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Residents in Afghanistan's Kandahar protest alleged Taliban expulsions from homes

Hundreds of people protested in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar Tuesday, against what they say are Taliban orders for citizens to leave their homes on the eve of winter.
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Why your credit card company wants to give you crypto
Mastercard is making it easier for credit card holders to earn rewards in bitcoin. | Velishchuk/iStock Mastercard credit card holders can soon be rewarded with bitcoin. Huh? Cryptocurrency was first created as an alternative to traditional financial institutions. Now, it’s gone mainstream enough that the more than 50-year-old credit card company Mastercard is offering its customers access to cryptocurrency digital wallets, cryptocurrency-branded debit and credit cards, and even cryptocurrency-based loyalty rewards programs. These tools are part of the partnership Mastercard announced on Monday with Bakkt, a platform for buying and selling digital assets like crypto. Banks and financial institutions that offer Mastercard credit and debit cards can now enable customers to pay down their balance and earn loyalty points with bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that the Bakkt platform supports. As part of Mastercard’s agreement with Bakkt, merchants including restaurants and retailers will be able to offer bitcoin as an alternative to the traditional loyalty points that credit cards often offer users. At the same time, these Mastercard customers will have the option to convert rewards points they already have into bitcoin and store it in a Bakkt digital wallet. This will give the holders of more than 2.8 billion Mastercards in circulation a potential on-ramp into the crypto investment world. While people who opt to convert or accumulate rewards points in crypto will still be taking a risk because cryptocurrency’s value is mostly determined by the volatile crypto market, Mastercard’s offerings will make taking that risk a little easier and less daunting than having to sign up separately for a crypto platform. This isn’t Mastercard’s first cryptocurrency pursuit. There are already several Mastercard credit and debit cards for people who want to use cryptocurrency. Mastercard debit and prepaid cards offered by the platforms Uphold and BitPay allow people to quickly convert their cryptocurrency holdings into traditional currency, while a Mastercard credit card offered by the crypto company Gemini allows customers to earn rewards in cryptocurrency based on their spending activity. In September, Mastercard also created its first-ever non-fungible token, or NFT, (an animated ball signed by soccer coach José Mourinho) as part of a credit card loyalty sweepstakes. Now, Mastercard’s decision to integrate support for bitcoin throughout its payments network means even more people will not just be exposed to cryptocurrency, but rewarded with it. Mastercard said this latest expansion will impact more than 20,000 financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, that work with the company. More information about when these new capabilities will be available to customers will be shared at a later date, according to Mastercard. “As brands and merchants look to appeal to younger consumers and their transaction preferences, these new offerings represent a unique opportunity to satisfy increasing demand for crypto, payment, and rewards flexibility,” Nancy Gordon, Bakkt’s vice president of rewards and payments, said in a statement. The announcement comes as credit card companies have slowly let go of some of their apprehension about cryptocurrency and looked for ways to cash in on its growing popularity. In the first half of 2021, Visa customers spent more than $1 billion in cryptocurrency with credit cards that the company offers through partnerships with three different crypto platforms: Circle, BlockFi, and Coinbase. Other credit companies have signaled they could start offering cryptocurrencies soon, too. Late last year, American Express invested in a cryptocurrency trading platform called FalconX; around the same time, Discover Financial, which operates Discover Card, has begun to hire staff to build cryptocurrency capabilities too. Credit card companies are just one example of traditional financial institutions making more room for regular people to acquire and use crypto. In April, Coinbase— a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies — became the first crypto company to go public — which effectively allows people to invest in cryptocurrency without having to actually buy any particular coin. Bakkt, the platform working with Mastercard, also went public earlier this month. And just last week, the first cryptocurrency-linked exchange-traded fund, or ETF, which is a basket of securities tied to the future price of bitcoin, began trading. Payment platforms like Paypal, Venmo (which is owned by Paypal), and Square all support cryptocurrency-based transactions, and Square is even considering building out a bitcoin mining business, which is a way of using lots of computing power to create new bitcoins. Another sign that cryptocurrency is here to stay: growing investment in new fraud and security tech to keep track of cryptocurrency-based credit card scams and crimes. Unlike traditional currency, digital assets like bitcoin aren’t controlled or regulated by any one government, and their cryptography makes it much harder to track and reverse cryptocurrency-based transactions. Because of that, crypto is vulnerable to theft and embraced by money-launderers. Just days before announcing its cryptocurrency expansion, Mastercard bought CipherTrace, a cryptocurrency firm backed by the Department of Homeland Security that advertises itself as the “world’s first blockchain forensics team.” Paypal has also sought to hire cryptocurrency experts to focus on security issues like money laundering and counterterrorism. Cryptocurrency has become so popular, including among criminals, that the US Marshals Service, the government branch that manages seized assets, hired a cryptocurrency bank to store all the seized cryptocurrency that it holds after criminal investigations. Those developments are a reminder that as credit card companies try to make these digital assets more popular among traditional credit card holders, cryptocurrency comes with risks. Still, most cryptocurrency holders don’t seem to be complaining that some of the biggest financial services are slowly becoming more friendly to crypto. After all, it’s hard to ignore that the growing effort to mainstream cryptocurrency has had the convenient effect of boosting the value of the cryptocurrency investments they already have.
