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Montgomery County on track to lift its indoor mask mandate

County executive says face coverings could be lifted by the middle of next week if cases stay relatively low.
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Why Dave Chappelle's School Made a Sharp U-Turn in Naming Controversy
The Duke Ellington School of the Arts postponed its decision to name a theater after the comedian amid the controversy surrounding his Netflix special.
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DA blames assistant for rampage Waukesha parade suspect’s ‘inappropriately low’ bail
Darrell Brooks, who faces six counts of intentional homicide over the crash in Waukesha, was out on $1,000 cash bail at the time of the rampage.
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‘Love Hard’ is Ringing In Representation this Holiday Season
Love Hard provides a glimmering hope of real change and inclusion for the AAPI community.
US employers added a sluggish 210,000 jobs in November
America’s employers slowed the pace of their hiring in November, adding a still-solid 210,000 jobs, the fewest in nearly a year
New president of Pro Football Hall of Fame's biggest mission: Keeping HOF relevant
Each year's list of semifinalist and finalist are debated, and there has been no shortage of chatter about what a Pro Football Hall of Famer is.
TV OT: Joyful holiday viewing, plus Netflix celebrates ... going to the movies?
Holiday TV specials to make you feel good, Netflix celebrates movies, our burning "Succession" questions and a look at Disney's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."
Maryland homeowner uses smoke to battle snakes, burns down house
A Montgomery County Fire Department spokesman said the homeowner used “smoke to manage a snake infestation” but ended up causing $1 million in damage.
'West Side Story' reimagines the original in Steven Spielberg's vibrant showcase for its stars
The new "West Side Story" doesn't entirely answer the most obvious question, which is why essentially remake a 60-year-old classic. Director Steven Spielberg nevertheless justifies the effort as a dazzling showcase for this generation's talent, in a film whose ties to lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who died last month, adds to its emotional resonance.
Congress passes bipartisan funding bill to keep the government open into February
Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown after they passed a bill that will extend government funding into February.
Hiring was a bust in November, even before omicron, with 210,000 jobs added
U.S. employers added 210,000 jobs in November, as the unemployment rate fell. A data from the Labor Department suggest the economy was losing steam even before the appearance of a new virus variant.
Three NFL teams could have multiple top-10 picks. It gives their fans a ‘ray of hope.’
The Jets, Giants and Eagles all could have multiple top-10 picks in the 2022 NFL draft.
The moves that could turn a good Mets offseason into a great one
The Mets have had a good offseason so far, but there a few moves left that could leave everyone buzzing.
18 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Men In Your Life
These Christmas presents will make any man's morning on December 25 and show them how cherished they are.
'Rust' shooting victim Halyna Hutchins' husband will make legal decisions 'when he is ready,' film gaffer says
Authorities have said Alec Baldwin was told the gun was safe to handle but continue to investigate how a live round ended up in the weapon.
Economy adds just 210,000 jobs in November even as COVID cases fall, schools reopen; unemployment drops to 4.2%
The economy added 210,000 jobs in November as COVID cases fell and more schools reopened for in-person learning. Unemployment rate fell to 4.2%.
Interpersonal Intelligence Is Critical for Artificial Intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence unites all aspects of soft skills, emotional intelligence and human differences so that artificial intelligence can serve its purpose with greater competence and conviction.
Disappointing jobs report: American employers added only 210,000 new jobs in November
America added another 210,000 jobs to the economy in November, far fewer than expected. It was a disappointing result, especially considering the hires took place before the Omicron variant became a global concern.
How estate planning can help you pass down a house to your kids and give them a financial leg up
Whether you have a cabin in the woods or a manse at the beach, creating an estate plan will determine the best way to distribute a home to your kids.
Ghislaine Maxwell Stared Directly at Her Court Sketch Artist and Drew Them Right Back
The image has gone viral on social media, with some Twitter users describing the image as "terrifying" and "horrific."
Smerconish: Germany's Covid approach won't work here
Smerconish says that in contrast to Germany's ban of the unvaccinated, the President's new emphasis on testing 'is a tacit recognition by the White House that they have not been able to reach certain among us and no amount of browbeating about the need for vaccination is going to get the job done.'
Biden administration shipping 9 million vaccine doses to Africa and another 2 million worldwide
White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients is set to announce the Biden administration is shipping 11 million vaccines doses abroad on Friday, with 9 million going to Africa and another 2 million to other countries around the world, according to remarks obtained by CNN.
Michigan football to honor victims of Oxford school shooting with jersey patch at Big Ten title game
Michigan football will wear a patch on its Big Ten title game jersey on Saturday in honor of the four students killed on Tuesday at Oxford High.
Britney Spears Mocks Therapists She Was 'Forced' to Visit in Birthday Skit
As the pop star celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday, she looked back at the therapy sessions she was required to attend under her 13-year conservatorship.
Fact-checking 4 Biden claims about the economy
President Joe Biden has spoken regularly about the economy in the past month -- trying at once to reassure Americans about inflation, draw attention to job growth and earn support for his signature infrastructure and social spending proposals.
