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San Francisco Unified School District Board pauses its plan to rename 44 of its schools to focus on reopening

The head of San Francisco's public school system said the plan to rename dozens of its schools after controversial public figures will be pushed to the backburner as the district focuses solely on school reopening.
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Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Slams Biden's Immigration Plan, Alleges Meth Coming Across Border
Gov. Greg Gianforte said he was "concerned" for Montana's communities following Biden's welcoming policy toward immigrants, despite confirmation from the administration they're turning people away.
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Elon Musk Shares Slow-motion Video of SpaceX Starship Exploding: 'SN10 Is in Valhalla Now'
In another tweet seemingly referencing the Starship mission, that ultimately aims to send humans to distance planets, Musk commented: "Cybervikings of Mars."
Car and van plow into NYC dining structure, injuring 7
A van collided with a car, smashing an outdoor dining structure before going onto the sidewalk in New York City, the police said.
Coworkers find out they're sisters after DNA tests
Both were put up for adoption and raised by single parents – something they bonded over when they met at work.
NASA engineer on call with President Biden, Mars mission
President Joe Biden called the team behind the NASA Perseverance rover to congratulate them Thursday on a successful landing on Mars. Elizabeth Duffy, a mechanical engineer with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who worked on the project's sample collecting system, spoke with Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers on CBSN about getting accolades from the president, the amazing discoveries made on the red planet so far and what's to come.
Man recalls watching heist at Beverly Hills hotspot Il Pastaio
The boyfriend of a woman shot during an armed robbery of a man’s high-end watch at an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant initially thought he was caught in the middle of a drunken fight. Drew Hancock was dining at the Canon Drive eatery with his girlfriend when three suspects targeted another diner for his Richard Mille...
Trump Supporters Prefer Pence, DeSantis and Cruz for 2024 Presidential Run
A new poll of Republican voters shows that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence are tied for second place in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race behind Trump. Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in third.
The South’s monuments will rise again
The Confederate monuments did fall. But not permanently.
CNN’s website passes on new reports of Cuomo administration covering up nursing home deaths
CNN’s website has oddly gone 12 hours without covering a bombshell Wall Street Journal report that top advisers to embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo influenced state health officials to remove data from a public report that showed coronavirus-related nursing-home deaths in the state had exceeded numbers previously acknowledged by the administration.
Photos appear to show a ship hovering over the water
David Morris said he was "stunned" to see a giant vessel seemingly suspended over the surface of the sea. It's a truly "superior mirage."
WorldView: U.N. warns of growing crisis in Ethiopia; Pope arrives in Iraq
The United Nations is warning of a growing crisis in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region. In Europe, Italy is blocking 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines heading to Australia. China is set to overhaul Hong Kong's electoral system. Meanwhile, Pope Francis arrives in Iraq. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joins "CBSN AM" from Johannesburg with those stories.
Inside NYC’s dueling Van Gogh exhibits: Here’s which one’s the original
The Better Business Bureau is warning New Yorkers that one of them is not like the other.
Saturday Sessions: Margo Price performs "Letting Me Down"
Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Margo Price was set to release her latest album, "That's How Rumors Get Started," when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The Nashville artist, whose last album has been hailed as one of the best of the decade, has postponed the release until July 10. She joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to perform "Letting Me Down."
The best betting strategies for each MLB division
LAS VEGAS — Similar to the other sports, baseball has had an interesting offseason coming off a condensed 2020 regular season. In fact, it’s amazing that the NFL has been the only sport to conduct its regular season unscathed (albeit with just 16 games per team). Baseball has had a lot of player movement, and...
48 Hours: Fighting for Aniah
Aniah Blanchard, a 19-year-old college student and the stepdaughter of a top-ranked UFC fighter, was found murdered in Alabama in 2019. Her parents are fighting for a new law, because despite being charged with kidnapping and beating two men, her alleged killer was out on the streets months before Aniah was killed.
New Movies On Demand: ‘Land,’ ‘The Mauritanian,’ ‘Crisis’ + More
Jodie Foster stars in The Mauritanian and Robin Wright's directorial debut, Land, are at the top of this week's watch list.
