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Rams slam Tom Brady, Buccaneers by sending message in battle of NFL unbeatens

The Buccaneers had won their last 10 games dating back to last season's Super Bowl run, but the Rams showed they could be thorns in the champs' side.      
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De Blasio hires violent felon to senior role in Community Affairs Unit
Mayor de Blasio tapped a violent felon to a senior role in his administration's Community Affairs Unit.
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‘Squid Game’ Episode 3 Recap: Sugar, Sugar
Once Squid Game sinks its teeth into one of these games, they bite hard.
Five Reasons Donald Trump Will Be Pessimistic About Running in 2024
The former president has now lost the popular vote in two consecutive elections and could struggle to win in 2024.
U.S. will provide condolence payments to families of Kabul drone strike victims
The Aug. 29 U.S. drone strike was supposed to target ISIS-K members, but the attack killed 10 Afghan civilians. Now those victims' families will get unspecified condolence payments.
Pramila Jayapal Won’t Let the Biden Presidency Fail
In the infrastructure negotiations, the leader of the House progressive caucus has shown a willingness to play hardball.
Massive update and paid DLC coming to ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’
A new update will bring a lot of a new content to the game after a dry spell.
NASA's Lucy launches to Trojan Asteroids
NASA's Lucy mission launched early Saturday from the agency's Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla.
Sometimes you just need a nap
Sometimes in our busy schedules, the best thing that can happen is an unexpected (but much needed) break.
Writers Like James Baldwin Led Me to a Black Jesus
For too long, I associated whiteness with holiness.
11 Incredible Home Products You'll Wish You'd Bought Sooner
Staying home never felt so good as when you have these 11 must-buy products that boost ambiance, safety and convenience.
Russian daily Covid-19 deaths hit record high but lawmakers rule out lockdown
Russia has reported a record number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the past 24 hours, data from the country's Coronavirus Response Center showed Saturday.
Holocaust Museum Head Blames New Texas Law, Not School Official, for 'Opposing View' Remark
State law HB 3979 "puts schools and teachers in a no-win situation," said Mary Pat Higgins, CEO of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.
This dead star offers a glimpse of our solar system's eventual fate
This week, relive William Shatner's space jaunt, learn about the potential fate of our solar system billions of years from now, meet some cute cheetah cubs, explore an ancient wine factory, be mystified by mysterious radio bursts from space, and more.
William Shatner Blames 50-year-old Grudge for George Takei Space Trip Insult
The Star Trek cast members have exchanged attacks over Shatner's trip into space at the age of 90.
House Democrats have — so far — avoided a wave of retirements that could put their majority in peril
Everyone knows that more retirements are coming, and with Democrats holding a majority of just three seats for now, they can ill afford too many open seats in even remotely competitive races.
Grieving New Jersey couple sues for right to see grandkids
Melissa Garville died suddenly of an apparent pulmonary embolism on Thanksgiving Day, 2020 at age 39.
Watch: NASA's mission Lucy blasts off to explore ancient asteroids
The NASA spacecraft is embarking on a 12-year expedition, with the goal of capturing images of Jupiter's unobserved asteroid swarms.
Eve reveals pregnancy on Instagram: 'We finally get to tell everyone!'
Rapper Eve announced Friday she's expecting a child with husband Maximillion Cooper.
Steve Harvey's outfits are going viral. His stylist weighs in on evolving ageless looks
Steve Harvey's latest looks have been turning heads and sparking memes. His stylist Elly Karamoh says the host's style sends an inclusive message.
1 deputy killed, 2 injured in shooting at Houston bar
A person of interest is in custody but police said they didn't know if that person is a suspect or witness.
AOC, Progressives Blast Possible Change in Biden Climate Agenda After Manchin Opposition
"The tyranny of Joe Manchin is a tragedy for the rest of us," Representative Ritchie Torres tweeted.
A look back at the takeover of Alcatraz Island
Native American and environmental activists protested outside the White House on Monday, demanding the government take greater action on climate change. This demonstration comes 50 years after the end of another protest led by Native Americans, on the site of one of America's most notorious prisons. Michelle Miller has the details.
Girl drowns after her life jacket traps her in capsized boat
It was the rare occasion where a life jacket wasn’t going to save your life, according to an investigation.
Kyle Rittenhouse victim sues, claims Kenosha police conspired with vigilantes
The lone surviving victim of a deadly August 2020 shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is suing the city and its leaders, claiming police conspired with vigilantes.
Canadian pastor defiant as judge orders him to parrot 'medical experts' from pulpit: 'I will not obey'
The Polish-Canadian pastor who has been jailed for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, said he will refuse to obey a court order requiring him to publicly echo the opinions of medical experts about COVID-19.
