Spain's Ciudadanos says 'no excuses' for bad result

The leader of Spain's centre-right Ciudadanos party, Albert Rivera, on Sunday said there was "no excuses" for his party's collapse in a general election.
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Myles Garrett Says Mason Rudolph Brawl Was 'Foolish' and 'Out of Character'
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett took Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph's helmet and hit him in the head with it in the closing seconds of his team's 21-7 home win at FirstEnergy Stadium on Thursday...
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Astronauts tackle one of the most complex spacewalks ever
Four spacewalks will be needed to repair the $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
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Baker Mayfield tears into helmet-swinging Myles Garrett: ‘Inexcusable’
Baker Mayfield didn’t give his teammate a pass. After the Browns’ 21-7 win over the Steelers, Mayfield said on Fox that Garrett, who ripped Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet off and then hit Rudolph over the head with that helmet, has no excuse for what he did. “I didn’t see why it started, but it’s...
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The vaping crisis has been terrible for legal weed companies
THC vape products used to be the fastest growing part of the legal cannabis market. Now, after the CDC recommended that people avoid vaping THC, sales for THC vape products have dropped more than 20 percent in two months, according to BDS Analytics.'
US defense chief says cloud contract was fair, despite Amazon challenge
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Friday the Pentagon awarded Microsoft Corp an up to $10 billion cloud computing contract after a fair competition, after Inc announced plans to challenge it over alleged bias.
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Community in shock describes suspect they know
On his 16th birthday, the student carried a loaded .45 handgun to his high school north of Los Angeles, pulled it out of his backpack and gunned down five of his classmates, authorities said. He saved the last bullet for himself. - RSS Channel
Off-duty officers were the first responders to the California high school shooting — because they were dropping off their own family members for school
AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez An off-duty sheriff's deputy and two off-duty police officers were the first to respond to the scene of a shooting at a Southern California high school — because they were dropping off their own family members for school. Two students were killed and three were left injured in the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarity Valley, which is north of Los Angeles. The gunman was also left in grave condition after he attempted to take his own life after the shooting. The first responders reported to the scene at approximately 7:40 a.m., shortly after the first shots rang out, and began treating victims to stem the bleeding. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. An off-duty sheriff's deputy and two off-duty police officers were the first to respond to the scene of a shooting at a Southern California high school — because they were dropping off their own family members for school. Two students were killed, and three were left injured in the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarity Valley, which is north of Los Angeles. The 16-year-old gunman was also taken to the hospital in critical condition after attempting to take his own life after the shooting. The entire incident unfolded over 16 seconds, law enforcement officials said.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: People are still debating the pink or grey sneaker, 2 years after it went viral. Here's the real color explained.See Also:2 students are dead and 3 are injured after a high-school shooting in Santa Clarita, California. The gunman is also in 'grave' condition.Students at the Santa Clarita school where 2 people were killed and 4 were injured in a shooting say their sense of safety 'will forever be ruined'There have been 366 mass shootings in the US so far in 2019 — here's the full list
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Baker Mayfield rips teammate Myles Garrett for hitting Mason Rudolph in head with his helmet
AP Photo/David Richard Thursday night's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns ended in a brutal brawl when Myles Garrett struck Mason Rudolph with his own helmet. After the game, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield called out Garrett for his role in the fight, calling it "inexcusable" and predicting a looming suspension. Reporters and commentators commended Mayfield for his words on Twitter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Thursday night's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns ended in a brutal brawl, with Browns standout defender Myles Garrett attacking Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with his own helmet. The fight broke out in the final seconds of the game, with the Browns holding a 21-7 lead and the Steelers down to their final plays before time expired. Garrett had brought Rudolph down on the play, and after trading words, ripped off his helmet and swung it at the Pittsburgh quarterback.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:'Thursday Night Football' ends with an ugly brawl and star defender Myles Garrett hitting QB Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmetBaker Mayfield asked Browns fans to be quieter after the noise caused brutal false start penaltyLamar Jackson staked his claim to the MVP with a brilliant video game-like touchdown run
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Steelers' Mason Rudolph: Myles Garrett's Actions Were 'Cowardly and Bush League'
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph didn't mince words when asked about Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett ripping his helmet off and hitting him in the head with it...
Fortnite gets a Star Wars skin, but there’s a catch
Epic Games You need to buy the new Jedi game Continue reading…
Photos of the Week: Prehistoric Tongue, First Snow, Panda Scan
Ivan Alvarado / Reuters Autumn colors in Belgium, chessboxing in Paris, protests in Chile and Hong Kong,dinosaurs in India, Loy Krathong in Thailand, bushfires in Australia, impeachment hearings in Washington, D.C., the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, Santa Claus in Germany, tennis in London, and much more.
