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Limited Trump travel ban takes effect

A scaled-back version of President Trump's travel ban has taken effect. It's already facing a new legal battle. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN to discuss the latest.
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Amy Klobuchar Defends Liz Cheney Amid GOP Dissension, Admires Her Moral 'Courage'
"We don't want history to repeat itself," the Democratic senator said.
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Joanna Gaines recreates her mom’s dishes ahead of Mother’s Day
In the latest episode of her cooking show, “Magnolia Table,” Joanna Gaines recreates three Korean-inspired dishes from her mom.
Major U.S. Gasoline Pipeline Halts Operations After Cyberattack
(WASHINGTON) — A company that operates a major U.S. energy pipeline says it was forced to temporarily halt all pipeline operations following a cybersecurity attack. In a statement, Colonial Pipeline said the attack took place Friday and also affected some of its information technology systems. The company describes itself as the largest refined products pipeline…
Netflix to move forward with "House of Cards" without Kevin Spacey
The final season of "House of Cards" will focus on Robin Wright's character and start production in early 2018, Netflix announced Monday.
Ron DeSantis is on a path to 2024. Democrats have a chance to blow it up.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a clear pathway to running for president in 2024, emerging from the coronavirus pandemic as the most recognizable Republican governor in the country.
Trump signs proclamations that shrink 2 national monuments
A move by the Trump administration drastically shrinks the amount of land protected at Bears Ears from 1.35 million acres to just over 200,000. It also shrinks the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument in Utah by half. That could open to land to mining and grazing. Jamie Yuccas reports.
John Anderson, former congressman and presidential candidate, dies at 95
In 1980, Illinois Congressman John Anderson lost the Republican presidential nomination to Ronald Reagan, then ran as an Independent. Anderson died Sunday night. He was 95.
Billy Joe Saunders is no stranger to controversy
There has been much ado in the lead-up to Billie Joe Saunders' bout with Canelo Alvarez, but far tamer than the Brit's trail of disputations outside the ring.
Attorneys of alleged insurrectionists are given tours of US Capitol
The US Capitol is still closed to visitors, but attorneys for dozens of the defendants accused in the January 6 attack are getting the chance to walk through what remains a crime scene.
Sauteing and frying: Tips and recipes to help you master stovetop cooking techniques
Learning how to saute and fry foods will help you step up your cooking capabilities.
Billy Bush accuses Trump of "revisionist history"
Former "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush accused President Trump on Monday of "revisionist history" for reportedly saying it is not his voice on the infamous video making a crude remark about women. In an op-ed piece in The New York Times, Bush wrote, "Of course he said it." Bush was interviewed Monday evening by Stephen Colbert.
The Best Photo We Didn’t Use This Week: Which Billionaire Is Under This Halloween Mask?
What Soccer and the Facebook Oversight Board Have in Common
Plus, stories from the recent past of Future Tense.
How the district attorney playbook has changed
In recent years, several U.S. cities have installed progressive district attorneys. But can criminal-justice reform survive a national spike in gun violence and murders?
Russian ambassador to U.S. says Russia probe complicates his work
CBS News' Margaret Brennan had an interesting conversation with the new Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. He said the Russia investigation severely complicates his work. Many U.S. officials even refuse to meet him.
Trump's tweet on Michael Flynn sparks new questions
President Trump tweeted over the weekend that he fired Michael Flynn just 24 days into his term because "he lied to the Vice President and the FBI." The tweet sparked new questions about whether the president has obstructed justice. Major Garrett reports.
Aubrey Plaza marries longtime boyfriend Jeff Baena
The actor and director/screenwriter have been together for about a decade.
U.S., South Korea stage joint air exercises
The U.S. and South Korea began one of the largest combined Air Force exercises in history on Monday. The show of force comes a week after North Korea test-fired its most advanced missile yet. National security adviser H.R. McMaster says the potential for war with the North is growing every day. Ben Tracy flew with American crews in Japan.
Why we're thinking about vaccine hesitancy wrong in communities of color: Experts
Experts say the narrative that communities of color more are vaccine hesitant isn't accurate.
Explainer: Bloody protests in Colombia leave at least 26 dead
Protests have raged on in Colombia for 10 days that have left at least 26 dead, hundreds injured and dozens missing.
Trump drastically downsizes nationally protected land in Utah
President Trump announced that he cutting nearly two million acres from the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah. National Geographic's environment editor, Brian Howard, joins CBSN to discuss the impact and the expected legal response.
DOJ proposes rule in attempt to limit so-called ‘ghost guns’
Authorities have been sounding the alarm for years about so-called "ghost guns," which can be legally built at home from kits or with 3-D printing.
Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce travel ban
The Supreme Court is allowing President Trump's administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the U.S. by residents of six mostly Muslim countries. The order allows enforcement while legal challenges against it proceed. Legal analyst Seth Berenzweig joins CBSN to discuss the development.
Trump compares Mike Flynn's treatment to Hillary Clinton
President Trump says he feels badly for former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. It was the president's first on-camera comment since Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI. The president also claimed Flynn was treated unfairly and pivoted to accusations about Hillary Clinton. Politico congressional reporter Rachael Bade joins CBSN with more.
