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Newsom thanks California for 'rejecting the division, rejecting the cynicism'

The governor said he saw the recall's failure as a hopeful sign.

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LGBT Vets Discharged For Their Sexual Orientation Will Now Get Full Benefits
The change will reportedly be announced on the 10-year anniversary of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy ending.
U.S. Plans To Deport Massive Number Of Haitians From Del Rio, Texas, An Official Says
Plans have yet to be finalized, but officials are considering five to eight flights a day. The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
Jacob deGrom’s health one of many questions for Mets’ 2022 rotation
This 2021 rotation has largely overachieved, but the Mets must prepare for an offseason of questions regarding that unit.
FDA panel approves Pfizer boosters for older and high-risk people
President Biden’s plan to give booster shots to most Americans was rejected by an FDA advisory panel just days before its rollout. The panel did, however, endorse a Pfizer booster shot for older Americans or those at risk of serious disease. Jonathan Vigliotti has the latest.
TikToker claims she picked up Brian Laundrie hitchhiking in Grand Teton
A TikToker has gone viral over her claims she picked up Brian Laundrie hitchhiking alone in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, around the time his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was last seen.
Jamison Crowder’s return gives Zach Wilson another Jets weapon
Jamison Crowder, the Jets' leading receiver the past two seasons, is projected to be back after missing Week 1 due to to COVID-19.
Gov. Abbott signs Texas border security bill
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a border security funding bill into law on Friday. The bill will provide an additional $1.8 billion in state funding for border security over the next two years. (Sept. 17)
Official says US will deport 'massive' number of Haitians
An official says the administration is planning “massive movements” of Haitians.
The Secret Talks Behind the U.S. Deal That France Called a 'Betrayal'
In meeting after meeting with their French counterparts, U.S. officials gave no heads-up about their plans to upend France’s largest defense contract.
Robert Durst, New York real estate heir who prosecutors say confessed in HBO documentary, found guilty of best friend's murder
The New York real estate heir was the subject of the six-part HBO documentary "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," which aired in 2015.
Prince Charles recalls the last conversation he had with late Prince Philip
"We're talking about your birthday," Charles claims to have told his father the day before he died, only to have Philip respond, "Well, I've got to be alive for it, haven't I?"
Firefighters sue over city of L.A.'s vaccine mandate
Firefighters sued L.A. over vaccine mandate for city employees. A group of LAPD officers earlier filed a similar lawsuit.
Pay attention to the far right's use of memes to stir extremism
A man, armed with a machete and a knife and expressing White supremacist views, was arrested near the Democratic National Committee's headquarters on Monday as Washington awaits a rally of diehard Trump supporters set for Saturday. The adornments on his truck flashed old-fashioned signs of hate, including a swastika -- an old-fashioned symbol in an era when right-wing extremists are more likely to rally behind internet memes. Whether old or new, these symbols have one thing in common: They are meant to terrorize.
After years of dabbling in MMA, NCAA champ Jesse Delgado finally ready for pro debut at Bellator 266
A friend of Daniel Cormier and a former University of Illinois standout, Jesse Delgado feels like his MMA debut is long overdue.       Related StoriesAfter years of dabbling in MMA, NCAA champ Jesse Delgado finally ready for pro debut at Bellator 266 - EnclosureVideo: Will Yoel Romero win Bellator gold after coming up short in UFC?Yoel Romero opens up on eye injury that delayed Bellator debut, says 'best decision was not to fight'
Law enforcement ramped up for Sept. 18 ‘Justice for J6’ Capitol rally
Law enforcement officials have ramped up security measures in the days leading up to Saturday’s "Justice for J6" rally at the Capitol, taking strides to prevent similar instances of violence that were seen during the Jan. 6, 2021 pro-Trump riot.
Milley’s perfidy is more proof the ruling class couldn’t care less about democracy
This week’s unsettling revelation of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s alleged late Trump administration-era perfidy is but one glaring fusillade in a years-long crusade by America’s decrepit ruling class to condemn and ultimately subjugate us “deplorables,” “wrong-thinkers” and all others with a conservative or traditionalist worldview. It is a shot...
