Mexican officials uncover more bodies buried in mass grave south of Arizona border; total at 58

Ten more bodies were discovered buried in a mass grave near the Mexican resort town of Puerto Peñasco, south of the Arizona border, bringing the total number of remains to at least 58, officials said Saturday.
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3 ways e-commerce sellers can improve ROI in 2020 with data analytics
2020 will be here before we know it, and if you’re like me, that means that you’re already looking ahead to how you can improve your e-commerce business in the year to come. While there are many things you can do to improve the profitability of your e-commerce brand, such as improving your supply chain or ensuring that your website is accessible for disabled users, few things will prove more important than properly implementing data analytics. With quality data analytics and business intelligence tools, you can pull from a wide range of data sources — such as sales numbers, marketing… This story continues at The Next Web
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Jets are the wrong team to search for Myles Garrett supporters
Myles Garrett ended the season of backup quarterback Trevor Siemian with two late hits in September, so it’s no surprise the Jets weren’t exactly defending him Friday over his helmet-wielding assault of Pittsburgh’s Mason Rudolph. Garrett was suspended indefinitely — and at least for the remainder of this season — for the dangerous melee at...
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Who's scheduled to publicly testify next in Trump's impeachment hearings
Associated Press The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has officially moved into its public phase, and witnesses in the inquiry are beginning to testify in an open session before Congress. On Wednesday, the public phase of the inquiry kicked off with the testimony of acting US ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and State Department official George Kent. Nine more diplomats and national security officials — many of whom have already appeared to testify behind closed-doors — will testify publicly in the next week. Here's the full schedule of which witnesses are publicly testifying in the coming days.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has officially moved into its public phase, and witnesses are beginning to testify in open session before the House Intelligence Committee, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and House Oversight Committee, who are jointly pursuing the inquiry.  On Wednesday, the public phase of the inquiry kicked off with the testimony of acting US ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and State Department official George Kent.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:9 times Trump and the people around him have put national security at riskA whistleblower, a cover-up, and a quid pro quo: Here's everything we've learned from the impeachment inquiryBill Taylor and George Kent's vivid testimony in the first open impeachment hearing blew up Trump's defense in the Ukraine scandalSEE ALSO: Everything you need to know about Trump's impeachment process: What's happened, who the players are, and what comes next
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CBP seizes 11 counterfeit Super Bowl, World Series rings
Philadelphia Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized 11 counterfeit Super Bowl and other championship rings in Pennsylvania earlier this month that would have been worth $526,000 if authentic, officials said Wednesday.
A couple had an Olive Garden wedding complete with a late-night breadstick bar
Jeanne Sherman Photography Michigan couple Samantha Roberts and Jeff Gilleland celebrated their love with an Olive Garden-themed wedding, complete with a late-night breadstick bar.  Also on the menu was Olive Garden's bruschetta, mushroom ravioli, spaghetti with meatballs, and more.  Gilleland proposed to Roberts while they were on Olive Garden's Pasta Passport to Italy trip, which he won in 2017.  The couple also took their engagement pictures at an Olive Garden.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. From their first dates to their proposal and engagement photo shoot, Olive Garden has always played a huge part in Samantha Roberts and Jeff Gilleland's love story.  So when it came time to finally tie the knot, the Michigan couple knew they had to make Olive Garden a part of their wedding as well.  The couple surprised their guests with an Olive Garden menu, including a late-night breadstick bar complete with marinara and Alfredo dipping sauces.  Insider spoke to Roberts and Gilleland about their love for each other and for Olive Garden, as well as their breadstick-fueled wedding day. Samantha Roberts and Jeff Gilleland first met on a blind date. Jeanne Sherman Photography "At the time, Samantha's roommate's mother was also my physical therapist for all my sports-related injuries," Gilleland told Insider.  "One day, she asked if I was single because she knew the perfect girl, and thought we would be a good match for each other. Turns out she was right!"  