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Own goal of the year? Goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha's bizarre mistake gifts Galatasaray victory

Locked 0-0 in a cagey opening Europa League group stage match, it should have been a routine catch for Lazio goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha.
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Cop fires at man threatening people with knives on LES: police
An NYPD cop opened fire on a man who was threatening people with knives on the Lower East Side Friday morning, authorities said. 
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What is Prinzregententorte (aka Prince Regent Cake) on ‘The Great British Baking Show’?
Turns out the backstory to this cake is darker than dark chocolate.
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Man Caught Playing Flute While Driving Gets Moving Violation
Police said that the driver was playing along with an iPod.
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I Was Wrong About Joe Manchin
Turns out the guy has even more glaring climate conflicts of interest than what we knew before.
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Tampa Bay Lightning receive even glitzier rings for second consecutive Stanley Cup title
The diamond- and sapphire-filled rings total 31.67 carats, even bigger than what the Tampa Bay Lightning received after their 2020 championship.       
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Google ad business like ‘if Goldman owned the NYSE,’ employees said
Google used its monopoly power to rig the online advertising market and squash competition, including by colluding with Facebook, according to a newly unredacted court filing.
19-Year-Old Rapper Killed in 'Execution-Style' Shooting, Media Believe Gang Responsible
Einar allegedly had strong connections with local criminal gangs and recently received several threats.
Hilaria Baldwin shared photo of Alec just hours before fatal film set shooting
Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria shared a photo of him Facetiming her Thursday just hours before the deadly shooting unfolded on the New Mexico set of his “Rush” film.
Chinese Pianist Li Yundi Erased From TV After He's Arrested With Sex Worker
"Piano Prince" Li Yundi, 39, was recently arrested along with a 28-year-old sex worker, according to Beijing police.
Prop Gun Fired By Alec Baldwin Contained a Live Bullet [Report]
According to an email from IATSE Local 44, the gun used on set contained a live round.
Shanna Moakler doesn’t ‘give a damn’ amid Travis Barker engagement news
The former Playboy model channeled "Gone With the Wind" in a cryptic statement that seemingly alluded to her ex's engagement to Kourtney Kardashian.
How Was Brian Laundrie's Body Missed by Cadaver Dogs During Initial Search of Reserve?
A K-9 handler said if the body was there for the entire search, the cadaver dogs should have been able to detect it because they quickly pick up human scent.
Prop Masters' Union Says No Members on Set When Alec Baldwin Fired Fatal Shot
The union also said the prop gun Baldwin used contained a "live single round."
Brandon Lee’s Sister Speaks Out on ‘Rust’ Accident: “No One Should Ever Be Killed By a Gun On a Film Set”
Actor Brandon Lee died in a fatal prop gun misfire incident in 1993 while filming The Crow.
