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Louisiana substitute gym teacher paid kids $5 to tackle classmate: police

A substitute gym teacher at a Louisiana school was arrested for allegedly offering several students $5 each to tackle one of their classmates.
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Internet Demands To Know Cocker Spaniel's Hair Routine: 'Better Than Mine'
A pup's incredibly groomed hairstyle gets users jealous on TikTok.
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Una salvaje persecución a lo largo de 70 millas y un tiroteo, termina con padre e hija muertos
Las autoridades habían estado buscando a Anthony Graziano y a su hija adolescente Savannah, durante casi 24 horas cuando su camioneta Nissan Frontier fue vista el martes por la mañana cerca de Barstow.
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La nueva ley de California exigirá que los anuncios de empleo incluyan rangos salariales
El proyecto de ley 1162 del Senado, que se aplica a las empresas con 15 o más empleados en California, pretendía ayudar a reducir las desigualdades salariales por razón de género y raza. Entra en vigor el 1 de enero.
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Jackson formally welcomed to Supreme Court in investiture ceremony
Jackson took the constitutional and judicial oaths at the end of June.
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U.K. inquest finds "online content" partly to blame for teen's suicide
Coroner concludes 14-year-old Molly Russell "died from an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content."
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Cat Baffles Internet With His Eating Habits: 'Inclined Push Ups'
"It's like when ur in bed and too lazy to get up to pick smth off the floor so you just dangle off the bed to grab it," one user said.
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Hurricane Ian bears down on Charleston, S.C., where roads are already flooding
Hours ahead of Ian's arrival, a weather buoy in the ocean southeast of Charleston recorded 75-mph winds and waves as high as 21 feet.
TikTok users claim they saw Jeffrey Dahmer in ‘Stranger Things’ scene
Was it the Dahmer-gorgon? Social media conspiracy theorists claim they saw Jeffrey Dahmer in the latest season of "Stranger Things."
MoneyWatch: U.S. GDP drops for second consecutive quarter
The latest federal data shows U.S. gross domestic product fell 0.6% in the second quarter, fueling fears of a recession. Lori Bettinger, the president of Bancalliance and the former director of the Troubled Asset Relief Program at the U.S. Treasury Department, joined CBS News to break down what this means for the economy.
Man stabbed on Lower East Side — one block from ‘super perp’ knife attack
A man was stabbed twice on the Lower East Side Thursday evening – just two days after a “super perp” with 103 busts under his belt knifed an Uber Eats delivery man about a block away, cops said.
Emayatzy Corinealdi Mesmerizes As ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Attorney Jax Stewart
Jax Stewart is one of the year's most captivating characters.
Daryl Hannah’s former UWS home with nods to ‘Splash’ role asks $5.49M
The classic 71st Street co-op at the Dorilton is where the actress once lived while dating John F. Kennedy Jr.
Tracking Ian: Georgia and the Carolinas brace for storm
CBS News senior weather producer David Parkinson gives the latest forecast as Ian sets its sights on the South Carolina coast.
Asia Argento shares crude message amid Anthony Bourdain book controversy
The actress posted — and later deleted — a photo of herself with a caption quoting the final text message she allegedly sent the chef before his suicide.
U.K. Borrowers React to Soaring Interest Rates in Mortgage Market
The financial turmoil in Britain has led to soaring interest rates, prompting many lenders to withdraw products and stoking worry among homeowners about rising costs.
Fact Check: Putin's Russia Doesn't Fully Control Annexed Ukrainian Regions
As Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson face illegal annexation, doubts have been raised as to just how much of the territory Russian forces control.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Behind More Than Half of Attempts to Impeach Biden
The attempts to remove Biden, now far-fetched, could become more likely to succeed if the GOP wins the House in the midterms.
Christian McCaffrey practicing again after going ‘zero dark thirty’ on Panthers
Christian McCaffrey is practicing with the Panthers after popping up on the injury report – bringing some clarity after the star running back kept the team "guessing" over the past two days.
Hurricane Ian's damage will reach up to $65 billion
The best-case-scenario for Hurricane Ian's economic damage is $55 billion, a data firm said.
'I Married My Ex-wife's Best Friend'
My feelings took me by surprise. We'd all been friends for years.
