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Mets’ Taijuan Walker rebounds after whistling flap, but annoyed by early hook

No longer appearing to be tipping his pitches — or hearing whistles from the visiting dugout — Taijuan Walker delivered a bounce-back performance Friday night. The only thing that left him bothered was an early hook, not what his opponent may or may not have been doing, in the Mets’ 4-3 loss to the Phillies...
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Sudan's Prime Minister and wife arrested, taken to an undisclosed location
One-bedroom, one-bathroom condo in D.C.'s Foggy Bottom lists for $330,000
AFFORDABLE HOME OF THE WEEK | The condo has upgraded floors that resemble wood, a renovated kitchen and bathroom and new lighting.
The Man Behind Erdogan’s Worst Spat With the West
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is leading Turkey toward its biggest showdown with key Western allies since he assumed power two decades ago. At the heart of the row is a joint call on Turkey by ambassadors from 10 countries -- including the U.S. and Germany -- to free Osman Kavala, a 65-year-old businessman and philanthropist sent to jail four years ago, when Erdogan’s allies began accusing him of conspiring to overthrow the president. Kavala denies the accusations. Erdogan says the call for his
UK 'leaning towards' mandatory Covid vaccines for health care workers
UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid is "leaning towards" requiring staff in the National Health Service (NHS) to be vaccinated against Covid-19, he said Monday.
On This Day: 25 October 2005
In 2005, the music of Johnny Cash was celebrated at a tribute concert, ahead of the release of biopic "Walk the Line." (Oct. 25)
Military forces storm Sudan's state broadcaster building
UN 'deeply concerned about reports of an ongoing coup' in Sudan
15-year-old details harrowing days as captive to ruthless gang
Although the 17 missionaries from the US and Canada who were kidnapped in Haiti are generating international headlines, it's Haitians who bear most of the brunt of this brutal gang practice - with women and children being the main victims. CNN's Joe Johns spoke to one girl who was taken in the same neighborhood as the missionaries.
Your Top COP26 Questions, Answered
Don’t expect a visit from Xi Jinping to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, but do keep your eye out for fresh promises.
The Rarest Sylvanian Families Figurines and Sets Of All-Time
Had we known some of our favorite childhood toys would be worth this much money as collectibles, we would have cared for them better.
FOX Bet NFL Super 6 'Stack The Cash': How to play, how it works, more
Welcome to the FOX Bet Super 6 "Stack The Cash" promotion, where the grand prize rises higher and higher as more people enter the competition.
AP Top Stories October 25 A
Here's the latest for Monday October 25th: Apparent military coup in Sudan; Massive storms bring floods to Northern California; Senator Joe Manchin takes part in Biden agenda talks; Vigil for cinematographer killed on film set.
How to talk to your younger kids about the Covid-19 vaccine
Your younger children may be afraid of needles. Here's expert advice on how to talk to them about the Covid-19 vaccine to help them prepare, now that the White House plans to roll it out for kids ages 5 to 11.
Sudan PM detained amid reports of apparent coup
Sudan PM detained amid reports of apparent coup
Sudan's Prime Minister has been arrested in an apparent coup and taken to an undisclosed location, a senior advisor says.
Hate on trial in Virginia, four years after deadly extremist rally
A violent march in Charlottesville by far-right extremists in 2017 showed how well organized the far-right had become. A trial targeting those associated with the march is seen as a bellwether case.
'Succession' Family Tree: Who Are the Roy Family Members and What Are Their Skills?
"Succession" hinges on the dysfunctional Roy family and their internal competition with each other to see who will take over Waystar Royco.
Tom Brady becomes first NFL quarterback to get 600 touchdown passes
What's more, a fan agreed to give up the historic ball.
'Season Byeve': Why HBO's 'Insecure' Is Ending After Season 5
The popular HBO comedy drama is coming to an end and star Issa Rae has spoken openly about why Season 5 will be the show's last.
James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther in ‘Friends’ sitcom, dies at 59
“The world knew him as Gunther (the seventh Friend) ... but Michael’s loved ones knew him as an actor, musician, cancer-awareness advocate, and loving husband,” his manager said in a statement.
'It's just draining': Homebuyers frustrated by a cutthroat housing market are putting their searches on hold
The share of homebuyers who believe it is a bad time to buy rose to 66% in September, according to a Fannie Mae survey.
Will GOP's post-Trump election strategy lead to Virginia gubernatorial race win?
