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Letters to the Editor: COVID-19 is only a culture war to Joe Biden's critics

President Biden isn't virtue signaling with his new vaccine rules; he's actually trying to beat the pandemic and save lives.

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Alec Baldwin is ‘devastated’ over fatal film shooting, insiders say
Alec Baldwin is distraught after accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring the director on the set of his New Mexico film "Rust".
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Robert Durst charged in New York for 1982 murder of first wife, Kathie
Robert Durst has been charged with second degree murder for the 1982 death of his wife, Kathie, who vanished that same year and whose body has never been found, authorities said.
Vladimir Putin Defends Joe Biden's Decision to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
The Russian president told a forum in Sochi that the U.S. should still take responsibility for its military withdrawal.
The Real Life People Brought Back to Life by 'The French Dispatch'
"The French Dispatch" may exist in Wes Anderson's unique unreal world, but many of its characters are based on real legends of journalism.
COVID-19: What is the delta plus variant?
What is the “delta plus” variant of COVID-19? It’s a relative of the delta variant, identified by British scientists last month.
Questions remain after FBI confirms newly found remains are Brian Laundrie
The search for Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancée Gabby Petito, is over. The FBI used dental records to confirm remains found in Florida at a nature preserve belong to Laundrie. Justin Kase of CBS affiliate WINK-TV reports on reaction to the news, and Thuy Lan Nguyen of CBS affiliate WTSP-TV joined "CBSN AM" to discuss the investigation.
OnlyFans model Genie Exum’s boyfriend seen for first time since alleged knife attack
Baby Boy Pajulas — the name he uses on Instagram where he regularly shows off his rippling six-pack abs — was spotted exclusively by The Post in Bushwick.
What we know about Bonanza Creek Ranch, the set of Alec Baldwin's film 'Rust'
Alec Baldwin's film 'Rust' was being filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch. Here's what we know about the location.
Alec Baldwin facing backlash for 2017 tweet questioning 'how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone'
Alec Baldwin is facing criticism for a 2017 tweet he posted in which he questions “how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.” On Thursday, the actor fired a prop gun on the "Rust" movie set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
Fact Check: Is Elon Musk Richer Than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Combined?
The Tesla CEO's wealth is even more notable when compared with other famous billionaires.
Megan Thee Stallion sizzles in sheer metal mesh for ‘SG’ music video
The rap superstar's sexy look, designed by celebrity favorite Natalia Fedner, was made from woven chains dip-dyed to match the Miami skies.
Vice President Harris campaigns for McAuliffe in Virginia
Virginia's gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is getting a boost from prominent Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris. CBS news senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe attended the Democratic candidate's rally Thursday and joined Lana Zak on CBSN to discuss.
Former Trump Official Believes Trump Will Lose in 2024, Floats 8 Other Candidates
Alyssa Farah said Republican presidential candidates need to "earn" the nomination and losing an election isn't "earning it."
New Movies On Demand: ‘Injustice,’ ‘Bergman Island,’ + More
Spoiler alert, Superman has turned evil.
Megan Thee Stallion’s new Popeyes Hottie Sauce is sweet and sassy, just like the rapper
Megan Thee Stallion enters a one-of-a-kind partnership with fast food chain Popeyes, including a Hottie Sauce.
Toddler's Unexpected Reaction to Being Shot With a Nerf Gun Has Internet in Stitches
A young boy was shot in the stomach by his uncle during a nerf gun fight, and what he did next was totally out of left field.
L.A.'s memorial for 1871 Chinese Massacre will mark a shift in how we honor history
Two reports — by the city of L.A. and Monument Lab — reveal blind spots in how California marks its history. A memorial to the Chinese Massacre sets a new agenda.
Lauren Appell: McAuliffe looks desperate in Virginia, pushes the panic button in tight race
With all eyes on Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, once thought to be a sure thing, is pushing the panic button in the final weeks of his campaign.
'I saw fight.' How the Dodgers fended off elimination and won Game 5 of the NLCS
The Dodgers' hitters woke up, their bullpen delivered and a balanced effort helped seal an emphatic 11-2 win to trim the Braves' NLCS lead to 3-2.
Is 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain' Based on a True Story?
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Louis Wain, the eccentric British artist best known for his drawings featuring large-eyed cats.
White House officials clarify multiple Biden comments made during live town hall
The White House clarified a number of statements President Biden made during a live town hall Thursday night, walking back his vow to call in the National Guard to aid the congested supply chain and his suggestion that the United States would defend Taiwan from a potential attack from China.
Everlane's cozy Alpaca Crew is $75 for 24 hours only
For the next 24 hours only, Everlane's Oversized Alpaca Crew is $25 off, bringing the price down to $75 instead of $100.
Bride Poses With Her Dog for 'First Look' Wedding Photos: 'A Moment With My Special Boy'
The bride said her "only request" was that her dog be among the first to see her in her wedding dress on the big day.
