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NBA's Jonathan Isaac calls out media's 'blatant miscarriage of information' about vaccine mandates

Jonathan Isaac, who has been subject to media scrutiny since speaking out about declining to receive the coronavirus vaccine shot, told Fox News on Monday that whether someone gets the jab should be a personal decision.
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Dying Columbia student cried for help after being stabbed by reputed gangbanger
Ex-con Vincent Pinkney, 25, was arraigned on murder, attempted murder, assault and assault charges Sunday and ordered held without bail, authorities said.
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Tipster who led cops to parents of Michigan school shooter could get $20K reward
The anonymous tipster who led cops to the parents of accused Michigan high-school shooter Ethan Crumbley is set to reap a reward of up to $20,000, a new report says.
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What Peng Shuai’s rape accusation says about China
Peng Shuai plays in the 2020 Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia. | Fred Lee/Getty Images The tennis star’s disappearance is part of a larger pattern of censorship and misogyny. The safety and freedom of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai have been in serious doubt since the beginning of November, when she accused a powerful former Chinese Communist Partyofficial of sexual assault. But while her case has garnered international attention, it’s far from an isolated incident — and it speaks volumes about the purpose of political disappearances in China, as well as the country’s treatment of sexual assault. In a November 2 post on Chinese social media app Weibo, Peng accused former vice premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. Within minutes, the post disappeared; shortly thereafter, all mentions of Peng on social media did too. Although she has since reappeared in videos released by Chinese state media, it’s still unclear whether she is safe and able to speak freely, and her case has drawn support from tennis stars like Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and Novak Djokovic, as well as the Women’s Tennis Association. I am devastated and shocked to hear about the news of my peer, Peng Shuai. I hope she is safe and found as soon as possible. This must be investigated and we must not stay silent. Sending love to her and her family during this incredibly difficult time. #whereispengshuai— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) November 18, 2021 In the weeks since Peng’s initial disappearance, China’s response to the international outcry over her whereabouts and ability to speak freely has been alarmingly opaque. Among other steps, Chinese state media released a screenshot of an email supposedly written by Peng to Women’s Tennis Association President Steve Simon, which was meant to assure worried spectators that Peng was “fine” and “resting at home,” but did the opposite. Several dubious videos released by Chinese state media also failed to assure most of the international community that all was well. Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has sent an email to Steve Simon, the WTA Chairman & CEO, CGTN has learned. The email reads:— CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) November 17, 2021 “These photos and videos can only prove that Peng Shuai is alive, but nothing else. They cannot prove that Peng Shuai is free,” Teng Biao, a prominent Chinese civil rights lawyer, told the New York Times last month. High-profile figures have disappeared in China before Although Peng’s disappearance sparked an international outcry, it’s far from the first time China has disappeared public figures. Fan Bingbing, one of China’s most famous actresses; Zhao Wei, a billionaire and actress; and Jack Ma, once China’s richest man and the head of massive e-commerce site Alibaba, have all disappeared for periods in recent years, only to reappear with little explanation. Fan, a massive star who commanded China’s film industry and attracted international attention, was held under house arrest for four months in 2018 on charges of tax evasion — a fairly typical practice in China, as the New York Times reported the following year in a profile of the actress. She reappeared, cowed and praising “the [Communist] party and the state’s good policies.” The disappearances of prominent people who the Chinese Communist Party, and President Xi Jinping in particular, perceive as fundamentally inimical to communist values — either through their outspokenness, as in the cases of Peng, artist Ai Weiwei, and actress Zhao; or their public image, like Ma and Fan — serves as a warning to Chinese citizens. In particular, criticizing the state, its policies, or prominent party members can be dangerous, as in the case of real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang, who disappeared last year and was later sentenced to 18 years in prison on corruption charges after criticizing