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Prominent Upstate New York fertility doc was ‘serial sperm donor’: lawsuit

Morgan Hellquist, 35, says in her upstate Morgan County lawsuit that she only confirmed she was the daughter of 70-year-old Dr. Morris Wortman in May.
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Knicks see ‘real fun season’ ahead with offensive changes clicking
Judging by their first two games, the Knicks have a bountiful future in store for them.
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Machete-wielding clown arrested after drug deal gone wrong
In a trick-or-treat exchange gone horribly wrong, police in Guelph, Canada arrested a machete-wielding, bike-riding clown who turned out to be trading drugs.
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'Dune' Director Denis Villeneuve Breaks Down 'Technically Complex' Sandworm Scene
Villeneuve spoke to Newsweek about one of his favourite scenes in the movie, which introduces House Atreides to the harsh reality of Arrakis.
America's 10 Most Rat-Infested Cities
Rodent activity increases during the cold weather as rats seek shelter in warm areas with food and water.
Richard Branson, Michael Cole part of ultra-rich networking club R360
Being a multi-millionaire is not enough to be part of this ultra-rich club. Formed by a wealthy investment banker, R360 claims to offer investment opportunities, private getaways and much more.
Illinois outlasts No. 8 Penn State, 20-18, in college football's first 9OT game
Five games have gone to at least seven OTs since the rule was adopted in 2006, including Texas A&M's 74-72 seven-OT victory over LSU on Nov. 24, 2018.
Vin Diesel walks Paul Walker's daughter down the aisle
Paul Walker tragically died in 2013.
Turkey's president bans US ambassador, 9 others as 'persona non grata'
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said he has directed his foreign ministry to declare the U.S. envoy to Turkey a "persona non grata" in a Saturday speech in the northwest city of Eskisehir.
Body of missing 5-year-old likely found buried in woods, authorities say
Authorities said they believe they have found the body of missing 5-year-old Elijah Lewis buried in a wooded area in Massachusetts.
Pfizer’s clinical data puts the US one step closer to a Covid-19 vaccine for younger kids
Third grade dual-language students wear masks on the first day of school at Montara Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles, California, on on August 16, 2021. | Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images A Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 could be authorized by early November. A Food and Drug Administration review this week determined that Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11, paving the way for a shot to be authorized for that age group as soon as early November. Pfizer also announced on Friday that the vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at protecting school-age children from serious illness or hospitalization from Covid-19, similar to the level of protection it provides in adults. The FDA analysis looked at data from Pfizer clinical trials in four different scenarios and concluded that any risks — in particular, a vaccine-related pediatric myocarditis that typically lasts a few days — were negligible in comparison to the benefits for the age group. Previous data from Pfizer showed that young children were able to tolerate the vaccine well and produced a strong immune response, and the results of Friday’s FDA review are further confirmation of its effectiveness. The 2,268 children ages 5 through 11 in Pfizer’s clinical trials received doses a third the size of an adult vaccine dose, spaced 21 days apart. Now that the initial review is complete, there are just a few steps left before Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine can be authorized for the approximately 28 million American children ages 5 through 11. Next week, the FDA’s panel of independent experts will examine the research and make specific recommendations to the FDA about administering the Pfizer vaccine to this age group. Much as with recommendations about booster shots, the advisory committee is able to offer specific, granular guidance about the vaccine’s safety and necessity. For example, in September of this year, after the Biden administration had planned a widespread rollout of vaccine boosters, the FDA panel recommended that only certain populations receive an additional shot. However, as Vox’s Dylan Scott points out, “the groups already okayed by the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for booster shots are quite broad and cover much of the adult population.” The FDA panel will meet Tuesday and offer FDA leadership its assessment. The FDA typically follows the advice of its expert panel, but its guidance isn’t binding. If the advisory committee’s advice conforms with the agency’s initial review of the data, the FDA will likely authorize the vaccine soon after. After that, Pfizer then must present its data to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices or ACIP. It’s a similar body to the FDA’s advisory committee — a rotating, independent panel of scientists and other experts who can make specific recommendations to the CDC about administering the vaccine. That panel is scheduled to meet November 2 and 3 to discuss pediatric vaccines, according to CNN. Then, ultimately, it’s up to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky to guide the CDC’s decision on pediatric Covid-19 vaccines. As with the FDA’s advisory body, ACIP’s recommendations aren’t binding, but the CDC