On This Day: 17 September 1957

In 1957, Sophia Loren married film producer Carlo Ponti. (Sept. 17)       
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Which Card to Play in the First Debate? For Biden, Calm. For Trump, Chaos | Opinion
Despite a brutal September for Trump, both candidates still have all to win next Wednesday. Here's some free advice.
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Senate GOP claims John Kerry falsely denied knowledge of Hunter Biden
John Kerry “falsely claimed” that he didn’t know Joe Biden’s son was serving on the board of a controversial Ukrainian energy company when Kerry was secretary of state, US Senate Republicans alleged in a report released Wednesday. The report cites Kerry’s answers last year to a reporter’s questions about Hunter Biden and the Burisma natural...
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Jets’ chaos grows as Bradley McDougald, Avery Williamson question practice habits
Another day, another crisis for the Jets. Not only has Gang Green started the season off 0-2 and looking like the worst team in the NFL in the process, it now has players openly questioning the way the team is practicing. “It all goes back to practice,” safety Bradley McDougald told SNY after Sunday’s 31-13...
Why does Rand Paul think he knows better than Anthony Fauci?
Rand Paul has dedicated much of his time during the coronavirus pandemic to a singular mission: discrediting Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and legacy as she lies in repose
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is lying in repose at the Supreme Court through Thursday, after her death at age 87. Fatima Goss Graves, the president and CEO of the National Women's Law Center and co-founder of the Time's Up movement, joined CBSN with a look back on her life and legacy.
Travelers rate these North American airports top for satisfaction
Results of the 2020 North America Airport Satisfaction Study indicate that satisfaction within such airports has "risen sharply" since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, J.D. Power said.
Newt Gingrich: Trump has an astonishing opportunity to makes history again
Throughout his presidency, President Trump has continued to focus on creating the kind of disruptive changes for which his supporters voted.
Why Breonna Taylor Louisville Officers Weren't Charged Over Her Death
Six months after Breonna Taylor's killing by police, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the officers involved will not be charged with homicide.
COVID vaccine tested, experts say no corners cut
An international study of a COVID-19 vaccine that aims to work with just one dose is getting underway as top U.S. health officials sought Wednesday to assure a skeptical Congress and public that they can trust any shots the government approves. (Sept. 23)
Yankees retired numbers and the baseball legends who wore them
No team in professional sports boasts the glorious history of the Yankees, winners of 27 World Series championships over the past century. Some might argue that having 21 retired numbers honoring 22 players and managers to don the pinstripes is excessive, but doesn’t it make sense that the organization with the most titles would have...
NFL legend Gale Sayers dies at 77
Sayers is well-known for his seven seasons with the Chicago Bears, which helped him become the youngest player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Burger King Snack Box: New deal with 10 nuggets, a medium fries, cheeseburger and small drink costs $2 to $3
Burger King $2 Snack Box is available to some BK app users. For others, it'll cost $3 for nuggets, fries, a cheeseburger and a small soft drink.
NHL bubbles made players feel ‘like an animal’
The NHL’s bubble plan is nearing its conclusion with the Stanley Cup Final between the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning playing Game 3 Wednesday night in Edmonton, and players are starting to reveal what it was like behind-the-scenes. ESPN spoke with several anonymous players on what life was really like inside the Toronto and...
Dutch ‘living coffin’ designed to provide source for life after death
DELFT – A Dutch start-up has created a biodegradable “living coffin” made of a fungus, instead of wood, which it says can convert a decomposing human body into key nutrients for plants. The company, Loop, says its casket is made of mycelium, the underground root structure of mushrooms and filled with a bed of moss...
Public unleashes outrage over Breonna Taylor grand jury decision
The public reacts after a former Louisville police officer was indicted Wednesday on three counts of wanton endangerment in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.
Federal judge says she's nearing decision on timeline for concluding census count
A federal judge said she'll rule Wednesday or Thursday about whether the 2020 census ends in just one week or whether counting can continue through October.
Column: The Supreme Court could kill protection for preexisting conditions. You should be terrified
Trump says he'll protect those with preexisting conditions. Don't believe him
Trump says seeing police push reporter aside was a "beautiful sight"
At his rally in Pittsburgh Tuesday, President Trump elicited cheers and laughter from supporters as he recounted the story of police pushing aside a reporter "like he was a little bag of popcorn." He called it a "beautiful sight," considering "the crap we've all had to take so long." Watch his remarks.
Kentucky attorney general announces grand jury's charges in Breonna Taylor case
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that a grand jury has indicted one former police officer, Brett Hankison, with three counts of wanton endangerment in connection with the raid on Breonna Taylor's apartment in Louisville last spring, but none of the three officers was charged with her death. Watch a portion of his news conference.
Warped disc 'torn apart by stars' discovered in triple 'Tatooine-like' system
Scientists have discovered a stellar system where the formation of planets might take place in dust and gas rings within a “warped circumstellar disc around multiple stars.”
Rule Changes In Swing States Mean More Votes Will Count, Results May Take Longer
Changes in Wisconsin and North Carolina mean absentee ballots that are postmarked by Election Day will count, if received within 6 and 9 days of the election respectively.
Relax, kids: TikTok has been saved. But for music, is that a good thing?
TikTok has become the single most important platform for generating new pop-music hits. But can it help mint stars, or just one-hit wonders?
Chelsea Handler gets creative with her nudity in quarantine
With some extra time on her hands, Chelsea Handler isn't settling for any ordinary sexy selfies.
