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NYC Corrections Officers to Work 12-Hour Shifts as 24 Percent Unvaccinated Before Deadline

The vaccination rate for the department was 76 percent as of Monday, the last day before the deadline.
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Eighth Child Under 10 Dies of COVID in Virginia As Omicron Cases Surge in Kids
The American Academy of Pediatrics has reported a sharp increase in infections, with nearly 1,151,000 COVID-19 cases in children in the week to January 20.
Netflix 'Love and Leashes' Release Date, Cast Starring Seohyun, Trailer and S&M Plot
Two seemingly ordinary office workers embark on a "special" relationship in the upcoming new Korean romantic comedy film on Netflix.
How Brittany Matthews is fighting against champagne celebration backlash
Patrick Mahomes' fiancée Brittany Matthews is taking a positive approach after she was criticized for spraying champagne on Chiefs fans.
Watch Live: Top Pentagon leaders hold briefing amid Russia-Ukraine crisis
The U.S. has put 8,500 U.S. troops from stateside bases on heightened alert to potentially deploy to Eastern Europe.
Here's the way to exercise for better balance
One of the most important benefits of exercise is making you less susceptible to injury in your daily life. Improving your balance does that by reducing your odds of falling. Here's how to get started with balance training.
‘All of Us Are Dead’ Episode 1 Recap: Hamster Damned
All of Us Are Dead follows the unofficial mantra for Netflix programming: If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you’ll like.
Joe Biden Ukraine Call Dispute Plays Into Vladimir Putin's Hands
Conflicting reports of the presidential call risk encouraging Russian aggression and undermining Western unity.
Person to Person: Norah O'Donnell interviews Brené Brown
"Person to Person" with Norah O'Donnell brings viewers the most intimate type of interview — going beyond the headlines through thoughtful conversation. In this episode, O'Donnell sits down with best-selling author Brené Brown about her new book, "Atlas of the Heart," which maps out the language people use to describe emotions. The two discuss vulnerability as a strength and why the ability to identify feelings can give someone power over their emotions.
Cases of 'stealth' omicron subvariant confirmed in Northeast states: reports
Two Northeast states reported cases of the omicron subvariant BA.2 this week.
Penn swimmer slams school's handling of Lia Thomas saga: 'They don't actually care about women at all'
A swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team says she feels the school’s decision to allow transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to compete has created an unfair balance within the sport that prioritizes Thomas’ rights over that of biological female student-athletes
World's oldest living aquarium fish acts like a 'puppy'
Methuselah is a 90-year-old Australian lungfish living in San Francisco and is considered to be the oldest living aquarium fish.
It’s time for Jimmy Garoppolo to join 49ers’ group of unexpected heroes
This San Francisco 49ers season that is at the doorstep of a championship began, improbably, with the fundamental thought that the starting quarterback had to be replaced.
Donald Trump Jr. Claims Reports Warning of Russian Cyberattacks Are Lies
President Joe Biden has warned that even if Russia does not invade Ukraine, it could resort to cyberattacks.
Officers shoot, kill man walking on interstate
Law enforcement officers fatally shoot man walking on a major interstate in Nashville during a length confrontation. (Jan. 28)
Security footage catches rapist carrying woman through city center before horrific assault
Harrowing footage released by police shows the fiend walking alongside her before he scooped her up.
Former New York ICE official: Biden admin's claims on migrant flights 'couldn't be further from reality'
Thomas Feeley joins Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on 'America's Newsroom' to discuss video footage of migrants released into the United States.
Cris Collinsworth goes shirtless – and viral – on his birthday
NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth had a good laugh while celebrating his 63rd birthday on Thursday.
Bye-bye Spotify? How to delete your Spotify account, and where to go next to stream music
Has the recent dustup between Spotify and Neil Young given you second thoughts about the music streaming service? Here's how to delete your account.
Internet Slams Woman Spending Thousands on Baby Clothes While Not Pregnant
The woman claimed her partner had been frustrated at her for spending so much money on a baby despite the fact that they're holding off due to their finances.
Doorbell cam captures boys saving dogs from burning Rhode Island home
Anthony Lombardi, 12, and Mario Comella, 13, were biking through their Coventry neighborhood on New Year’s Day when they heard the alarms and stopped to investigate.
Bridge given an overall 'poor' rating by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
The bridge that collapsed Friday had an "overall condition" rating of "poor," according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website that tracks bridges across the state.
Peyton List discovered these beauty essentials on the ‘Cobra Kai’ set
The actress shared her skincare and makeup must-haves — which also include an "amazing" natural deodorant and "pretty" tinted SPF — with Page Six Style.
