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Newsom beats California recall

The governor will remain in office after crushing a conservative-driven effort in the blue state.
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Waka Flocka Flame’s wife beefs with CVS employee in wild video
The singer fought with the drugstore employee and claimed the worker racially profiled her.
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Climate-change scaremongering is an assault on our kids right out of science fiction
Everybody loves a good scare, especially this time of the year. But for the climate-change movement, it seems every day is Halloween.
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Wall Street doesn’t care about the Facebook leaks. Mark Zuckerberg does.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a security conference in 2020. | Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images Facebook’s numbers are doing fine for now — but not its reputation. Facebook’s market value is doing just fine. But a recent deluge of damning reports about Facebook that first appeared in the Wall Street Journal — from how the company’s products impact users’ mental health to how it contributed to political polarization in the buildup to the January 6 Capitol riots — is clearly frustrating CEO Mark Zuckerberg. On the company’s quarterly earnings call on Monday, Zuckerberg addressed the scrutiny and criticism directed at Facebook by striking a notably defiant tone that differed from his usually even-keeled public demeanor. “Good-faith criticism helps us get better. But my view is that what we’re seeing is a coordinated effort to selectively use the leaked documents to paint a false picture of our company,” said Zuckerberg. “The reality is that we have an open culture, where we encourage discussion and research about our work so we can make progress on many complex issues that are not specific to just us.” It’s important to note that Facebook is performing well financially. The company reported mostly strong quarterly earnings on Monday, even though this is the first report after Apple introduced privacy changes in April that could have severely limited Facebook’s ad business. And despite all the reports about the potential social harms of its products, Facebook’s share prices are on the rise. So the fact that Zuckerberg spent the first several minutes of his 10-minute introductory remarks on the call defending the moral integrity of his company speaks to how much these reports seem to have aggravated him. Zuckerberg’s comments also raise questions about how he views the role of the press in reporting on his company to the public. The “coordinated effort” to “selectively use” leaked internal Facebook documents that Zuckerberg mentioned seemingly refers to the existence of a reporting consortium of more than 17 newsrooms, including the Associated Press, the Atlantic, and the New York Times, that began publishing articles late last week. The consortium was established to share thousands of files leaked by former Facebook employee Frances Haugen (Recode joined the consortium on Monday). The initial consortium set a mutually agreed-upon time for publication of their stories, in what’s called an “embargo” — a common media practice that Facebook PR itself regularly uses for product rollouts and other press announcements. Facebook previously released a public statement attacking the reporting consortium before the articles came out. On Monday’s earnings call, Zuckerberg said he “can’t change the underlying media dynamic,” and that instead he would double down on continuing to build new products for Facebook’s users. Repeatedly, he called Facebook an “industry leader” in reducing harmful content on its platforms. He also pointed to existing methods the company has to share snapshots of its inner workings with the public, such as its self-curated transparency reports, ad archive, Oversight Board, and programs to share selected internal data with outside researchers who study things like political polarization and health misinformation on the platform. “We believe that our systems are the most effective in reducing harmful content across the [social media] industry. And I think that any honest account of how we’ve handled these issues should include that,” Zuckerberg said. What he didn’t mention is how many of those mechanisms of transparency have been criticized for being inadequate by respected outside authorities. Even Facebook’s own Oversight Board has accused the company of withholding key information; in April, the board said that Facebook “was not fully forthcoming,” by “failing to provide relevant and complete information on some occasions,” and demanded more transparency from the company. And academics have long complained that Facebook is too slow and limited in the data it shares for outside studies, which can render Facebook’s academic partnerships ineffective for time-sensitive research on pressing topics like social media posts about Covid-19. Zuckerberg has a point when he says that Facebook has fostered an open culture for its in-house, world-class researchers to analyze the company’s most complicated problems. What he seems to be upset about now is that Haugen has shared those findings with the public. While that hasn’t seemed to worry investors, analysts, and shareholders all that much — as Facebook is still a massively profitable business — Zuckerberg’s comments on Monday’s earnings call hint at how hard these leaks have rocked the company. Facebook’s financials may still be squarely under Zuckerberg’s control, but its moral standing isn’t anymore.