AG Merrick Garland, White House owe America’s ‘domestic terrorist’ parents an apology AND an explanation
The National School Boards Association has now apologized for that letter labeling parents “domestic terrorists” subject to the Patriot Act if they speak up about their kids’ education. When will the White House apologize for requesting the hysterical memo, and Attorney General Merrick Garland for responding by directing the FBI to get involved? Friday, the...
Upscale NYC shops ditch old Uptown for new chic spaces
Quarantining shoppers are coming out of their closets to be greeted by new stores as retail rents retreated. In retail-dense neighborhoods like Meatpacking and Soho, shop owners found especially welcome opportunities. Uptown stalwart Givenchy, for instance, is opening a Soho outpost at 92 Greene St., while Jonathan Adler is returning to the same nabe at...
The Facebook Papers: What you need to know
New documents -- The Facebook Papers -- are bringing more clarity to the social media giant's problems, and reinforcing a whistleblower's claim that the platform profited off the spread of false information and relies on an algorithm that pushes fake news like drugs.
Virginians will head to the polls soon in high-stakes governor's race
In what could be a referendum on President Biden’s agenda and popularity, Virginians are headed to the polls next week to elect a new governor. Independents will be a key factor in this race. Norah O’Donnell reports.
They defended the 2020 election against Trump's lies. Now they are running for higher office in states that could decide 2024
Three politicians who stepped into high-profile roles in the last year to defend the integrity of the 2020 election are making voting rights central to their campaigns for higher office in states that could determine who wins the presidency in 2024.
Coming through walls and windows, out of the air, stray bullets aren’t an accident
Our gun violence epidemic cuts down many who never saw the bullets coming.
Claudette Colvin was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Now she's fighting to get her record expunged
Claudette Colvin, a civil rights pioneer who in March 1955, at the age of 15, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a White person on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus, is seeking to get her conviction expunged.
Make the green goons of Extinction Rebellion pay for their cockeyed criminal conspiracy
They blocked the roadway with cars, then chained themselves across it. Cops arrested dozens, but New York law likely won’t give them the days in jail they thoroughly deserve.
Not even record-breaking rainstorm will end California's drought, experts say
After the storm passes, the drought plaguing much of the state will remain, potentially improving in some areas but worsening in others.
Veteran prop master turned down 'Rust' film: 'An accident waiting to happen'
Neal W. Zoromski has worked on movies big and small. But dealing with producers of "Rust" gave him "a bad feeling."
Eric Adams has astronomical lead over Curits Sliwa in race for NYC mayor, poll shows
Democratic nominee Eric Adams holds a 40-point lead over Republican rival Curtis Sliwa in the race for mayor, according to the first general election poll.
McConnell takes aim at ‘Billionaires Tax’ as Dems near deal on reconciliation
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed the Democrats’ proposed billionaire tax to pay for President Biden's sweeping social spending bill.
CNN's Brian Stelter avoids network's poorly-watched Biden town hall on 'Reliable Sources' media show
CNN's leftwing media guru Brian Stelter swept his own network's town hall featuring President Biden under the rug on his Sunday program that purportedly focuses on the biggest media stories of the week.
'You Will Not Summon Me': Dave Chappelle Responds to Trans Community After Netflix Backlash
"I am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me. I am not bending to anybody's demands," Chappelle said.
CDC moves large European country to its highest level of Covid-19 travel risk
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added just one new destination to its list of "very high" risk travel destinations. Ukraine, Europe's second-largest country by area, is moved to Level 4.
Powerful Haiti gangs preventing hospitals from getting fuel
CNN's Matt Rivers reports on the dire situation in Haiti where powerful gangs are preventing hospitals from getting the fuel they need to power generators, but Haitian lives at risk.
Moderna says vaccine is safe for kids 6 to 11
On Tuesday, an FDA advisory committee is meeting on whether to greenlight Pfizer’s lower-dose vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. And there’s the possibility of another vaccine for young children. Meg Oliver has the details.
Director details moments before "Rust" movie set shooting
The investigation into the deadly accident on the "Rust" movie set is focusing on crew members responsible for the prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Omar Villafranca has the latest.
Did Trump back candidates with messy pasts because of bad vetting or disregard of allegations?
The Lead panel discusses.
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes split after ‘Bachelorette’ engagement
A source told Page Six that a long-distance relationship became "too difficult to navigate" for the couple: “Discussions about marriage became less and less."
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Ricky Velez: Here’s Everything’ On HBO Max, A Debut Comedy Special That Still Leaves Some Things Left Unsaid
Velez is still growing into his roles offstage and on.
A trove of leaked documents from Facebook suggest the company knew its platforms were used for human trafficking, spreading extremism, and inciting violence
CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports.
$200 million wind turbine facility planned for Virginia
The Portsmouth Marine Terminal will supply the blades for the Dominion Energy wind farm.
Attorney General Garland faces relentless GOP pressure after issuing memo on school board threats
A Justice Department memo that has put Attorney General Merrick Garland in the center of the roiling political controversy over masks and history lessons in schools continues to fuel Republican fire towards the department.