Let the Booster Mixing Begin
Mixing and matching vaccine brands is officially on the table in the United States. But that option might soon be billed as the B-list choice.Last night, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky gave the green light for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster shots, the long-awaited follow-up to a similar recommendation given to the Pfizer formulation last month. As the endorsement stands, all who are eligible for an additional jab—which now includes tens of millions more Americans—should be able to pick whatever booster brand they like. But discussions among a panel of experts who advised Walensky hinted at a catch: The agency has yet to issue its final clinical guidance on who, specifically, might want to boost with what—and an early draft of the recommendations suggests that Americans “should” stick with the same brand they got in their first go-round.Switching to a different shot would be allowed, as was authorized by the FDA on Wednesday; per the draft CDC guidance, people may opt to mix and match based on availability or preference, after assessing their individual risks and benefits. (As a reminder, the FDA’s authorizations tell Americans what vaccines they’re allowed to get. The CDC follows that up with advice on what folks should do with those options.)The CDC’s stance on mixing and matching, then, could end up being a relatively soft one, neither extolment nor excoriation. That might also be the most practical course of action for the agency, given the variables involved and the lack of clear-cut evidence that could untangle them. But the wishy-washiness of Pick whatever is confusing as hell.Consider, first, the sheer number of choices now available to booster-eligible Americans (a limited set of mRNA recipients, and all folks who got J&J). With three approved or authorized vaccines, the simplest mix-and-match matrix has nine possible combos. But that’s an underestimate of the absolutely unmanageable number of variations therein. Moderna’s third shots, for instance, come in full doses for immunocompromised people and half doses for everyone else. The timing of additional shots might matter, too: People who get a second injection of J&J half a year after their first seem to churn out more antibodies than people who wait just two months. Clearly, inoculation isn’t just about which vaccines you’re getting. It’s about which vaccines, when, how much, how often, in what order, on and on and on—an absolute multiverse of choices. Add to that the inevitable differences among individual immune systems, and just start to imagine the terror of the resulting flow chart. Against that chaotic-evil backdrop, the CDC’s interim preference for homogeneity has a certain appeal—even if it sets up a slightly judgy juxtaposition between what’s by the book and, essentially, what the mavericks might do, if they feel like it.[Read: Should you mix and match your booster shot?]Then again, maybe what the CDC says is, at this point, kind of moot. Millions of people have already boosted, some of them ahead of eligibility. Now, with even more choices available, “people who care will vote with their feet,” Céline Gounder, an infectious-disease physician at Bellevue Hospital, in New York, told me. That may in the CDC guidance is easy to grab and run with. For anyone who has made up their mind, in any direction, the agency’s relatively hands-off approach isn’t all that useful (or hard to ignore).Cross-vaccine boosting can certainly come with perks. People won’t have to stress about matching brands across doses; individuals in at-risk groups might have the flexibility to avoid rare, shot-specific side effects. The strategy might even be more protective. None of that, though, makes actually selecting a booster any easier. As things stand, the decision requires a small leap of faith, or at least some immunological inference. Data on mixing and matching is still relatively scant, though the early evidence looks promising. A recent National Institutes of Health study found that switching shots seems to juice out antibodies at least as well as, and in some cases quite a bit better than, staying the course with one brand. That seems especially true for the OG J&J crowd: mRNA boosters sent antibody levels soaring, compared with a second helping of J&J. (A caveat: The study boosted with the full Moderna dose, not the half dose that the FDA authorized for non-immunocompromised people.) If that pattern holds, J&J, already the least popular vaccine in the U.S., might become even more of an underdog.That’s not for sure. Gounder is advising caution: The NIH study was small, tracking an imperfect proxy for protection in fewer than 500 people for a very limited period of time. Boghuma Kabisen Titanji, an infectious-disease physician and researcher at Emory University, in Atlanta, is a bit more optimistic, and told me that she finds the mix-and-match data compelling enough to offer the strategy. The trends in the NIH study, she pointed out, seem well in line with the months of data that have come out of places such as the United Kingdom, which adopted a hybrid approach early on, albeit for original doses and with a different set of brands (Pfizer and AstraZeneca).Ideally, mixing and matching could blur the brand boundaries between vaccinated Americans, effectively collapsing more of us into the same pretty-well-protected pool. (Did you get Pfizer or Moderna? J&J? Who cares?) Or, it could splinter us into infinite subgroups that become ever more difficult to compare.Collecting good data on vaccine responses is getting harder as inoculation becomes more bespoke. With so many Americans now poised to choose their own vaccine adventure—you know, as they may—the differences among regimens might get tougher to pin down. We need that data: What we learn now will—hopefully—help us design better, safer, more efficient vaccine regimens for future generations. But if fewer people embark on similar trajectories, they could get more difficult to group together. Studies might have to be more limited in scope, or work harder to combine data from different parts of the country. That’s not impossible, Saad Omer, a vaccine expert and epidemiologist at Yale, told me. But it does make things “more challenging.”Some of this beta-testing vibe harkens back to last winter, when experts heatedly debated the merits of skipping or delaying second doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Certain countries, including the U.K., spaced out the shots; the U.S. and others stuck to the very trim gaps prescribed by trials. The delay was a gamble, since it left people partially protected for longer and sent mixed messages to a frustrated public. But now it looks beneficial. Really, we were all guinea pigs—and this mass round of boosting is slating us for a discombobulation redux.We won’t all be winners; someone always has to be in the group that fares worse. Then again, “worse” is always relative. Anyone who’s playing the booster game is already, technically, fully vaccinated, putting them ahead of the billions around the globe who still are not. Titanji pointed out that more Americans have gotten boosters than people have received first doses in Nigeria, a country with some 200 million residents.​​Even in the U.S., getting more first shots to people remains the bigger priority—that’s how we collectively contain the coronavirus. But the hyper-individualistic American approach to the pandemic is once again nudging each of us to chart our own course. The government has kind of shrugged about mix-and-match boosting, and punted the decision to us: Choose whichever path seems right to you; turn to page 7; hope for the best. Here’s the trick, though—no one’s sure where this chapter ends. Good luck, I guess.