Palestinians say 7-year-old boy died as Israeli forces chased him home
"His heart stopped beating because he was so scared," the boy's father claims, as the U.S. and European Union call for a "thorough" investigation.
Tracking Ian: Rescue and recovery efforts underway along Florida's Atlantic coast
CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver reports and joins Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green to discuss the rescue and recovery efforts along Florida's Atlantic coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
Investiture of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson held Friday
The formal investiture of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is taking place today. This event is purely ceremonial and is not being broadcast publicly. CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joins CBS News to discuss what Jackson is doing today and how she could affect the court.
Hurricane Ian raises concern over homeowners insurance for Florida residents
As Florida residents grapple with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, concerns rise for property owners as they prepare to file claims on damage caused by storm. Trevor Burgess, CEO of Neptune Flood Insurance, joins CBS News Mornings to discuss their challenges as experts estimate it could cost $35 billion to rebuild.
Flamingos pack into Florida park bathroom, seeking safety from Ian for 'hurricane party'
A photo of the flamingos shows them bunched together in a bathroom at the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg amid the deadly and destructive storm.
The best food processors in 2022
Find the best food processor for you from Cuisinart, Ninja, KitchenAid and more brands.
Thanksgiving is a good time for budget travelers to go abroad
With high ticket prices for U.S. flights and a vigorous dollar, now may be the time to take an overseas trip.
Rick Scott Sees Georgia, Nevada as GOP's 'Logical' Path to Senate Control
Republicans are currently outspending Democrats by millions in the two battleground states, with more money expected in the coming weeks.
‘Vagina Whisperer’ OBGYN Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Medical Board
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Handout / Instagram A Las Vegas gynecologist—who billed himself as a certified sexual health clinician under an Instagram account that used the words “vagina whisperer”—is facing a complaint from Nevada’s medical board, which has accused him of repeated “sexual misconduct,” including asking female patients to pose for sexually explicit photographs for his business.The new filing charges Dr. George Chambers with disruptive behavior, disreputable conduct, engaging in conduct intended to deceive, failure to maintain accurate medical records, continual failure to practice medicine properly, and engaging in conduct that violates the trust of a patient and exploits the relationship with the patient for financial or other personal gain.Details in the state Board of Medical Examiners’ complaint paint an unsettling picture of the 51-year-old OBGYN, who allegedly “violated patients’ trust by engaging in sexual improprieties” such as inviting them to “boudoir” photography sessions. Before these accusations, at least one woman filed a police report against Chambers that ultimately didn’t lead to criminal charges.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Why Hurricane Ian could disrupt air travel for the next week
Most travelers have until only Oct. 8 to re-book their flights.
Senate Republicans’ new ad blasts Biden over ‘failures’ ahead of midterms
The Senate Republican Conference rolled out a blistering ad criticizing President Biden's policies during his first two years in office, and urging people to vote GOP candidates in November.
Woman's Dramatic Reaction to Being Drenched on Deckchair Goes Viral
More than 315,000 people have watched the moment a sleeping woman is drenched on a deckchair.
New Movies On Demand: ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ + More Aubrey Plaza starring as Emily the criminal in Emily The Criminal.
Spike Carlyle plots Bellator 286 upset of A.J. McKee to enter lightweight title picture
Spike Carlyle says his Bellator 286 matchup against A.J. McKee was "was ordained by a higher power."      Related StoriesA.J. McKee says Nate Diaz 'can get Long Beach slapped,' welcomes fight in BellatorA.J. McKee says Nate Diaz 'can get Long Beach slapped,' welcomes fight in Bellator - EnclosureUndefeated Sumiko Inaba trusting the process laid out by Scott Coker and Bellator
9/30: CBS News Mornings
Georgia and the Carolinas brace as Ian strengthens back to Category 1 hurricane; Limited resources available for tourists stuck at travel destinations
The cultural magic of 'Encanto': How the 'Disney' film captures the essence of Latino families
"Encanto" might be the first mainstream animated film to depict a large, lively Latino family. We're hoping it's not the last, but a trendsetter.
