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Sen. Marco Rubio Urges President Joe Biden to Fire Gen. Mark Milley

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has called for the resignation of General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, following reports that he planned to undermine President Trump and inform China of an impending attack following the Capitol Hill riot on January 6. 
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‘Rust’ actor says filming felt ‘life-threatening,’ raised fears of Brandon Lee-style death
Ian A. Hudson told TMZ that he was terrified filming a scene where his outlaw character was gunned down by others using 20 pistols and two rifles — all real weapons.
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The aggravated New York baseball fan’s guide to the World Series
How is a Mets or Yankees fan suppposed to find any enjoyment in the World Series? We've got some ideas.
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There is no national day to honor our hometowns. We want to change that.
We do very little to honor our cities and towns. We decided to do something about it.
Ken Burns talks about Honor Your Hometown campaign
The Honor Your Hometown campaign is headlined by renowned documentary producer Ken Burns, and his friend, Country Music Hall of Famer Marty Stuart.
The U.S. cyber workforce gap is getting bigger
Thousands of new people are taking cyber jobs, but demand keeps rising.
Nor'easter hits East as more stormy weather forecast for West
A nor’easter developing off the New Jersey coast will bring high winds, scattered storms and heavy rainfall until Wednesday evening.
Nor'easter lashes East Coast
Flood and flash flood watches are in effect from southern New Jersey to northern Massachusetts as a rapidly developing East Coast storm develops. Follow here for the latest news updates.
Fewer People Going to College Is Good News
A hot job market is luring teenagers away from college. That’s tough for the schools, but for many, it’s a better option for young people than loading up on student debt.
Congressman wears mask on House floor with not-so-secret message
South Carolina Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan wore a mask on the House floor that read "Let's go Brandon," a coded phrase adopted by the Right signifying "F*** Joe Biden." CNN's Maggie Haberman analyzes what the lack of decorum signifies.
Week 8 NFL power rankings: No. 1 Cardinals, NFC teams rule top five as new AFC challengers emerge
NFC teams lock down top five spots, but AFC clubs are slotted sixth through 11th as power dynamics shift.
NFL power rankings after Week 7
Here is how the 32 NFL teams stand after Week 7 of the 2021 season.
Dave Chappelle told his audience he has been canceled. A transgender activist says he continues ‘mocking us.’
Dave Chappelle told his audience he was canceled. A transactivist says he's playing the victim.
Switch Online N64 Expansion Pack: How Much Does It Cost and Which Games Are Included?
Nintendo has launched an expansion pack to its Switch Online service that gives access to N64 and Genesis games like "Mario Kart 64" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 2."
Miami Paper Blasts Ron DeSantis' New Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo
Dr. Joseph Ladapo has been criticized for not wearing a mask while speaking to a state senator who is battling breast cancer.
Japan's princess marries a commoner and loses her royal status
Japanese Princess Mako quietly married a commoner without traditional wedding celebrations Tuesday and said their marriage — delayed three years and opposed by some — "was a necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts.”
Rand Paul Says Cryptocurrency Could Replace Dollar
The Kentucky senator said "government currencies are so unreliable" and aren't "backed by anything."
2 dead and 4 injured after shooting at Boise mall
The suspect, who was apprehended on the scene, was hospitalized and is in critical condition, officials said.
Urban Explorers Find Multi-Million Dollar Mansion From the 1830s 'Rotting Away'
The sprawling Grade I listed mansion has 102 rooms, and was built in the 1830s by English Lord Newborough.
A man was being mauled by a 500-pound bear. He survived the attack by kicking it.
A man survived a 500-pound brown bear attack in Alaska by kicking it after being mauled by the animal.
The Return to the Workplace Means New Rules for Office Dressing
Getting dressed for the return to the office comes with new rules, writes S. Mitra Kalita
Immigrant charged with 3 counts of murder released from jail, permitted to attend school
A teenager in Houston who was charged with murder and aggravated assault in a car crash that killed three valet drivers has made bail.
Maryland GOP Gov. Hogan takes push to 'refund the police' to Virginia and beyond
Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is not confining his push to refund the police to his home state of Maryland.
Tight race for Virginia governor enters final week with national implications on the line
The neck-and-neck race for Virginia governor has entered its final week, with Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin nationalizing their campaigns in markedly different ways.
'The Chancellor': How 'pastor's daughter' Angela Merkel became the world's most powerful woman
Power politics: At one meeting, Vladimir Putin unleashed his Labrador, which headed straight to dog-phobic Angela Merkel. She didn't flinch.
How should feuding co-workers be addressed? Ask HR
When dealing with feuding co-workers, a manager is expected to be sensitive to the perspective of workers while protecting the interest of business.
Facebook revelations add new momentum to efforts to rein in Big Tech
Damning new revelations about Facebook's role in the deadly January 6 insurrection have renewed lawmakers' resolve to crack down on Silicon Valley, teeing up a potential watershed moment that will test the powerful industry's clout on Capitol Hill.