Dave Chappelle sets 'some conditions' for meeting with trans Netflix employees
In a new stand-up performance, Dave Chappelle says he has three requirements before meeting with Netflix employees who disliked his latest comedy special.
Bill Belichick celebrated Patriots’ demolition of Jets with a cold beer
Following the Patriots' beatdown of the Jets on Sunday, Bill Belichick was apparently satisfied enough to kick his feet up and relax.
Sabres’ Jack Eichel pleading with team to allow proper procedure on herniated disk
Jack Eichel is giving it one last go in trying to convince the Sabres to allow him to undergo a disk replacement on his neck, per ESPN’s Emily Kaplan.
1,000 Andy Warhol sketches will be sold for $250 each. The catch? 999 are forgeries, 1 is real.
The sketch is now worth approximately $20,000. That means one lucky person will make $19,750, while 999 others will get a pretty decent forgery.
Sudan’s Military Seizes Power, Casting Democratic Transition Into Chaos
Civilian and military leaders were supposed to share power after a popular uprising in 2019 overthrew a decades-long dictatorship. On Monday the military detained the civilian prime minister.
Democrats’ new tax problems and other commentary
Constitutionalist: Dems’ New Tax Problems With Democrats suddenly eyeing a “wealth tax” to fund their spending dreams, Ira Stoll objects at The New York Sun: “The constitutional challenges . . . are considerable.” The group of 600 or so billionaires Dems would target “is small enough that it could be subject to the Constitution’s prohibition,...
Anderson Cooper on how he takes criticism
CNN's Anderson Cooper answers viewer questions about how he handles criticism and his plans for his son on Halloween. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
'Can't express how traumatic': Police chief reacts to shooting
Six people, including a police officer, were injured when shots were reportedly fired at an Idaho mall, according to tweets from the Boise Police Department.
Metro to submit plan that could allow suspended cars to return to service
Metro is also working to return some older trains that had been in storage or undergoing repairs in an attempt to alleviate crowding.
Record-breaking bomb cyclone lashes West Coast
The San Francisco Bay Area is recovering from what’s being called the strongest storm to hit the region in more than 25 years. Record rain, howling winds and mudslides caused widespread damage from southern California to the Pacific Northwest. David Begnaud reports.
'Rust' producers pause production as investigation into prop gun misfire continues
The producers behind the movie "Rust" say production has been paused as investigators probe the accidental prop gunfire that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
Youngkin Beating McAuliffe With Virginia Parents Among Fight Over Education, Poll Shows
Cygnal pollsters found a 17.3 percent gap between parents of K-12 children who support Terry McAuliffe versus those who support Glenn Youngkin.
Montgomery County on track to lift its indoor mask mandate
County executive says face coverings could be lifted by the middle of next week if cases stay relatively low.
Jets bring back Super Bowl-winning QB with Zach Wilson set to miss weeks: report
The New York Jets are reportedly turning back to a Super Bowl-winning quarterback to help them through some injury struggles.
Extreme weather takes aim from coast to coast
These storm systems have amazed meteorologists and, not surprisingly, are consistent with what climate scientists expect from a warming planet​​.
Straphanger shot during rush-hour robbery attempt in Union Square station
A Manhattan straphanger was shot in a robbery attempt aboard a train at the Union Square subway station during the evening rush Monday, law-enforcement sources said. The attack happened on an uptown train shortly before 5 p.m. when the suspect demanded the 42-year-old victim’s cell phone — and shot him in the left leg when...
Packers’ Davante Adams placed on COVID-19 list, unlikely to play Thursday night
Packers star receiver Davante Adams has been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list, the team announced Monday.
First on CNN: Biden White House rejects more executive privilege claims by Trump
President Joe Biden has once again refused to assert executive privilege over more documents that former President Donald Trump has sought to keep out of the hands of the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.
Bellator 268 salaries: Vadim Nemkov, Corey Anderson among five six-figure paydays
Five fighters pocketed more than $100,000 at Bellator 268 in Phoenix, according to documents obtained by MMA Junkie.      Related StoriesBellator 268 post-event facts: Sumiko Inaba already making her markMatchup Roundup: New UFC and Bellator fights announced in the past week (Oct. 18-24)UFC 267: Make your predictions for Blachowicz-Teixeira, Sandhagen-Yan
A Victim of John Wayne Gacy Is Identified 4 Decades Later
For years, some of the victims of John Wayne Gacy had gone unidentified. DNA and expanding genealogical databases allowed officials to identify a victim this month.
Man arrested in stab death of LI woman found on front lawn
An upstate man has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of a Long Island woman who was found mortally wounded on her front lawn, cops said Monday.
Water bottle that looks like Gabby Petito’s found near Brian Laundrie’s remains
A water bottle found in a Florida nature park near where Brian Laundrie’s remains were recovered has been turned over to local police. The bottle sparked viral speculation among Internet sleuths after a TikToker claimed to have found it in the Carlton Reserve, because it looked the same as a container seen in video and...
Arlington cuts ties with jail health-care provider
The decision comes not long after a death in the county jail, the second in about a year.