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Pence and Trump's relationship is 'amicable,' source says

Former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump have spoken twice since the inauguration last month, according to a knowledgeable source, who described the pair's relationship as "amicable."
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Maiden flight of Blue Origin rocket slips to late 2022
The launch will come a year later than planned after Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin lost out on a major Space Force contract.
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Lady Gaga's dogs stolen in Hollywood shooting
Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot and two of the singer's French bulldogs were stolen in Hollywood during an armed robbery Wednesday night. The dog walker was shot once and is expected to survive. CBS Los Angeles' Tina Patel reports.
'No evidence' NYC coronavirus variant impacts vaccines, causes severe illness: official
New York City health officials on Thursday said there is no evidence showing the newly reported variant, B.1.526, is driving trajectory of infections, reduces vaccine efficacy or results in more severe illness.
Florida man 'blacked out' before severing wife's lover's penis
A Florida man who allegedly used a pair of scissors to cut off his wife’s lover’s penis claims he “blacked out” during the attack, a report said.
Land Rover Defender goes on offense with monster V8
The Land Rover Defender will be available with a powerful V8 for the 2022 model year. The supercharged engine is rated at 518 hp and the most powerful ever offered in the Defender.
Medical expert on difference between single and multi-dose COVID-19 vaccines
The FDA could issue emergency approval of Johnson and Johnson's single-dose COVID-19 vaccine as soon as Friday. Meanwhile there's growing evidence of the effectiveness of Pfizer's vaccine in the real world. Dr. Leo Nissola joins CBSN with more on the differences between the single and multi-dose vaccines and efforts to convince uncertain Americans to take them.
Lady Gaga's dogwalker shot, dogs stolen
A dog walker working for Lady Gaga was shot and two of the singer's French bulldogs were stolen in an armed robbery in Hollywood Wednesday night. (Feb. 25)
Flashback: Cuomo in 2018 said 'we believe' Christine Blasey Ford, sexual assault survivors
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who faces a claim of sexual harassment, supported Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.
#VoteforWomen: Check out this awards season ballot, where women own every category
In a symbolic ballot, Women in Film is pointing out more than 500 women behind the camera who participated in awards-caliber films this year.
French Bulldogs Are Among the Most Popular Breeds to Dognap
Two of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, were stolen in Hollywood on Wednesday evening.
Costco's minimum wage will rise to $16 next week
Pay bump comes as lawmakers negotiate raising U.S. minimum wage to $15 an hour. Higher pay "makes sense," Costco's chief said.
Free Us From Britney Spears | Opinion
Britney's fans have their own lives, and their trials and heartbreak are as real as hers.
Wisconsin Lawmakers Join Texas in Pitch to Require National Anthem at Public Sporting Events
Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said similar legislation is on his list of priorities for Texas' state legislature this year.
Islamist Terrorism Is Not Done With Us, Warns Former al Qaeda Hostage Theo Padnos
Remember ISIS? How about al Qaeda? It was not long ago (on the calendar, at least) that either name could summon, if not profound discomfort, at least a hint of the queasiness that swept over Theo Padnos as he sat in front of a TV in southwestern Syria the morning of Aug. 20, 2014. At…
ACC baseball series will make history with first all-Black umpire crew
History will be made when North Carolina and Virginia play in college baseball. The series will be administered by an all-Black umpire crew.
Michael Douglas’ son Cameron Douglas freed early from supervised release
A Manhattan judge said the 42-year-old actor earned his release by staying clean and sober.
How will a surge in bond yields affect your portfolio?
Higher bond yields have arrived. Now investors have to consider what, if any, changes to make to their portfolios.
Travis Scott gathering in LA being investigated for not securing a permit amid the coronavirus pandemic
Rapper Travis Scott is reportedly being investigated after organizing a flash mob-like gathering in Los Angeles.
Girlfriend Redecorates Cheating Boyfriend's Room With Evidence of Infidelities
After discovering that her boyfriend was cheating with three different women, a TikToker decided to shove it all in his face and glue incriminating texts and pictures to his bedroom wall.
Nick Jonas taps into disconnected feelings in 'Spaceman' song, reveals date for solo album
Nick Jonas released his new song "Spaceman" the title track of his upcoming solo album, inspired by feeling "completely disconnected from the world."
Group that sued Harvard asks Supreme Court to end use of race in college admissions
Lower courts had rejected a challenge to Harvard’s race-conscious admissions practices.
Police made a lot more reported contributions in 2020 than normal — mostly to Republicans
The surge is largely due to donations to WinRed, the recently-created Republican fundraising system.
Tiger Woods faces a difficult road to recovery, doctors say
Doctors predict that Tiger Woods will likely have a difficult road to recovery following his crash in Los Angeles this week.
De Blasio reacts to Cuomo harassment allegations, calls for independent investigation
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for an independent investigation of the sexual harassment allegations brought against Gov. Andrew Cuomo by former aide Lindsey Boylan.