France Is Mad
The dining room of the French Ambassador’s residence is one of the most beautiful places in Washington D.C., a confection of frothed plaster overlooking a garden in the poodle-clipped style the French so love. Before COVID, the room was known for the discussion sessions held there and hosted by a gracious series of ambassadors. It’s been a long time since anyone was able to enjoy an in-person event at the residence. So when invitations arrived to celebrate Constitution Day, September 17, at the residence in a lunchtime discussion with a former justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and an equally distinguished French judge, well, the RSVPs returned quickly.The timing, however, was unfortunate, as it coincided with an angry upset in Franco-American relations. The United States had snatched a $90 billion submarine contract with Australia from French shipyards. To add (security policy) insult to the (lost jobs and revenues) injury, the redirected submarine contract would consolidate a new U.S.-U.K.-Australia naval defense agreement in the Indo-Pacific, an agreement into which France had not been invited.Worse still, the French received word only hours before the public found out, reportedly because the Americans and the Australians each insisted that the other deliver the bad news.The French administered a symbolic protest by cancelling a gala event planned for Friday evening: a commemoration of the 240th anniversary of a naval battle that helped secure the American victory at Yorktown in 1781. But lunch? Attendees hastily confirmed: lunch was safe. Or so it seemed.The first hour of the lunch event harkened back to pre-COVID days: there was champagne in the foyer, courteous welcomes by embassy senior staff, all as it used to be. Guests took their seats. Opening remarks were elegantly spoken, all off the record, but so guarded and careful that there would be no news in them even without an agreement not to quote them. Steve Clemons, an editor-at-large at The Hill and the whisky-smooth master of ceremonies, set the conversation in motion. But about 15 minutes in, Clemons was obliged to make a regretful announcement: the ambassador had a very important meeting and would be leaving immediately.Somebody loudly asked, “Off to the state department?”Only later did we learn where the ambassador was heading: not to the state department, not to the Pentagon, not to the White House, but upstairs to pack before flying to Paris for “consultations.”Earlier in the meal, somebody had cracked a joke about U.S.-French relations: how they’d sunk so low that they were now under water. The Americans laughed. The French did not.But on the plus side: they did not shove us out on the sidewalk either. A powerful symbolic message was sent. France is mad, but not so mad that we will deprive our American friends of lunch and dessert. (Crème brûlée, in case you were wondering, under the crackling crust individually crafted by a sous-chef with a miniature flamethrower.)It’s like a scene from a marriage that endures despite the quarrels. The aggrieved partner walked out in a rage, but not before ensuring that the other had been properly fed.
Photos: Bellator 266 ceremonial weigh-ins and faceoffs
Check out these photos of the fighters on the scale and their faceoffs at the Bellator 266 ceremonial weigh-ins.       Related StoriesPhotos: UFC Fight Night 192 official weigh-ins and faceoffsPhotos: Carlos Condit through the yearsDana White's Contender Series 39: Best photos from Las Vegas
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, September 17, 2021
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
Meet Carrie Bradshaw’s new ‘Sex and the City’ hunk: A boxer and model
The Post can reveal that the mystery beefcake — who is wearing coveralls emblazoned with "Hot Fellas Baked Goods" on the set — is French actor and model Thomas Canestraro.
Nearly 1 in 400 Floridians Has Died of COVID-19 as State Surpasses 50,000 Deaths
Since the start of September, COVID-19 has killed roughly 15 state residents every hour.
FDA panel rejects Pfizer’s broad COVID booster shot plan
President Biden’s plan to give booster shots to most Americans was rejected by an FDA advisory panel just days before its rollout. The panel did, however, endorse a Pfizer booster shot for older Americans or those at risk of serious disease. Jonathan Vigliotti has the latest.
FDA panel: Most Americans do not need Pfizer COVID vaccine boosters
A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted to recommend only people over the age of 65 or who are immunocompromised need third doses of the Pfizer vaccine. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports the decision upends the Biden administration's plans to roll out a mass booster program Monday. Then, Dr. Hilary Fairbrother, an emergency medicine physician, joins CBSN's Lana Zak to explain what this vote means for the future of COVID-19 vaccine boosters.
Dr. Jon LaPook on what the FDA panel’s Pfizer booster decision means
Amid confusion about whether COVID-19 booster shots are necessary, Dr. Jon LaPook explains what the FDA’s decision on the Pfizer booster shot means and who should be getting them.
France recalls ambassador to U.S. over submarine deal
France recalled its ambassador to the U.S. after the U.S. and the U.K. reached a deal with Australia to build nuclear submarines for the nation. The French had their own deal with Australia, which was scrapped.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s former surveillance-state strongman, dies at 84
Maneuvering through coups, conflicts and political intrigue, he helped end a civil war and was the longest-ruling leader of Africa’s largest country.
California wildfires threaten giant sequoia trees
Firefighters wrapped the base of the world’s largest tree, a giant sequoia, in silver foil blankets to protect it from approaching wildfires.