Both Roberts and Gilleland grew up with Olive Garden, and often went there on their dates. Jeanne Sherman Photography "For Samantha, it was a time to have a nice dinner with her mother or grandparents," Gilleland said. "For me, I traveled for soccer quite a bit and we would always go as a team. It was a time for all of us friends and family to have a nice dinner and relax together."  And when they first started dating, Roberts and Gilleland often met at Olive Garden.  "When you love the chicken parm as much as we do, it becomes a pretty easy decision where to eat," the couple told Insider.  Gilleland was one of 50 people to win Olive Garden's Pasta Passport to Italy in 2017, and he knew it would be the perfect place to propose to Roberts. Jeanne Sherman Photography That year, Olive Garden offered 50 customers the chance to purchase a seven-night, all-inclusive trip to Italy for two — along with an eight-week unlimited pasta pass at Olive Garden — at the cost of just $200.  After Gilleland won the trip, he decided to reach out to the organizers and see if they had recommendations for where he could propose to Roberts in Italy.  "They looped in the rest of the Olive Garden team and we hatched a fantastic plan for a proposal at a vineyard in Tuscany," Gilleland added.  See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The engagement ring styles everyone will be wearing in 2020, according to jewelry experts18 wedding trends you'll see everywhere in 2020Teen daughters decided to 'pre-create' a wedding day so they could dance with their father after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer
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Raw deal! Popeyes kid caught working the kitchen during hour-long waits
A desperate Popeyes in Texas allowed a boy to work in the kitchen. Shocking video shows the kid, appearing to be 8 or 9 years old, wearing an apron and handling raw chicken. The restaurant, located in The Colony, Texas, reportedly was short staffed and had a line out the door — presumably due to...
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Texas Parole Board Recommends Delaying Execution of Rodney Reed
The board unanimously voted to recommend that Gov. Greg Abbott grant a 120-day reprieve and call off the execution scheduled for next week.
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Google's Files app now streams local media to your Chromecast
Google just made it decidedly easier to beam your personal media collection to your Chromecast device of choice. An updated version of the Files by Google app includes long-in-the-making support for playing your audio, photos and videos on any Chrom...
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Pokémon Sword and Shield’s camping is perfectly fluffy
Part of the allure of Pokémon games is growing attached to each new creature you catch. Games like Pokémon X and Y, Sun and Moon, and Let’s Go incorporate some sort of bonding, from giving your pals a good pat to feeding and cleaning them up. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, downtime doesn’t just happen with one member of your team; it happens with the whole gang at once with the game’s camping feature. When you’re out in the wild and between towns, camping is an easy way to quickly revive and refresh your party. Sword and Shield feature a curry cooking option where you choose from berries and other food items you’ve collected to create new recipes. Once you’ve laid out your ingredients, you fan campfire flames and stir the pot via motion control of frantic button mashing to perfect your dinner. Cook a good meal, and your team will gain experience, regain their health, and bond. You can start fresh without having to rush back to the nearest Pokémon Center every few battles while you level grind. Campsites also serve as a way to get face time with your pokémon. Your party wanders and mingles among themselves as you watch; a quick whistle will usually bring them running. While talking is an easy way to check up on how they’re feeling, you can also toss a ball or wave a feather wand around to play (a good reminder that you’re still traveling with a flock of fancy pets). Camping in Sword and Shield isn’t a deep or especially robust system. You cook and you do some basic interacting with your party. I could have gone the entire game without needing to chuck a ball over and over for my electric corgi. But having the option is what I like most about Pokémon games: brief moments built on my own attachments to fantastical creatures I’d never know otherwise.
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Friends post touching tributes to Santa Clarita shooting victim Gracie Muehlberger
Friends of Gracie Muehlberger, the first Santa Clarita school shooting victim to be identified, posted numerous tributes to her life on Instagram Friday — remembering the freshman as a good friend who loved to joke around. “Gracie was a kind-hearted, very funny girl that didn’t deserve to die,” friend Jonathan Harris told The Post after...
New York Post
Bronny James, Zaire Wade Sierra Canyon Team to Appear on ESPN Networks 15 Times
Basketball fans who miss the LeBron James-Dwyane Wade pairing will get many looks at what the next generation of that collaboration looks like...
What's the Best Breakfast in Your City?