typically follows them. Both bodies have to authorize the vaccine; the FDA is first and foremost concerned with the safety of anything submitted for emergency use authorization or full regulatory approval. That means asking not only whether the drug itself is safe, but also inspecting manufacturing facilities and practices while the drug in question is licensed. Meanwhile, the CDC’s concerns are geared more toward how the drug should be administered and to whom, in addition to its safety and efficacy. As the White House waits for authorization, President Joe Biden announced a plan earlier this week to distribute pediatric vaccines in 25,000 pediatrician’s and primary care offices, as well as in children’s hospitals and school- and community-based clinics. The administration has already purchased enough doses to inoculate all children in this age group; the shots come in reconfigured packaging, with smaller needles for smaller arms. “Kids have different needs than adults and our operational planning is geared to meet those specific needs, including by offering vaccinations in settings that parents and kids are familiar with and trust,” Jeff Zients, the White House’s Covid-19 response coordinator, told reporters on Wednesday. The plan aims to avoid the bumpy, chaotic rollout adults faced earlier this year, as well as to build trust with families who may be hesitant to vaccinate their childrenby relying heavily on trusted sites like pediatrician’s offices, and messaging through schools. Children aren’t as vulnerable to Covid-19 as adults, but they’re still testing positive The likely authorization of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 through 11 stands to make schools a much safer place as Covid-19 continues to spread in the US. Though children don’t often experience symptoms from Covid-19, as Vox’s German Lopez explained earlier this month, the combination of the delta variant and a return to classrooms last month resulted in a sharp rise in pediatric Covid-19 cases relative to earlier in the pandemic. According to the the American Academy of Pediatrics, almost 6.2 million children have tested positive for Covid-19 since the pandemic began. In just the six weeks prior to October 14, 1.1 million children tested positive. About 280 children under the age of 18 died of Covid-19 between January and September this year, according to Lopez. “In this latest wave of Covid-19, particularly down south, there have been thousands of children hospitalized. And, frankly, it’s an embarrassment in a developed country to have even 100 children, like we’ve had, die of infectious disease that’s preventable,” Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said at a town hall earlier this month. Since US school districts have implemented a patchwork quilt of vaccine and mask recommendations — with some states like Texas and Florida ignoring scientific evidence on the efficacy of masking and banning mask and vaccine mandates in school systems — both students and teachers are vulnerable to the illness. And despite the eagerness of many children, teachers, and parents to get students back in the classroom, high infection rates across the US mean there have been some stops and starts, from quarantining exposed students to shutting down whole campuses after an outbreak. Vaccinating school children would help reduce the virus’s spread — not to mention reduce the number of disruptions to the school year. Despite the upsides, however, some parents say they are still wary of vaccinating their children, or will opt not to do so. According to a September study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only about a third of parents surveyed — 34 percent — said they would vaccinate their 5- to 11-year-olds as soon as that age group becomes eligible. Thirty-two percent said they would “wait and see” how well the vaccine works before having their child get the shot, and 24 percent said they wouldn’t have their children vaccinated at all. More vaccines for more children are likely coming soon The authorization of a Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 through 11 would mean that nearly everyone in the US is eligible for a vaccine, and drug companies are already making headway on shots for even younger children. Pfizer, which along with BioNTech manufactures the only vaccine authorized for use in children under 18, is also performing clinical trials on children ages 2 to 5, and separate trials for children as young as six months. Data from those trials is expected before the end of the year, according to Pfizer. Moderna, which manufactures the other mRNA vaccine authorized for US adults, is also recruiting for its pediatric clinical trials on children ages 6 months to 11 years. The company submitted its clinical trial data on the vaccine’s effectiveness in teenagers ages 12 to 18 in June, but the FDA has pressed pause on authorizing it due to a possible elevated risk of myocarditis in young men. Health authorities in Sweden and Denmark have stopped administering Moderna vaccines to people under 18 in those countries due to this possible elevated risk. With more authorizations on the horizon, many parents will likely be relieved to add Covid-19 shots to their kids’ vaccination schedules: As Friday’s FDA review confirmed, the vaccine is safe and effective for young children, and the Biden administration plans to make it widely available as soon as it’s authorized. And if Covid-19 is something we’ll have to live with as a society, as experts increasingly believe, then getting one step closer making the Covid-19 vaccine routine for young kids is very good news indeed.