NASA’s Asteroid Hunter Lucy Soars Into Sky With Diamonds
Lucy’s $981 million mission is the first to aim for Jupiter’s so-called Trojan entourage
Macron Commemorates 1961 Paris Police Killing of Algerian Protesters
President Emmanuel Macron of France is the country’s first head of state to attend an event marking the deaths, which officials ignored for decades.
Jessica Chastain had one condition before going nude for ‘Scenes From a Marriage’
Jessica Chastain had no issue going nude for "Scenes From a Marriage," but she did have one condition.
Spiced pumpkin and chorizo soup-chili hybrid recipe is 'the perfect fall dish'
This spiced pumpkin and chorizo chili-soup hybrid from Healthfully Rooted Home founder Kyrie Luke, is a fragrant delight.
NYC Catholic school enrollment rising amid end of Gifted and Talented program
Enrollment at Catholic elementary schools in Brooklyn and Queens grew for the first time in a decade as the city scraps gifted and talented programs.
Robot dog armed with sniper rifle unveiled at US Army trade show
A robot dog armed with a sniper rifle was unveiled this week in Washington, D.C. at the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army.
Ilhan Omar Slams Newspaper's Op-Ed Board for Racist Language in Covering Communities of Color
"We can no longer be silent," the Democratic Minnesota progressive lawmaker tweeted.
Jon Gruden's Colin Kaepernick criticism revealed in email leak: 'They should cut this f---'
Jon Gruden and former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen discussed a wide range of topics between 2010 and 2018, according to multiple reports earlier this week.
NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky
A NASA spacecraft named Lucy has rocketed into the sky with diamonds on a 12-year quest to explore a record-setting eight asteroids. Lucy blasted off before dawn on Saturday from Cape Canaveral, Florida. (Oct. 16)
Shop Amazon’s hot deals on hair heat tools before they cool off
These deals will cool down quickly, so be sure to shop the Amazon deals on hair straighteners, curlers and blowdryers now.
DeMaurice Smith calls for ‘full accounting’ of NFL investigation emails
If the NFL wants to halt the email leaks that already have brought down Jon Gruden, DeMaurice Smith says the league should just release all the messages it has.
Yale demands law student apologize to peers for 'triggering' them
Administrators at Yale Law School spent weeks trying to get a student to apologize to his peers for sending out an invitation they found 'triggering.'
Apple MacBooks, Google phones, Samsung: Brace yourselves for another big week in tech
Next Monday kicks off another wave of new tech announcements, including Apple MacBooks and a Google Pixel smartphone.      
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Korean BBQ boneless sticky wings are a must-try for game day
Leftovers from this recipe from Chef Michael Scipione can even be turned into a yummy rice dish.
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Does your NYC tap water taste like dirt? Here’s why
This change in New York City's tap water is hard to swallow.
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Cars Get Stuck at U.S. Garages for Weeks in Spare-Parts Shortage
A global semiconductor shortage has cut the production of new vehicles
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Sephora launches same-day delivery service
Beauty addicts beware. Your Sephora addiction is about to get a whole lot worse.
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Stevie Van Zandt on being 'underboss' to Springsteen & Soprano
The longtime Springsteen guitarist and consigliere to TV's Tony Soprano says, 'It helps to know when the advice is necessary and when to keep your mouth shut.'
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Return of Michael Schofield III to the Chargers feels different this time
Michael Schofield III has been with two teams since he left the Chargers, and now he is back on the starting offensive line for his old team and sees a big change.
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Deiveson Figueiredo out to behead 'traitor' Brandon Moreno at UFC 270: 'He betrayed Cejudo'
Deiveson Figueiredo explains how he teamed up with Henry Cejudo and why he now sees Brandon Moreno as a traitor.       Related StoriesDeiveson Figueiredo out to behead 'traitor' Brandon Moreno at UFC 270: 'He betrayed Cejudo' - EnclosureAli Abdelaziz: Giga Chikadze worst matchup for UFC featherweight champ Alexander VolkanovskiMarvin Vettori still convinced he's superior to UFC champ Israel Adesanya: 'He wasn't better at all' - Enclosure 
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Big turkeys are back for an IRL Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving 2021 may feel a lot more like a normal holiday than last year's — many Americans have been vaccinated, and restrictions have eased across the country.
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Texas Superintendent Apologizes After Official Calls for “Opposing” Views to Holocaust
The comment came during a training session with teachers to comply with a new state law meant to prevent schools from teaching "critical race theory."
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Georgia Police Blasts Hospital for Allegedly Discharging Sick Man Who Collapsed on Sidewalk
"This is inhumane; this is not who we are as city, as a county, or even as a country. Or at least it shouldn't be," a police officer said.
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