Paraglider James Johnston found after apparent incident in Nevada mountains
A paraglider was found dead in the Nevada mountains after he vanished during a daring attempt to fly across the Silver State, authorities said. New Zealand native James Johnston was discovered Friday under a tree in the Fish Creek Mountains after a passerby noticed a parachute, according to the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office. “No foul...
Joe Biden's Pennsylvania hurdle: Voters who fear a California-style energy plan
Joe Biden vows he won't ban fracking. But in Pennsylvania, many voters are skeptical, and Trump is exploiting their anxieties in a key battleground.
Larry Hogan says Senate should not confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee before election
Hogan is the third Republican governor to oppose the Senate's plan to move a Trump nominee before the election.
FULL SHOW 09/23/2020: IPO frenzy
Renaissance Capital's Kathleen Smith weighs in on the hottest IPO market since 2014. Plus, General Mills CFO Kofi Bruce on holding onto market share gains made during the pandemic. And bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz shares his thoughts on cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and the 2020 race.
‘Outrageous and Offensive.’ Kentucky Grand Jury Brings No Charges Over Breonna Taylor’s Death
A grand jury in Kentucky has charged one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor during a late-night raid on her apartment in March—but only for his role shooting into apartments neighboring Taylor’s during the raid. Former Louisville police Det. Brett Hankison was charged with three felony counts of wanton endangerment;…
Asteroid to have ‘extremely close encounter’ with Earth this week
An asteroid will have an “extremely close encounter” with Earth on Thursday, when it flies by the planet at a distance of fewer than 20,000 miles, according to the Virtual Telescope Project. Asteroid 2020 SW will safely fly past the planet at a distance of approximately 17,556 miles, according to It was first discovered...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s former law clerks stand guard as her casket lies in repose
More than a hundred former clerks to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were on hand as her casket arrived in Washington, DC, to lay in repose. Some of them served as pallbearers, bringing her American-flag draped casket up the steps of the Supreme Court building, as others lined the steps, standing guard, CNN...
CNN shuts down streaming news network ‘Great Big Story’
CNN is shuttering Great Big Story, the streaming-video news hub it launched in 2015. The short-form video network was billed as a way for CNN to reach a younger generation and compete with digital rivals like Vice and Buzzfeed, which, at the time were grabbing a growing audience of millennials interested in mainstream news. “Challenging...
Snakes 'Keep Getting Bigger' According to Expert After School Serpent Surprise
A snake catcher remarked that he felt like snakes "keep getting bigger" with recent catches he's made, including a venomous snake from a school.
Fight over vacant SCOTUS Scalia seat gets ugly
The fight in Washington for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement is just getting started. President Obama may pick a nomination as early as next week, but Republicans vow to block that option. Notre Dame Law Professor Amy Coney Barrett joins CBSN to discuss Scalia's legacy, and what's next for the Supreme Court.
Elton John announces new North American dates for final tour
He'll kick off the North American leg of the tour on Jan. 19, 2022.
Will Other Officers in Breonna Taylor's Death Be Charged With Any Crimes? What We Know So Far
One of the three officers was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment, but no charges were brought against the other two.
Louisville school district cancels games, practices Wednesday in light of Breonna Taylor decision
Jefferson County (Kentucky) Public Schools has canceled all games and practices Wednesday in light of the announcement in the Breonna Taylor case.
Father shot while shielding his children from gunfire
Surveillance video captured the moment a father shielded his three children after gunfire erupted at a car dealership in the Bronx, New York.
'Call of Duty: Warzone' New Threats Intel Locations for Season 5
"Call of Duty: Warzone" has another Intel Mission, and it's called New Threats. Find out where you need to go to get the latest scoop on the "Black Ops Cold War" story.
In Resurfaced Clip, Amy Coney Barrett Says it Would've Been Inappropriate for Obama to Nominate SCOTUS Judge Who Could 'Flip Balance of Power'
Amy Coney Barrett is reportedly one of the potential Supreme Court nominees at the top of President Donald Trump's list to replace former Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
This popular Longchamp bag is half off at Nordstrom right now
This Longchamp bag is one of the retailer's most popular styles, and right now, you can get it for a 50% discount—get all the saving details.
Aaron Rodgers says he's in 'better headspace' following Danica Patrick split
Aaron Rodgers has an “increased love of life” and said he’s been in a “better head space” the past few months following his split from Danica Patrick.
Heads or tails! Kentucky High School Athletic Association replaces jump ball with coin toss
According to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, the state has adopted a rule that replaces the jump ball with a coin toss to start games.
When Does 'The Eric Andre Show' Return? Grimes and More Celebrities Confirmed Guests
The last season of the comedy series aired in 2016.
At Least 380 Whales Dead In Australia's Largest Ever Mass Stranding
"While they are still alive and in water, there is certainly hope for them but as time goes on they become more fatigued and their chance of survival reduces," said a government wildlife official.
Democrats Fear Dianne Feinstein Not Up for SCOTUS Fight: 'She Has Noticeably Slowed'
Democrats are said to fear that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is not up for the task of leading her party's effort to stop Senate Republicans from confirming the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement on the Supreme Court.
Ex-officer Brett Hankison indicted by grand jury
Brett Hankison, a former Louisville police officer involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor, has been indicted by a grand jury on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black EMT and aspiring nurse, was shot to death by Louisville police officers in her home.
Dry skin amid the coronavirus pandemic, winter: Tips to avoid making it worse
Hand washing is an expert-recommended way to stave off a COVID-19 infection, but it can lead to dry, cracked skin. Even more, winter is on the way, bringing with it cold, dry weather that is notoriously hard on the skin.