Why the E.U.’s crackdown on Poland is justified
The most serious potential split in the European Union since Brexit shows signs of coming to a head.
More than 130 Chicago municipal employees file lawsuit challenging vaccine mandates
More than 130 Chicago municipal workers filed a lawsuit on Thursday, claiming the city and state's vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.
Italian flight attendants strip off to protest working conditions
Flight attendants from Alitalia, Italy's former national airline, stripped to their underwear to protest job losses -- as well as working conditions of those who have been kept on by new Italian airline, ITA Airways.
Italian flight attendants strip off to protest working conditions
Italy's new national airline, ITA Airways, took to the skies last week, but all is not well on the ground of Italian aviation.
FOX Nation’s new series explores the infamous Long Island Serial Killer case
In their newly released multi-part podcast and accompanying docuseries Grim Tide: Hunting The Long Island Serial Killer, FOX Nation examines the unsolved murder mystery of the Gilgo Beach Murder victims, many of them sex workers, found on Long Island.
Fact Check: South Korean Workers Wore 'Squid Game' Costumes at Protest
Images of people dressed in red outfits worn by guards in the Netflix series have spread on social media.
Business group warns of mass layoffs and 'catastrophic' supply chain disruptions from Biden's vaccine mandate
President Joe Biden's vaccine order will force employers to lay off thousands of workers, making the supply-chain crisis much worse, a major business group warned the White House this week.
Trump SPAC skyrockets as much as 1,657% since deal was announced
Former President Donald Trump's planned return to Wall Street is setting off a frenzy.
Robert Durst charged with murder of ex-wife last seen 39 years ago
Convicted killer Robert Durst, who was the subject of the HBO docuseries "The Jinx," has been charged with the murder of his former wife, according to the Westchester District Attorney's office.
Robert Durst charged with murder of ex-wife last seen 39 years ago
Convicted killer Robert Durst, who was the subject of the HBO docuseries "The Jinx," has been charged with the murder of his former wife, according to the Westchester District Attorney's office.
Florida AG Ashley Moody Warns Vaccine Mandates 'Will Not Be Tolerated' in the State
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) on Thursday warned that vaccine mandates will "not be tolerated" in the Sunshine State, vowing to fight alongside Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) against the federal government's coercive edicts and unprecedented power grab.
The Anger of Tesla Fans Is Becoming a Problem
They’re mobilizing to stop a needed crackdown that’s barely begun.
Forecasters predict warmer winter for two-thirds of US
As the US enters a second La Nina year in a row, these weather conditions across the country are typical.
Florida fire chief: I was fired for refusing to enforce 'unlawful' vaccine mandate
A Florida fire chief said on Friday that he was fired for refusing to enforce a vaccine mandate he thought was “unlawful.”
Soaring meat prices a tough sell for barbecue pitmasters
For about twenty minutes, Alex Barbosa had his full menu on display -- written in permanent marker on peach-colored butcher paper -- before he had to start taking parts of it down.
What we know about the Queen's health
Royal rest for Elizabeth II after a dramatic 11th-hour cancelation and brief hospital visit.
Biden Names Neera Tanden as White House Staff Secretary
The move comes after her nomination as budget director was pulled earlier this year over her frequent caustic remarks on social media.
Alec Baldwin Shooting Leaves Hollywood Rattled as Questions Over Safety Raised
Halyna Hutchins' death has sent a wave of shock throughout Hollywood as many leading industry figures express their shock over the tragic incident.
Barbecue restaurants feel the pain of soaring meat prices
Pitmasters worry for the future of their barbecue restaurants as beef, pork and poultry prices continue to rise.
Former Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger died of overdose, family says
Jake Ehlinger, a former University of Texas linebacker, died in May by an accidental overdose of “what was believed to be Xanax laced with toxic drugs including deadly Fentanyl,” his family said in a statement obtained by ESPN. Ehlinger — the younger brother of former Longhorns quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who the Colts drafted in April — was...
CNN Biden town hall dominated by questions from Democrats
Earlier this week, CNN announced the town hall would be an “invitation-only audience,” mirroring another forum the outlet hosted in July in Ohio.
Prop Gun Specialist Calls Alec Baldwin 'Very Safe,' Says Props Dept. Likely to Blame
A film set weapons expert who has worked with Baldwin before said the actor is very cautious and someone else is likely at fault for Thursday's tragic shooting.
Josh Hawley Making COVID 'Worse to Further His Political Career': Missouri Newspaper
The GOP senator "wastes our time and his by focusing on imaginary affronts to the cloudless world in which he lives," The Kansas City Star editorial board wrote.
Southwest Airlines Changes Stance, Will Not Fire Unvaccinated Employees
"Nobody is going to lose their job on December the 9th if we're not perfectly in compliance," the company's CEO, Gary Kelly, said Thursday.