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Senate panel advances bill to bolster US security assistance to Taiwan

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill to bolster US security assistance to Taiwan, authorizing $6.5 billion over the next five years.
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King Charles' Palace 'Turning the Press Into Their PR Agency'—Podcast
King Charles III's reign has begun with "an unnecessary battle" with the media over accusations of censorship, according to Newsweek's Royal Report podcast.
The one point abortion rights activists need to keep making
Nobody should be forced to sacrifice their body.
D.C.-area forecast: Rainy through Tuesday night, slow clearing after that
Sunny weather dominates Thursday through the weekend
Florida officials face questions over the late evacuation order in Lee County
Local authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation for part of Lee County on Tuesday, just one day before the Category 4 storm made mainland landfall.
In one Fort Myers neighborhood, residents feel forsaken in the aftermath of Ian
In historically African-American Dunbar, some think that they are being ignored by authorities who are more concerned about helping affluent seaside communities.
Come along as we connect the dots between climate, migration and the far-right
Today, we are launching a project to look at how the ripples of climate change are radiating outward. Beginning in Senegal, we will connect the dots between climate, migration and political extremism.
Abortion is legal but under threat in Puerto Rico
Measures being considered represent renewed interest in restricting abortion on the island after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that protected abortion rights.
Did Verizon just raise prices? Administrative fee increase is another price hike
Verizon increased the "Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge" applied across its plans from $1.95 to $3.30. That's more than a 69% increase.
Why Polio, Once Eliminated, Is Testing N.Y. Health Officials
Health officials are facing a number of obstacles to containing polio as it continues to circulate in New York State and threatens to become endemic.
Europe’s leading online broker is putting more power into their customers' hands
A new generation of investors are demanding more convenience from their brokers. One company has a reputation for early innovation
Plant-Based Food Moving Past Imitation as 70% of Consumers Look Beyond Familiar Foods
IFF is leveraging flavors, ingredients and bioscience technologies alongside sensorial and creative expertise to design more sustainable food and beverage solutions.
How Infection Prevention Solutions are Tackling the Rise of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms
ELER MEDICAL® is an internationally recognised leader in preventative care solutions, working to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections, to create a safer healthcare environment.
Preparing healthcare professionals to lead and transform health systems
In complex and dynamic healthcare systems, transformational leadership is key. Empowering individuals to take leadership roles part of the mission of the SCFHS
How AI is breaking out of silos to drive gains in healthcare, autonomous vehicles - and beyond
Current AI use is confined to narrow applications. But as G42 shows, thinking more broadly and owning the infrastructure behind AI can drive rapid transformation
How Gogoro is rethinking electric fuel to provide urban riders a cleaner, safer, more sustainable path forward.
Urban smart mobility frontrunner Gogoro is leading the transition to sustainable two-wheeled transportation in cities with smarter vehicles and its intelligent battery swapping platform.
The Supreme Court will begin a new term with more contentious cases on its docket
The fate of affirmative action programs in college admissions, redistricting, and elections are in the hands of the justices as the U.S. Supreme Court begins its new term.
'The Hero of This Book' is a lightly fictionalized memoir that examines devotion
Elizabeth McCracken promised her mom she'd never write about her. But this work of fiction strives to conjure her up in order to prevent her from "evanescing."
What Venezuelan Migrants Are Fleeing
Last month in Martha’s Vineyard, some Venezuelans found themselves political pawns. But most Venezuelan migrants to the U.S. do not make the evening news.
Joe Rogan: Kaepernick Would Have 'Got Away With' Taking Knee If He Was Best
Rogan discussed the former NFL quarterback with his guest Greg Fitzsimmons on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.
Who Wrote 'Interview with the Vampire'?
AMC have made a new adaptation of "Interview with the Vampire," the iconic book about a vampire named Louis reflecting on his life since joining the undead.
Magnitude 3.1 earthquake shakes Anaheim area
The U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred at 1:24 a.m. Monday in Anaheim.
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Be Awarded Today
It will be the first Nobel Prize awarded this year, with more announcements being made over the coming week.
In striking U-turn, Britain scraps tax cut for wealthy that helped spark market turmoil
The British government has dropped plans to cut income tax for top earners
Toddler Shot Dead in Front of Mother, Siblings in Road Rage Incident: Cops
"We will not rest until those responsible for this senseless and cowardly act of violence are brought to justice," said Bryan Spreyne of the Chicago police department.
Sacheen Littlefeather, Activist Who Rejected Brando’s Oscar, Dies at 75
The actress was booed at the Academy Awards in 1973 after she refused the best actor award on Marlon Brando’s behalf in protest of Hollywood’s depictions of Native Americans.
