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Opinion: The real key to the Chauvin verdict

I perform autopsies for a living, on people who have died suddenly, violently, or unexpectedly. I often testify in criminal and civil cases, where I explain medical terminology to juries.
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How an Insurgency Threatens Mozambique’s Gas Bonanza
One of the world’s poorest countries could be transformed by Africa’s biggest-ever private investment splurge, but there’s a problem. Increasingly brazen attacks by Islamist insurgents are threatening plans to tap huge natural gas deposits found off Mozambique’s northern coast a decade ago. More than 2,600 people have died and over 700,000 have been displaced since the violence began in 2017. The country’s export ambitions are linked to giant projects by France’s Total SE and Italy’s Eni SpA, an
Ted Cruz defends his results in “very nasty” South Carolina race
GOP presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defends his showing in South Carolina, despite losing to front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz says there is “no doubt” that competitors Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio “got very nasty” in their personal attacks on his integrity. Nonetheless, Cruz remains encouraged by his first place victory among young voters in Iowa and South Carolina. The full interview aired on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on February 21, 2016.
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Marco Rubio: Trump’s policies would “not make America stronger”
With a virtual tie for second place in South Carolina’s Republican primary under his belt, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio talks with CBS’ “Face the Nation” about his path towards the GOP nomination and the opponents, like Donald Trump, presenting roadblocks. Rubio says Trump’s foreign policy would not make America stronger, and the Florida Republican does not believe his competitor understands Vladimir Putin. The interview aired February 21, 2016.
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Donald Trump: “I wouldn’t be shocked” to lose GOP nomination
Presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he would not be shocked if he lost the Republican nomination. Fresh off his win in South Carolina last night, the business mogul believes he has the foreign policy prowess necessary to be commander-in-chief. “I have a better vision for Syria than the so-called military geniuses,” Trump said.
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Donald Trump defends his comments on Ted Cruz’s faith
Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump stands by his comments on GOP competitor Ted Cruz, repeating that “you can't lie and hold up a Bible.” Trump says he entered a “state of shock” after discovering the Pope had chimed in about his campaign. Despite the Pope’s criticism of his immigration policy, the GOP front-runner feels the Holy Father’s comments did not affect the race. “I think it was probably a neutral,” Trump conceded.
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Full interview: Donald Trump, February 21
Fresh off a win in South Carolina’s Republican primary, Donald Trump discusses his GOP rivals, his face-off with Pope Francis, and his foreign policy credentials in an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation” that aired February 21, 2016.
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Open: This is Face the Nation, February 21
After the South Carolina and Nevada contests, “Face the Nation” has the latest on the presidential campaign trail, with GOP candidates Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Democratic contender and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and others.
A celebration of fake books
A first-of-its-kind exhibit in New York City is drawing crowds of book enthusiasts. Ironically, none of the books featured are real. People who judge these so-called "Blooks" by their covers will have a surprise in store when they discover what's inside these rare, novelty items. Lee Cowan reports.
South Carolina, it's safe to turn on your TVs again
With more than 24 million dollars expected to be spent on campaign ads in South Carolina this campaign cycle, John Dickerson offers his “condolences” to South Carolina’s television audiences. Plagued by airwaves clogged with creative campaign ads, there was no escaping the race. But there is hope for the people of South Carolina, according to this "Face the Nation" web extra. Unless the Democrats follow suit before their vote next week, it’s now safe to turn on the television for another four years.
Almanac: The first burglar alarm
On this day 158 years ago Edwin Holmes of Boston installed the very first electric burglar alarm. Charles Osgood reports.
Arguing for the legal right to die
Brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard drew national attention when she moved to Oregon where she could legally end her own life with physician-prescribed pills. But that is not allowed in New York, where Eve Eliot's husband was in agony with terminal ALS. The right to die on his or her own terms is a passionately debated topic within families and state legislatures. Rita Braver reports on the controversial issue.
Donald Trump starts a winning streak
On the Republican side, Donald Trump secured back-to-back primary wins with his victory in South Carolina, while Jeb Bush's bid for the nomination came to an end. Major Garrett has a report on what's up next on the campaign trail.
Erling Haaland destine to 'smash a lot of records,' says Norway great Erik Thorstvedt
Borussia Dortmund superstar Erling Braut Haaland is set to "smash a lot of records" according to Norway great Erik Thorstvedt who spoke to CNN about the young wonderkid.
How Hillary Clinton won in Nevada
CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto breaks down the key factors in the Nevada Democratic caucuses that contributed to a win for Hillary Clinton
How Donald Trump won in South Carolina
CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto breaks down the key factors that allowed Donald Trump to crush his rivals in the South Carolina Republican primary.
Third night of protests after Daunte Wright shooting
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota saw a third night of protests on Tuesday night. The protests follow the death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man. The white police officer who shot him and the city's police chief resigned Tuesday. (April 14)
Community reacts to arrest of small town's "golden boy"
Quincy, Illinois, journalist Bob Gough talks to "48 Hours" about the arrest of former prosecutor Curtis Lovelace for the murder of his wife, Cory Lovelace, eight years after her death was ruled "undetermined."
Journalist tipped on arrest of former Quincy prosecutor Curtis Lovelace
Bob Gough talks with "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher about the secret investigation into the 2006 death of Cory Lovelace in Quincy, Illinois.
Highlights: John Kasich addresses his supporters
The most noteworthy moments from John Kasich's speech to his supporters following the South Carolina Primaries
Watch: John Kasich speaks to South Carolina supporters
John Kasich's strong showing in New Hampshire didn't carry over into South Carolina. The Ohio governor addressed his supporters after finishing in the bottom three at the S.C. Republican primary.
