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Last Confederate monument on Md. public land set to come down after hotly contested Talbot County Council vote

Residents of the Eastern Shore community voiced fervent support and opposition as the council voted to remove the longstanding "Talbot Boys" statue.
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Gas jumps 20 cents a gallon in a month
U.S. drivers paid an average of more than $3.36 per gallon Monday, according to one price tracker.
Billionaire Tax Rate Expected to Be at Least 20 Percent Under New Democratic Plan
The billionaire's tax plan would target America's very richest, likely fewer than 1,000 people, and Democrats are preparing to unveil the proposal within days.
Tampa Bay Rays Can Play in Montreal, but Canadian Taxpayers Won't Fund Stadium: Billboard
"We're not going to let them use our wallets as an open bar," the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said.
Teresa Giudice models bikinis and gushes over fiancé Luis Ruelas in Greece
The digital marketer and the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star got engaged on a Greek beach last week, with Giudice later calling Ruelas her "soulmate."
Russia Military Says It Drove Pirates Away From Ship Off Africa Coast
The Russian Ministry of Defense said it prevented an armed hijacking of the Panama flagged container ship Lucia by sending in aircraft and ships.
Sikh men created a lifeline using turbans and jackets to rescue hikers at a park
A group of Sikh men broke religious protocol to help hikers stuck near raging waters at a Canadian park. The men created a makeshift rope using turbans and jackets.
Google's 'FrightGeist' lists the most popular 2021 Halloween costumes. Is yours one of them?
Google Trends lists hundreds of the most popular Halloween costumes across the country, from Cruella De Vil, Squid Game to witches.
Mets facing another rejection with Scott Harris unlikely to leave Giants
The Mets continue to cast a wide search for a president of baseball operations, but aren’t finding any takers.
Viral Video of Woman Stepping Out of Amazon Delivery Van Viewed 10M Times
Many of the more than 20,000 comments couldn't help but speculate on what the woman and delivery driver were doing in the van.
Budget, Facebook, Sudan: Your Monday Evening Briefing
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
WATCH: Clouds illuminated during Kentucky sunrise
The sunrise over London, Kentucky, created a beautiful display amid the clouds.
Australia PM announces net-zero pledge, but no new emissions cuts ahead of COP26
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Tuesday that his government had agreed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, after international allies, Australian state leaders and the country's business community dialed up pressure on the leader to do so.
Trump SPAC appears to be hurting ‘meme stocks’ — but boosting Robinhood
As shares of the "Trump SPAC" get pushed to eye-popping levels, the "meme stocks" that were all the rage on Reddit this spring could be collateral damage, sources told On The Money.
Blue Origin says it will build an orbiting mixed-use business park in space
By the end of the 2020s, Blue Origin says its planned Orbital Reef commercial space station will become "the premier mixed-use space station in low Earth orbit for commerce, research, and tourism."
Here's how Democrats want to tax billionaires' capital gains
Racing to find alternate ways to pay for their massive budget reconciliation package, congressional Democrats are now targeting the wealth of the very richest Americans.
'Curb Your Enthusiasm's' 'Larry David' is selling a new show ... to Netflix?
Larry David has spent the last 21 years working for HBO. But in the world of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," even "Larry David" is selling a show to Netflix.
Arlington County Board candidate who said she was 52 is actually 72, records show
Clement previously told The Washington Post and other news outlets that she is in her 50s, but her voter registration records appear to show she is about 20 years older.
Australia PM announces net-zero pledge, but no new emissions cuts ahead of COP26
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Tuesday that his government had agreed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, after international allies, Australian state leaders and the country's business community dialed up pressure on the leader to do so.
Woman Claims Customer Threw High Chair, Screamed at Staff in Video Viewed 2M Times
According to the TikToker, the customer was mad that he had to wait for a table, believing the hostess to be lying about the restaurant being full.
Jim Jordan Calls on Anthony Fauci to Resign: If He 'Had Any Sense of Honor Left'
The Ohio Republican and the infectious diseases expert have clashed several times over COVID-19 prevention measures.
Kim Kardashian gushes over Kanye West: ‘the most inspirational person to me’
The Skims CEO also explained that her estranged husband "has a piece" of the shapewear company and "gives [the team] inspiration but also information."
Funding for victims of Havana syndrome included in draft Defense bill
Funding has been secured in the Department of Defense’s draft appropriations bill to implement the recently passed HAVANA Act and assist victims of mysterious health threats called “Havana syndrome.” On Monday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced she secured the funding to support the bill she authored. The HAVANA Act, which was passed earlier this month,...
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Silent Night’ on Hulu, a Modest Crime-Comedy About a Bad Guy Who’s Trying to Be Good, But Isn’t Very Good At It
Crooks get violent on Christmas.
CBP agents cited for "misconduct" in Facebook posts were largely allowed to keep jobs
A report released Monday the House Oversight and Reform Committee found a "number of failings at CBP, including an inconsistent disciplinary process."
Mason Jones hopes UFC cuts Alan Patrick after withdrawal: 'He had no intentions to fight'
Mason Jones is convinced Alan Patrick is avoiding him and wants the UFC to release him.       Related StoriesMason Jones hopes UFC cuts Alan Patrick after withdrawal: 'He had no intentions to fight' - EnclosureUFC 267 'Embedded,' No. 1: Arrivals in Abu Dhabi for different type of fight weekJai Herbert says he needed spectacular win to stay in the UFC
Is my Halloween costume offensive? What to know about cultural appropriation
Some Halloween costumes may be offensive to wear. Here's what to know about cultural appropriation and Halloween.