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How Fox News is covering the impeachment hearings
The prime time hosts of Fox News are showing their support for President Donald Trump during the impeachment process by calling the hearings "boring," "stupid," and "hearsay." CNN's Brian Stelter reports.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper says crucial South Korea pay more for U.S. troops
U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said on Friday it is crucial the United States and South Korea reach an agreement on cost sharing for U.S. troops in the South by the end of the year with a higher burden to be shared by Seoul.
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Star Wars + Fortnite event brings Jedi: Fallen Order to Epic’s shooter
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available on the Epic Games Store. Epic announced that launch alongside a "Star Wars"-themed Fortnite event.
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Myles Garrett hit Mason Rudolph with his own helmet, sparking a massive brawl
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Garrett used Mason Rudolph’s helmet as a weapon on the quarterback’s exposed head, sparking a brawl on Thursday night. The end of Thursday’s game between the Steelers and Browns was absolute mayhem. There was a brawl that had players on both teams ejected and likely suspended. But it was more than that because of the unprecedented action that started the fight. With five seconds on the clock, and the Browns up 21-7, Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph at the end of a play. He then used that helmet as a blunt weapon. He swung it at Rudolph’s head, connected, and started a bench-clearing brawl near the end zone. Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey punched and kicked a downed Garrett in retaliation. He was joined by his fellow offensive linemen in striking Garrett after he was wrestled to the ground. Then both teams got involved and it got even messier: This is all ugly— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 15, 2019 Garrett, Pouncey and Larry Ogunjobi were the players ejected on the play. You can see Ogunjobi hitting Rudolph after Garrett hit him with the helmet. Not that it excuses anything, but Garrett’s anger can likely be attributed to Rudolph apparently trying to pull off his helmet prior to the brawl: What was Rudolph even doing here? This is all so— Zito (@_Zeets) November 15, 2019 What the Browns and Steelers said after the game Speaking to Erin Andrews after the game, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was quick to condemn the whole thing. “I didn’t see why it started, but it’s inexcusable,” Mayfield said. “I don’t care, rivalry or not, we can’t do that. That’s kind of the history of what’s been going on here — hurting yourself — and that’s just endangering the other team. It’s inexcusable. [Garrett] knows that. I hope he does now. It’s tough.” Mayfield was blunt when saying what it means for Garrett and the Browns going forward. “The reality is, he’s going to get suspended. We don’t know how long, and that hurts our team. We can’t do that. We can’t continue to hurt this team.” Pouncey was asked if Garrett should be suspended. “Absolutely, 100 percent,” Pouncey said. “We’ll see how serious the NFL is about its players.” He was also asked if he had ever been that angry before and responded, “I blacked out. I don’t even remember it really.” The helmet connected with the crown of his head, but Rudolph stayed in the game for the final snap. That’s irrelevant when it comes to punishment and the public’s judgment — the intent behind swinging what is effectively a lethal weapon at the exposed head of another player is damning for Garrett. This was an absolute disaster, and we’ll surely have plenty of follow-up information from both teams and the league office.
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Myles Garrett uses helmet to clock Mason Rudolph’s head in fight
CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Browns kept fighting long after the outcome had been decided, and it likely will cost them their best defensive player. Browns defensive end Myles Garrett ripped off Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and hit him with it in the head in the final seconds as the Browns’ 21-7 win over the...
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Biden to Trump: ‘Release your taxes or shut up’
"@realDonaldTrump, release your taxes or shut up about corruption," Biden tweeted on Thursday night.
New York Post
Browns' Baker Mayfield Slams Myles Garrett's 'Inexcusable' Fight vs. Steelers
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was not happy with teammate Myles Garrett following Thursday's 21-7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers ...
These Are the Biggest Moments From the 2019 TIME 100 Next Event
It was impossible to move an inch at the 2019 TIME 100 Next event without breezing past someone who is sure to have influence well beyond 2019. The celebration, which recognized people who are shaping the future of their fields, brought together some of the year’s most buzzy individuals from athlete and activist Aly Raisman,…
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'Thursday Night Football' ends with an ugly brawl and star defender Myles Garrett hitting QB Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet
Fox Cleveland Browns star defensive end Myles Garrett hit Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his helmet during a brawl at the end of "Thursday Night Football." Three players were ejected and Garrett is facing a lengthy suspension. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-7, on "Thursday Night Football," but the big story is the brawl that ended the game and star defender Myles Garrett hitting Steelers quarterback in the head with his helmet. With under 15 seconds to go, Rudolph threw a pass and was taken to the ground by Garrett. Rudolph appeared to take exception to the aggressiveness by Garrett who then ripped the helmet off of Rudolph.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Baker Mayfield asked Browns fans to be quieter after the noise caused brutal false start penaltyPatrick Mahomes' jump-pass touchdown once again proved he's unlike any other quarterback in the leagueLamar Jackson staked his claim to the MVP with a brilliant video game-like touchdown run
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'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Is Strong With the Force
Traditional in its approach to the material but elegant in its craftsmanship, the game is one of the best 'Star Wars' games ever made.