Xi’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Given that context, Peng’s disappearance and peculiar reappearance isn’t exactly a surprise; she is the first known person to publicly accuse a member of the Politburo Standing Committee — Zhang was once the vice premier under Xi, making him part of the highest rungs of power — of sexual assault. According to Lü Pin, a longtime Chinese feminist activist, the disappearance wasn’t so much a warning, but a panic response. “Somehow, the Chinese government doesn’t know how to deal with her case,” Lü said. “They don’t have any language to talk about her case, so they have to block messages, they have to block everything because they don’t know how to deal with it in any other ways.” The government censors China’s #MeToo movement Even though Peng is an international figure, with two Grand Slam doubles titles under her belt and the adulation of the Chinese state because of her successful career, accusing a powerful party member of assault was a massive risk on her part — and seen as an unforgivable transgression against the state. Her initial message on Weibo, which was quickly taken down, makes it clear she knew the danger of her decision to speak up: “It doesn’t matter if I’m hitting a rock with an egg, or being a moth that flies towards the flame,” she wrote. “I am telling the truth about what happened between us.” According to a recent piece in Australian outlet The Conversation, “[Peng’s] story directly contradicted the Communist Party’s official narrative of harmonious relations between people and Party. In particular, her allegations contradict the narrative that women, who purportedly ‘hold up half the sky in China,’ enjoy gender equality under this government.” That narrative, however, isn’t the reality in China. As Leta Hong Fincher, author of Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China, argued in a Washington Post piece in 2018, far from guaranteeing gender equality, Xi’s authoritarian regime in fact depends on enforcing patriarchal norms and depicts him as the head of the “family” that is the nation. That’s only gotten worse as China’s economic boom of the past several decades slows. According to Hong Fincher, “Chinese propaganda under Xi’s leadership has revived sexist elements of Confucianism, in particular trying to push the notion that a traditional family (based on marriage between a man and a virtuous, obedient woman) is the foundation of a stable government.” Given that framework, Peng’s decision to speak publicly against the state, pierces the illusion of a harmonious “family” headed by “Xi Dada” — Big Daddy Xi — and exposes devastating family secrets. “Peng Shuai’s disclosure of being sexually abused by Zhang Gaoli, the former Vice Premiere of the People’s Republic of China, is crucial,” Lü wrote in a November blog post. “Though only the tip of the iceberg, it exposes the real life of Chinese highest cadres, on how their power masked their hypocrisy, and how they are excessively corrupted.” “Every day, there are victims trying to get attention, but most of them cannot get any attention, and they were censored before people can see them,” Lü said in a phone call with Vox. “That’s sad, but only very few people’s voices could be heard in China, could go beyond the censorship.” Despite a handful of high-profile punishments for sexual assault, there is a limit to how far the Communist Party will go in allowing a Western-style #MeToo movement to take hold; previously, China has censored the #MeToo hashtag on social media and detained journalist Sophia Huang Xueqin, who has been deeply involved with the #MeToo movement in China, on a charge of “inciting subversion of state power.” In China, according to CNN, state outlets publish articles saying sexual assault isn’t a problem, despite evidence to the contrary. Only about 43,000 cases of “crimes against women’s rights” were prosecuted between 2013 and 2017, in a nation of 1.4 billion. And Peng’s censorship indicates that, like many Chinese women without her star power, she’ll be unable to tell her story and the accused won’t face justice. “I doubt that the Chinese government will investigate her accusations,” Lü told Vox over the phone. But, she said, Peng’s case shows the world “the reality of [Chinese] politics”: Though some politicians have been punished by the state for having “affairs,” Lü said, “they never expose the women’s name, and what’s the real experience for them. Were those women raped? Nobody knows.” The world responds to China’s continuing clampdown Peng’s accusation came just as Xi tightens his grip on power; a resolution on the “correct view” of the Communist Party’s history, passed last month, calls on “the entire party, the entire army and people of all ethnic groups to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,” according to Agence France-Presse, quoting Chinese state media outlet Xinhua. The new resolution centers Xi as the ultimate arbiter of Chinese political culture, the state, and the history of China’s Communist Party — elevating him to the