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One of the world's last northern white rhinos retires from breeding

Hopes that mankind can save the northern white rhino from extinction appeared more remote than ever this week, after scientists announced they will retire one of the last two living northern white rhinos from a breeding program.
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California May Pay Some Out-of-State Residents' Abortion Costs if Roe V. Wade Overturned
The California Future of Abortion Council is recommending 45 new measures if Roe V. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court.
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Diplomatic Boycotts of Olympics Don't Work
Critics have accused the Biden administration of not going far enough, but Team USA argues that a full boycott of Beijing 2022 would not be effective either.
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Chile’s congress approves same-sex marriages, adoptions
Both houses of Chile’s congress voted Tuesday to approve a marriage equality bill that also includes authorization for adoptions by same-sex couples.
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Lori Lightfoot Says Chicago Retailers Aren't Doing Enough to Defend Against Theft
Mayor Lori Lightfoot said: "Some of the retailers downtown in Michigan Avenue, I will tell you, I'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority."
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House Dems expect Lauren Boebert to be "held accountable" for anti-Muslim remarks
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China and Russia attack Biden's 'so-called' Summit of Democracy
Chinese and Russian state media are working in overdrive to denigrate the Biden administration's Summit for Democracy taking place this week, calling the project hypocritical.
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Three Huge Asteroids To Pass Earth in Last Days of 2021, Including One That's 850 Feet Wide
The largest of the asteroids could stand as tall as San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge if they were placed side by side.
2022 will mark the end of the pandemic and a full economic recovery, JPMorgan says
After nearly two full years of Covid-driven chaos, JPMorgan Chase is predicting 2022 will usher in a return to normalcy and a full healing of the economic wounds caused by the health crisis.
Pressure grows on Boris Johnson to resign over alleged Christmas party
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under a barrage of criticism after a leaked video showed his staff joking about a Christmas party last year.
Jason Meade, Cop Charged in Casey Goodson's Death, Should Be Tried By State: Prosecutors
Prosecutors rejected the idea that because Meade was working for the U.S. Marshals Service before the shooting, he should be tried in federal court.
VP Harris meets with activist who said 'f---' 'White women’
Harris met with several members of the Black Women Leaders and Allies on Monday, including Cora Masters Barry, a donor to President Biden and DC mayoral appointee, and Melanie Campbell who leads the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation.
Norway caps indoor gatherings to ward off coronavirus
In addition, the government said late Tuesday it was advising people in Norway to work from home when possible and reintroducing a social distancing requirement calling for 1 meter (3.3. feet) between restaurant customers.
Ford shut down the electric F-150 Lightning reservation system. Here's why
Ford has closed the reservation system for the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup after receiving approximately 200,000 reservations for the truck ahead of the start of production next spring.
Survey reveals just how much people plan to eat this holiday season
A survey conducted by Boursin, a cheesemaker, revealed just how much turkey, ham and potatoes people plan to eat this holiday season.
3 executives resign after CEO lays off 900 over Zoom
Days after's CEO unceremoniously fired 900 people over Zoom, several executives are handing in their resignation letters.
Charles Oliveira’s path to UFC lightweight title paved by fatherhood
Charles Oliveira will put his lightweight championship on the line for the first time against Dustin Poirier at UFC 269 in Las Vegas.
Video shows aftermath of helicopter crash that killed India's top military chief
Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat, India's top military official, was killed on December 8 when an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter carrying 14 people - including his wife - crashed in southern India, the IAF confirmed. CNN's Vedika Sud reports.
14 best products from the Amazon Surprise Premium Beauty Deals event
Act quick, you can score up to 50% off of premium beauty, skincare and hair products on for a limited time!
Officer "betrayed a 20-year-old kid" in killing Daunte Wright, prosecutor says
Kim Potter has said she meant to use her Taser on Daunte Wright, but that she grabbed her handgun instead.
How Russia Reacted To Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden Talks
Russian media assessed the results of the virtual talk between the U.S. and Russian leaders on Tuesday.
Would you trade for Patrick Kane if you were the Rangers?
The Rangers are a startling 17-4-3 but are not complete. Would you push your chips into the middle and go for it?