Best star snaps of the week: Yeezy channels Michael Myers, Miley’s on the dot and more
Kanye West sports a creepy prosthetic mask, Madonna puts the finishing touches on a her biopic script, Miley Cyrus sports fun dots backstage and more.
Missouri Paper Blasts House Republicans After Bannon Contempt Vote, Says GOP 'Coddles Criminals'
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board said the "shameful roster" is "once again running interference for a lawless ex-president."
WATCH: Aerial footage shows lava flows from La Palma volcano
Lava from the volcano on Spain's La Palma island had spread across about 3.3 square miles as of Oct. 21, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service reported.
WATCH: Bison butt heads in Yellowstone National Park
A visitor captured a couple of bison butting heads in the snow in Yellowstone National Park.
Ex-Trump Comms Director Slams Lauren Boebert for Trolling Alec Baldwin: 'Have Some Empathy'
Boebert drew backlash from figures on both ends of the political aisle after she sent a snide remark to Baldwin following the fatal shooting on the set of the film Rust.
Jared Goff’s return to face Rams perfect chance to change his narrative
Sometimes, a change of scenery proves to be productive and satisfying.
AOC condemns Dem leaders for ignoring ‘very real’ threat of fascism
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped moderate Democratic leaders who refuse to back far left-leaning party candidates for elected office, calling their behavior "embarrassing."
29-year-old NYC man charged with trying to strangle 11-year-old girl
Nathaniel Direnzo was arrested Saturday in connection with a vicious Oct. 20 attack at Stuyvesant Square near Perlman Place and East 16th Street, according to the NYPD.
‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore explains ‘tiff’ with Cynthia Bailey during ‘UGT’
Kenya Moore has explained some of the reasoning behind why she is seen having it out with BFF Cynthia Bailey in the trailer for "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip."
Illinois outlasts No. 8 Penn State in 9OTs, 20-18
Five games have gone to at least seven OTs since the rule was adopted in 2006, including Texas A&M's 74-72 seven-OT victory over LSU on Nov. 24, 2018.
Double role reversal: Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford to play against former teams
A season ago Jared Goff was the face of the Rams franchise while Matthew Stafford was languishing with the Lions. A season later it's a role reversal.
Biden Approval Plummets Double Digits Among Independents Since June: Poll
Although Joe Biden started out his presidency with significant public support and popularity, a series of crises have plagued the administration.
Jamaican preacher Kevin O. Smith, parishioners arrested for alleged human sacrifices
A Jamaican preacher and 41 of his congregants were arrested last week after two people were killed during an alleged “human sacrifice."
Power mostly restored after outages affect thousands in Orange County
Power outages left thousands in Orange County without electricity Saturday morning, Southern California Edison says, blaming "failed equipment."
US Rep. Glenn Thompson released from Walter Reed following Covid-19 diagnosis
Rep. Glenn Thompson was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday evening following his positive Covid-19 diagnosis.
Acosta asks Greene about Bannon. See her response
CNN's Jim Acosta confronts Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about why she voted against the criminal contempt resolution against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.
Obama stumps for Terry McAuliffe in razor-thin Virginia governor's race
Barack Obama headed to Virginia Commonwealth University Saturday to throw his support behind Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the deadlocked Virginia gubernatorial race.
Lance Stephenson to play in G League, hoping for NBA second chance
Lance Stephenson is willing to go to the G League to make it back to the NBA with a potential contender.
No. 6 Michigan turns it up in second half to rout Northwestern 33-7
Michigan turned a 10-7 nailbiter into a 33-7 laugher against Northwestern on Saturday afternoon with a strong second half in Ann Arbor.