Dottie’s True Blue Café fed me the first home fries that I actually enjoyed—the first home fries that weren’t just filler to top off my stomach after I’d finished the real food. That’s why there’s a line around the corner (6th and Market), and why of all my favorite breakfast spots in San Francisco (Boogaloos! Sears!…Read more...
You Can Now Buy Pretend Food for Your $2,900 Sony Robot Dog
There’s no denying the appeal of a robot dog. You get the companionship, the fun of playtime, and the pre-programmed loyalty without all the mess or expenses of feeding and maintenance. Unless you really want to feed your Aibo, in which case Sony will happily sell you make-believe virtual meals and treats that unlock…Read more...
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Roger Stone to Michael Cohen: the men in Trump's orbit implicated in crimes
Roger Stone is the latest among a growing list of people once in the president’s inner circle who have been convicted on federal chargesRoger Stone, Donald Trump’s longtime adviser, was convicted on Friday of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The verdict makes Stone only the latest among a growing list of people once in the president’s inner circle who have been convicted on federal charges. Below is a list of others in Trump’s orbit – or that of his associates – implicated in federal crimes. Continue reading...
Doorbell cameras captured final seconds of doomed flight
NEWARK, N.J. — Two doorbell cameras captured the final seconds of the flight of a small plane that crashed into a house last month in New Jersey and burst into flames, according to a preliminary report released Friday. The Cessna crashed in the Colonia section of Woodbridge Township, about 18 miles southwest of New York,...
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Trump, Apple CEO Tim Cook set to tour computer plant in Texas Wednesday: sources
U.S. President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are set to visit facilities in Texas on Wednesday where Apple's high-end computers are assembled, sources briefed on the matter confirmed Friday.
Landlord, contractor and plumber guilty of manslaughter in 2015 East Village gas blast
A Manhattan jury Friday convicted all three defendants in the deadly 2015 gas explosion that killed two people and leveled three East Village buildings. After two days of deliberations, the jury convicted landlord Maria Hrynenko, contractor Dilber Kukic and unlicensed plumber Athanasios “Jerry” Ioannidis of manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and other charges. Relatives of all...
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Embattled YouTuber James Charles to host influencer competition show
YouTube star and beauty influencer James Charles is launching a “Project Runway”-style reality competition show — in which he’ll pick one up-and-coming makeup artist as the winner of a $50,000 cash prize. The show, which has the working title “James Charles Instant Influencer,” is slated to debut in the spring of 2020 on Charles’ YouTube...
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AEW Full Gear PPV Buys, Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin at TLC, WWE Release Rumors
Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe. Reported PPV Buy Rate for AEW Full Gear Last weekend's AEW Full Gear pay-per-view is ...
Donald Trump Jr. slams George Conway, calling him 'a disgrace' who 'publicly embarrasses his wife' Kellyanne Conway
Willy Kurniawan/Reuters Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, and George Conway, husband to the president's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, attacked each other on Twitter amid the impeachment hearings on Friday.  The spat began when Trump Jr. tweeted that three veteran diplomats who testified in the public impeachment hearings this week deserve to be fired by the president. Conway replied, "Each of Taylor, Kent, and Yovanovitch has more intelligence, talent, integrity, decency, honor, and patriotism in each of their fingers than you and your father will ever have."  Trump Jr. hit back, accusing Conway of humiliating his wife by regularly attacking the president all for the purpose of "building his own brand." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son and top surrogate, and George Conway, husband to the president's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, personally attacked each other on Twitter amid the impeachment hearings on Friday.  The spat began when Trump Jr., an aggressive and outspoken defender of his father, tweeted that three veteran diplomats who testified in the public impeachment hearings this week deserved to be fired by the president. The witnesses are all widely believed to be credible, non-partisan, and have all served under both Republican and Democratic administrations. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:Marie Yovanovitch testified that the State Department wouldn’t publicly defend her because officials feared the threat of a Trump tweetTrump cited Miss Universe contestants as evidence of Ukraine's 'great people' in newly released call with Ukrainian leaderHistoric photos show the differences between Nixon, Clinton, and Trump's impeachment hearingsSEE ALSO: The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct
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Jay Ajayi Reportedly Signs Contract with Eagles After Darren Sproles Injury
The Philadelphia Eagles and free-agent running back Jay Ajayi reportedly reached a contract agreement Friday...