As Las Vegas buffets have disappeared, workers and diners are wondering: What's next?
The COVID-19 pandemic has left thousands of Las Vegas buffet workers looking for jobs asking the same question: What now?
Rep. Eric Swalwell sues Trump, Giuliani and others for Capitol riot
Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell is suing former President Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks, claiming they incited the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and violated civil rights by attempting to block the peaceful transfer of presidential power. Swalwell, of California, filed the suit in federal court in Washington, D.C.,...
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Marathon reading of $1.9 trillion relief bill delays Senate; NBA All-Star game referees set to make history
John Amos Looks Back on 50 Years in Hollywood
The "Coming 2 America" star looks back on a lifetime of breaking barriers in "Roots," "Good Times" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Senate moving forward with COVID-19 relief bill after marathon reading delayed measure
As many states roll back mask mandates backed by the White House, senators could work into this weekend as Democrats try to pass President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 economic relief bill. A Republican request to read the entire bill took nearly 11 hours on the Senate floor and spilled into early Friday morning. CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes joined "CBSN AM" with the latest.
Biden limits drone strikes outside war zones, rolling back Trump policy
The Biden administration ordered temporary limits on drone strikes outside war zones, rolling back a Trump-era policy, as President Biden reviews "legal and policy frameworks governing these matters," the National Security Council told Fox News.
The missing element in the George Floyd murder trial
Mark Osler writes that the charges that the Derek Chauvin faces don't require proof of racial bias, so the trial, which will be televised, risks being about everything but what made the case the fulcrum of a worldwide discussion on race-- seemingly ignoring what is most important.
The missing element in the George Floyd murder trial
As a former prosecutor and criminal law professor in Minneapolis, I am fielding a lot of calls about the upcoming trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murdering George Floyd in this city. The media wants to know about the charges, the jury selection, the effects of televising the case and what the lawyers might do. No one has asked me about the very thing that makes this case important: The racially disproportionate treatment of Black Americans by the police. The trial will be a cyclone circling around the unmoving mass at its center -- race -- that silently drives the fury around it.
Five games this weekend that will have major impact on NCAA Tournament seeding
In the final weekend of the men's season, many programs with national title aspirations look to stay in the hunt for one of those coveted No. 1 seeds.
Duchess Meghan says it's 'liberating' to be able to speak for herself
Meghan and Harry are under more pressure to delay their interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Florida Teacher Brawls With Students in Middle School Class, Police Say
Police said the 52-year-old substitute became engaged in an argument with a student which escalated into a physical fight involving a second student.
2021 Big Ten Tournament bracket and schedule: What to know heading into final games this weekend
The Big Ten tournament tips off next week. Here's what you need to know as the regular season winds down.
Lamar Odom gets ‘emotional’ watching ‘Khloé & Lamar’ marathon
He took a trip down memory lane.
Prince Philip transferred back to private hospital as he recovers from heart surgery, palace says
The palace said the 99-year-old British monarch underwent a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition at St Bartholomew’s Hospital on Wednesday.
Prince Philip transferred back to private hospital as he recovers from heart surgery, palace says
The palace said the 99-year-old British monarch underwent a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition at St Bartholomew’s Hospital on Wednesday.
Biden has decided not to wage war on ‘Neanderthal’ GOP governors. Here’s why.
An anatomy of a thoroughly phony controversy, and the hidden reason it really matters.
Antidepressant possible candidate for the early treatment of COVID
Sharyn Alfonsi reports on how COVID, a California horse track and an antidepressant are connected. See the story, Sunday on 60 Minutes.
'Rescue' NGO Allegedly Asked for 270,000 Euros to Ship Migrants to Italy
The Italian migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has been accused of taking €125,000 to transport illegal aliens, with new claims alleging the group initially asked for as much as €270,000.
