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Mindless, unscientific COVID rules are hindering NYC’s great comeback

Does Gotham truly want to rebound from COVID? Or do we prefer a permanently hopeless, helpless future of restrictions that are laughably unnecessary and certain to snuff out a recovery before it can gain traction? Both possibilities were on view at a Silverstein Properties reception on the 80th floor of Three World Trade Center last week to...
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Child dies of brain-eating amoeba likely contracted at splash pad
The splash pad has been closed since officials were notified of the child's hospitalization, and the investigation is ongoing.
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Trump Was Allegedly Kept From 'Brink of Rage' by Song From 'Cats'
A White House "Music Man" would reportedly play Trump the song "Memory" to sooth him during moments of rage.
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Julian Castro Feels Beto O'Rourke 'Has a Shot' to Win Texas Governor Race Over Greg Abbott
"On all of those accounts, we are suffering through a governor who is really governing only for the perceived benefit of a small minority of people," Castro said
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Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Florida Deputy Captured After 4-Day Manhunt
Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said authorities used Deputy Joshua Moyer's handcuffs when they took Patrick McDowell into custody.
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2021 MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius Grant’ Recipients Announced
This year's fellows include a historian and civil rights activist alongside scientists, economists, poets and filmmakers
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Pelosi pushes climate priority in upcoming bills
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi highlights the climate provisions and need for U.S. emissions reductions in the Build Back Better legislation before Congress as the world's nations prepare to gather for a climate summit next month in Glasgow. (Sept. 28)      
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TCU-SMU kerfuffle over plant-the-flag scuffle escalates
TCU coach Gary Patterson has blamed members of the SMU traveling party for Saturday's incident, during which an assistant coach suffered a concussion.       
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LeBron James admits to getting vaccinated months after being initially skeptical
The NBA superstar says he would not advocate for the vaccine because it was not his place to impose his decision on others.
Afghan Domestic Violence Survivors Forced to Return to Abuse or Live in Abandoned Prison
After the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, women have been subject to archaic codes of behavior that hold them responsible for the honor of their families.
Legislation aims to make teaching CRT in federally funded schools a civil rights violation
Critical race theory would be prohibited at schools receiving federal funding under Rep. Bob Good's proposed legislation.
Some Original Staffers Say They're Still Happy To Work At Disney World After 50 Years
The park, which celebrates its anniversary on Friday, says it has a couple of dozen employees who were on the job when the gates opened on the first day in 1971.
Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan has begun to prepare for potential US default
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says America's largest bank is once again preparing for a potential US default even though he expects Congress to avoid that "potentially catastrophic" event by lifting the debt ceiling.
AP Top Stories September 28 P
Here's the latest for Tuesday, September 28: Top U.S. military officer calls Afghan war a 'strategic failure'; Yellen warns of possible slow economy; Taiwan lawmakers brawl; Petito family want attention given to all missing people.
Duchess Kate, Prince William, Billie Eilish, more stars dazzle at James Bond 'No Time To Die' premiere
The London premiere of "No Time To Die" turned out to be a royal affair. See all the stars who attended the red carpet for the latest James Bond film.
The Trailer: The endless audit: Where Republicans go next after Arizona's ballot review confirmed Biden's win
The end of the Arizona ballot review, deja vu in Virginia, and three words that some Republicans are no longer scared to say.
Child dies after contracting brain-eating amoeba at a Texas splash pad
A child in North Texas died earlier this month after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba at a city splash pad, officials announced on Monday.
Cynthia Erivo's moment: new album, new children's book
Grammy, Tony and Emmy Winner, Cynthia Erivo, is 'excited' and 'nervous' about the release of "Ch. 1 Vs. 1," her debut album of original music. She also has a new children's book, "Remember to Dream, Ebere" and is playing the Blue Fairy in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of "Pinocchio." (Sept. 28)
A royal night out at the Bond premiere
William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the world premiere of 'No Time to Die' at Royal Albert Hall in London. It's the 25th 007 movie and Craig's last turn as the iconic spy. (Sept. 28)
Danny K. Davis Says Women Must Be 'Protected' After Suggesting R. Kelly Could Be Redeemed
As an artist, one gifted, I think he'll be welcomed back into Chicago as a person who can be redeemed," Davis said on Monday.
Chris Webber opening $175M cannabis compound in southwest Detroit
Webber broke ground Tuesday on the 180,000-square-foot, $50 million facility, which will be called the Webber Wellness Compound.
WATCH: Police officer pulls driver from burning car
Police in California are praising the rookie officer who rushed to pull a driver from a burning vehicle after a crash on a San Jose freeway.
5 Boarding School Employees Charged With 13 Felony Assault Counts, Some Against Students
The prosecutor in charge of the case said his office believed "these to be the appropriate charges under the fact of the investigation."
Conservative watchdog pressures Biden admin for answers on trafficking of unaccompanied minors
The conservative group America First Legal (AFL) is pushing the Biden administration for answers on reports that unaccompanied minors have been released from federal custody into the hands of traffickers.
Are you done with Twitter? Here's how to permanently delete your Twitter account.
If you find yourself ready to ditch Twitter once and for all, here's what you can do to permanently delete your account.
The Biden Administration Is To Blame for the Del Rio Immigration Crisis | Opinion
Illegal entry is a lot more attractive to foreign nationals thinking about coming to the United States now.