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Judge denies stay of execution request for group of inmates
Med. Examiner: Boy killed same time as mother
Attorney General reaches settlement in lawsuit
Police and city leaders launch watch groups
Online threat prompts early dismissal at School
Watters torches Atlantic piece targeting U.S. shoppers amid shortages: 'Shut up you pampered shopaholics'
Fox News host Jesse Watters blasted The Atlantic for a story appearing to blame U.S. shoppers for supply chain shortages.
Men accused of plotting ‘race war’ may be sentenced as domestic terrorists, judge rules
The designation means the men, sent to be sentenced Thursday in Maryland, are eligible for harsher sentences
Alec Baldwin’s shooting mishap: Special effects expert analyzes what likely happened
Special effects supervisor Steve Wolf shares his expertise surrounding what's known about Alec Baldwin's lethal mishap on 'The Story.'
Maryland oyster industry hoping for rebound as new season begins
The latest figures show a strong population of market-size bivalves in the Chesapeake Bay.
Truffles take over the menu at NYC restaurants
It’s truffle season — and prices for the prized tubers have gotten more astronomical than ever. A pound of white truffles — the most rare and sought-after, rooted up by keen-nosed dogs and pigs in northern Italy’s Piedmont region — have lately hit all-time highs between $4,500 and $5,000 a pound at wholesale. That’s up...
NBA Star Doubles Down on China Criticism, New Shoes Show Him Holding Winnie the Pooh's Head
The character of Winnie the Pooh is often used to poke fun at Chinese President Xi Jinping due to their supposed likeness.
Report: Tori Spelling feels ‘trapped’ in Dean McDermott marriage
Spelling is “miserable” with her husband but remains in the marriage “for the kids,” who “have no idea what’s going on,” a source close to the couple told Us Weekly.
WATCH: Zoo otters chow down on jack-o'-lanterns
Otters at Portland's Oregon Zoo got the chance to feast on jack-o'-lanterns ahead of Halloween.
Tom Brady's 600th TD ball yields this deal from Buccaneers to fan
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan who mistakenly received the ball thrown during Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass has gotten the full details of the trade the organization made for the piece of memorabilia.
Putin's army of hackers are targeting America
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his army of hackers are once again targeting America. CNN's Brian Todd has more.
'I have some conditions': Dave Chappelle on engaging with trans community; fired Netflix employee speaks
Dave Chappelle doesn't want people attacking the LGBTQ community in the wake of his controversial Netflix special "The Closer."
John Wayne Gacy victim identified through DNA from tooth
Francis Wayne Alexander's remains were found more than 40 years ago in the crawl space of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy's home.
'Pathetic Piece of Trash': Marjorie Taylor Greene Denies Report Linking Her to Jan. 6
"The whole thing is their same playbook," Greene continued. "Make up a story, publish it, then all the other outlets rinse and repeat."
Hochul’s Health Dept. continues Cuomo-era stall in in releasing nursing-home COVID info
Despite Gov. Kathy Hochul’s promises of transparency, the state Health Department continues responding to requests for pandemic data with stalling tactics
Sexton: 'Lab coat tyrant' Fauci feeling pressure as Beagle flies scandal fuels distrust of the doctor
Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease, may finally be feeling compounding pressure from the public after his agency was linked to the funding of experimentation on puppies while already facing criticism for his advocacy of strict COVID restrictions, EIB Network host Buck Sexton said Monday.
Live updates: Saints visit the Seahawks on ‘Monday Night Football’
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Inside the 2021 World Series matchups: Who has the edge?
The Post’s Mike Puma breaks down the matchup between the NL East and AL West champions as Tuesday’s Game 1 approaches.
Virginia's governor's race remains close
The race could be a referendum on President Biden's agenda and popularity.
Cuomo rule: Hochul hires law firm to probe harassment in state government
ALBANY — They should call it the Cuomo rule. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Monday that her administration will hire an outside law firm to investigate any future claims of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation in her office. The move comes in the wake of her disgraced predecessor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation following a bombshell report that...