As other states close prisons, Nebraska may build a big one
Officials across the nation are closing prisons as crime rates drop and views about drug use change, but not in Nebraska, where the governor is pushing for a new $230 million prison to relieve overcrowding and house a steadily rising inmate population
Report: Andrew Cuomo Aides Rewrote Report to Hide 2,800+ Nursing Home Deaths
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's aides rewrote a report from state health officials to hide 9,250 Chinese coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
Joe Biden's COVID Response Wins Bipartisan Support: Poll
The survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research found that Biden's overall job approval ratings were 60 percent.
The Books Briefing: Gender Equality Is Valuable but Vague
Editor’s note: This week’s newsletter is a rerun.We’ll be back with a fresh newsletter next week.Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day promotes gender equality—a term that leaves room for many interpretations, some of them contradictory. For example, the historian Paula J. Giddings describes how America’s early feminist organizations excluded women of color, including the journalist and activist Ida B. Wells, who worked for suffrage and black civil rights. Today, attitudes about what constitutes female empowerment are sometimes split along generational lines, a conflict dramatized in Meg Wolitzer’s most recent novel.The journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman attribute gender disparities in pay and power in part to a widespread sense of self-doubt among women. The lawyer and writer Jill Filipovic argues that assessments of gender equality must include not only economic conditions, but also individuals’ experience of fulfillment. Meanwhile, the scholars Patricia Bell-Scott, Akasha Hull, and Barbara Smith call for equality in school curricula, so that girls can grow up learning about women’s achievements—and preparing to accomplish their own. Every Friday in the Books Briefing, we thread together Atlantic stories on books that share similar ideas. Know other book lovers who might like this guide? Forward them this email. What We’re ReadingIGORZD / SHUTTERSTOCK.COMThe feminist case for happiness“There’s a subtle radicalism to [Jill] Filipovic’s vision of politicized pleasure … She’s proposing a thorough remodeling of the house that white men built.”
Delta-8-THC is legal—but is it safe? What to know about ‘weed lite’
There’s an increasingly popular, possibly legal, solution for nervous Nellies who’d like to get high on THC but can’t handle the paranoia. A hemp derivative known as Delta-8 is gaining steam among potheads. And thanks to an obscure loophole, it may be legal in many states. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and products...
Trevor Noah on hosting the Grammy Awards
Emmy Award-winning "The Daily Show" host and comedian Trevor Noah will host the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Noah joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how he's preparing for music's biggest night. He also shares why this year's Grammy Awards ceremony will be unlike any awards show seen before.
How a 40-year-old antidepressant became a possible candidate for early treatment of COVID
Sharyn Alfonsi reports on how COVID, a California horse track and an antidepressant are connected. See the story, Sunday on 60 Minutes.
Why Dual-Class Shares Catch On, Over Investor Worries
The governance structure used by companies such as Facebook, Alibaba and Volkswagen is going global, and not everyone is happy. Dual-class shares, as they’re known, give company founders super-sized power over their businesses even if they only hold a small slice of the stock. While the formula is popular, especially among technology firms -- it blends public shares with the private-equity model -- many investors bristle at its undemocratic nature. Adoption of the structure by exchanges in Londo
Who was Jeff Grosso? A primer on the skateboarding legend
Jeff Grosso died last year of an accidental drug overdose. Here's a primer on what made him a skateboarding legend.
Bruno Mars is having quite the week
Bruno Mars really does have the Midas touch.
Bruno Mars is having quite the week
Bruno Mars really does have the Midas touch.
Is Sacha Baron Cohen dealing COVID-19 vaccines to his A-list pals?
"Jimmy, [I'll] put it this way: None of the Hollywood Foreign Press is getting COVID-19 anytime soon."
Democrat Rep. Al Green Stages Photo Op at Capitol Facing Non-Existent Extremists
Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on Thursday took a photo taken of himself sitting on the Capitol's steps and distributed it to news media to send a message he would stand up to the "right-wing extremists" who he believed would attempt to breach the Capitol that day.
Queen Elizabeth 'delighted' with two new corgi puppies: report
Queen Elizabeth has reportedly welcomed two new dogs into the royal household, surely a comfort as her husband Prince Philip recovers after heart surgery and the Sussex’s searing tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey about their struggles within “The Firm” is set to air on Sunday.