.
Jodie Foster thanks Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during Golden Globes speech
The NFL star originally included the Oscar winner in his acceptance speech for his NFL's MVP Award.
'An earthquake in French politics': CNN reporter on Sarkozy sentence
A French court sentenced former President Nicolas Sarkozy to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling, but suspended two years of the sentence. President from 2007 to 2012, he was found guilty of trying to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about an ongoing investigation into his campaign finances.
Upper West Side hoarder turns street into ‘disgusting’ junkyard, residents say
Chairs, bedspreads, books and other mounds of trash have been piling up -- without intervention from the city -- for months near 77th Street on Columbus Ave, one woman said.
Mets contract priorities now include Noah Syndergaard
PORT ST. LUCIE — As much as this first Mets spring training of the Steve Cohen Era will be about preparing for 2021 greatness, it will also be about the franchise’s long-term talent base. And Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor aren’t the only objects of the Mets’ desire. Mets president Sandy Alderson said Monday that,...
Melissa Gorga responds to Joseph Wakile’s ‘farm animals’ diss
I know they are a little sour about not being on the show any longer."
March Madness, meet Hoosier Hysteria: Indiana about to see 169 basketball games in 33 days
Well, we're here. It's March. Here's what's coming Indianapolis' way during the NCAA and IHSAA tournaments and NBA action.
Cuomo sexual harassment allegations remain unaddressed by National Governors Association, which he chairs
The National Governors Association is remaining silent on the sexual harassment allegations against their chair, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Trader Joe's employee claims he was fired for requesting safer COVID policies
Ben Bonnema, a former employee of Trader Joe’s Upper West Side location in Manhattan, claimed on Twitter last week he was fired for asking for safer workplace conditions. Bonnema alleges he wrote a letter to the company's CEO, requesting heightened safety measures such as improved filtration, limiting store capacity based on CO2 levels, not allowing anyone inside the store without a mask, and adopting a "3 strikes policy" to keep "uncooperative people from our stores."
Ohio Girl and Officer Die, Boy Saved After Teens Fall into Ice-Covered Lake
Tributes have been paid after an officer and girl died following a rescue operation to save two teenagers from freezing waters at an Ohio state park.
Mexico’s Lopez Obrador to ask Biden for help with coronavirus vaccines in virtual summit
AMLO has emerged as a vocal critic of global inequity in the distribution of the vaccines. The leaders will also discuss migration.
Despite second-round TKO, Ronnie Lawrence down on his UFC Fight Night 186 win
Take a look inside Ronnie Lawrence's TKO of Vince Cachero at UFC Fight Night 186 in Las Vegas.      Related StoriesUFC Fight Night 186 bonuses: Pedro Munhoz, Jimmie Rivera no-brainer 'Fight of Night'Dustin Jacoby got past an 'oh s**t' moment to beat Maxim Grishin at UFC Fight Night 186Skid over, Alexis Davis 'can breathe again' and is ready for next level
Neanderthals could hear and make the same sounds as humans, new research suggests
Forget those brutish caveman grunts. Neanderthals, our closest ancestors, could have produced the same sounds as humans today, according to a new study.
Neanderthals could hear and make the same sounds as humans, new research suggests
Forget those brutish caveman grunts. Neanderthals, our closest ancestors, could have produced the same sounds as humans today, according to a study modeling the hearing ability of the Stone Age hominins that went extinct about 40,000 years ago.
DOJ charges Texas man with dousing 15 officers with chemical spray at Capitol riot
The Justice Department has charged a Texas man with assaulting law enforcement outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 after newly resurfaced videos allegedly show him dousing over a dozen police officers holding the line with some type of chemical irritant and bragging about it at his hotel hours later, recently unsealed court documents said.