level of previous Chinese leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping — and attempts to justify his crackdowns on pro-democracy activists, Uyghur minorities, and other perceived adversaries. In addition to Xi’s own power play, the February Beijing Winter Olympics will give China an opportunity to show its power and wealth on a global stage, portraying the Communist Party as a viable alternative to American democracy, Atlantic Council fellow Michael Schuman writes in the Atlantic. But Peng’s case throws a wrench in that plan. While the Olympics will probably go off as planned despite a potential US diplomatic boycott over China’s human rights atrocities, the International Olympic Committee’s response to Peng’s disappearance has heightened scrutiny of the Games and the IOC itself. In a statement this month from Human Rights Watch, Andrea Florence, the acting director of the Sport & Rights Alliance, criticized “the IOC’s eagerness to ignore the voice of an Olympian who may be in danger and to support claims of state-sponsored media in China.” In a recently introduced congressional resolution, two US lawmakers have also accused the IOC of “collaborating with the Communist Party” in covering up Peng’s accusations and disappearance. “The IOC has demonstrated yet again it cares more about appeasing the Chinese Communist Party and the Olympics’ corporate sponsors rather than the wellbeing of Olympic tennis star Peng Shuai who accused a top CCP official of sexual assault,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) said in a statement announcing the resolution condemning the IOC’s actions. The IOC’s response stands in stark contrast to that of the WTA, which unequivocally suspended a lucrative, decade-long contract to hold professional tournaments in China earlier this month. BREAKING: WTA announces decision to suspend its tournaments in China due to the ongoing Peng Shuai situation.From Steve Simon:— Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) December 1, 2021 “While we now know where Peng is, I have serious doubts that she is free, safe and not subject to censorship, coercion, and intimidation,” Steve Simon, the WTA president, wrote in a statement announcing the suspension. “If powerful people can suppress the voices of women and sweep allegations of sexual assault under the rug, then the basis on which the WTA was founded — equality for women — would suffer an immense setback.” With such sustained attention on the problem, it’s unclear how long China can keep up the ruse that Peng is fine and able to speak without censorship. But while Peng’s case highlights a multitude of serious problems in Chinese politics and culture, Lü told Vox, it likely won’t change the political structure. “It’s extremely hard. Our government is very much powerful; nobody really creates real crisis to them,” she said. ”I think that’s the truth, we should admit that. Even Biden cannot do anything.” But expecting a case like Peng Shuai’s, explosive as it is, to create systemic change in China, Lü said, is missing the point of the feminist movement. “Our vision is not to overturn the rule of the Chinese government,” she said. “Our goal is to just make women not suffer so much.”
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Vandals defaced tunnels near Idaho's Anne Frank memorial with anti-Semitic graffiti, including swastikas, police say
As millions of Jewish people across the country celebrate Hanukkah, police say vandals painted anti-Semitic messages and symbols in tunnels near Idaho's Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial on Friday.
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Steve Nash thinks Eastern Conference is as deep as ever
The two best records in the NBA belong to Western Conference powers Golden State and Phoenix, but Steve Nash believes the East is as deep as it has been in years.
Georgia’s Kirby Smart has looming QB decision to make for CFP semifinal
In less than a month, Georgia will face Michigan in its return to the College Football Playoff, and the Bulldogs coach has a lot of work to do by New Year’s Eve.
Masked Chrissy Teigen and John Legend buy out entire row at NYC's vax only Radio City Music Hall
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend bought out a whole row of seats at one of New York City’s most popular holiday attractions so that they could avoid fans and onlookers.
Some people love cars so much they’re sad to see them go — and miss them still
From Ford to Lamborghini, cars (and trucks) can bury themselves in our souls.
Alan Arkin : His acting career in pictures
Alan Arkin won the Academy Award for his role in "Little Miss Sunshine".
Fog rolls in, worsening air quality in Los Angeles Basin and delaying flights
Fog blanketed much of Los Angeles County on Sunday, snarling flights and worsening air quality.
Letters to the Editor — Dec. 6, 2021
New York Post readers call out Alec Baldwin’s sensationalist claims on his “Rust” shooting, along with his narcissist interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous.