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Right: The D.C. Jail Is a Mess
This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. There’s a standing convention that actors typically don’t acknowledge their audience. It’s a stance designed to elevate realism, whether their observers are sitting in the velvet seats of the…
Is PrEP something to think about? CDC issues new guidelines on HIV prevention.
The CDC issued new guidelines on HIV prevention on Wednesday.
Employers are preparing for big pay raises in 2022
If you have a job, you're probably getting a bigger raise next year.
‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Skilyr Hicks Found Dead at 23
"I can't possibly put into words how broken-hearted I am," Skilyr's sister shared while breaking the news.
Colin Farrell leaves little to the imagination while running shirtless
Colin Farrell donned mini purple running shorts as he exercised in Coldwater Canyon Park.
Plumber who found stashed money at Joel Osteen's Lakewood church awarded $20,000
A Houston organization said they are gifting the plumber $20,000 for discovering money connected to a 2014 theft of the Lakewood church.
Democrats weigh overturning Senate parliamentarian's ruling on immigration
Democrats are signaling a willingness to overrule a Senate official on whether they can include immigration policy in their social spending bill.
Schumer says Congress is 'on track' to vote on Build Back Better before Christmas
Senate expected to vote on nullifying Biden vaccine mandate
At least two Democratic senators indicate they'll support the measure, likely ensuring its passage, though the House would also have to approve the bill.
Does the Robinson Family Die in 'Lost In Space' Season 3?
"Lost in Space" ended with its third season on Netflix, which was released on December 1 and revealed the fate of the Robinson family.
Nearly 500,000 adult bed rails recalled after two asphyxiated
Consumers urged to return four models sold at medical supply stores nationwide and online by Amazon and Walmart.
Former Saints player Glenn Foster Jr. dies in custody after arrest
The death of the 31-year-old was reported at a medical facility Monday in Northport, Alabama, according to a statement from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.
'The Ingraham Angle' on China, Biden's COVID policies
"The Ingraham Angle" welcomed guests Rick Scott, Harvey Risch, Jim Banks, Beth Stelzer, Matt Walsh, Jim Jordan.
Pelosi asked if the Capitol is safer almost a year after January 6 attack
Washington places defensive end Montez Sweat on covid-19 list
Sweat, who isn't vaccinated, will miss at least five days and possibly 10 or more days.
Washington places defensive end Montez Sweat on covid-19 list
Sweat, who isn't vaccinated, will miss at least five days and possibly 10 or more days.
India's top military leader among 13 dead in helicopter crash
Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to the general.
Kim Potter trial: Daunte Wright robbery victim recounts 'evil' deed in exclusive first interview
At the time of his death on April 11, 2021, Daunte Wright had pending robbery charges for allegedly holding a woman at gunpoint and demanding $820 in cash she had to pay her rent.
New soccer league helps Gaza amputees cope with war trauma
They are the first Palestinian national soccer team made up entirely of amputees — players drawn from a population of hundreds that has grown in recent years through several rounds of fighting between Israel and the territory’s militant Hamas rulers.
Pfizer-BioNTech Booster Protects Against Omicron
The companies reported on preliminary data showing encouraging results with a booster dose of their vaccine
Woman Crush Wednesday: Kristin Davis Helps Bring Life to a Remarkable Reunion in ‘And Just Like That…’
And just like that, Charlotte is back and better than ever!
Special tax break for charitable donations packs extra incentive for giving this year
Thinking about making a charitable contribution? Check out the special tax break for donations made by the end of 2021.
Former opioid addict who inspired film 'Four Good Days': 'I lost everything' but 'recovery is possible'
Former opioid addict Amanda Wendler, who is the inspiration behind the film 'Four Good Days,' joined 'America's Newsroom' to discuss her road to recovery.
Biden Cites Technicality as Reason to Not Place U.S. Troops in Ukraine if Russia Invades
The president said if Putin decides to invade he will be hit with "economic consequences like none he's ever seen."
Jury hears opening statements in trial of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter
Jurors were hearing opening statements Wednesday in the manslaughter trial of the former Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright.