A once reliably red state, Virginia has had a political reckoning throughout the previous decade.
CO2 levels in the atmosphere reach a 3 million-year high, putting the world 'way off track' on climate goals
The findings add to a sense of urgency ahead of the COP26 climate talks, which begin in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday. There are expectations for some G20 nations that have not increased their ambitions since Paris to do so ahead of COP26.
CO2 levels in the atmosphere reach a 3 million-year high, putting the world 'way off track' on climate goals
The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has once again reached record highs, according to a UN report published Monday, putting the planet on course for warming that far exceeds critical limits to stave off catastrophic climate change.
Liz Peek: Biden vs. Americans – his priorities, like climate change, ignore top worries of most voters
Voters are worried about inflation, jobs, crime, education and our open border, while the Biden White House is laser-focused on climate change, transgender rights, racism and reducing inequality.
Does the IRS really want to spy on your bank account? The latest tax fight explained
The Biden administration hopes to help fund its agenda by cracking down on tax evasion, but its plan to require more bank information is drawing strong opposition from GOP lawmakers and banks.
D.C.-area forecast: Very warm today before heavy storms late, then another shot of rain Friday
Some storms this evening could be severe with heavy rain and strong winds.
Biden inherited a broken government. Attracting a new generation of civil servants won’t be easy.
Will scientists and other experts seek careers in government?
The COP26 summit to fight climate change is about to start. Here's what to expect
A major climate meeting is about to get underway in Glasgow, Scotland. It's a pivotal moment in the struggle against climate change. But it's taking place in the midst of political tensions.
The U.S. needs more nurses, but nursing schools don't have enough slots
Across the country, hospitals are desperate for R.N.s and specialty nurses. Yet, paradoxically, the nursing pipeline has slowed, with educators retiring or returning to clinical work themselves.
Disneyland ticket prices go up as much as 8%, with parking rising 20%
Disneyland admission prices are going up 3% to 8%, plus extra for the highest demand days.
FOX Weather launches with trailblazing app that will change how Americans consume weather news, analysis
FOX Weather, a high-tech streaming service, launches Monday with trailblazing features that are expected to change the way Americans consume weather news and analysis.
Biden and the Democrats Are on the Verge of ... Something
The politics of compromise are all happening on one side of the aisle.
‘There’s Almost No Incentive at All to Give Him the Vaccine.’
A “moral calm” is holding parents back from vaccinating their kids.
Why Republican Ken Buck Believes in Antitrust and Doesn’t Believe in the ‘Big Lie’
The congressman discusses the future of his party and why he’s teaming up with Democrats on a bipartisan effort that could break up big tech.
Leaf Blowers Destroy the Environment
Nearly everything about how Americans “care” for their lawns is deadly, but these machines exist in a category of environmental hell all their own.
The Haiti Kidnapping Shows Gangs Are Getting Stronger
To restore stability in Haiti, the government must get the gangs under control. International actors also have an important role to play.
'Ant-Man' Leak: What's Been Revealed About Upcoming Marvel Movie 'Quantumania'
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly star in "Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania." Leaks have provided fans with an insight into what could be coming up.
Four Years After Deadly Rally, Charlottesville Nazis Are Headed to Court
Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesIn the four years since Charlottesville, Virginia residents filed a sprawling lawsuit against some of the nation’s most prominent white supremacists, two of those defendants have gone missing. Others have served jail time, paid hefty sanctions, or seen their far-right groups dissolved under pressure of the lawsuit.On Monday, the case is finally going to trial.The case, Sines v. Kessler, takes aim at the organizers of Unite The Right, the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The two-day rally began with a torchlit march, during which white supremacists assaulted counter-demonstrators, and concluded with neo-Nazi James Fields Jr. driving his car into a crowd of protesters, murdering one and injuring dozens more. Survivors of the attacks were left with lasting injuries and emotional distress. Sines v. Kessler, which represents nine survivors, argues that event organizers planned for violence. And after four years of dramatic pre-trial developments, the plaintiffs are finally going to make their case.Read more at The Daily Beast.
AY.4.2 Detected in 32 States As U.K. Declares Variant Under Investigation
The Delta variant offshoot, found in dozens of countries, could be more transmissible than other Delta mutants.
Trump Blasts Fox News Over Anti-Trump Ads
The former president didn't mention which ad or ads had riled him, but several anti-Trump groups have recently bought airtime on Fox.