'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' is a terrific and welcome surprise
I'm just going to say this once, and only because it actually applies: Fallen Order is the Dark Souls of Star Wars games. I know. I KNOW. I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Knowledgeable players who have a broad range of tastes will no doubt spot other sources of inspiration. But the skeletal framework on which Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is built owes a great deal Dark Souls and its ilk. The latest Star Wars adventure is a melee action game that has you smacking all sorts of familiar baddies with a lightsaber. You are Cal Kestis, a survivor of the Order 66 Jedi purge who's lived life on the run ever since. Read more...More about Star Wars, Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and Entertainment
Trump says impeachment probe has been ‘very hard’ on family
He was speaking in friendly territory in Louisiana, a state he carried in 2016 by 20 percentage points.
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Election influencers: fight for Canterbury plays out on social media
Some call it toxic, but a lively local Facebook group has brought young and old together to trade memes and debateLocal newspaper editors once controlled the information that circled around a town or small city during an election. But in Canterbury in 2019, that power has fallen into the lap of the 32-year-old administrator of a Facebook group.Edd Withers set up the Canterbury Residents Group on Facebook five years ago in an attempt to bridge the divide between the city’s large student population and its older residents. In a sign of the changing media environment that could shape this election, what started as a community project to bring generations together has turned into a lively and often chaotic rolling political conversation about all manner of issues affecting the city. Continue reading...
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'CVs at bottom of pile': Britons in EU say Brexit is taking its toll
Uncertainty over UK citizens’ future status is prompting some European employers to steer clearPast 40, and nearly five years after he arrived in Madrid, John Halliday is moving back to the UK and in with his parents. He had “nowhere else to go”, he says: Brexit had cost him his job and made other Spanish employers reluctant to hire Britons. Related: Britons in Europe face citizens' rights 'lottery' in event of no deal Continue reading...
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review – the force is strong in this one
PC, PS4 (version tested), Xbox One; Electronic ArtsWith its satisfyingly challenging lightsaber combat and on-brand recreation of the Star Wars galaxy, this is the game fans have been waiting forStar Wars video game fans have waited impatiently – for almost a decade – for a romp through their favourite galaxy in the best traditions of the action-adventure game. Out of mercy (for I, too, am a fanatic), I’ll cut to the chase: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order does indeed deliver on that. Hitting all the right notes – and not just with the fluttering woodwind and heavy brass of the John Williams-styled orchestra – Fallen Order is right on brand.It has the ancient ruins of mystical past civilisations seamlessly blended with the crashed hulks of light-speeding starships; the militaristic, sterile, black and red halls of the Empire, with rapidly sliding doors that open on to lush landscapes. Alien life lurks everywhere, some cutesy, some deadly. Continue reading...
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review — A series-defining adventure
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a great game for the series, but it's more than that. It's also one of the best games of the year.