Putin’s Newest Annexation Is Dire for Russia Too
Vladimir Putin today announced his annexation of four provinces of Ukraine—four provinces that he does not fully control, that did not vote to join Russia, that have been the site of mass murder and mass deportation since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. With this statement, the Russian president is also declaring war. But this is not merely a war on Ukraine.Putin’s war—Russia’s war—is also a war on a particular idea of world order, and of international law, an idea upheld not just by Europeans and North Americans, but by most of the rest of the world, indeed by the United Nations itself. One core principle of this world order is that larger countries should not be able to grab parts of smaller countries, that mass slaughter of whole populations is unacceptable, that borders have international significance, and that they cannot be changed through violence or on one dictator’s whim. Putin already challenged this idea in 2014, when he annexed Crimea. At the time he also held a sham referendum, but he convinced many outsiders that it had some validity. Although some sanctions followed, the world largely gave him a pass. Commerce and diplomacy with Russia continued.This time, Putin is no longer able even to pretend that the farcical votes he has staged in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson have any validity, and no one, anywhere, believes that they do. The simulation was played out: Armed men went house to house collecting so-called ballots, and some people, left destitute by the war, were bribed in exchange for showing up to vote. But in regions where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been evacuated, deported, or murdered, where violent conflict continues and where an active resistance is raging, nothing remotely like an actual vote could ever have taken place. Even as Putin was speaking in Moscow, the Ukrainians announced that they were surrounding and cutting off a large group of Russian soldiers in Lyman, a strategically significant city in Donetsk province.Russia’s actions under these circumstances show contempt not only for international lawyers in European capitals, but also for Chinese politicians who like to talk about sovereignty and African diplomats who have agreed to agree that borders matter, even when they are arbitrary. In the upside-down reality that he has created, he will now claim that Ukrainians, by defending their own land and their own people, are somehow attacking Russia. He will even raise the stakes, will try to frighten Ukraine and the West by calling Ukraine’s self-defense an existential threat to Russia that requires an extraordinary response—perhaps even a nuclear response, echoing a threat he has made repeatedly since he began his invasion.Tom Nichols: The Russian clocks are all tickingThis annexation is also more specifically a declaration of war against the democratic world, a statement of contempt for democracy itself. Putin has been treating democracy as a tool for decades, using fake parties, creating fake opponents, and rigging elections. For a long time, he and his spin doctors promoted a form of “managed democracy,” a system that allowed some space for public opinion, while at the same time ensuring that he always remained in power. With today’s announcement, he no longer pretends or plays games. This deliberate farce mocks the very idea of referenda, of voting, of popular opinion. Nothing about this act has any legitimacy, and that is also part of the point. In his world, there is no such thing as legitimacy. Only brutality matters.Finally, this annexation marks the culmination of a two decade-long war against any Russians whose vision of their country differs from his. Some of those Russians belong to ethnic minority groups—Dagestanis, Buryats, Tuvans, Crimean Tatars, all of whom have now been subject to vigorous mobilization drives, as if Putin wants to use his genocidal war against Ukraine in order to eliminate them as well. Some simply want to live in a country governed by different rules, a country that does not have murderous designs on its neighbors, a country that is not a menace to the world. Although thousands of such people have fled the country over the past decade, the invasion deliberately sparked a new exodus. Putin’s propagandists have celebrated the departure of antiwar Russians as a form of cleansing; Putin himself has said that the nation should “spit them out like a midge that accidentally flew into their mouths."Since the war began, the crackdown at home has also accelerated, because the war provides the context in which dissent can be portrayed as treason, and because any criticism of the war is a crime. Newspapers, websites, social media channels, and civic groups of all kinds have been shut down. More than 16,400 Russians have been detained in prison for protesting. In the past few days, some protesters have received draft notices after being taken to jail. Others are now the focus of special efforts to undermine and destroy them. Alexei Navalny, the Russian politician who came the closest to creating a grassroots, anti-Putin, pro-democracy movement, received a nine-year jail sentence in May and is now locked in a maximum-security prison. He has spent most of the past several weeks in an isolation cell, as punishment for tiny (or invented) infractions of jailhouse rules. Other inmates are forbidden