Living to 150 May Be Possible. But Is Society Ready for It?
Getty ImagesJay Olshansky, 67, once attended a party where he was one of the youngest people in the room. The party was for “SuperAgers”, people over the age of 80 that have the cognitive abilities of someone 30 years younger, as part of an ongoing research study. Olshansky, a professor at the Center on Aging at the University of Chicago, felt lucky to be in the rarified presence of the 1 percent of our population whose cognitive abilities do not deteriorate with age.“When I sat around the table with them, if I closed my eyes I could’ve been at a roundtable with a bunch of CEOs of major companies,” Olshanksky told The Daily Beast. “They were that sharp. Their age was completely irrelevant.”The SuperAgers study, run by the Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease at Northwestern University, is part of an emerging body of new research on aging and what a world where we live longer and healthier might look like. Back in the 1500s, humans used to have a life expectancy of 30. Now, life expectancy is about 77, and it might be increasing from there. One May 2021 study in Nature estimated that humans could live until 150. A September 2021 study in Royal Society Open Science journal said there is no upper limit. Other studies say nanotechnology can delay death—in some estimates, by beyond 100 years.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
Why Is Dressing for Fall So Damn Hard?
Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard/The Daily Beast/GettyBianca Arlia, a 22-year-old from Rhode Island, cites Rihanna and Bella Hadid as her two “biggest inspirations” when it comes to fall dressing. “No one is doing street style like them,” Arlia, who works in retail, said. “Whether they’re dressing casually or going out, they always look so effortlessly cool.”She’d love to channel their layering prowess, whether it’s Rihanna in a marabou-lined mini skirt and sweatshirt slung over a black bra, or Hadid looking very Matrix-y in black leather flares and a quilted black jacket. But most of the time, Arlia conjures another unexpected autumnal influencer: midlife crisis-era Adam Sandler.“I always get so excited to dress during fall,” Arlia explained. “I love it all, from cozy knit to pleather to flannels to faux fur. The reality is that most days I end up looking like Adam Sandler. Sometimes it’s just way too cold to care what you look like and he really gets that. Even though he’s worth tens of millions of dollars he dresses just like the rest of us.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
How Crossword Puzzles Help You Island Hop from the Comfort of Your Couch
Rebecca TulisYou'll find lots of islands in crossword puzzles, and we had a bunch of them this week: Brooklyn's CONEY Island on Monday, Spain's IBIZA on Wednesday, Florida's Key LARGO on Thursday, and an 8-letter Caribbean island on Sunday (which I won't mention here in case you haven't solved it yet).Why so many islands in puzzle grids? Because there are so many around the globe, often with short, vowel-rich names, and these names tend to come from many different languages, which gives unusual (for English) letter combinations that are highly useful for puzzle writers.Taking a quick global tour: Hawaii alone gives us very handy MAUI, LANAI, KAUAI and OAHU, and the Pacific also yields GUAM, FIJI, and the island nations of TONGA and SAMOA.Read more at The Daily Beast.
“Pour One Up, Pour One Out” with T-Pain and His Favorite Drinks
Olivia McGiffGiven that T-Pain’s biggest hit song is “Buy U A Drank,” it’s not surprising that he has a favorite drink himself. What is surprising is how simple it is to make.“It’s literally just straight tequila—not going to lie,” he admits. “I like my drinks to not be work. If this just came already chilled, I’d probably just drink it out the bottle.” Though it’s not complicated, it can’t be made with just any tequila or served in just any glass. The Grammy Award-winning musician has specific requirements for every aspect of his signature beverage. He typically makes it after his kids are settled in for the night, when he retires to the music and podcasting studio in the basement of his Atlanta home. “It’s my chill-out thing,” he says. “It makes me so happy.”T-Pain will soon let the world know all of his thoughts on the subject of cocktails with the release of his book Can I Mix You a Drink?, which he wrote with top bartender Maxwell Britten.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Ed Sheeran tests positive for coronavirus days before album release
The positive test comes as the British singer is set his album "=" and after he was photographed with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Who Was Claude Cahun? Google Doodle Celebrates the French Surrealist Photographer
The artist and writer's gender-challenging works were forgotten after the Second World War before being rediscovered in the 1990s.
Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate Candidate, Believes 2020 Election Stolen From Donald Trump
The former Ohio treasurer continued to push the Big Lie, despite no evidence backing claims nearly one year since the vote took place.