Will The Manningcast Be on ‘Monday Night Football’ Tonight? Peyton and Eli Manning’s Manningcast Schedule
The Manning brothers are back!
The Mozzafiato collection connects the world to the heart of Italian beauty
Mozzafiato is a high-end online retail platform that assembles Italy’s best beauty products in one place. Italy’s rich history and heritage with beauty can often seem elusive and inaccessible to worldwide consumers. That’s why Mozzafiato has taken on the initiative to gather the best of Italian skincare, home, fragrance and other body products in one...
Democrats’ risky strategies show they never learned their lessons from Obamacare
Why are Democrats making it easier for Republicans to sabotage President Biden’s agenda?
NIH letter raises questions about Wuhan lab experiments
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says it funded an experiment in Wuhan that unexpectedly strengthened a non-Covid-19 virus in mice. CNN's Kristen Holmes has the details.
John Wayne Gacy victim identified through DNA from tooth
Francis Wayne Alexander's remains were found more than 40 years ago in the crawl space of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy's home.
Guatemalan man illegally in U.S. kills Florida girl, 5, in DUI collision, authorities say
A man living in the United States illegally fled from a deadly Florida car collision in which a 5-year-old girl was killed Saturday, authorities said.
Family members of Americans detained abroad call on Biden administration to do more
The families of roughly two dozen US citizens and legal permanent residents detained abroad penned a letter to President Joe Biden on Monday urging him to do more to secure the release of their loved ones.
Capitol Police division protecting congressional leadership was unprepared for January 6, department watchdog says
The US Capitol Police division tasked with protecting congressional leaders was understaffed, didn't have the right kind of equipment and lacked a comprehensive plan during the Capitol riot on January 6, a new department watchdog report says.
MAGA House Candidate Urges Pastor Greg Locke to Run for Office: 'Demon-Killing Machine'
Locke previously said only "crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists" believe Biden won the presidential election.
Illinois Democrats draw fire for 'gerrymandered' map in redistricting battles
The Illinois Republican Party as well as GOP lawmakers tore into the state Democrats over the newly-proposed redistricting map that is giving Pablo Picasso a run for his money.
More than $210K raised for cinematographer shot dead by Alec Baldwin
A GoFundMe page has received more than $210,000 in donations for the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin.
Former Mets manager Luis Rojas interviews for Padres job
A familiar Mets name is on the list of Padres’ managerial candidates.
Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s Gulfstream Jet Regrets His Purchase
New York State Sex Offender Registry via APA Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, claiming the late sex-trafficker sold him a Gulfstream jet in the weeks before his 2019 arrest without disclosing that the aircraft was used in a “criminal enterprise.”Thomas Huff claims that JEGE LLC, the company Epstein once controlled and which owns the plane, has been “damaged by the stigma” connected to sex offender.“JEGE’s customers, some of which are very well known to the public, are tracked, surveilled, and reported to the press for using, what they believed to be Jeffrey Epstein’s company,” states the federal suit filed in Atlanta last week.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
Alec Baldwin Movie Takes 'A Pause' After Fatal Shooting, Will Resume Filming At Some Point
Filming of the movie is on an indefinite hiatus after the cinematographer was fatally shot by Alec Baldwin during a scene rehearsal.
Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit Record High in 2020, Despite Decreased Gas Usage
Even as the pandemic caused a temporary decrease in fuel emissions, greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere still increased.
Another victim of John Wayne Gacy is identified
Authorities in Illinois have identified another victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys in the 1970s. They believe Francis Wayne Alexander of North Carolina was killed by Gacy in 1976 or 1977. (Oct. 25)
‘Invasion’ creator: ‘Without a doubt, I believe aliens are out there’
David Weil, the co-creator of new Apple sci-fi epic “Invasion,” said that he wanted to showcase an alien story that doesn’t center around an action star like Tom Cruise or Will Smith. “We’ve seen so many great alien invasion stories, but they’re often led by these movie stars and action heroes. We wanted to turn...
State Department will form new cyber bureau
The Biden administration is launching a new bureau for cyberspace and digital policy at the State Department as part of an effort to strengthen diplomats' cyber expertise, Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced in an email to the department's workforce on Monday.
U.S. Judge Rules Pablo Escobar’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’ Should Have Legal Rights
The case involves a lawsuit against the Colombian government over whether to kill or sterilize the hippos
Final Piece of Overturned Cargo Ship Removed Off Georgia Coast But Work Still Remains
Crew members were rescued safely after the 2019 capsizing, but the ship was a complete loss costing more than $204 million.
Anti-Defamation League CEO on Facebook: Never has a single company been responsible for so much misfortune
Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, blasted Facebook on Monday following the publication of a series of articles revealing the company's struggles to stop hate speech, human trafficking and coordinated groups that sowed discord ahead of the January 6 insurrection.
Snoop Dogg mourns death of mom Beverly Tate: 'Mama thank u for having me'
Rapper Snoop Dogg is paying tribute to his mother, Beverly Tate, who died Sunday, with a series of heartfelt Instagram posts documenting his grief.