Hannah Jeter gained 70 pounds in first pregnancy, 55 during second
Jeter opens up about struggling to lose weight following the birth of her two children.
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"Hope literacy," "functional denial" and other ways to keep going in this difficult time
Earth Island News's interview with climate scientist and activist Susanne Moser is excellent, especially on how "hope literacy" (understanding different the flavors of hope) and "functional denial" ("being fully aware and conscious and not denying the gravity of what we’re creating" while still getting the work done) can allow you to retain your mental equilibrium in these difficult and often terrifying times. What's interesting is that I've come to understand uncertainty as a necessary condition for hope. If you're perfectly certain that “It’s going to be fine” or “It’s going to be hell,” you don’t need hope, because you know exactly what’s going to happen. And what people like Trump and other radical right-wingers in particular promise is a kind of certainty: “America is going to be great again, it’s going to be purely white, and we’re going to have great economy and we’re the best.” That’s all a form of certainty. Whereas, “The future is going to look very different, and I can't tell you how, but we’re going to have to go through that together and figure it out and create it — that’s uncertainty, that requires work. It’s very unpopular. Despairing about the Climate Crisis? Read This. [Laurie Mazur/Earth Island News] (Image: Susanne Moser) (Thanks, Dad!) Read the rest
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Community mourns California high school shooting victims
Two teenagers were killed in a shooting at a high school in Southern California. Authorities said a teenage gunman shot five people before turning the gun on himself. "CBS This Morning" lead national correspondent David Begnaud joined "CBSN AM" from Santa Clarita, California, to discuss the community's reaction to the shooting.
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The 15 most expensive homes sold in the US over the past decade, ranked
GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images Business Insider teamed up with Jonathan Miller, the president and CEO of the real estate and consulting firm Miller Samuel Inc., to gather a list of the 15 most expensive home sales the US has seen since November 2009. Home sales on the list include single-family homes and condos and range from $99 million to nearly $240 million. Of the 15 homes that made the list, 14 of them are located in either Florida, New York, or California.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  The US has long been home to jaw-dropping real estate with expensive price tags. Jonathan Miller, the president and CEO of real estate and consulting firm Miller Samuel Inc., has spent the past few years compiling all the sales of single-family homes and condos at or above $50 million in the US. He shared his list with Business Insider so that we could round up the 15 most expensive residential sales the country has seen over the past 10 years. From a number of $100 million mansions to one nearly $240 million penthouse, 14 out of the 15 homes that made the list are located in either Florida, New York, or California — three states with notoriously expensive housing markets. The only sale that didn't take place in those markets was a 50-acre property in Greenwich, Connecticut; that home sold for $120 million in 2014. Keep reading to see the list of the 15 most expensive home sales the country has seen since November 2009.15. This massive estate in Palm Beach, Florida, sold for $99,130,000 in 2019. Google Earth The estate, which is located at 60 Blossom Way, was completed in 2000 and bought by its previous owner in 2017 for $77,060,000. According to a report by the Palm Beach Daily News, the property spans 3.7 acres and boasts about 320 feet of beachfront access. T11. This 25,000-square-foot mansion in Los Altos Hills, California, sold in 2011 for $100 million. AP Photo/Paul Sakuma This mansion on La Paloma Road, called Palo Alto Loire Chateau, was built to mirror an 18th-century French chateau. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, at the time of the purchase, the home featured indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom, and a wine cellar. T11. This mansion in Holmby Hills — a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California — sold in 2016 for $100 million. GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images Also known as the Playboy Mansion, 10236 Charing Cross Road was originally listed for $200 million in January 2016.  As Business Insider previously reported, the property was sold a few months later (for half its asking price) to the next-door neighbor who, at the time of the sale, expressed interest in connecting the two properties. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The Rock surprised fans with a first look at the DC character he's playing in his first-ever superhero movie. Here's how the highest-paid actor in Hollywood makes and spends his millions.A sprawling ranch outside of Park City just sold for $32.5 million and became the most expensive home sale in Utah's history. Take a look inside.The 15 best states for America's middle class, rankedSEE ALSO: The biggest metro areas with the most million-dollar homes in the US DON'T MISS: The 10 most expensive NYC neighborhoods to live in right now, ranked