Relatives mourn those crushed at Indonesia soccer match
Distraught family members were struggling to comprehend the sudden loss of loved ones at a soccer match in East Java’s Malang city.
Arizona Teen Denied Lifesaving Medication Due to State's Abortion Ban
"I'm trying to protect our patients, but it's very frightening," the girl's doctor, Deborah Jane Power, said.
Belarus TV Guest Hits Back After Being Told Country Is 'Part of Russia'
The Russian State TV guest also insisted Russia needed to regroup as it is struggling against the well-equipped Ukraine.
AP Top Stories October 3 A
Here's the latest for Monday October 3rd: Dozens confirmed dead in Florida after Hurricane Ian; President Biden going to Puerto Rico to view hurricane damage; Brazilian presidential election goes to runoff; Oath Keepers founder going on trial.
Bolsonaro and the right outperform, pushing Brazil into a runoff 'that will leave scars'
The surprise result of Sunday's presidential election shows a Brazil that remains highly polarized as it heads into an Oct. 30 runoff election.
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The NBA Made a Fortune Off Jeremy Lin—and Then Kicked Him to the Curb
Al Bello/Getty“It’s so hard when you don’t look the part,” offers Jeremy Lin. “You have to do everything right when you don’t look the part, and even then, that might not be enough. There is no room for error.” He pauses. “That’s the story of minorities in America right now.”Jeremy Lin never looked the part. His parents emigrated from Taiwan to the U.S. in the 1970s, eventually settling in Palo Alto, California. They were both engineers, and both stood 5-foot-6 (Lin grew to be 6-foot-3). When he wasn’t studying the Bible—his parents are also devout Christians—Lin learned the game of basketball via frequent trips to the local YMCA. When his mother discovered there was no elite-level basketball program for middle schoolers in Palo Alto, she helped start one. Lin eventually led his high school team to the state championship, but received no scholarship offers. He went to Harvard. Became a finalist for the Bob Cousy Award. Went undrafted.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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There’s Something Weird About the Kardashians’ Holiday Campaign
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/Photo: Kris Jenner/InstagramJust the other day, I saw a Facebook status update of mine from 12 years ago, in which I simply had to notify my 300 friends of the fact that I was defiantly listening to Christmas music in September. Before you start in on me, I know: Talking about a Facebook status is a beyond-cringe way to begin our time together for the next few minutes, but transparency is paramount to journalistic integrity. And I take my job seriously!What, did you think I was going to apologize for indulging in a little Christmas festivity well before everyone else? Not a chance. In the great debate of How Soon Is Too Soon for Christmas Music, I’ve always stood firmly outside the entire argument. Pre-Thanksgiving or post-Thanksgiving means nothing to me. Turkey Day isn’t even in the equation; the only cornucopia I’m interested in is the horn-o’-plenty of holiday music selections I can shuffle between before Halloween has even passed.But even I know there’s a line. Start your celebration too early, and you run the risk of burning out before the stockings can be hung by the chimney with care. I dip in and out of the holiday vibe all through autumn—10 minutes of Ella Fitzgerald’s holiday album and some evergreen essential oils to get my fix. It’s a delicate art form, one that I’ve been unable to monetize. But not without trying!Read more at The Daily Beast.
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School choice advocates promised students a better education. They haven't delivered.
The school at which I teach has become a school of choice, an alternative to inferior and sometimes perilous inner-city neighborhood high schools.       
