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Scottie Scheffler has shot to be first New Jersey-born golf to win Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Scottie Scheffler was heading toward Augusta National’s practice green when his father, Scott, stopped him near the big leaderboard off the first fairway. For some reason, Las Vegas was listed on the board as Scheffler’s hometown. “Should I tell them you’re from Ridgewood, New Jersey?” his father asked. “I don’t think I’ve...
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Petri Dishes with Alexandra Petri (April 27 | 11 a.m. ET)
Humor columnist Alexandra Petri takes your questions and comments on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
Yankees’ Gleyber Torres follows Aaron Boone talk with three-hit outburst
CLEVELAND — A night after Gleyber Torres earned a trip to the manager’s office due to lack of hustle, the shortstop had one of his best games of the season. Torres had three hits and made a pair of strong plays at short in the Yankees’ 6-3 win over the Indians on Thursday night at...
Terrence Clarke Tributes Paid by Boston Celtics, John Calipari, NBA Stars
The Kentucky Wildcats freshman Terrence Clarke died in a car crash outside Los Angeles on Thursday at the age of 19.
Trump and Clinton's campaign strategies
Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's latest strategies as Election Day approaches, and what's been most damaging in the WikiLeaks releases of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's emails.
Email hacks reveal Clinton campaign's transparency problems
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked emails released on WikiLeaks continues to expose some of the more opaque aspects of Hillary Clinton's campaign, including how it has dealt with issues that have made her most vulnerable as a candidate. Julianna Goldman reports.
Crude weapons, weary forces fuel deadly Aleppo stalemate
Secretary of State John Kerry warns that Russia and Syria's government could face new economic sanctions over the war in Syria. Airstrikes continue to hit the city of Aleppo. Weekend talks on a ceasefire and access to humanitarian aid failed to reach an agreement. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Aleppo, where she learned about some of the crude weaponry that has caused so much destruction.
U.S. forces back Iraq army's major offensive against ISIS
The battle to retake Iraq's second-largest city from ISIS militants is underway, as thousands of Iraqi and Kurdish fighters are advancing on villages outside Mosul. With American warplanes and Special Operations commandos providing support, the opening phase of the fight could take weeks or months. Holly Williams reports from the front line.
FBI and ATF investigate firebombing of N.C. GOP office
Federal investigators are looking into the firebombing of Republican headquarters in North Carolina. No one was hurt, but pictures show the extensive damage. Jeff Pegues reports on what some local leaders are calling an act of "political terrorism."
Yankees’ Luke Voit to head to alternate site ‘early next week’
CLEVELAND — Luke Voit will head to the alternate site “early next week,” according to Yankees manager Aaron Boone, as he rehabs from surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his left knee. The first baseman is expected to start taking batting practice at that point. He will follow that with live batting practice...
San Diego shooting: 1 dead, at least one arrested in downtown area, report says
Authorities in San Diego responded to reports of a shooting in the city’s downtown late Thursday that resulted in one fatality and at least one arrest, a report said.
'Another Round': How a film about a drinking experiment became a life-affirming Oscars hit
Oscar nominee Thomas Vinterberg experienced unspeakable tragedy, and went on to make his most uplifting film to date.
As Covid-19 surges globally, Israel is emerging into post-pandemic life
Masks are no longer required outdoors. The economy is open. It's difficult to get a reservation at many restaurants. Students are back in school full time. Live theater and sports are back on.
As Covid-19 surges globally, Israel is emerging into post-pandemic life
Shuki Weiss is starting to see the post-Covid light.
California police officer involved in fatal March shooting faces charges for a 2018 shooting death
A California police officer is facing multiple felony charges for the 2018 shooting death of a man during a slow-speed pursuit, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office said in a Wednesday news release. The announcement came the same day local authorities released new body camera footage of a fatal shooting involving the same officer last month.
Latest polls show Clinton leading Trump amid fallout
A new poll from The Washington Post and ABC News show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump nationally by four points. This comes amid fallout over sexual misconduct allegations against the GOP nominee. David Ignatius is a columnist for The Washington Post, and joins CBSN with more on what challenges both candidates face in the final sprint to the White House.
Mike Pence, Tim Kaine speak amid campaign controversies
On "Face the Nation" Sunday, vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine defended their running mates. Pence slammed sexual assault accusations against GOP nominee Donald Trump, and Kaine said that the latest leak of Hillary Clinton campaign emails could have been "doctored." CBS News political director and "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson joins CBSN with more.
As bodies pile up, India's leaders face rising public anger over second Covid-19 wave
Just six weeks ago, India's Health Minister declared that the country was "in the endgame" of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, India reported the world's highest single-day number of new cases since the pandemic began.
As bodies pile up, India's leaders face rising public anger over second wave
• Covid-19 latest: India recorded the highest ever daily rise in cases worldwide
Indonesian navy detects object during search for missing submarine
An unidentified object has been spotted at the site of the ongoing search for a missing Indonesian submarine with 53 crew members on board, as authorities warn that oxygen on the vessel will run out within 24 hours.
Robert Saleh encouraged by Jets’ offseason attendance
The Jets were one of many teams that had players put out a statement last week about “many” of them skipping in-person sessions in the offseason program, but coach Robert Saleh sounded pleased with the team’s attendance this week for the start of the voluntary workouts. “It’s been voluntary since I’ve been in the league,...
Open: This is Face the Nation, October 16
With three weeks until the election, "Face the Nation" brings you the latest news from the trail, with Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, CBS News' Elections Director Anthony Salvanto, and others.