to speak to him and even to look at him. But his anti-corruption foundation continues to function in exile (I am an unpaid member of its advisory board). And when he was allowed to speak at an internal prison court last week, Navalny responded to Vladimir Putin’s call for the mobilization of military reservists without mincing words: “It is already clear that the criminal war that is going on is getting worse and deeper, and Putin is trying to involve as many people as possible in this. He wants to smear hundreds of thousands of people in this blood.”Vladimir Kara-Murza, another opposition politician who has played an important role in campaigning for individual sanctions, is also in prison, where he remains equally defiant. “It continues to amaze me,” he told an interviewer via smuggled messages, “how many serious Western analysts buy the Kremlin’s propaganda on the ‘overwhelming popularity’ of Putin and of the war. If this were true, the authorities wouldn’t need to rig elections, muzzle the media, or imprison and murder their opponents. The Kremlin knows the real situation—and the only thing it has left in the toolbox to prevent protests in Russia is fear.”Today’s annexation, along with the mobilization that has been launched to defend these occupied territories, has also been designed to increase that fear. The battle against independent thinkers is now expanding beyond Putin’s opponents and is reaching even Russians who felt too distant, too apathetic, or too afraid to protest in the past. If, once upon a time, the threat of the gulag was used to keep all Soviet citizens in a state of permanent fear, the threat of the war in Ukraine is now being used in exactly the same way against Putin’s subjects. The regime is now treating ordinary citizens exactly as if they were expendable prisoners, throwing untrained, poorly equipped men into the battlefield, where some are rumored to have already died. New draftees are being driven to empty fields with no shelter and no food, just as new prisoners were once abandoned in the 1930s to build their own labor camps. Putin, like Stalin, believes that his sinister, unbalanced idea of collective glory matters more than the prosperity, the well-being, the happiness, and even the physical existence of ordinary Russians.Brian Klaas: Putin didn’t think he would fool anyoneBut nothing lasts forever: “Your time will pass,” Navalny told his jailers last week. Kara-Murza, in a prison interview published this week, said the same thing: “None of us knows exactly how and when the Putin regime will end—but we know that it will.”And they are right. We don’t know how and when it will end. Nor do we know what kind of regime will follow. But there is nothing predestined about Putinism or his form of kleptocratic autocracy. There is nothing “forever” about the annexation of territories that aren’t even under full Russian control, and none of the people who were at the sinister annexation ceremony today will live forever either. Russia’s sham annexation of Ukrainian land will end, whatever false words are spoken this week.
Rite Aid bosses blame out-of-control NYC shoplifting for $5M revenue hit
Rite Aid said losses from inventory "shrink," or theft, increased by $5 million.
This week on "Sunday Morning" (October 2)
A look at the features for this week's broadcast of the #1 Sunday morning news program
After winning silver at worlds, Lacey Eden off to a hot start for Wisconsin
Lacey Eden didn't make the 2022 Olympic squad but earned a spot on the team that won silver at the world championship Sept. 4.
Ben Shapiro Defends Jordan Peterson Crying at Olivia Wilde 'Incel' Insult
Prominent political commentators are coming out in support of Jordan Peterson after he showed emotion discussing Olivia Wilde's recent 'incel' accusation.
China Wants New Partners For Its Moon Missions As Its Relationship With Russia Cools
The war in Ukraine creates a rift between two erstwhile lunar partners
San Francisco warns robotaxis can be a self-driving nightmare
GM's self-driving car subsidiary Cruise said earlier this year that it wants to add as many as 5,000 more robotaxis to American streets, including in San Francisco, where it currently maintains a fleet of fewer than 100 cars. But the city says the robotaxis are already shaping up to be a self-driving nightmare at times and warns that a much larger fleet could worsen safety and traffic.
“Dystopia on the Doorstep.” Pakistan’s Climate Minister Warns the Global North Is Next
The August storm left a third of Pakistan underwater, and the country’s climate minister is “struggling to define it.”
Namibia can become a green energy exporter, says first lady
Monica Geingos sees a bright future as Namibia looks to develop its green hydrogen sector.
Chef Jose Andres is a 'field general' feeding people after Hurricane Ian
Chris Wallace talks to chef Jose Andres about World Central Kitchen's efforts to feed people in crisis around the world.
Yolanda Hadid's TikTok Mocking Controversial Diet Advice Hit With Warning
In her video, Hadid appeared to mock the criticism she faced for advising her daughter to eat just two almonds when she complained of feeling weak.
US slams Russia with fresh sanctions as Putin annexes parts of Ukraine
"Make no mistake: these actions have no legitimacy," President Biden said of Russia's land grab. "The United States will always honor Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders."