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Irish app lets you take 3D videos on an iPhone

The free app Volu uses artificial intelligence to create a digitized 3D image of a person.
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No cases of COVID-19 omicron variant identified yet in US, CDC says
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday night that no cases of the omicron COVID-19 variant have been identified in the U.S. to date.
Omicron: Keep Calm and Carry on Vaccinating
There’s been swift, early warning about the new variant but that only means there’s still a lot of work to be done.
The 'Great Resignation': Why are people quitting their jobs?
Americans' mass exodus from their place of work, coined as the "Great Resignation," resulted in 4.4 million people quitting their jobs in September. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich speaks to individuals about what led them to leave.
With renewed confidence, Chargers look forward to playing at Denver
Austin Ekeler is among the Chargers who have talked about the different feel surrounding this group, the confidence that began taking root sometime after Brandon Staley was hired.
Michael Imperioli Reveals 'The Sopranos' Character He Wished He Had More Scenes With
"The character was just so specific, funny, bitter, nasty and weird," Imperioli told Newsweek.
3 burned bodies found in Solomon Islands following days of violent protests
Three burned bodies were found in Australia's Solomon Islands after protests against the Pacific nation's increasing links with China.
Cops nab murder suspect sought in botched subway station robbery
David Robinson, 53, of Brooklyn, was being sought in connection to the July 21 death of Than Htw.
Shippers prepare for another pandemic crush of holiday gifts
Postal workers who recall packages and letters piled up in distribution hubs a year ago are gearing up for another holiday crush
How Kevin Durant and James Harden are schooling breakout Nets rookie Cam Thomas
Durant and Harden’s finishing school, equal parts tutelage and trash talk, clearly has helped.
Rep. Torres asks SEC to review Unilever filings over Ben & Jerry’s Israel boycott
Participating in the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel can result in potentially stiff financial consequences in more than 30 states — including New York.
Lawsuit claims Manhattan judge used false allegations to get elected
Betty Lugo won the June primary for civil court judge in Manhattan's District 2 by 769 votes over Edward Irizarry.
US announces travel restrictions over new Covid-19 variant
The US, European Union and other major destinations have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of an aggressive mutation of the Covid-19 virus. Follow for the latest news updates.
Romanian immigrant to Americans who favor communism: ‘If you don't learn from history, nothing will save you’
Bogdan Laurentiu, a Romanian immigrant, said Americans who support communism need to take a long, hard look at the lessons taught by history.
Apple, Google or Microsoft? How to match cloud storage to your computers – and cut costs
Any device that leaves your house needs a backup system. Cloud storage vastly eases access to your most important files across all your devices.
Crispy potato latkes for Hanukkah: Try the recipe
Enjoy this potato latke recipe from Southern food blog Quiche My Grits.
Bidens aim for sense of normalcy as nerves grow over worrying new virus variant
President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden descended on the island of Nantucket this week looking to preserve the sense of normalcy that the nation was so looking forward to over this holiday season.
A US-Russia war over Ukraine would be catastrophic
U.S. costs and losses in a war with nuclear Russia would be catastrophic. Such a war is unwinnable, and it is not worth sacrificing American lives to wage.
Nathan’s legacy: He got new lungs after covid. Now comes the hard part.
Covid-19 ruined Nathan Foote's lungs. Now he's trying to live his new life to the fullest without squandering the gift he's been given.
Buying a real Christmas tree this year? Here are some fire prevention tips to help keep you safe
With Christmas trees being bought early nationwide, fire safety groups are advising on learning how to make sure it doesn't start a house fire.
A step toward justice for Bijan Ghaisar
Americans understand and appreciate that police perform a critical function.
New variants mean we’re only as strong as the weakest national health systems. Identifying them is hard.
To tackle threats like omicron, we need to know how well different countries are prepared for pandemics.
How an American in Paris was given the rarest of French honors
Josephine Baker next week will become the first Black woman and first American to be honored with enshrinement in Paris' Pantheon.
Column: Ban homeless encampments everywhere? It might have more support than liberals think
A new plan by Councilman Joe Buscaino probably won't work. But even the most liberal of Angelenos seem fed up with homeless people living everywhere.
Proven grappling champ Marcus Almeida fully embraces MMA: 'It's a new chapter in my life'
Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida discusses his decision to leave grappling and pursue a career in MMA.       Related StoriesVideo: Mike Perry grabs opponent, Derek Campos takes a swing at Triller Triad Combat faceoffs - Enclosure'I was almost going broke fighting in MMA': Rachael Ostovich says BKFC far more lucrative'I was almost going broke fighting in MMA': Rachael Ostovich says BKFC far more lucrative - Enclosure
Can lithium cure what ails the Salton Sea?