Commentary: College Football Playoff committee didn't have to fret much over its final four
Once Baylor beat Oklahoma State on Saturday, there was no doubt the playoff teams would be Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati.
Cincinnati’s Luke Fickell expected to be in mix for NFL gigs
Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Luke Fickell’s name has been thrown around as more coaching jobs have become open, but they’ve all been rumors up to this point — he made it clear his focus was winning a championship with the Bearcats.
Tom Holland and Zendaya swap loving gazes at ‘Spider-Man’ photo call
The "Spider-Man: No Way Home" co-stars only had eyes for each other as they promoted the upcoming film together at a photo session in London on Sunday.
Trenton Cannon taken off field in ambulance after scary 49ers collision
Former Jets running back Trenton Cannon was taken off the field in an ambulance Sunday afternoon after taking a scary hit during the 49ers-Seahawks game in Seattle.
Nicole Kidman transforms into Lucille Ball in ‘Being the Ricardos’ biopic
Amazon’s new movie about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz — “Being the Ricardos” — had a screening. One door was Scotch-taped with paper saying Nicole Kidman.
Will Jussie Smollett testify in Chicago trial? Legal experts weigh in
Legal experts weigh in on whether it's in Jussie Smollett's best interest to tell his side of the story about the alleged 2019 attack.
Jim acosta claims McConnell would abolish filibuster if circumstances were reversed: 'What would Mitch do?'
CNN host Jim Acosta on Saturday encouraged Democrats to abolish the filibuster, arguing that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would do the same if he was in the Democrats' shoes.
Democratic Socialists’ drive to boot Bowman for visiting Israel reveals their intolerance — and bigotry
Democratic Socialists of America members are furious with Rep. Jamaal Bowman and want him booted from their ranks. His crime? Visiting Israel.
Honoring Bob Dole: Politicians react to former senator's death
Dole, 98, died Sunday.
Mike Glennon suffers concussion as Giants’ quarterback situation gets bleaker
Mike Glennon suffered a concussion Sunday against the Dolphins and the woeful Giants offense could be about to start a recent fourth-string quarterback.
Sexual Misconduct Allegation Led to CNN Firing Chris Cuomo, Attorney Claims
Debra Katz says her client, who wishes to remain anonymous, detailed the allegations to CNN last week.
Maryland man allegedly distributed over 600 fake vaccine cards, faces federal charges
A Maryland man faces federal charges over allegedly distributing over 600 fake COVID-19 vaccine cards.
Taylor's two-TD day helps Colts rout woeful Texans 31-0
Jonathan Taylor ran for 143 yards and two touchdowns and the Indianapolis Colts rolled to an easy 31-0 win over the hapless Houston Texans on Sunday.
Curtis Sliwa launches ‘Save the Senate’ PAC to topple Chuck Schumer
Fresh off a campaign loss for City Hall, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa has launched a new Super PAC aimed at defeating Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is up for re-election.
Murray throws for 2 TDs, runs for 2 as Cardinals beat Bears
Kyler Murray threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more in his return from an ankle injury, and the Arizona Cardinals beat the struggling Chicago Bears 33-22 on Sunday.
Virginia to play in Fenway Bowl in final game for Coach Bronco Mendenhall
The Cavaliers will face Southern Methodist at Fenway Park on Dec. 29 in the fourth bowl game in last five years under departing Bronco Mendenhall.
Still undefeated at 'Sweet Dreams' Stadium, Jamahal Hill full steam ahead in 2022
Jamahal Hill needed just 48 seconds to prove once again he's worthy of the hype that was starting to build around him before his first loss.       Related StoriesStill undefeated at 'Sweet Dreams' Stadium, Jamahal Hill full steam ahead in 2022 - EnclosureSean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Jose Aldo after UFC on ESPN 31 win?Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Jose Aldo after UFC on ESPN 31 win? - Enclosure
Trump-Backed David Perdue Faces Scathing Attack From Georgia Gov. Kemp Ahead of Primary Bid
Perdue is planning to announce a bid in the Republican primary against Kemp on Monday after being recruited to do so by former President Donald Trump.