Kate Beckinsale lashes out at ‘very high IQ’ haters: ‘I won’t dumb myself down’
"Are we really jumping on women for answering a question truthfully about their intelligence or education? Are we really still requiring women to dumb themselves down in order not to offend?"
In Lawsuit Against Texas Redistricting Maps, Plaintiffs See History Repeating
They argue that the new maps would depress Latino voter representation in the state
Cynthia Bailey wants to protect husband Mike Hill from ‘reality tv curse’
Bailey — who celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary on Oct. 10 — announced in September she's quitting "RHOA" after 11 seasons on the Bravo show.
How William Shatner's Space Flight Brought 'Star Trek' Journey Full Circle
The man who played Captain James T. Kirk was moved to tears following his flight in Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket.
Our favorite smokeless fire pit is having a flash sale this weekend only
Family attorney pressed on what Laundrie told parents about Petito
During an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, refused to say whether Brian Laundrie told his parents anything about the disappearance of Gabby Petito. CNN's Nick Valencia reports.
Video: Paulo Costa ends drama, makes light heavyweight for UFC Fight Night 196
Paulo Costa made light heavyweight for the UFC Fight Night 196 main event with Marvin Vettori.       Related Stories'Rumble' Johnson rips Paulo Costa's UFC weight cut disaster: 'Even I didn't make up excuses''Rumble' Johnson rips Paulo Costa's UFC weight cut disaster: 'Even I didn't make up excuses' - EnclosureUFC Fight Night 196 weigh-in results and live video stream (11 a.m. ET)
Lloyd Austin Won't Discuss 'Hypothetical' Where China Attacks Taiwan After Biden Comments
"Nobody wants to see cross-Strait issues come to blows—certainly not President Biden, and there's no reason that it should," Austin said.
After Senate Republicans Block Voting Rights Legislation, the Filibuster Is Back in the Crosshairs
President Joe Biden said on Thursday he would be open to doing away with the filibuster in pursuit of protecting Americans’ voting rights, bolstering voting rights’ advocates calls to abolish the controversial rule after Republicans blocked federal voting legislation from advancing for the third time this year. Wednesday’s 49-51 Senate vote barred any debate from…
Oklahoma Issues Nonbinary Birth Certificate, Governor Says, 'There Is No Such Thing'
"I believe that people are created by God to be male or female. Period," Governor Kevin Stitt said in a statement.
Alec Baldwin is ‘devastated’ over fatal film shooting, insiders say
Alec Baldwin is distraught after accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring the director on the set of his New Mexico film "Rust".
The most powerful American V8 engines
Kevin McCarthy’s vile attack on Liz Cheney shows the dangers of a GOP House
Threats, intimidation and efforts to protect Donald Trump signal trouble ahead.