Why Iran rejected the US and EU offer for nuclear deal talks
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on February 16. His administration as so far rejected Iran nuclear deal talks with the US and EU. | Presidency of Iran/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images US and Iran ties are tense. Iran’s rejection of nuclear deal talks won’t help. Iran has rejected an opportunity to discuss the future of a nuclear deal with the United States, keeping both nations on a confrontational path instead of a diplomatic one. On February 18, Washington accepted an offer to hold informal talks with Tehran brokered by the European Union. The goal was for both sides to negotiate a way forward so the US could reenter the multinational pact that limited Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief the Trump administration left in 2018. After that exit, Iran pressured America to lift those penalties by, among other things, enriching uranium above agreed-to levels in the accord. Now, the Trump administration has been replaced by Biden’s, which wants to reenter the deal. But efforts to do that have reached a stalemate: Iran wants reimposed sanctions on it lifted before welcoming America back into the fold, and the US pushes for Tehran to comply with the accord’s limitations on its nuclear development. Iran had said it was “considering” the offer to meet, signaling EU-brokered negotiations were mere days or weeks away. But that “maybe” turned into a “no” on Sunday, a troubling indicator that the diplomatic path won’t be straightforward. The “time isn’t ripe for the proposed informal meeting,” Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, tweeted on Sunday. Considering US/E3 positions & actions, time isn't ripe for the proposed informal meeting.Remember: Trump failed to meet because of his ill-advised 'Max Failure'. With sanctions in place, same still applies. Censuring is NOT diplomacy. It doesn't work with Iran.#CommitActMeet— Saeed Khatibzadeh (@SKhatibzadeh) February 28, 2021 The Wall Street Journal, which first reported Tehran’s decision, noted Iran doesn’t want to meet with the US until it’s clear it would get sanctions relief from such a meeting. Instead, the Islamic Republic wants the EU to mediate a “step-by-step process” whereby both Washington and Tehran offer concessions before any talks. A White House spokesperson noted the Biden administration is “disappointed at Iran’s response,” but added, “We remain ready to reengage in meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to compliance” with the nuclear deal. Keeping chances for diplomacy alive, however, is easier said than done. Why Iran rejected the offer for nuclear deal talks, at least for now It’s always hard to know why, exactly, Iran’s government does what it does. But in his tweet, Khatibzadeh offered two concrete clues. He said the reason “the time isn’t ripe” for US-Iran talks was because of “US/E3 actions,” meaning recent moves made by the US and three European signatories to the nuclear deal: the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The US part seems straightforward. Tehran is upset that sanctions continue to strangle its economy, and it’s also surely unhappy with President Joe Biden’s decision to strike Iranian-backed proxies in eastern Syria on Thursday. That attack — in retaliation for multiple aggressions by Tehran-aligned militants against US and allied targets over the last few weeks — hit nine facilities helpful to the proxies’ smuggling of weapons. Agreeing to talks soon after the bombs dropped was surely viewed as infeasible among key Iranian officials, experts said. And the E3 part likely has to do with a plan to censure Iran over its nuclear development. Simply put, Tehran curbed the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency — a UN watchdog — to inspect its nuclear sites as stipulated in the Iran nuclear deal. To show their displeasure, the US and the three European nations want to formally rebuke the Islamic Republic in the global body. The motion set to be presented this week is meant to “express the board’s deepening concern with respect to Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA,” the US wrote in a paper to other member states of the agency. Tehran, unsurprisingly, called the pending move “destructive” and threatened to weaken its ties to the IAEA even further — perhaps cutting them off altogether. For the moment, it doesn’t look like the Biden administration is panicked by Iran’s meeting refusal. “We are not going to be dogmatic or sticklers for form,” an unnamed senior official told the Wall Street Journal. “We want to make sure that whatever formal process is agreed is one that is going to be effective.” The chance for diplomacy, then, isn’t dead, and some experts say Washington and Tehran will eventually reach an agreement. What is dead, though, is any lingering chance for a smooth and easy way forward.
Donald McNeil says he’s not racist amid New York Times dismissal
Former New York Times reporter Donald McNeil on Monday issued a lengthy defense of himself insisting he’s not a racist in wake of the N-word debacle that torpedoed his career. The journalist, who spent 45 years at the Gray Lady, opened up about the scandal that exploded over the comments he made while on a...