When Is Jodie Whittaker Regenerating on 'Doctor Who'?
Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor, and she'll be bidding farewell to the character after becoming the first female actor to portray the Gallifreyan Time Lord.
Maryland sputters to a third straight loss in its first game since Mark Turgeon’s departure
The Terps had an awful shooting day as they fell to Northwestern, 67-61, in their Big Ten opener.
Brady throws for 368 yards, 4 TDs; Bucs beat Falcons 30-17
Tom Brady threw for 368 yards and four touchdowns — two of them to longtime favorite target Rob Gronkowski — and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved to the brink of clinching the NFC South title with a 30-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.
Ex-Georgia GOP Sen. David Perdue plans to announce gubernatorial primary challenge to Kemp, reports say
Former GOP Sen. David Perdue plans to announce Monday that he's mounting a primary challenge against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a move that will pit the ally of former President Donald Trump against the incumbent Republican governor and set up an intra-party fight in one of the nation's closely watched political battlegrounds, according to multiple reports.
Chris Cuomo, newly fired from CNN, faces an allegation of sexual misconduct
"My client came forward at this time because she felt in sharing her story and related documentation, she could help protect other women," said attorney Debra Katz on Sunday.
Chargers fend off surging Bengals for huge road victory
The Los Angeles Chargers held off a surging Cincinnati Bengals to pick up the win and get back on track as they look to secure a spot in the playoffs over the next few weeks.
Tua, Dolphins hold off Giants, win 20-9
Tua Tagovailoa threw a pair of short touchdown passes, and the Miami Dolphins extended their winning streak to five games by topping the New York Giants 20-9 on Sunday.
Lions get first win of season after stunning finish against Vikings
DETROIT — The Lions finally found a victory when Jared Goff threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown as time expired, lifting previously winless Detroit to a 29-27 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Not only was the finish dramatic, it was stunning. Goff led the Lions on a 75-yard decisive possession...
Runny-nosed hippos test positive for Covid-19 in Belgium
Two hippos at a zoo in Antwerp, Belgium, have tested positive for Covid-19, in what is believed to be the first such infection reported in the species.
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Fox Nation celebrates third-annual ‘All-American Christmas’ tree lighting on Fox Square
"Fox & Friends" co-hosts join Abby Hornacek and Lawrence Jones for third-annual Fox Nation "All-American Christmas" tree lighting.
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Olivia Rodrigo hasn’t spoken to Joshua Bassett since ‘Drivers License’ release
Bassett claims in a new interview with GQ that he has reached out to his ex-girlfriend several times in the past year, but Rodrigo has yet to respond. 
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NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins: ‘Certainly possible that this is not the last emerging variant’
Omicron is likely not the last COVID-19 variant that will cause a "lot of concern," the director of the National Institutes of Health warned on Sunday.
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Woman accusing Chris Cuomo of sexual misconduct is ex-ABC colleague: sources
The unidentified woman is set to be interviewed by outside lawyers hired by CNN this week, pending an agreement to keep her identity and everything she says confidential.
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Hear the false election claims made by candidates who are vying to run them
CNN's Daniel Dale fact checks claims from three Trump-endorsed candidates for Secretary of State: the position that oversees many states' elections.
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Jared Goff fires game-winning TD pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown to give Lions first win
The Detroit Lions are winless no more.
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After weeks of speculation, Art Acevedo says he will not enter L.A. County sheriff's race
Art Acevedo, a prominent law enforcement figure, said that he will not enter the race for Los Angeles County sheriff.
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Photos: Bob Dole through the years
The World War II veteran, senator and presidential candidate died on December 5 at the age of 98.
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Here's the biggest news you missed this weekend
Omicron has been detected in at least 15 states. And Alabama gets the No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff. It's the weekend's biggest news.     
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Cincinnati Bengals fumble away chance at historic comeback against Los Angeles Chargers
The Bengals had several opportunities to win, but they cost themselves with turnovers, missed assignments and miscommunications.       
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