Vanessa Bryant testifies how she learned of Kobe and Gigi's death
Under questioning from an attorney for the county, Bryant testified how she learned of the crash that killed her husband and daughter.
Colorado woman sentenced 6 years for hiding kids behind day care wall
Carla Faith of Colorado Springs was licensed to care for up to six kids at one time but cops found 26 children being cared for in an area of her home hidden by a false wall.
In deposition, Kobe Bryant's widow Vanessa recounts the day her husband and daughter died
Widow of Kobe Bryant testified in a deposition about the day of the fatal helicopter crash.
73-year-old dies days after ATM robbery attempt in Falls Church
'Rust' director Joel Souza injured in movie set shooting speaks out: 'I am gutted'
'Rust' director Joel Souza, who was injured in the shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, released a statement regarding the incident on Saturday. Souza was hospitalized following the shooting and released Friday.
DC police officers say they were told to have abortions to keep job
A Metropolitan Police Department officer claimed she was given an ultimatum to either have an abortion or lose her job during her training.
UFC Fight Night 196 results: Gregory Rodrigues finishes Junyong Park in a wild brawl
Gregory Rodrigues picks up his second UFC victory in a wild brawl at the UFC Apex.       Related StoriesUFC Fight Night 196 results: Gregory Rodrigues finishes Junyong Park in a wild brawl - EnclosureUFC Fight Night 196 results: Mason Jones wears down David Onama for decision winUFC Fight Night 196 results: Mason Jones wears down David Onama for decision win - Enclosure
Injured Director of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' Film 'Gutted' by Fatal Shooting of Cinematographer
"I am humbled and grateful by the outpouring of affection we have received...It will surely aid in my recovery," said director Joel Souza.
One of Asia's most Catholic countries imposes lockdowns over Easter
Millions of people in the Philippines won't be celebrating Easter as normal this year after the majority Catholic country imposed a strict lockdown in the capital and nearby provinces.
Philippine fighters fly over Chinese flotilla in South China Sea
The Philippine military is sending light fighter aircraft to fly over hundreds of Chinese vessels in disputed waters in the South China Sea, its defense minister said, as he repeated his demand the flotilla be withdrawn immediately.
UN officials condemn Myanmar junta after 100-plus civilians killed in one day
Two top UN officials condemned Myanmar's military junta in the wake of the bloodiest day of protests yet against the military coup that overthrew the country's elected government, as defiant protesters turned out once more Sunday.
14 people injured in suspected suicide bombing outside Catholic church in Indonesia
Fourteen people were hospitalized with injuries following a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Makassar City, Indonesia, on Sunday, police said.
Kashmir Fast Facts
Read CNN's Fast Facts about Kashmir, a region in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. India, Pakistan and China all claim partial or complete ownership.
This country only has about 500 doctors for 9 million people. Now it's dealing with a Covid outbreak
Reva-Lou Reva is worried. For the first time he can remember, he says hospitals around the Pacific Island nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are so overburdened they are closing their doors to patients.
Russia registers world's first Covid-19 vaccine for animals
As governments across the globe scramble to secure Covid-19 vaccine doses for humans, Russia has registered the world's first coronavirus vaccine for animals, state media outlet TASS reported Wednesday.
Suspected mafia fugitive arrested after police saw his YouTube cooking videos
An alleged Mafia fugitive who had been on the run since 2014 was arrested by police in the Dominican Republic thanks to his hobby as a YouTube chef.
London records zero Covid-19 daily deaths for first time in six months as cases soar elsewhere in Europe
There have been no coronavirus deaths recorded in London for the first time in over six months, official data indicates.
These children escaped Xinjiang, but their parents are in China and cut off from the world
At a boarding school in Istanbul, Uyghur kids who escaped China are waiting to hear news of their parents
Doctors warn Paris ICUs could be overwhelmed by Covid-19 surge
Dozens of doctors from the Paris public hospital group (AP-HP) warned on Sunday they were preparing to have to triage patients in the next two weeks, amid fears of surging Covid-19 cases in the French capital.