Retired FBI official becomes bus driver amid shortage
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to a veteran and former FBI official, Mike Mason, who is continuing his life of service by driving a school bus. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
Brian Laundrie notebook found near remains 'may be salvageable,' police say
Brian Laundrie's notebook, which his parents found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Oct. 20 before handing it over to authorities, “may be salvageable,” police say.
Corey Anderson: If Jan Blachowicz loses to Glover Teixeira, debate on No. 1 light heavyweight is over
"I am Glover's last loss so he loses that one, that debate's over."       Related StoriesCorey Anderson: If Jan Blachowicz loses to Glover Teixeira, debate on No. 1 light heavyweight is over - EnclosureUFC 267 'Embedded,' No. 1: Arrivals in Abu Dhabi for different type of fight weekBellator 268 salaries: Vadim Nemkov, Corey Anderson among five six-figure paydays
Report says members of Congress, White House officials met with organizers of January 6th protest
A new report from Rolling Stone says the organizers of the January 6th rally had dozens of planning meetings with members of Congress and White House officials. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" with the latest on the January 6th investigation.
Nevertheless, Warren’s wealth tax idea persisted
When Sen. Elizabeth Warren ended her presidential run, rivals said she was too far to the left for voters. Now Democrats are resurrecting the ‘wealth tax’ at the heart of her campaign — at a critical moment for Biden.
Checking in: Offices mimic hotel amenities to lure back workers
Office leasing is gaining momentum as the delta variant recedes and worker bees return to the hive — albeit many are yet to appear for all five days a week. “The second wave was scary,” said Matt Astrachan, vice chairman of the global real estate service company JLL. “That was the bottom and once we...
There is no gray area for these Astros, only black and white: Sherman
Friends, baseball fans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury the Astros, not to praise them.
Critics pounce on PM for bumping interpreter out of the way
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern literally bumps a sign language interpreter out of the picture. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
'The Five' blast Obama for downplaying anger of Virginia parents
President Obama angered Virginia parents when he addressed "trumped-up culture wars" being reported by "right-wing media".
How ‘Biden Bucks’ will gut the American work ethic
Democrats used to be the party of working people.  Now they sneer at people who work hard.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Monday, October 25, 2021
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘4400’ On The CW, A More Diverse Remake Of The ‘00s Time Travel Series
The location shifts from Seattle to Detroit, but there are still 4400 people who are suddenly in 2021 and have no idea how they got there.
California lawmaker wants to ban live guns on movie sets after Baldwin mishap
A California state senator is proposing a ban on live weapons on movie sets in the wake of the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer by Alec Baldwin.
2 killed and officer among 4 injured in US mall shooting, police say
Two people were killed when a gunman opened fire Monday at an Idaho mall, according to Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee.
2 killed and officer among 4 injured in Boise mall shooting, police say
Six people, including a police officer, were injured Monday when shots were reportedly fired at an Idaho mall, according to tweets from the Boise Police Department.
McAuliffe gets 'agitated' when asked about panicking campaign, efforts to tie Youngkin to Trump: report
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe appeared to be agitated when speaking with Axios
Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball nets fan big Buccaneers haul
What's a piece of sports history worth? It's not quite $500,000, but the ball from Tom Brady's 600th touchdown pass did get one fan a pretty nice haul.
Dems’ latest idea to fund their spendapalooza as desperate as it gets
Democrats have gotten truly desperate as they flail around looking for ways to fund their multitrillion-dollar social spendapalooza. They’re now looking at taxing unrealized capital gains. Yes, that’s right — they want to tax profits from stocks and real estate before they’ve actually been sold and cashed out. It’s madness. President Joe Biden admits he’s not...
Police Arrest Couple After DNA Links Them to Baby's Body Found in Trash 30 Years Ago
The couple is currently incarcerated in a North Carolina jail in lieu of a separate $250,000 bond after their arrest for concealing the birth of a child.
Facebook under fire after new documents leaked
Former Facebook employees claim the company puts profits over people. News outlets reviewed thousands of pages of internal documents suggesting Facebook knew its platform could fuel hate, but did little to stop it. Laurie Segall has more.
The massive Facebook leak shows how investigative journalism is changing
News organizations agreed to embargo in release of whistleblower’s files about Facebook.