Seattle begins to open 'occupied' protest zone

Seattle transportation crews used heavy equipment Tuesday to remove some makeshift barriers around the city's "occupied" protest zone following two fatal shootings in the area. (June 30)       
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Melbourne to reimpose six-week lockdown as Australia battles coronavirus outbreak
Strict lockdown measures are to be reimposed in Australia's second largest city, as authorities scramble to prevent a second wave of coronavirus infections spreading across the country.
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Trump Associates and Members of His Administration Received Millions in Loans From Coronavirus Bailout
Loan recipients included a law firm run by one of Trump’s key defenders in the Russia probe, a Kushner family real estate project and the publisher of the National Enquirer
Can the AC filter in your home, office or local mall protect you from Covid-19?
Filtering the air in homes, offices, stores and malls may be one way to protect the public from the novel coronavirus, some experts say.
Australia to reimpose six-week coronavirus lockdown in second largest city as country battles potential second wave
Strict lockdown measures are to be reimposed in Australia's second largest city, as authorities scramble to prevent a second wave of coronavirus infections spreading across the country.
Summer learning: Does my kid need an extra boost in this year of Covid?
Taking a break from academics isn't an inevitable summer slide for kids, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The summer break could give families a chance to focus on social and emotional learning, teaching our kids needed coping skills in these scary and unpredictable times.
Possible tropical developement off the Mid-Atlantic
The area of disturbance responsible for soaking the Southeast is forecast to move into the Mid-Atlantic where it can gain strength.. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the latest on how much more rain the region will get and the likelihood of tropical development.
Depp arrives at court for libel hearing
Johnny Depp arrived at Britain's High Court on Tuesday to attend a hearing of his claim against The Sun's publisher, News Group Newspapers over a story alleging he was abusive to his ex-wife Amber Heard.
Black Man in Indiana Says He Was Assaulted by White Men Who Yelled ‘Get a Noose’
A Black man says a group of white men assaulted him and threatened to “get a noose” after claiming that he and his friends had trespassed on private property
Red Sox dogged by claims of racism, sexual abuse
Last month, when former Major League All-star Torii Hunter said he’d been called the N-word “a hundred times” at Boston’s storied Fenway Park, the Red Sox were quick to back him up with a promise to fight racism.
India Surpasses Russia In Reported Coronavirus Infections
Despite imposing among the earliest and most severe mitigation efforts in the world, India's coronavirus infections have soared.
'Almost In Tears': A Hairstylist Worries About Reopening Too Soon
NPR's Chris Arnold sits down in the barber's chair as his 65-year-old hairstylist tells him about working 13-hour days, as he worries about catching the coronavirus.
Looted skulls and human remains are being sold in black markets on Facebook
In 2013, an American collector visiting Tunisia entered the Sousse catacombs — an ancient necropolis that holds some of the oldest Christian burials in the world — and stole a skull with a "very dark ancient patina" (as he described it) during renovations of the catacombs. The collector put the skull up for sale in a private Facebook group for $550, telling his tale of looting in the sales listing.
Americans ditch hopes for summer body, instead focus on 'post-quarantine' body, study claims
Americans have lost all hope of getting a summer body this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research.
D.C.-area forecast: Hot and sticky through Wednesday. Heat may briefly ease Thursday to Friday.
There’s at least a small chance of showers or storms daily through the weekend.
‘Full Metal Jacket’ star Matthew Modine explains why he turned down ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Back to the Future'
Matthew Modine has turned down some of the most recognizable films of the past 30 years — and he has zero regrets.
Burger King's latest campaign allows guests to trade passport stamps in for free hamburgers
Now your passport can help you travel all the way to Burger King for a free sandwich.
What Next: How California Created Its Newest COVID Hotspot
Advocates are calling for widespread release of state prison inmates. A federal judge says that power rests with the governor.
The Fire, The Virus, The Violence: Australia And The Lessons Of Natural Disasters
Family violence increases in places that have been severely burned in bushfires, Australian research finds. The isolation and financial stress of COVID-19 appear to be exacerbating the problem.
'This is the time to act' on police reform, Kamala Harris says — and those reforms need teeth
Harris, a Democratic senator from California, also discussed during a live taping of Cape Up the coronavirus pandemic and the explosive allegation that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban for killing U.S. troops.
Sports jumps on PPP bandwagon, but big leagues take a pass
Rapper Ice Cube, Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and longtime boxing promoter Bob Arum led a cavalcade of sports leagues, federations, businesses and teams that navigated a federal loan program designed to help small firms cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Georgia declares state of emergency following deadly shootings
Asymptomatic All-Star slugger Gallo tests positive for virus
All-Star slugger Joey Gallo tested positive for the coronavirus, forcing the outfielder who is asymptomatic to miss the start of summer camp for the Texas Rangers after being among teammates who had worked out at their new ballpark for several weeks before that.
Fancy a holiday? Egypt is reopening with precautions
Egypt is reopening its border with the hope of revamping a tourism industry that's been severely hurt by the coronavirus lockdown. But what will it take to get Egypt's tourism industry going again? CNN's Michael Holmes reports.
