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Посол РФ в Германии Нечаев выразил надежду на запуск "Северного потока-2"

Посол РФ в Германии Нечаев выразил надежду на запуск "Северного потока-2"
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A former deputy gets 18 years after 2 women drowned in a locked police van
A police van in South Carolina was swept away by floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, drowning two women who were trapped in a cage in the back.
Energy Secretary says administration is working on relief for solar industry amid tariff investigation
More than 300 solar projects in the US had already been delayed or canceled as of late April due to a Commerce Department investigation.
Elon Musk says he won’t donate to GOP nominee who takes on Biden in 2024
Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CNBC on Thursday that he has no plans to donate to super PACs in support of Republican candidates during the upcoming midterm elections or the presidential race in two years.
Pakistan's Youngest Top Diplomat Says He's Ready to Redefine U.S. Relations
"My message to the United States would be that Pakistan is ready to engage with the United States," Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said.
Матч ЧМ-2022 Германия - Дания был отложен из-за пожара
Матч ЧМ-2022 Германия - Дания был отложен из-за пожара
Gisele Bündchen says she feels better than she did in her 20s: 'We're all told that life is over at 40'
Gisele Bündchen spoke about the importance of taking care of your body in a recent interview. The former Victoria's Secret model's career took off after appearing on the runway for Alexander McQueen in 1998.
'Somebody should have slapped him': Texas A&M coach slams Nick Saban
Alabama football coach Nick Saban caused waves after accusing his SEC rival, Texas A&M, of paying their recruits. Hear coach Jimbo Fisher's fiery response.
Dem Rep. Beatty blames White supremacy for Dallas Korean hair salon shooting, but suspect is Black
Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, made the claim at a Thursday press conference outside the Captiol that saw House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in attendance.
Moms rallied when protesters brought mangled fetus photos to Md. school
The Supreme Court justices have cops in body armor to protect them from demonstrators. These kids had moms carrying towels, blankets and umbrellas.
Feline Grouchy: Sigrid the Hissing Cat Warns People and Dogs to Keep Their Paws Off
Who needs a bike lock when you have a cat in a basket that likes to warn people – and dogs – to keep their distance?
Valedictorian accepted into more than 75 colleges
Kayakers discover 8,000 years old human skull
Giraffe Calf Waking Tall After High-Tech Braces Cure Wonky Legs
A giraffe calf at a California zoo has been given a new lease of life after having her crooked legs corrected with innovative brace treatment.
Maryland medical examiner backlog is resolved, audit says
The office had amassed a backlog because of staffing shortages, which forced state officials to ask the federal government for help.
Mesmerizing Video of Cats Mirroring One Another Goes Viral: 'Cutely Weird'
"At the beginning of the video I was like, but it is indeed a mirror, wait it's not...or is it?" they wrote.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘A Perfect Pairing’ on Netflix, A Rom-Com Showcase for Former Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice And ‘Sex/Life’ Stud Adam Demos
It’ll remind you of workplace romance films like The Proposal or Beauty and the Briefcase.
An Island Nation in Turmoil Allows India Chance to Seize Key China Partner
"India has stepped up its game in crisis-hit Sri Lanka at a time when China has hesitated to provide debt relief," Overseas Development Institute's Ganeshan Wignaraja told Newsweek.
ДОМ.РФ предлагает способ ускорить очереди на жилье
ДОМ.РФ предложил усовершенствовать механизм комплексного развития территорий. В частности, предлагается использовать механизм аукционов "за долю", что позволит застройщикам экономить средства и "расплачиваться" за землю уже после того, как дома построены
Working millennial moms complain their husbands treat them like housewives
Millennial moms are opening up about how motherhood strikes a blow to their equitable marriages, where babies make their husbands treat them like June Cleaver.
Albany sheriff who charged Cuomo with groping running for state Senate seat
The longtime lawman is running in the June 28 primary as a Democrat for the newly redrawn 43rd state Senate district that includes Rensselaer County.
Теннисисты узнали соперников по "Ролан Гаррос"
Теннисисты узнали соперников по "Ролан Гаррос"
This woman led a secret underground abortion network just before Roe v Wade
Heather Booth started an underground abortion network called JANE. In the late 60s through early 70s, the group performed thousands of illegal abortions just before Roe v Wade was decided. On this week's episode of "Reality Check with John Avlon: Extremist Beat," Heather explains why women sought out their services and what happened in a police raid where 7 of the women were arrested.
Eva Green: ‘Wonderful’ Johnny Depp will ‘emerge’ victorious in Amber Heard trial
"I have no doubt Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than it ever was," the actress wrote.
White House, Congress take steps to address infant formula shortage. Don't expect relief overnight
The House passed a bill to provide $28 million to beef up the FDA's inspection staff at a time when a lack of quality control added to the crisis.