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Twitter will ban all politicians from advertising on its platform, but it will make a few exceptions for news publishers and causes (FB, TWTR)
Reuters Twitter announced additional details about its plan to ban all political ads on its social network. The policy prohibits any ads mentioning political candidates, elections, and ballot measures, but exempts news publishers and certain "cause-based" ads. Twitter's decision was a jab at Facebook, which said it will not fact-check political ads on its platform. Questions still remain about how Twitter will enforce the new policy. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Twitter has released additional details surrounding its new ban on political ads on the platform, Vijaya Gadde, the company's head of trust and safety, said in a tweet Friday. The policy prohibits any content mentioning "a candidate, political party, elected or appointed government official, election, referendum, ballot measure, legislation, regulation, directive, or judicial outcome," and includes ads from political candidates, parties, and PACs.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Inside the US government's top-secret bioweapons labSee Also:Google reportedly manipulates search results to hide controversial subjects and favor big businessRegulating big tech has become a hot topic ahead of the 2020 election — here's where the Democratic candidates standAndrew Yang wants you to make money off your data by making it your personal propertySEE ALSO: Google is cutting back on its weekly TGIF all-hands meetings as it reels from unprecedented leaks and unrest
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Bayern Munich: Hansi Flick to remain in charge 'until Christmas at least'
Hansi Flick will remain Bayern Munich's head coach "until at least Christmas", the club's chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says.
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Jill Zarin would consider having a TV wedding
Jill Zarin could return to TV holding a diamond instead of an apple.
New York Post
Bar offers women free drinks based on how much they weigh
Less doesn't necessarily mean more.
New York Post
This Week's Weird Lift Is the One Hand Dumbbell Snatch
I’m glad that more than zero of you joined me for the one hand deadlift last week. Weird but cool, right? We’ve got another one handed lift this week, and this one goes overhead, which makes it extra badass. It’s a one hand dumbbell snatch.Read more...
Kingsley Ben-Adir cast as Barack Obama in James Comey miniseries
EXCLUSIVE: Billy Ray has found his Barack Obama for the CBS Studios miniseries adaptation of the James Comey bestseller “A Higher Loyalty.” Kingsley Ben-Adir has been set to play the former U.S. President; “Spotlight”’s Brian D’Arcy James will play Mark Giuliano, the former FBI Deputy Director; Steve Zissis (HBO’s “Togetherness”) is set to play Jim...
New York Post
California sues Trump again for revoking state's authority to limit auto emissions
California has escalated its battle against Trump's EPA by joining other states in filing a second lawsuit against the administration for revoking the state's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.
50 years ago today, a march against the president made a big difference
Clara Bingham writes about the parallels between the Nixon and Trump administrations and the power that protests, like the Moratorium March in Washington 50 years ago, can have during a time of political unrest.
GLOBAL MARKETS-U.S.-China trade hopes revive stocks, crude rises
Crude prices and global equities markets rose on Friday, with the major U.S. indexes setting record highs, on renewed hopes that the United States and China will reach a deal to de-escalate a 16-month trade war that has crimped global growth.
UPDATE 1-Oklahoma judge reduces Johnson & Johnson payout in opioid case to $465 million
An Oklahoma judge on Friday said Johnson & Johnson needs to pay only $465 million of the $572 million he previously concluded it owed the state for fueling the opioid epidemic through deceptive marketing of painkillers.
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A Visual Diary of This Year's WIRED25 Festival
Dina Litovsky captured the weirdest and the WIRED-est moments from our 2019 event.