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Glenn Youngkin’s MAGA-Lite Image Isn’t Going to Win Over the GOP
Anna Moneymaker/GettyVirginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is less than a year into his governorship, but he’s already making moves to be the GOP’s next presidential nominee.His political style tries to have it both ways. He aims to be sufficiently middle-of-the-road in a crucial purple state, while also playing the culture-war hits to win over the MAGA base.But it simply might not be possible to be the “Goldilocks candidate”—serving porridge that’s neither too hot nor too cold—in the 2024 Republican primary.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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I’m Black, but That’s Not Always How the World Sees Me
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyI’m Black. That’s plain to me. I was raised in a Black family, with all different shades of the spectrum.But what that means to others is something else.As I travel around the world, others see me as more of a question mark.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Abortion Clinic Escorts Say Work Is Becoming a ‘War Zone’
Photo Composite by The Daily Beast, Courtesy of Christie BurkhartVolunteer escorts who help patients access abortion clinics say they are facing more threats and violence from anti-abortion protesters since the fall of Roe v. Wade, and some predict things will only get worse.On Aug. 15, Melissa Strelec drove her car up to the entrance of Northeast Ohio Women’s Center in Cuyahoga Falls and began throwing eggs out of the window at the clinic’s volunteer escorts. She then maneuvered her car erratically around the parking lot, almost hitting an escort, before driving away. The encounter was caught on the clinic’s security cameras.An hour later, Strelec returned on foot, brandishing a black bag. Escorts, trained to be aware of serious threats, ran into the building.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Inside the Secret, Very Expensive World of Hollywood’s Star Art Collectors
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIn the 30-odd years Barbara Guggenheim has worked as Tom Cruise’s art adviser, a theme has been established: “He collects works that are very intense, that have a lot of movement and that are very positive, and I think that that’s who he is,” Guggenheim told The Daily Beast. No kidding—over a career spanning decades, Cruise has solidified his reputation as one of the hardest-working, hardest-driving actors in the blockbuster business; a relentless force of nature who propelled Top Gun: Maverick, the juggernaut sequel to the ’80s classic, to box office Valhalla this year and who also once jumped for joy on Oprah’s couch. Very little is known about Cruise’s art trove. Guggenheim, invoking her role as a fiduciary, declined to answer specific questions about the size and contents of the actor’s collection. Undeniably, though, for celebrities of Cruise’s caliber, even the reported existence of a robust yet mysterious art collection can communicate creative dexterity in a way few other material things can. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Dem Senator Targets Gun Group Over Its Secret Gun Registry
Stefani Reynolds/GettySen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is taking aim at a gun industry association for the way it engaged in a tax-dodging “voter education” scheme that also violated a core tenet of Second Amendment enthusiasts: compiling a detailed database of gun buyers.The Daily Beast has obtained a letter, which Blumenthal sent to the National Shooting Sports Foundation on Friday, calling out the association for allegedly amassing a list of gun owners and what types of guns they own—all to further its voter influence campaigns.NSSF is made up of the nation’s largest gun makers and once had a running political campaign deal with Cambridge Analytica, the now-defunct British data analytics company caught meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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How I Got Body-Shamed by a Pair of Digital Pants
Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyThe day after New York Fashion Week ended, when I can only presume the majority of fashion tastemakers were nursing hangovers from exclusive afterparties the night before, I was at the self-proclaimed real “future of fashion” instead. Located inside a nondescript SoHo storefront, I experienced ZERO10, an augmented reality app that lets users purchase and photograph themselves in digital-only clothing. The company of the same name had set up, in its own words, the first physical pop-up store with digital-only clothing.“Featuring almost nothing physical, the space has been designed for people to create, interact, and explore through content creation, fitting the virtual items through augmented reality using only their smartphones,” read the company’s promotional material for the pop-up.Let me tell you: It was weird.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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U.K. scraps tax cut for wealthy that sparked market turmoil
It was a major reversal by the new British government. Reducing taxes for top earners while millions face soaring inflation was widely seen as politically toxic.
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His mom’s house flooded during Ian. He swam a half-mile to save her.
When Hurricane Ian flooded Naples, Fla., Johnny Lauder’s mother was stuck inside her flooding home. So the former police officer swam to her rescue.
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Truss, in Reversal, Drops Plan to Cut U.K. Tax Rate on High Earners
The announcement was a major capitulation by the government after tax cuts it announced roiled financial markets and drew widespread criticism.
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Today's 'Wordle' Word of the Day #471, Hints and Clues—October 3 Game
Find out everything you need to know about "Wordle" #471, including clues and the answer to today's mystery word.
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Ukraine claims control of Russian logistics hub, seeks to cut more supply lines
Russia's defence ministry said on Saturday it was pulling troops out of the Lyman area "in connection with the creation of a threat of encirclement".
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Occupant's phone alerts responders to car crash that killed 6 in their 20s
The car hit a tree in Lincoln, Neb. Police said an iPhone detected the impact and called responders automatically when the phone's owner didn't respond.
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Britain reverses part of controversial tax policy that sent pound plunging
Kwasi Kwarteng, the chancellor, announced the government was abandoning plans to abolish the 45 percent tax rate for the highest earners amid widespread opposition.
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Florida Governor: Hurricane Ian like 500 year flood
More than 60 people are confirmed dead in Florida, days after Hurricane Ian struck the state. Fewer than 700,000 homes and businesses in Florida were still without electricity by late Sunday, down from a peak of 2.6 million. (Oct. 3)      
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UK scraps tax cut for wealthy that sparked market turmoil
Treasury chief Kwasi Kwarteng said Monday that he will not scrap the top 45% rate of income tax paid on earnings above 150,000 pounds ($167,000) a year.
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