AP Top Stories July 7 A
Here's the latest for Tuesday July 7th: Georgia activates National Guard; Coronavirus closes California capitol; Protests in Indiana over alleged assault of Black man; TikTok to stop operating in Hong Kong.
Braves 'ultimate pro' OF Nick Markakis opts out of season
Atlanta Braves outfielder Nick Markakis opted out of the 2020 season on Monday due to increased concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.
Philo now cheapest streaming service after YouTube TV price hike. For $20, get lots of cable but no sports or news
Looking to cut the cord and keep cable TV networks? Philo streaming offers 60 channels like HGTV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, but doesn't have news.      
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Coronavirus updates: US reports 45,000 new cases; death toll tops 130,000
A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 538,000 people worldwide.
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Major retailers urge governors to mandate mask-wearing
Trade group representing Target, Home Depot and other big chains says different rules in different places confuse shoppers, lead to confrontations.
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Contact tracing is no longer possible across the US South due to rapid coronavirus surges, health expert says
Despite hopes for relief this summer, the US is battling the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic -- so much so that across the South and Southwest contact tracing is no longer possible, according to a health expert.
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Australian man fights off one of the world's deadliest snakes while driving on highway
When a traffic officer pulled over a pickup truck on an Australian highway, he didn't expect to find one of the world's deadliest snakes inside.
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Pompeo says the U.S. is ‘certainly looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese apps
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s interview comes amid rising tensions with China, which Trump has repeatedly blamed for America’s escalating coronavirus pandemic. It also follows an underwhelming crowd at Trump’s rally in Tulsa that some blamed on a disruptive campaign led by TikTok users.
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Melbourne going back into lockdown for 6 weeks as cases surge
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Fauci warns U.S. is "knee-deep" in coronavirus first wave
Nation's leading infectious disease expert says many places reopened before infection rates were low enough
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Bubba Wallace signs endorsement pact with Beats by Dre: report
Beats by Dre announced Monday that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace signed an endorsement deal with the company.
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Herd immunity may not be achievable in fight against coronavirus
Health officials have been optimistic on herd immunity
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What to know about Tuesday's primaries in New Jersey and Delaware
A Democrat-turned-Republican faces a fight on both sides and Delaware's favorite son finally has his name on the ballot in his home state.       
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Race for a coronavirus vaccine: Why I volunteered to be exposed to COVID-19
We desperately need a vaccine, but one of the fastest routes to finding and testing one — challenge trials — is not under consideration. It should be.      
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The U.S. Just Sent 2 Aircraft Carriers to the South China Sea. China Isn’t Happy
China accused the U.S. of flexing its military muscles in the South China Sea by conducting joint exercises with two aircraft carrier groups
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This New Boss Will Need to Be Her Own Activist
Amanda Blanc will have to justify why a breakup of U.K. insurer Aviva isn’t the way forward.
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Elections in Delaware and New Jersey, Blackout Day, Johnny Depp: 5 things to know Tuesday
Elections in Delaware and New Jersey, Blackout Day, Johnny Depp's libel case begins and more news you need to know Tuesday.       
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Why Scientists Are Eavesdropping on a Rainforest in Indonesia
The Kalimantan Rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia is one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth. Bustling with life, the dense greenery is home to orangutans, all kinds of birds, frogs, you name it. But the rainforest won’t stay that way if mining and logging continues unchecked. Which is why The Nature Conservancy’s Dr. Eddie Game is listening to the sounds of the rainforest to measure the impact of human activity on the area’s wildlife.
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About a fifth of adults in the US have moved due to Covid-19 or know someone who did, a new study shows
When the coronavirus pandemic began its rapid spread from country to country and eventually state to state, what once felt like home was no longer a safe haven for millions of people.
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Biden, Trump and the Gingrich effect: Democrats must toughen up to win the 2020 election
Democrats must go on offense to fight disinformation and voter repression, and be much more clear about the dangers of a two-term Trump presidency.       
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New law would require NYPD officers to obtain liability insurance: report
State lawmakers are churning out more proposed laws to hold cops accountable for misconduct.
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TikTok to leave Hong Kong as security law raises worries
HONG KONG — TikTok said Tuesday it will stop operations in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies in warily eyeing ramifications of a sweeping national security law that took effect last week. The short-form video app’s planned departure from Hong Kong comes as various social media platforms and messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram,...
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Foreign college students must take classes in person or leave country: reports
School administrators say they were surprised by announcement
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What civil rights groups want from Facebook boycott: Stop hate speech and harassment of Black users
Facebook boycott is giving voice to complaints that social media disproportionately stifles Black users while failing to protect them from harassment.      
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Siberia had its warmest June ever as wildfires raged and carbon dioxide emissions surged
An estimated 59 megatonnes of carbon dioxide were released across Siberia in June by wildfires raging across the vast Russian region, according to scientists at the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).
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