More Vaccines Near Approval, but Global Drive Could Remain Stalled
As the campaign to vaccinate the world flounders, experts warn it will take more to reverse the trend. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.
NY Giants fire head coach and GM
The New York Giants are parting ways with head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese. Co-owner John Mara says the team, "spiraled out of control" and a move needed to be made. CBS Sports writer Bill Reiter joins us to talk about this firing and the next move for the Giants.
Trump Justice Department Seized Washington Post Reporters’ Phone Records
Investigators got the phone records for the three reporters as part of an investigation into a 2017 leak of classified information.
Should quoting racial slurs be banned in class?
A firestorm erupted after a White law school student quoted a legal case that included the N-word, raising the question: Should quoting slurs be banned in educational settings?
Houthi rebels celebrate death of ousted Yemeni leader
Yemen's former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was killed by some of his one-time allies. Iona Craig, a freelance journalist who has done extensive reporting in Yemen and the Arabian peninsula, joins CBSN to discuss what this means for the war-torn country.
64-year-old grandfather completes 10,000 kettlebell swings in record time
Jack Gilchrist, from Chorley, Lancashire, U.K., completed the Worldwide Kettlebell Challenge in just 21 days.
Rocket will crash to Earth within a huge 'risk zone' this weekend
Sarah Ferguson praises Meghan Markle weeks after backing Piers Morgan
Sarah Ferguson is in full support of Meghan Markle’s latest venture into children's books, despite having Piers Morgan’s back after the anchor railed against the Duchess of Sussex.
45,000 hunters apply to kill 12 bison in Grand Canyon National Park
Hunters are going ballistic for a chance to help thin a herd of bison in Grand Canyon National Park.
They've written hundreds of cards for Covid victims. Here's what America's florists have learned about grief
As demand for funerals has risen across the nation, and mourners have tried to find ways to express their sorrow, America's florists have found themselves on the frontlines of the nation's grief.
Senate majority leader insists tax bill is revenue neutral
Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, thinks projected federal deficits from the tax bill will be offset by an explosion in economic growth over the coming decade
Trump travels to Salt Lake City to outline plans to shrink two national monuments
President Trump plans to reduce the size of two national monuments that include millions of acres of sacred Native American land, and the state of Utah is polarized over the decision.
Eye Opener: Biden defends disappointing jobs report numbers
President Biden dismissed lower-than-expected April unemployment numbers. Also, 1 in 3 Americans are now fully vaccinated. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
Bill Maher Calls For Democrats To Be More Promiscuous Since “That’s Our Thing” On ‘Real Time’
“We need to restore the natural order of things," insisted Maher. "I don’t want to live in a world where liberals are the uptight ones and conservatives do drugs and get laid."
Mueller removes FBI agent over possible anti-Trump texts
Special Counsel Robert Mueller removed a top FBI agent from the Russia investigation over the summer in an incident that is just now coming to light. The agent was suspected of sending anti-Trump text messages. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid talks to CBSN about the latest.
Trump: "I feel badly for General Flynn"
President Trump spoke out on Monday morning after his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI on Friday. The president said he feels "badly" for Flynn, and insisted Flynn received unfairly harsh treatment compared to Hillary Clinton. McClatchy White House correspondent Anita Kumar joins CBSN with more.
"Source of pride": Navy, Wisconsin lawmakers clash over historic badger statue outside state Capitol
A badger statue is at the center of conflict between the Navy and Wisconsin lawmakers. The sculpture, which the Navy loaned to the state in 1988, could be moved back to its original home on a WWII battleship. But state lawmakers say the statue is part of a long-standing tradition. Kris Van Cleave has the details.
A guide for first-time home buyers
The biggest purchase you will ever make is buying a home and before you jump into home ownership, you have to make sure you are prepared. CBS MoneyWatch reporter Jill Harding joins CBSN to discuss what to consider when purchasing a home.
Sign-language interpreter criticized for police press conference performance
Police in Tampa, Florida, are conducting a review following criticism of a sign-language interpreter's performance at a high-profile press conference. An expert says the interpreter was signing gibberish while standing next to officials announcing the arrest of a suspected serial killer. Watch Derlyn Roberts sign at the Nov. 28 press conference.
Smerconish: Are benefits hurting companies' ability to hire workers?
The new jobs report shows many openings are going unfilled. Are unemployment benefits so high that people are not incentivized to go back to work?
Former Yemeni president Saleh reportedly killed by rebels
Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ex-president of Yemen, was killed on Monday, reportedly by his former allies. Saleh's death comes amid a violent civil war that's devastating the country.
Budgeting for your first house
A few things you should know before starting to shop for your first home.
"Origin" author Dan Brown on reconciling God and artificial intelligence
Dan Brown's books have sold more than 200 million copies around the world. His latest novel, "Origin," features the return of symbologist Robert Langdon. This time, Langdon is trying to unlock a discovery that will help answer two fundamental questions of human existence: Where do we come from and where are we going? Brown joins "CBS This Morning" to talk about his latest thriller, which has been on the bestseller list for nearly two months.
NYC schools’ Columbus Day ban proves bureaucrats hate the nation we love
The attack on Columbus Day by New York City's schools is an attack on America and it's foundation.