US officials ask China not to subject staff to Covid-19 anal swab tests
US officials in China have asked local authorities to refrain from subjecting US staff in the country to Covid-19 anal swabs, according to a US diplomat based in China.
Chief says Capitol response not based on race
Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman denies law enforcement failed to take warnings of violence prior to Jan. 6 seriously because many of the people traveling to Washington before the Capitol insurrection were white. (Feb. 25)
Clemson's Justin Foster retires from football amid battle with coronavirus
Clemson defensive end Justin Foster announced Wednesday he is retiring from football completely after a severe bought with COVID-19 last year.
Sanders Says Walmart Pays Workers 'Starvation Wages,' Taxpayers Make Up Difference
The Senate Budget Committee Chairman ridiculed Walmart for forcing taxpayers to "subsidize" low-income workers struggling to make a living wage.
Thierry Henry steps down as coach of CF Montreal due to family reasons
Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry is stepping down as head coach of Major League Soccer (MLS) side CF Montreal due to family reasons.
Gavin Newsom's Record, Authenticity Best Focus Points for Recall Challengers, Strategists Say
If enough signatures are validated to trigger an official recall, experts believe the election would likely take place this fall.
Tiger Woods doesn’t want his career to ‘end like this’ after car crash: source
As the golf icon continues to recover from Tuesday’s rollover wreck outside Los Angeles, Woods realizes his career on the links may be in jeopardy.
An artist honors icons by creating Black History Month-themed playing cards
Kearra Johnson was in her senior year at the University of Missouri when she came up with the concept for what is now known as the Revolution Card Deck -- a deck of playing cards featuring the names and faces of notable Black individuals.
Donald Trump Jr. blasts Springsteen’s dropped DWI charge as ‘liberal privilege’
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday that federal prosecutors only dismissed charges of DWI and reckless driving against rock icon Bruce Springsteen because of “liberal privilege.” Trump Jr., 43, gave his take on Wednesday’s dismissal to his 6.7 million followers, citing a Post article on the outcome. “I’d say it’s #WhitePrivilege but we all know it’s...
Celebrity stylists on what to expect from Golden Globes 2021 red carpet
Virtual red carpets may be the new normal, but Hollywood dressers aren't about to sacrifice glitz and glamour.
Trump allies banned from Twitter still spreading QAnon, election fraud conspiracies there
Key allies of Donald Trump – Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn – are still spreading QAnon, election lies on Twitter after Capitol Riot bans.
Top Capitol security officials can’t answer for communications failures
Two of the top acting Capitol security officials failed to answer questions during a grilling from a House Republican lawmaker on critical communications lapses during the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
Hungry teenage tyrants help explain puzzling fact about dinosaur diversity
Teen dinosaurs, specifically the offspring of enormous meat-eating species like Tyrannosaurus rex, would have been everywhere 100 million years ago.
The Southern Baptist Pastor Who Welcomed Gay Members on Getting Kicked Out of America’s Largest Protestant Denomination
About one-third of the Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, left the church in protest.
Studying Religions Helped Me Cope with COVID | Opinion
With the pandemic shrinking down our lives, it appears that a lot more of us have been searching for guidance to cope with this uncertainty.
Jill Biden gives Kelly Clarkson advice on her divorce
Jill Biden offered Kelly Clarkson advice amid her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.
Vanessa Bryant backs Kyrie Irving on changing NBA logo
Kyrie Irving received support from Vanessa Bryant on Wednesday after the Brooklyn Nets star posted on social media that the NBA should change its logo to Kobe Bryant from Jerry West.
Dow slides more than 400 points as bond yields climb
It's another rough day for stocks. The market has entered a new phase of volatility as government bond yields are on the rise, signaling expectations for higher interest rates down the line.
Holly Madison and Zak Bagans break up
They reportedly still remain friends.
Jazz exec Dennis Lindsey denies bigotry allegations from ex-player
Utah Jazz executive Dennis Lindsey pushed back on a claim made by former player Elijah Millsap alleging that the organization’s executive vice president made bigoted comments against him in 2015.
Twitter shares hit record high as it forecasts doubling revenue in 2023
Twitter said Thursday it expects to double annual revenue to at least $7.5 billion and reach 315 million users in 2023, sending its shares up more than 8 percent. In an announcement ahead of its investor presentation Thursday, Twitter said it will increase the number of features it launches to increase revenue and users. The social media network...
Reporter's Video From Inside Senate On Jan. 6 Shows A Crowd Prepared For Violence
New Yorker writer Luke Mogelson says many of the insurrectionists he filmed at the Capitol "had no inkling that what they were doing was wrong or suspicion that it could result in any consequences."
COVID-19 Vaccine Makers' Booster Shots Aim At A Moving Target: Coronavirus Variants
In the future, different circumstances will likely determine which vaccine or booster a person receives, based on their antibodies — and which variant is common in their region.
The GOP is not even trying to disguise its racism anymore
It is not hard to find the pattern.