Why Mitch McConnell Caved Again
For the second time this fall, the Senate’s proud king of obstruction is caving to the Democrats.Two months ago today, Mitch McConnell sent President Joe Biden a letter containing a warning so important that he repeated it three times in five paragraphs. The Senate Republican leader vowed that he would “not be a party to any future effort” to help Democrats lift the debt ceiling—a necessary step that Congress must take to avoid an economically damaging default. The two-page missive was the closest that the famously taciturn McConnell gets to firing off an angry tweet. He accused Senate Democrats of mismanagement, incompetence, and “childish behavior.” Their leadership was so feckless, he wrote, that McConnell had no choice but to rescue them from their own ineptitude and facilitate a temporary extension of federal borrowing authority. Never again, McConnell promised the president.Yesterday, McConnell announced that, actually, he would once again be a party to exactly the same kind of effort. Republicans, he told reporters, would help Democrats raise the debt limit and avert a fiscal crisis. “I think this is in the best interest of the country,” McConnell said, “and I think it is in the best interest of Republicans.” To progressives blissfully uninitiated in the drudgery of congressional politics, McConnell’s fold might seem like cause for jubilation. The details of the GOP’s volte-face offered even more intrigue: To allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling on their own with a simple majority vote, Republicans will agree to temporarily waive the Senate’s filibuster rules requiring 60 votes for passage. McConnell made clear that this would be a onetime exception, but he’s setting a precedent that raises tantalizing possibilities. If he was willing to cast off the filibuster for the debt ceiling, what other issues could Democrats force him to back down on? Might McConnell eventually relent on voting rights? On gun control?Not likely. The Republican retreat from a debt-limit showdown was tactical, arising from a position of strength, not weakness. At the moment, Democrats are reeling. Biden’s approval rating is in the toilet; the GOP scored a major victory in last month’s elections in Virginia (and nearly an upset win in New Jersey). Democratic infighting has kept the president’s already-shrunken economic agenda stalled in the Senate. If Democrats are intent on hanging themselves before the midterms next year, McConnell has determined that his best move is to hand them a rope and get out of their way. “As he looks ahead to next year, he loves what he sees, and he doesn’t want to do anything to rock the boat,” Jim Manley, a former Democratic Senate aide and longtime McConnell observer, told me. “He wants to keep the focus on the Dem-on-Dem violence.”[Read: How Democrats got desperate]A protracted fight over the debt ceiling would risk economic fallout, but it would also allow Biden to shift attention away from his own struggles and back to the GOP, reminding voters about the party’s penchant for obstruction. McConnell is pursuing the same strategy by eschewing the creation of a detailed policy platform for 2022. He doesn’t want a Newt Gingrich–style “Contract With America” that Democrats could attack, preferring to keep the midterm campaign a referendum on Biden and his party.The deal McConnell brokered with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is structured so that Republicans can allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling without voting for it themselves—“with as few fingerprints as possible,” as Manley put it. The actual mechanism, approved by the House last night, is buried so deeply in congressional arcana that a constituent demanding an explanation for the vote would end up so bored and confused that they’d regret they even asked.McConnell’s handling of the debt limit has been far from flawless. He yielded no more concessions from Democrats than he could have extracted two months ago, when he made a threat that looks silly in hindsight. Nor does he have anything close to his entire caucus behind him. Egged on by former President Donald Trump—once again a dedicated McConnell foe—conservatives believe he’s letting Democrats off too easy. They want McConnell to do what he had previously promised, by forcing Democrats to use the complicated Senate procedure known as reconciliation to raise the debt limit entirely without GOP assistance. That would have required Democrats to take potentially dozens more difficult floor votes and use time they would rather spend confirming Biden nominees and working to pass the president’s Build Back Better Act.McConnell has cultivated a reputation over the years as being Machiavellian; his then-risky move to block President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is often cited as evidence of his strategic wizardry. This is not one of those maneuvers. McConnell will struggle to get enough Republicans to help pass his plan in the Senate, and although it is surely good for the short-term economic stability of the country, its wisdom as a purely political tactic isn’t guaranteed. Democrats will gladly accept McConnell’s surrender on the debt ceiling, but it’s not much cause for celebration, because the broader victory—a return to the Senate majority—might yet be his.
Ralph Lauren's next venture is a metaverse holiday experience for Roblox
On Wednesday, designer Ralph Lauren a holiday-themed experience complete with unique outfits for the kid-friendly game Roblox.