Ukraine Tries to Ease Fears of Russian Invasion as 130,000 Troops Amass at Border
Russia conducted similar military exercises at the Ukrainian border last spring. Ukrainian officials said they haven't seen anything different this time.
NBA subjects fans attending Clippers-Wizards game to video message from Chinese ambassador
On Tuesday, fans in Washington attending the Wizards vs. Clippers matchup were treated to a warm greeting from a Chinese government official leading up to tipoff.
15 romantic and fun at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022
Stay at home but spice things up for Valentine's Day 2022.
New on VOD: ‘Clean,’ ‘The Requin,’ ‘A Taste of Hunger,’ + More
Don't miss Adrien Brody as he enters the "hit man with a heart of gold" action genre this week.
Mayor Eric Adams delivers eulogy for fallen NYPD cop Jason Rivera
Mayor Eric Adams sought to comfort a grieving Big Apple, a grieving police force and a grieving family during his eulogy for slain Officer Jason Rivera at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
1/28: CBS News Mornings
President Biden vows to nominate first Black woman to Supreme Court; Questions after Wisconsin man says his wife was killed in accident
What to Know About BA.2, a New Omicron Variant
Four states have reported BA.2, an Omicron variant. But the World Health Organization is not calling it a variant of concern
'Star Wars' Fans Want Bryce Dallas Howard to Direct a Movie
The "Jurassic World" star previously directed two episodes of "The Mandalorian."
The US is starting to make a manufacturing comeback. Here's how to sustain it
It's important to enact legislation to put historic levels of funding behind strengthening our supply chains, accelerating research and development in critical technologies, rebuilding manufacturing capabilities across America, and driving greater equity in STEM research and education.
Stephen Breyer's 'Strategic Retirement' Could Save Supreme Court Seat from GOP
President Biden has said he will nominate a Black woman to fill the vacancy Breyer will leave on the Court.
United launches pilot academy to address staffing shortage
Next year, airlines expect to have a shortage of more than 12,000 pilots.
Kid Rock Says He's Canceling Any Stop on Tour With COVID Rules
"You'll be getting your money back because I won't be showing up either," he said in a video posted on his Facebook page.
March Madness threats: Five most surprising starts in men's college basketball
Auburn, Arizona, Wisconsin, Texas Tech and Providence have outperformed preseason expectations and are setting their sights on NCAA tournament runs.
An Arizona bill would empower state legislators to reject election results
Republican lawmakers in a battleground state are pushing dozens of major changes to the state's voting laws, including a controversial bill that would empower legislators to reject election results.
Julia Fox dated Drake before hooking up with his nemesis Kanye West
We're told that after Drake reached out to Fox via an Instagram DM, they met in New York in February 2020 before rendezvousing in LA and Toronto.
WATCH: More than 60 puppies rescued from freezing cold
63 stray puppies rescued from freezing temperatures in Turkey’s eastern province of Erzurum.
Ukraine, Russia standoff: Arizona Air Force base could deploy US troops if Moscow launches attack
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, is one of several military installations the Department of Defense has identified as having troops that could be deployed if Russian forces invade Ukraine.
WATCH: The Bidens welcome Willow the cat to White House
President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden added a tabby cat to their family.
Putin's Ukraine aggression is a 'red meat' distraction for 'dissatisfied' Russian public, congressman says
Rep. Jake Auchincloss told Fox News it's important to understand Russia's internal politics play a role in Putin's plans to invade Ukraine.
‘The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window’ Ending, Explained
Break out your best casserole dish. We have a mystery to solve.
Jiaoying Summers' joke about China's one-child policy made everyone laugh — except TikTok censors
After reaching a million followers on the platform, the comedian was told her true story violated the Chinese platform's community guidelines. How she survived the ban.
Russia says it won't start a war in Ukraine, but it won't "be ignored"
Ukraine's president asked Biden to tone down the rhetoric about a possible imminent Russian invasion. His country likely understands well the game Putin is playing.
Covid-19 may have seasons for different temperature zones, study suggests
Colder regions may experience more cases during the winter, while warmer regions may see spikes in the summer.
A new Ford Bronco just sold for $500,000. Here's why
A custom Ford Bronco has been auctioned for $500,000 to raise money for Detroit's Pope Francis Center
People Rescued From Bus by Human Chain After Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses
Ten people were injured but no deaths have been reported so far. Three people needed to be taken to nearby hospitals.
Sarita Choudhury Deserves Her Own ‘And Just Like That’ Spin-Off
"Seema and the City" sounds pretty damn rad to us.