January 6 rioter who said she looked for Pelosi 'to shoot her in the friggin' brain' pleads guilty to misdemeanor for illegally protesting
A Pennsylvania woman who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 and said she had been looking for Nancy Pelosi "to shoot her in the friggin' brain" pleaded guilty Tuesday to a low-level misdemeanor for unlawfully protesting on restricted grounds.
Man who killed Florida deputy caught, sheriff laments not shooting him
Patrick McDowell was nabbed Tuesday at a Callahan sports field concession stand, Sheriff Bill Leeper said.
What Time Does ‘What If…?’ Episode 8 Come Out on Disney+?
What If...? is in the endgame now.
Javier Mendez: Jake Paul shouldn't fear Conor McGregor, 'has so many advantages' over him
Javier Mendez thinks Jake Paul would give Conor McGregor a run for his money in the ring.       Related StoriesJavier Mendez: Jake Paul shouldn't fear Conor McGregor, 'has so many advantages' over him - EnclosureCory Sandhagen targeted to slide into UFC 267 opposite Petr Yan for interim titleCory Sandhagen targeted to slide into UFC 267 opposite Petr Yan for interim title - Enclosure
Engineers 3D-Print Chicken and Cook It with Lasers
The future may see a 'Photoshop' of digitized recipes for printing food.
Joe Biden could be tempted to reach for the platinum coin
Enabled by a quirk in the law, Biden could use an unusual workaround to head off a debt ceiling standoff with Republicans that could send the US into catastrophic default, writes economist Dean Baker. Such a move would be ridiculous, of course, but the periodic debt crisis is a ridiculous charade put on by America's politicians, he writes.
‘Britney vs. Spears’ on Netflix: The 3 main takeaways from the new documentary
The Netflix film finds documents that shed light on Britney Spears's conservatorship.
Sorry, Joe: Turning US into European-style welfare state won’t cost ‘zero dollars’
President Joe Biden is prone to blatant whoppers, but his claims that turning America into a European-style welfare state via the biggest expansion of federal government in decades will cost nothing are truly in a league of their own.
Trump campaign loses NDA case it brought in arbitration against Omarosa Manigault Newman for tell-all book
Former Trump campaign and White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has defeated an arbitration case brought against her by the Trump campaign, which alleged that she had violated a non-disclosure agreement with public comments and a book critical of former President Donald Trump.
Three Washington State frat members get probation in alcohol-related death of freshman
Three former members of a fraternity on the Washington State University campus were sentenced last week to eight months of supervised probation for the death of a 19-year-old freshman who died after consuming drinking a large amount of liquor.
Just 80 Capitol Riot Cases Have Entered Guilty Pleas So Far, More Than 600 Arrested
Washington's federal court is clogged with Jan. 6 cases, which more than double the total number of new criminal cases filed there all of last year.
Proof of Vaccination App Possibly Revealed Hundreds of Thousands Users' Personal Info
Portpass CEO Zakir Hussein slammed the reports, criticizing people who "shame and crucify" the upstart.
Haley calls on Biden to explain contradictions by Generals; says Milley should know not to talk to authors
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told "The Story" Tuesday that America needs answers from President Biden about the recommendations he was given by military leadership regarding Afghanistan.
Senators introduce cyber bill to mandate reporting on ransomware and critical infrastructure attacks
The top senators on the Homeland Security Committee introduced legislation on Tuesday to require critical infrastructure companies to report cyberattacks to the federal government and to mandate that most organizations tell the federal government if they make ransomware payments.
Three New Britney Spears Documentaries Tell a Chilling Tale About the Bystander Effect
For years, it seemed that no one knew what was going on with Britney Spears. In fact, many people knew, but nobody managed to stop it
WATCH: New Hampshire hiker captures spectacular fall foliage
A hiker captured spectacular footage of autumn foliage in New Hampshire's Great North Woods.
We Need a Humanitarian Solution to Del Rio | Opinion
Instead of thinking of the Haitians as our enemy, we should think about it as people who can contribute to our economy.
Emu on the Loose Reunited With Owner After Taking Nature Stroll
"He just casually kept strolling right on up to us. He seemed very social," said resident Lydia McCracken after her encounter with the second-largest living bird.
'No Time to Die' cast arrives in style to world premiere'
James Bond is known to be a sharp dresser, so it should be no surprise that the 'No Time to Die' cast arrived to the film's world premiere in London dressed to impress. (Sept. 28)
A Brief History of Adorable, Vaguely Creepy Robot Dogs
Will Amazon's new Astro, like his predecessors, also quickly shuffle off to doggy heaven?
Limited edition Pokémon Oreo cookies are being listed for thousands on eBay
How much would you pay for an Oreo cookie? For some, the answer could be thousands of dollars -- as one hard-to-find Oreo cookie featuring a rare Pokémon is fetching a hefty price tag on eBay.
Limited edition Pokémon Oreo cookies are being listed for thousands on eBay
How much would you pay for an Oreo cookie? For some, the answer could be thousands -- as one hard-to-find Oreo cookie featuring a rare Pokémon is fetching a hefty price tag on eBay.
Kasim Reed Focuses on Crime in Atlanta Mayoral Election
Kasim Reed, the former mayor whose administration was marked by corruption scandals, is running for another term, promising to restore public safety.