Canada's message to America
What do Canadians think about the U.S.? A video which comes to us compliments of Toronto ad agency The Garden Collective is quite complimentary.
Watch live: SpaceX to launch astronauts to the International Space Station
SpaceX is set to launch two NASA astronauts, a European astronaut and a Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station on a reused Crew Dragon capsule.
Pence does not condone attempts to make voters "nervous"
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence says that while poll watching is part of the election process, voters should not aim to intimidate one another. "I don't think any American should ever attempt to make any other American nervous in the exercise of their franchise to vote," Pence remarks.
Pence: Trump "categorically denies" groping accusations
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence says Donald Trump has made it clear that he "categorically denies" the numerous claims made against him by at least nine women. Pence adds, "We're going to fight for the next 23 days."
Full Interview: Mike Pence, October 16
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence sits down with John Dickerson to discuss recent allegations made against Donald Trump and the fight to the campaign finish line.
Media cheer Biden climate speech, but will it turn out to be hot air?
It’s pretty clear that the press is rooting not just for action to reduce global warming but for Biden’s extremely ambitious goal.
Calendar: Week of October 17
From the "Great Shakeout" earthquake drills held around the world, to the Halloween Dog Parade in New York City, "Sunday Morning" looks at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.
Presidential Cookie Bake-Off
Who will win the Election Year tradition, the Presidential Cookie Bake-off? Faith Sale puts Melania Trump's Star Cookies and the Clinton Family's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies to the test.
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Gun control is a lost cause. Come despair with me.
So strong is the constituency for firearms ownership in Congress that a law is on the books immunizing gun manufacturers.       
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Inside SC Johnson
Five generations of Johnsons have led the $10 billion-a-year SC Johnson, making it one of the oldest family-owned businesses in America. Lee Cowan goes inside the Racine, Wis.-based company behind Johnson's Floor Wax, Windex, Drano and many other familiar products.
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Ghislaine Maxwell Due to Enter Plea on New Indictment About 14-Year-Old Girl
The British socialite is due in court on trafficking charges related to Jeffrey Epstein, including claims she undressed in front of a minor.
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Nixon Presidential Library re-opens
Visitors to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, California, are looking back with new perspective this weekend. John Blackstone reports on the library's re-opening, with some familiar faces.
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Russian Mig-31 Fighter Jet Escorts U.S. Aircraft after Ukraine Border Retreat
There has been a spike in aircraft interceptions between NATO countries and Russia after Moscow built up troops by the Ukrainian border.
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Opinion: Will the Lakers' patience with Anthony Davis' return pay off?
The Lakers were cautious in bringing Anthony Davis back, and he's on a minutes restriction to start. They hope that patience pays off.      
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Jim Gaffigan on moving to Canada
Thinking of leaving for Canada if your presidential candidate is defeated? Comedian Jim Gaffigan has some thoughts about that.
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Campaign bumper stickers
Campaign bumper stickers are part of a hallowed, if sometimes raucous, election tradition. Martha Teichner visits collectors of campaign memorabilia, and the Kansas-based Gill Studios, which will produce upwards of 15 million political bumper stickers this year.
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The call to Hispanic voters
With three weeks to go before Election Day, candidates are urging their supporters to get out and vote - especially when it comes to members of a very large and very significant demographic: Hispanics. Maria Elena Salinas, of the Spanish-language network Univision, reports our Cover Story.
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"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker now goes through "Divorce"
Sarah Jessica Parker played a romance-seeking Manhattanite in the classic TV series "Sex and the City." So what can we expect from her latest role, in the new HBO series "Divorce"? It's just one of the topics she discussed with Jane Pauley for our Sunday Profile.
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Almanac: Marie Antoinette
October 16, 1793, was the day a notorious royal lost her head - literally. Jane Pauley reports on the fate of Marie Antoinette, the deposed Queen of France.
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Nature: Whale sharks
We leave you this Sunday Morning among whale sharks feasting on tuna eggs in the waters off Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean. Videographer: Mauricio Handler.
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iPad exclusive: Juror: Frances Hall just like a "neighbor"
"Painful" is the word that juror Sylvia M. uses to describe the moment when the guilty verdict was read in the case of Frances Hall.
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Mets suffering an early identity crisis
Who are these guys? The first-place Mets? The .500 Mets? The fundamentals- and timeliness-challenged Mets? As they return home following their first trip out of the Eastern time zone since 2019, Steve Cohen’s Mets find themselves in search of an identity as well as some wins. “I just want us to build that consistency as...
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Indonesian navy detects object during search for missing submarine
Rescuers searching for a missing Indonesian submarine with 53 crew members on board have spotted an unidentified object, according to Indonesia's military.
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Texas District Attorney: Divorce, not murder is the answer
Nicholas "Nico" LaHood, elected Criminal District Attorney of Bexar County Texas, says Frances Hall reached a boiling point in her confrontation with her husband's mistress -- and committed "aggravated assault" by using her "car as a weapon."
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Frances Hall's defense team on their one big regret
Alan and Jean Brown, two members of Frances Hall's defense team, tell "48 Hours" what they would do differently if they were to try the case again.
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Defense attorney Adam Cortez is a fighter
Time in the boxing ring helps San Antonio, Texas, defense attorney Adam Cortez prepare for courtroom sparring during the Frances Hall trial.
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Bonnie Contreras on learning boyfriend Bill Hall Jr. was married
In an April 2016 deposition taken in a civil lawsuit Bonnie Contreras filed against Frances Hall, Contreras shares the details of a conversation she says she had with Bill, Frances' husband. She is being questioned by Attorney Leigh Cutter.
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