Russia frees Norwegian and two Lithuanians in swap for pair of its spies
Cold war style-agreement brings several high-profile espionage cases to a closeRussia has freed two Lithuanians and a Norwegian in return for two Russian spies held in Lithuania, in a cold war-style spy swap that brought several high-profile espionage cases to a close.The Norwegian, Frode Berg, a retired border guard, was arrested in Moscow in 2017 and convicted of gathering intelligence on behalf of Norway. He pleaded not guilty. Continue reading...
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Pre-installed apps on low-end Android phones are full of security holes
In what has become an annual reckoning, security research company Kryptowire recently published its 2019 report on the state of manufacturer-installed software and firmware for Android devices and, to no one's surprise, they found more than 140 bugs...
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'Witness intimidation is a crime': reaction to Trump impeachment hearing
The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee held its second public hearing on Friday in an impeachment inquiry examining President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine, with Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, testifying.
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South Carolina AD Supports Will Muschamp Amid Team's Disappointing 4-6 Season
South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner released a statement Friday in support of head football coach Will Muschamp despite the Gamecocks' 4-6 record...
The event marketing opportunities you’re probably missing (VB Live)
It's time to integrate events into your digital marketing mix. Learn how it can drive adoption, boost loyalty, unlock big opportunies, and more.
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Doctors and nurses are the real heroes in latest Nike drop
Nurses walk approximately 4 to 5 miles and sit for less than an hour during their 12-hour workday. Take that, Steph Curry.
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Behrouz Boochani, brutalised but not beaten by Manus, says simply: 'I did my best'
After six hellish years inside Australia’s offshore detention regime, Boochani reflects on the country that rejected him, his new-found freedom and the friends he left behindSupport our independent journalism with a one-off or recurring contribution“One day,” Behrouz Boochani said, observing the bleakness of the abandoned Manus detention centre, its dark form illuminated by wood stripped from the buildings being burned for light, “we will meet in some other place, far away from here.”That was two years ago, in the middle of a warm November night, when Boochani helped smuggle this reporter into the decommissioned Manus Island detention centre where 400 men were holding out against being forcibly removed: rationing their dwindling supply of food and medicine, guarding against the violent police crackdown they knew was coming, repairing the freshwater wells that had been deliberately spoiled by the retreating guards. Continue reading...
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Study: There may be no such thing as objective reality
Everyone is entitled to their own facts. That’s not an opinion. At least, according to a new quantum mechanics study. What we view as objective reality – the idea that what we can observe, measure, and prove is real and those things we cannot are theoretical or imaginary – is actually a subjective reality that we either unravel, create, or dis-obfuscate by the simple act of observation. A smarter way of putting it can be found in the aforementioned study, “Experimental test of nonlocal causality” conducted by lead author Martin Ringbauer and an international team of physicists and researchers: Explaining… This story continues at The Next Web
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New bill would provide federal funding for medical expenses of retired military dogs
It costs an average of $3,000 per year to pay for retired military working dogs’ medical expenses, according to Rep. Ron Wright. But instead of having the K-9’s caretakers foot the bill, White wants to establish a grant program that provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations and individuals caring for retired working dogs who served...
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The NFL cares more about optics than actions in its fight against dirty play
The failure to suspend Damarious Randall for the gruesome hit that preceded Myles Garrett’s outburst shows the NFL cares most about the perception of combating violenceThe NFL indefinitely suspended Myles Garrett on Friday after the Cleveland Browns star defensive lineman removed Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and smashed it into Rudolph’s head on Thursday night. Garrett will miss at least the remainder of the regular season and the postseason if Cleveland manage to qualify. The league also suspended Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey three games and Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi one game for their roles in the brawl and fined the teams $250,000 apiece. Related: NFL hits Browns' Myles Garrett with indefinite ban for helmet attack Continue reading...
Australia braces for more bushfires; Bolivia's ousted leader claims he's still in charge
Parts of Australia were in a state of emergency with firefighters warning the worst of the country's deadly wildfires were still ahead of them. Also, Bolivia's former president, Evo Morales, is saying he's still in charge, and the world's longest passenger flight successfully landed in Sydney. CBS News' Gwen Baumgardner joined "CBSN AM" with more.
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