FDA Panel Recommends Against Following White House Plan for Booster Doses for All
But it recommended third doses for the elderly and other at-risk groups
Matt Braynard, one-time Trump aide, finds spotlight with Jan. 6 crusade
He is taking his protest to defend those arrested for storming the Capitol outside the site of the insurrection.
Ex-Cuomo aide Letizia Tagliafierro resigns as NYS inspector general amid probe
Inspector General Letizia Tagliafierro -- a former aide to disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- resigned from her position Friday, a department spokesperson confirmed to The Post.
How Hope, Fear and Misinformation Led Thousands of Haitians to the U.S. Border
Some left to find work. Others to escape violence or racial discrimination in other countries. But many believe ‘there is nothing to go back to.’
Guests on Sunday Talk Shows: António Guterres on 'Fareed Zakaria GPS'
Sunday Talk Show Guests on Sept. 19: António Guterres on 'Fareed Zakaria GPS'; "Face the Nation"; "Meet the Press"; "This Week"; "Fox News Sunday"
Seven Saints coaches sidelined by COVID-19 protocols
Seven New Orleans assistant coaches will miss Sunday's game at Carolina due to COVID-19 protocols.
States warn of COVID-19 antibody drug shortage
Officials in several states are voicing concern over shortages of monoclonal antibody drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients.
Kieran Culkin and wife Jazz Charton welcomed second child in August
"One month with our perfect little man 8.17.21," Charton captioned photos of herself with the infant and daughter, Kinsey Sioux, who turned 2 years old on September 13th.
New watchdog report rates U.S. climate goals "insufficient"
Most G20 countries are failing their emissions obligations, according to a new report by watchdog organization The Climate Action Tracker, which calls the U.S.' climate goals "insufficient." CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN's Lana Zak to explain.
I respected Mark Milley ⁠— but he has damaged our democracy
Gen. Mark Milley has compromised the US’s national security through his alleged phone call to his Chinese counterpart. President Biden must own up to it, retired Army lieutenant general Keith Kellogg says.
National Zoo big cats test presumptively positive for COVID-19
Final test results are expected in upcoming days.
Border Patrol didn't conduct welfare checks on migrant boy who died in 2019
Carlos Gregorio Hernández Vásquez, 16, became the sixth migrant child to die after entering U.S. custody during a six-month period starting in December 2018.
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Luis Severino feeling ‘game-ready,’ eyeing Yankees playoff return
With just over two weeks remaining in the regular season, the Yankees are still waiting for some key pieces of their pitching staff as they try to get back to the playoffs. That includes Luis Severino, who faced batters for the first time on Friday since being shut down with shoulder tightness prior to a...
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Parents, pols sue to reverse New York’s school mask mandate
Upstate New York lawmakers and parents filed suit against the state Department of Health on Friday, seeking to remove the mask mandate in schools, new court papers show.
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Blinken deletes, replaces tweet vowing US will 'stand with the people of Hong Kong'
Antony Blinken has deleted a tweet which seemingly criticized the Chinese government and showed support from the United States for the people of Hong Kong.
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Losing bidder to design Maryland toll lanes on Beltway, I-270 asks judge to review bid protest
A bid team led by Spanish firm Cintra has alleged that the winning bidder used "unrealistic" construction cost estimates
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Viral TikTok trend that encourages vandalism hits California schools
The so-called devious lick challenge encourages students to share videos of their misdeeds on TikTok.
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Republican leaders remain silent as Trump casts perpetrators of Jan. 6 attack as political prisoners
The state of the party was put into focus with the sudden retirement announcement of Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio), a onetime rising GOP star who cited “the toxic dynamics inside our own party” for his decision.
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Three Sunday shows ignored NYT report on botched drone strike Pentagon now admits killed 10 Afghan civilians
Three of the five prominent Sunday morning newscasts avoided the explosive New York Times report about the botched U.S. drone strike the Pentagon finally admitted killed Afghan civilians rather than ISIS-K terrorists the Biden administration previously touted.
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William J. Walker, Sidelined on Jan. 6, Has New Job Securing Capitol
William J. Walker has testified about how his requests for approval to deploy the National Guard on Jan. 6 went unanswered. Now it falls to him to prevent another rampage.
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Grimes shares why her, Elon Musk's son doesn’t call her mom: 'He can sense my distaste for the word'
Grimes, who welcomed a son with Tesla CEO Elon Musk last year, is opening up about why she doesn’t identify with the word “mom.”
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