Proposals to suck lithium from the brine of geothermal operations at the Salton Sea have raised hopes of new jobs and environmental improvement.
Germany’s new government creates an opportunity for rekindled transatlantic cooperation
There’s good news and bad news about German public opinion toward the United States and transatlantic relations.
Youngkin tests activists’ patience as he pushes abortion and guns aside
“Gun owners are not going to tolerate being ignored,” warns one gun-rights figure, but others give the governor-elect space.
Help! My Gym Freak Husband Won’t Stop Criticizing My Body.
Pregnancy changed my weight a little, but this feels cruel.
What to watch in NFL Week 12: Can we find some clarity among this parity?
No team has emerged as truly elite this season, and the parity has led to surprising results on a weekly basis.
Michigan vs. Ohio State prediction: Take the underdog in ‘The Game’
Michigan Wolverines, who are 8.5-point underdogs, will cover against rival Ohio State on Saturday.
Pro-Trump painter causes stir in NYC art scene
Lena Ruseva, a 44-year-old Soviet emigre, is causing a stir with her provocative series of paintings depicting the former president.
The Olympic boycott movement that failed
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How Disney manages crowds at its theme parks
From FastPass to Disney Genie, Disneyland and Disney World have worked hard to keep lines moving and guests happy.
‘Unvaxxed’ City Councilwoman-elect facing showdown over COVID mandate
Vicki Paladino — a GOP firebrand from Whitestone, told The Post that "under no circumstances" will her staff be required to reveal their vaccination status.
Thieves target Home Depot in California, making off with hammers, crowbars and other tools
Up to 10 people entered a Home Depot store in California on Friday night and left with a range of stolen tools, according to police officials.
Man Shot Dead While Eating Thanksgiving Dinner With His Family
Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma was the innocent victim of a stray bullet that came through his home's window in Norristown, Pennsylvania.
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CBT: A way to reshape your negative thinking and reduce stress
Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be effective against depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking, eating disorders and more. Here's how it works.
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Progressives forget that parents are in charge of kids’ education
Those looking to quell the pesky parental rebellion in America’s public schools need to face up to this simple, incontrovertible fact: parents are the primary educators of their children.
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Black Caucus Says Ilhan Omar May Face Death Threats Over 'Dangerous' Lauren Boebert Remark
The Republican representative apologized to the Muslim community for comments about the Minnesota Democrat.
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New Yorkers can help save our small businesses—and the city as a whole
Despite gloomy predictions about the end of New York City, energy is returning to the streets we love.
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Ryan Leaf reflects on privilege, skewers high school coach on 'Bust' podcast about his life
"Bust: The Ryan Leaf Story" is a podcast that fills in Leaf's well-chronicled story with anecdotes, insights and one brutal character assessment.       
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Brooks Koepka says he 'just wanted to spank' Bryson DeChambeau after soundly beating rival in 'The Match'
It proved less of a match, more a walk in the park for Brooks Koepka.
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How my 84-year-old dad helped me see the folly of Gen Z
My dad, Dick Schlott, is a member of an extremely small subset of men who welcomed a new baby in their 60s, joining the ranks of Clint Eastwood, Billy Joel and Pablo Picasso.
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Little Girl With Laugh Like Seth Rogen Has Internet in Hysterics
A toddler who has a raspy, deep laugh has been compared to actor Seth Rogen online, and people find it very funny.
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Lakers takeaways: What Anthony Davis and LeBron James had to say after loss to Kings
Takeaways from the Lakers' triple-overtime loss to Sacramento: Anthony Davis sets sights on winning streak, LeBron James "disgusted" at recent losses.
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‘Afghan Girl’ from National Geographic cover, Sharbat Gula, evacuated to Rome, Italian government says
Gula's penetrating stare made her a symbol of refugees and conflict in the 1980s.
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Cellphone and tech clues that your partner is cheating on you
People underestimate intuition, so if your gut tells you something is off, don’t ignore it. Similarly, there are tech clues people can look for if they are suspicious of potential cheating.
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Baby helps mom make adorable, handmade Christmas ornaments on TikTok
If you need a Christmas decoration idea that includes your little bundle of joy, you’re going to want to check out this mom’s TikTok video on DIY tree ornaments.
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