Full Video: Ben Carson addresses supporters following S.C. primary
Ben Carson finished in the bottom three of the South Carolina GOP primary, but the neurosurgeon said he wouldn't be giving up.
Ted Cruz speaks following S.C. primary
Ted Cruz will head to Nevada after finishing in a virual tie with Marco Rubio for second place in the South Carolina Republican primary. Cruz addressed supporters at his campaign headquarters.
Highlights: Donald Trump's S.C. victory speech
The most noteworthy moments from Donald Trump's victory speech following the South Carolina Republican primary.
2/20: Trump projected to take S.C. primary, Clinton projected to win Nevada caucuses; Cyclist uses app to make city his canvas
Hillary Clinton's campaign picked up a big victory in the West and Donald Trump's picked up one in the South; Stephen Lund uses his GPS tracking app to doodle with his cycling routes in Victoria.
Highlights: Bernie Sanders' Nevada concession speech
The most noteworthy moments from Bernie Sanders' concession speech following the Nevada Democratic caucuses.
Marco Rubio addresses supporters in South Carolina
Marco Rubio declared the race for the GOP presidential nomination to be a three-person one and said it's one he'll win. This came amid a close battle with Ted Cruz for second place in the South Carolina primary.
Watch: Trump gives victory speech in South Carolina
Donald Trump continues to turn the GOP upside down. CBS News projects Trump has won the South Carolina Republican primary by a fairly commanding margin. Trump spoke to his supporters following the win.
Portland police declare riot for second straight night fire breaks out at union building
The Portland Police Department declared a riot late Tuesday night shortly after a fire broke out at the city's police union building.
Donald Trump's wife Melania addresses crowd
Billionaire Donald Trump addresses his supporters after winning the South Carolina primary. During his speech, Trump invited his wife Melania Trump to say a few words to the crowd.
Jeb Bush suspends presidential campaign
Following another poor showing in the South Carolina Republican primary, Jeb Bush suspended his campaign for president. Bush broke the news while addressing his supporters.
CBS News calls South Carolina primary for Donald Trump
Donald Trump has taken the South Carolina GOP primary, notching his second primary win. Major Garrett and Bob Schieffer join CBSN with more.
April 13 coronavirus news
The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.
Sen. Lindsey Graham on state of Jeb Bush's campaign
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a major supporter of Jeb Bush, addresses the state of the race before polls closed in his home state. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more.
Full Video: Bernie Sanders speaks after Nevada loss
Bernie Sanders made what had once been shaping up as a blowout in Nevada into a pretty tight race with Hillary Clinton. He addressed his supporters following the loss.
Bob Schieffer on dirty politics in South Carolina
The race for the GOP presidential nomination has featured some major mudslinging this year, but that seems to be par for the course when it comes to politics in South Carolina. Bob Schieffer knows that almost as well as anyone and he joined CBSN to discuss it further.
Covid-19 live updates: World struggles to maintain vaccination drives amid mounting reports of side effects
To date, more than 45 percent of the eligible U.S. population has received at least one vaccine dose though the number of new cases continued to trend upward at an average of 11 percent over the past week. At least 562,000 people have died.
Suburban New York village deploys big-city surveillance tactics
Police on New York's Long Island have seen a lot of success after deploying license-plate readers throughout one town. Maybe too much success. Cameras in Freeport, a village of 50,000, have tracked 17 million plates, and the police chief is asking for state and federal help to handle the workload. Anna Werner has more.
Cyclist uses app to make city his canvas
In British Columbia, a bicycling artist's wheels are always turning. Stephen Lund uses his GPS tracking app to doodle with his cycling routes in Victoria. Contessa Brewer reports with more.
Watch: Hillary Clinton addresses supporters after winning in Nevada
Despite a late surge from Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton picked up a win at the Nevada Democratic caucuses Saturday. Clinton gave a victory speech from her Nevada headquarters after Sanders conceded.
Harrowing final words from doomed El Faro released
As part of the U.S. Coast Guard's investigation into the sinking of the freighter El Faro, an audio recording was released of the ship's captain calling for help before he and his crew perished. Marlie Hall reports.
What could clash over San Bernardino killer's iPhone mean for Apple's brand?
Apple is fighting a court order to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino, California, terrorists, citing privacy concerns. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger reports with the business angle of this story.
How Taliban may run Afghanistan after US troops withdraw
As President Biden sets to formally announce the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh takes a look at Musa Qala -- a Taliban stronghold-- which gives a glimpse of what life could be like after the US troops leave.
Massive storm hits Fiji
One of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere hit the island nation of Fiji with wind gusts reaching up to 224 mph. At least one person has died from the Category 5 cyclone. Carter Evans reports with more.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia laid to rest
A week after he died while vacationing in Texas, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was laid to rest after his funeral in Washington. Jan Crawford reports on the service.
What matters most to South Carolina voters?
The third stop on the Republican presidential campaign trail is South Carolina. Bob Schieffer spoke to some voters there and has their thoughts as well as his analysis of the GOP and Democratic races.
Hillary Clinton projected to win Nevada caucuses
Hillary Clinton's campaign picked up a big victory in the West. CBS News projects she will defeat Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses. Clinton and Sanders had been neck and neck in the polls leading up to the third contest in the race to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Nancy Cordes has more.
CBS News projects Hillary Clinton wins Nevada caucuses
Senior political editor Steve Chaggaris joins CBSN to break down what the latest election result means for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
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How Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump
Ted Cruz is facing off against Donald Trump in the South Carolina Republican primary. Trump has recently threatened to sue Cruz over a campaign ad and has repeatedly called Cruz a liar. Cruz's senior communications adviser Alice Stewart joins CBSN with the campaign's response.
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