Ellen Barkin calls ex-fling Johnny Depp 'controlling' and 'jealous'
Kevin Spacey Is Somehow Back in a New Movie. Ew.
Stefano GuidiApparently no longer content with merely terrorizing the English-speaking world with his batshit YouTube Christmas videos that are about as welcome a holiday gift as a hive of angry bees wrapped in a soiled diaper, Kevin Spacey is raising the stakes: He will be terrorizing us from the big screen.The disgraced actor is, inexplicably, starring in a new movie called Peter Five Eight. It's a thriller written and directed by Michael Zaiko Hall, which is a name you should remember as the answer to the question all your friends will ask when you tell them this exists: “I’m sorry, but who in the hell hired Kevin Spacey to star in another movie?”The film's debut trailer dropped Thursday on Deadline, which the trade claims is the first major new footage of the star in an acting role in five years.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Crypto scam warning after criminals spotted trying ‘new tricks’ to steal funds
The scheme is called "liquidity mining" and the perpetrators use the complexity of crypto-trading as a shield for heists.
Jan. 6 committee seeks info from 6th House Republican over alleged Capitol tour
The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack has requested cooperation from a sixth House Republican, Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia.
How Ukrainian evacuees are staying hidden in subways
Ukrainian evacuees in Kharkiv remain sheltered in subway tunnels. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports on how they continue to live underground more than two months after the war started.
Впервые женщины будут судить матчи ЧМ по футболу
Впервые женщины будут судить матчи ЧМ по футболу
Monkeypox: CDC investigating first US case of the year as growing clusters emerge globally outside Africa
The United Kingdom confirmed clusters of monkeypox infections, while Spain and Portugal are both investigating suspected cases. The United States confirmed its first monkeypox infection of the year.
WWE’s Stephanie McMahon taking leave of absence to focus on family
Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Chief Brand Officer and daughter of company chairman Vince McMahon, is taking a temporary leave of absence from her work.
Santiago Ponzinibbio expects 'epic fight' with Michel Pereira: 'It's gonna be a war'
"It's gonna be a war, and for sure it has all the ingredients to be a bonus fight."      Related StoriesUFC Fight Night 206's Polyana Viana says she's going for another bonus 'in a very funny way'Khabib Nurmagomedov says he'd coach 'TUF' opposite Tony Ferguson: 'Not too many big stars in UFC right now'Gilbert Burns: Leon Edwards has best chance to dethrone UFC champ Kamaru Usman
Kate Middleton goes glam on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ premiere red carpet
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed support for the Tom Cruise-led movie on Thursday.
Nick Saban apologizes for comments levied at Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M football program
"I wasn't saying that anyone was doing anything illegal in using name, image and likeness. I didn't say that. That was something that was assumed."
Москва начала подготовку к новому отопительному периоду
Москва начала подготовку к новому отопительному периоду
CDC advisers recommend Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 booster for kids 5-11
The committee found that the vaccine has largely been safe for that population of children, with incidents of myocarditis and other rare adverse events lower compared to older kids.
Lightning kills cow ‘on the spot’ as severe thunderstorm hits Alabama farm
Alabama farmer Andy Wendland is warning people about the dangers of thunderstorms after he said a lightning strike killed his cow "on the spot."
OnPolitics: House Dems introduce $28 million package to fix baby formula shortage
In addition to Congress' spending bill, Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to speed production of baby formula.
Slippery Florida woman throws fake snake to avoid arrest, police say
"Instead of surrendering, she threw what looked like a real snake at our deputy,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said
Ford urges some of its SUVs to be parked outside over fire risks
Owners of 2021 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators are being urged by Ford to park their vehicles outside due to fire risk.
Pete Alonso hits walk-off home run in wild Mets win over Cardinals
Alonso crushed Cardinals closer Giovanny Gallegos’ 1-0 slider into the second deck in left for his third career walk-off homer as the Mets improved to 26-14 through 40 games.
Trump Attorney General Bill Barr in talks to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee, source says
The committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson told "Face the Nation" in January that they had conversations with Barr.
Captured Ukrainian medic’s smuggled footage reveals horror of war-torn Mariupol
A Ukrainian medic chronicled her life-saving efforts in war-ravaged Mariupol using a tiny data card later smuggled out of the country inside a tampon by daring reporters.
Bruce Willis’ wife: Caring for family is taking ‘toll’ on mental health
"When you over-care for someone, you end up under-caring for yourself," the model explained two months after revealing her husband's aphasia diagnosis.
Friend, former agent, others testify about Johnny Depp's substance use
Depp is suing Heard for libel over a 2018 op-ed she wrote describing herself as "a public figure representing domestic abuse."
Federalist: Байден уверенно ведет Америку к уничтожению
Federalist: Байден уверенно ведет Америку к уничтожению
Рисунок Микеланджело продан за 23 миллиона евро
Рисунок Микеланджело продан за 23 миллиона евро