'We're getting all kinds of threats': Judge says defiant US Capitol rioters are fueling threats from Trump supporters
A federal judge said Friday that defiant US Capitol rioters, who are still defending their role in the January 6 insurrection, are fueling threats against judges from people who falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.
Clippers takeaways: Loss in opener to Golden State chalked up to rustiness
A late-game scoring drought and cold three-point shooting sank the Clippers in their season opener against the Golden State Warriors.
Robert Durst charged in New York for 1982 murder of first wife, Kathie
Robert Durst has been charged with second degree murder for the 1982 death of his wife, Kathie, who vanished that same year and whose body has never been found, authorities said.
Josh Beckett recalls pitching 2008 ALCS Game 6 as Red Sox needed win to stay alive
The Boston Red Sox will give Nathan Eovaldi the ball in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros on Friday night.
Vladimir Putin Defends Joe Biden's Decision to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
The Russian president told a forum in Sochi that the U.S. should still take responsibility for its military withdrawal.
The Real Life People Brought Back to Life by 'The French Dispatch'
"The French Dispatch" may exist in Wes Anderson's unique unreal world, but many of its characters are based on real legends of journalism.
COVID-19: What is the delta plus variant?
What is the “delta plus” variant of COVID-19? It’s a relative of the delta variant, identified by British scientists last month.
Movies: Animated adventure 'Ron's Gone Wrong'
A socially awkward boy is delighted to get his own robot -- until it starts malfunctioning. Rick Damigella reports.
Questions remain after FBI confirms newly found remains are Brian Laundrie
The search for Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancée Gabby Petito, is over. The FBI used dental records to confirm remains found in Florida at a nature preserve belong to Laundrie. Justin Kase of CBS affiliate WINK-TV reports on reaction to the news, and Thuy Lan Nguyen of CBS affiliate WTSP-TV joined "CBSN AM" to discuss the investigation.
OnlyFans model Genie Exum’s boyfriend seen for first time since alleged knife attack
Baby Boy Pajulas — the name he uses on Instagram where he regularly shows off his rippling six-pack abs — was spotted exclusively by The Post in Bushwick.
What we know about Bonanza Creek Ranch, the set of Alec Baldwin's film 'Rust'
Alec Baldwin's film 'Rust' was being filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch. Here's what we know about the location.
Alec Baldwin facing backlash for 2017 tweet questioning 'how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone'
Alec Baldwin is facing criticism for a 2017 tweet he posted in which he questions “how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.” On Thursday, the actor fired a prop gun on the "Rust" movie set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
Fact Check: Is Elon Musk Richer Than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Combined?
The Tesla CEO's wealth is even more notable when compared with other famous billionaires.
Megan Thee Stallion sizzles in sheer metal mesh for ‘SG’ music video
The rap superstar's sexy look, designed by celebrity favorite Natalia Fedner, was made from woven chains dip-dyed to match the Miami skies.
Vice President Harris campaigns for McAuliffe in Virginia
Virginia's gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is getting a boost from prominent Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris. CBS news senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe attended the Democratic candidate's rally Thursday and joined Lana Zak on CBSN to discuss.
Former Trump Official Believes Trump Will Lose in 2024, Floats 8 Other Candidates
Alyssa Farah said Republican presidential candidates need to "earn" the nomination and losing an election isn't "earning it."
New Movies On Demand: ‘Injustice,’ ‘Bergman Island,’ + More
Spoiler alert, Superman has turned evil.
Megan Thee Stallion’s new Popeyes Hottie Sauce is sweet and sassy, just like the rapper
Megan Thee Stallion enters a one-of-a-kind partnership with fast food chain Popeyes, including a Hottie Sauce.
Toddler's Unexpected Reaction to Being Shot With a Nerf Gun Has Internet in Stitches
A young boy was shot in the stomach by his uncle during a nerf gun fight, and what he did next was totally out of left field.