Emily Ratajkowski: How I Learned to Let Go
Growing up, I believed that my thoughts had an effect on everything, from the role I would get in the school play, to what my future would hold, to how tall I would grow. This habit of magical thinking has persisted. Some of my superstitions: If I plan a trip, I will be sure to…
TikTok, Snap, YouTube to defend how they protect kids online in congressional hearing
TikTok, Snap and YouTube will testify before Congress on protecting kids online.
Your browser can tell websites how to treat your data. But companies didn’t have to listen — until now
A special signal called Global Privacy Control is sending mass “do not sell” requests on consumers’ behalf.
The best, most realistic-looking fake plants for decorating your home
Faux houseplants are no longer uncool. Experts give tips on how to pick and place them.
How Superstar Firms Win Big From Low Interest Rates
A new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that low borrowing costs disproportionately aid the top 5% of companies within each industry.
How Facebook shapes your feed
The evolution of what posts get top billing on users’ news feeds, and what gets obscured.
The Evolving Battle Over Vaccine Mandates | Opinion
After more than a year of darkened stages and idle performers, audiences are streaming into live venues again, and performers are thrilled to resume a steady income.
Should museums mount exhibitions with a moral agenda? Absolutely. If they do it well.
Harvard Art Museums landscape photography show offers a model for following through on promises.
One big happy family? Not for Snitkers as father, son duel in Braves-Astros World Series
Brian Snitker, the Braves' manager, will take on his son, Troy, the Astros' hitting coach, in the 2021 World Series.
Japan’s Princess Mako marries commoner Kei Komuro, loses royal status
The marriage to Kei Komuro cost Mako her royal status. She received her husband's surname — the first time she has had a family name.
Man Kisses Wild Lion in Viral Video, Calls Big Cat His 'Bestie'
A video of a man cuddling up to a large male lion and kissing his nose has gone viral online, with people describing it as "absolutely beautiful."
Xi Jinping Sounds Warning As U.S.-China Tensions Reach United Nations
The Chinese leader spoke at length on Monday as the Biden administration began work to help Taiwan's future participation at the United Nations.
Diego Maradona: Barcelona and Boca Juniors to play tribute match in Saudi Arabia
One year on from his death, two of Diego Maradona's former clubs -- Barcelona and Boca Juniors -- will play a friendly in his honor in Saudi Arabia.
Diego Maradona: Barcelona and Boca Juniors to play tribute match in Saudi Arabia
One year on from his death, two of Diego Maradona's former clubs -- Barcelona and Boca Juniors -- will play a friendly in his honor in Saudi Arabia.
Naked and afraid: 20,000 mannequins take over ‘zombie cemetery’
These mannequins are a long way from Macy’s. Thousands of discarded and dismembered dummies line this junkyard-turned-zombie graveyard in the UK. The attraction, called the “Awful Halloween Walk,” was curated by Roz Edwards, who restores, sells and rents her 20,000-strong mannequin collection for film and TV.
ShowBiz Minute: Baldwin, Adele, 'Squid Game'
Hollywood stars weigh in on the Alec Baldwin film set tragedy; Adele to break live show drought with summer concerts in London's Hyde Park; A giant "Squid Game" figure in Seoul draws nostalgic Korean adults. (Oct. 26)
Tornado damage in southeast Missouri town
The National Weather Service confirmed a strong tornado thrashed the southeastern Missouri city of Fredericktown on Sunday night. Suspected tornadoes are under investigation in other parts of the state. (Oct. 26)
The $3.50 go-anywhere ticket to fight climate change
Austria is launching a new transport pass, Klimaticket. It gives passengers unlimited rides on trains, buses, trams and metro lines that costs about $3.50 (3 euro) a day.
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The $3.50 go-anywhere ticket to fight climate change
You wake up in suburban Innsbruck, the snowcapped peaks of the Austrian Tyrol glistening in the distance. After breakfast you hop a tram to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, the city's main railway station and climb aboard an Austrian Railways ÖBB Railjet bound for Vienna.
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John Wayne Gacy’s Victim No. 5 was unidentified for 43 years. A DNA database helped bring his family closure.
Five of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's 33 murder victims still haven't been identified.
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Spread of misinformation, human trafficking, inciting international violence and more were revealed from the bombshell leaked documents
Facebook is no stranger to the limelight. While the company has repeatedly come under fire over the past few years for its role in disseminating misinformation, especially related to the 2016 election, the last two months have been especially turbulent as a whistleblower and top officials have been called to testify in front of Congress following the release of leaked internal research and documents.
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Fired Netflix Trans Employee Doesn't Want Dave Chappelle's Special Taken Down
Dave Chappelle has faced backlash for comments he made about transgender women in his Netflix comedy special "The Closer."
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