The CIA’s Slipshod Path to Torturing Its ‘Forever Prisoner’
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/APIt’s a jam-packed new episode of The New Abnormal, starting with Molly and Joyce talking about Texas’ dystopian new abortion law, and what that suggests about where the Supreme Court is going with the Mississippi case poised to kill Roe.“It's really concerning that they've let that situation linger,” explains Vance. “In the Texas case—and this is how these abortion cases present—a state passes a law that's clearly in violation of Roe vs Wade and abortion providers or proponents go to court and they seek to enjoin the law from going into effect while they litigate its constitutionality. And because the laws are clearly unconstitutional, they get enjoined. So it's not a final decision on their merits, but the law doesn't get to stay in effect while that litigation, which can take years, is ongoing. It is deeply concerning that the court has permitted that reprehensible Texas statute to stay in effect and I think that's why we're all reading the tea leaves in such a negative way. If the court had good intentions here, that Texas law would be enjoined right now.”Subscribe to The New Abnormal on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, or Overcast. To listen to our weekly members-only bonus episodes, join Beast Inside here. Already a member? You can listen here and sign up for new episode email alerts here.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Family Told COVID Wouldn't Affect Newborn Baby By Doctors Lose Son to Virus
Californian couple Tyler Redondo and Angelina Redondo, the parents of three-month-old Tyler, want to use their experience to warn other parents about COVID.
Joe Biden's 5 Key Points on America's Winter COVID Plan
President Biden is urging Americans to get COVID-19 vaccination booster shots and has ruled out future lockdowns.
Emaciated Dog Abandoned Last Christmas 'Totally Different' After Finding Forever Home
"She won't leave my side. I've definitely found a best friend for life; and she has too!" the dog's new owner said.
"I didn't try to kill my brother" Years later, girl adopted from Russia speaks out
She was returned to Russia, and left in a children's psychiatric hospital. Now, her astonishing story.
Lewis Hamilton says he's 'not comfortable' racing in Saudi Arabia
Lewis Hamilton has said he is "not comfortable" racing in Saudi Arabia ahead of the penultimate race of the Formula One season, which takes place in Jeddah on Sunday.
5 key takeaways from Alec Baldwin's exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos
For the first time, Alec Baldwin discussed at length what happened surrounding the fatal "Rust" shooting in an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.
Brian Cashman’s dramatic knack will be tested when MLB’s lockout is lifted
Some of the execs who were mildly surprised by the Yankees’ lack of action before the lockout also pointed to Cashman’s traditional willingness to strike quickly, something he’ll have to do after this work stoppage.
Vaccine Hesitancy Is About Trust and Class
Vaccine hesitancy reflects a transformation of people’s core beliefs about what we owe each other.
Overruling ‘Roe’ likely wouldn’t generate the female backlash that feminists expect
There’s no real data to back up those assumptions.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Listening To Kenny G’ on HBO Max, Tracking Our Love/Hate Relationship With The Smooth Jazz Icon
Is the music of Kenny G your heartfelt romantic companion, or the utter bane of your existence? And why the polarization?
How Women Are Leading in the Everywhere Workplace
This new Everywhere Workplace may enable some women to do more with the less time they have.
Pan Am: The trailblazing airline that changed international travel
It's 30 years since Pan American World Airways flew its final flight, but the legendary US airline has left an indelible mark on international travel and public imagination.
Notre Dame names Marcus Freeman to replace Brian Kelly as football coach
Marcus Freeman, 35, who received loud and vocal support from the Fighting Irish roster, is finishing his first season as defensive coordinator.
What Is Black Xmas? BLM Holds Annual Christmas Boycott of 'White Companies'
The protest movement is calling for people to support Black-owned businesses this festive period and "shake off the chains of consumerism."
Sen. Ted Cruz wants to sanction a natural gas pipeline — but not because of climate change
To environmentalists, it might seem strange that Cruz wants to sanction a gas pipeline, but the move makes perfect sense to some Democrats and foreign policy experts.
'Not plausible': See gun expert's reaction to Alec Baldwin's shooting claim
Safety expert Steve Wolf reacts to Alec Baldwin's ABC interview detailing accounts of what happened in the moments prior to the fatal shooting on the set of the film "Rust" that claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
Columbia University grad student killed in NYC stabbing
Columbia student Davide Giri is dead and another man injured in a pair of stabbings near the Manhattan campus Thursday night, according to officials.
Record-breaking warm weather forecast to continue across US
Incredible record-breaking warmth continues across much of the country on Friday and lingering through the weekend.
Eye Opener: Omicron variant spreads across multiple states
Multiple states are reporting cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant as officials urge people to get their booster shots. Also, House and Senate lawmakers have approved a spending bill that will keep the government running through February 18. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
International Space Station swerves to avoid space junk, Russia says
During a six and a half hour spacewalk Thursday, NASA astronauts Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron replaced a malfunctioning communications antenna and achieved other "get ahead" tasks.
On This Day: 3 December 2002
Nicolas Cage helped launch "Adaptation" towards Oscar success, with its Los Angeles premiere. (Dec. 3)
PETA 'human' leather campaign is horrifying. But is it effective?
PETA's gruesome and fake online shop, Urban Outraged, is stirring controversy. But do these scare tactics actually help the animal rights agenda?
Debt Ceiling Window is Narrowing, Bipartisan Policy Center Warns
The U.S. could default as soon as Dec. 21 if Democrats and Republicans fail to extend the Treasury Department’s borrowing authority.