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Jedi: Fallen Order shows that a good Star Wars game doesn’t have to be original
Part Zelda, part Tomb Raider, part Uncharted — all Star Wars There’s little about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that actually feels new. The latest game from Titanfall and Apex Legends studio Respawn, Fallen Order is an action-adventure game that’s something of a mish-mash of its contemporaries, blending elements of Tomb Raider, Breath of the Wild, Uncharted, God of War, and more, before slathering the concoction with a fine layer of Star Wars mythology. The result isn’t groundbreaking, but it will be a relief for long-suffering Star Wars fans. Fallen Order doesn’t have to be great: it’s enough to know that this is a solid Star Wars game that really makes you feel like a Jedi. It even has a cute droid. Fallen Order takes place after the events of Revenge of the Sith, when all of the Jedi have been purged from the galaxy at the command of Emperor Palpatine. You play as Cal, a Jedi Padawan who managed to escape the Empire and is now living a quiet, solitary life as a scrapper, shut off from the Force. Naturally, it’s not long until he’s forced to abandon that life and is pulled back into the never-ending struggle between the light and dark sides. He joins up with some Resistance members for an ambitious plan: to uncover a hidden list of Force-sensitive children, and ultimately rebuild the Jedi Order. Of course, given the chronology of the Star Wars timeline, we know that Cal can’t ultimately be successful. But that doesn’t make the quest any less interesting, due in large part to the characters. Cal is sort of a generic lead, but the rest of the cast is excellent, from the terrifying Second Sister who hunts down Jedi Cere, a former Jedi with a questionable past, to BD-1, Cal’s adorable droid companion. Fallen Order is also a dream for lore nerds, with lots of ancient history to delve into if you’re interested. (Much of this is optional, buried in a codex in the main menu.) As a game, Fallen Order fits snugly into the action / adventure niche. You’ll spend equal time doing both. The combat, as you’d imagine, is a mixture of lightsaber duels and force powers. Initially, it’s almost dull, as you can do little more than swing your laser sword around. But slowly you’ll unlock new abilities that really open combat up. Abilities like easily blocking blaster bolts and tossing stormtroopers off of cliffs help sell the fantasy that you’re a Jedi. There’s even a good narrative reason why you don’t have these powers from the get go, as Cal is an out-of-practice Padawan re-learning as he goes. Aside from the powers, what’s nice about the combat is its diversity. You aren’t just doing one thing. There are battles with giant creatures, squads of stormtroopers, and tense, one-on-one fights with skilled warriors. There are also a handful of big, impressive set-pieces that call to mind Uncharted; one of the opening scenes involves escaping a train that’s under attack. And when you take down a towering alien monster, Cal will take it down — and maybe slice a few limbs off — in a canned animation reminiscent of the most recent God of War. Outside of combat, there’s a large focus on exploration. In Fallen Order you’ll travel to a handful of planets, always in search of the next mysterious artifact or bit of gossip to help you find that list. Each world is structured sort of like a level from Metroid, a series of interconnected areas with lots of locked doors and hidden areas that can only be accessed once you have the requisite skill. You might see a cracked wall, for instance, but you can’t actually knock it down until Cal remembers how to do a Force push. These are areas that you’re meant to go back to multiple times, searching for new paths. One of the worlds you’ll spend a lot of time on is the homeworld of an extinct species called the Zeffo. Here you’ll find ancient tombs that house all kinds of useful secrets. Exploring these tombs is like a mix of the shrines from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and, well, the tombs from Tomb Raider. They’re bigger than Zelda’s shrines, but they have a similar feel, generally testing your ability to utilize a newly discovered skill with lots of physics-based puzzles. There are also a handful of of superfluous elements that nevertheless add to the atmosphere. You can collect parts to customize your lightsaber, for instance; this doesn’t change how it works, it just looks cool. You can also collect seeds to grow in a terrarium on your ship, and outfit Cal with a new Jedi shawl or re-do BD-1’s paint job. For the most part, Fallen Order fuses these ideas culled from other games into a well-made whole. I wouldn’t call any aspect of the game amazing in its own right, but each element is good enough, and more importantly it all fits together in a way that’s both cohesive and makes sense for a Star Wars game. BD-1 is a great example of this, as it touches on almost every element of the experience. It’s a character with a key place in the story, but it’s also a clever bit of game design; the droid will scan important objects for you, give hints during puzzle sequences, and serve as something of a co-op partner, unlocking doors and hacking into computer terminals. It can even help in battle by overriding enemy droids. My favorite part? There’s a button just for checking in on the little bot to see if it’s doing okay. There are some visible seams where these different concepts fit together, most notably trial-and-error platforming sequences and frustratingly dark visuals, particularly in the tombs, that can make it easy to miss key points like a rope dangling from the ceiling that’s necessary for escape. I’m also not a fan of the save system, where you can meditate at specific points to save your progress and, if you’re willing to have every enemy respawn, refresh your health as well. It makes what should be a chance to catch your breath into a tough decision. But given the state of of Star Wars games over the past decade or so, a good-but-not-amazing single-player adventure is something of a miracle. Those issues I mentioned can be frustrating, but they’re also worth putting up with given how much Fallen Order gets right: the intense and open lightsaber combat, the clever puzzles, the intricate level design, a universe just dripping with history and intrigue. This is what I want from a Star Wars game — and Fallen Order gives me just enough to satiate that long-ignored need. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available November 15th on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
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Jedi: Fallen Order game review: More like, the Force goes back to sleep
EA finally releases a single-player Star Wars game, but promising intro falls apart.
Ars Technica
Browns' Myles Garrett Ejected After Hitting Mason Rudolph in Head with Helmet
An ugly and violent scene took place in Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium on Thursday as Browns defensive end Myles Garrett ripped off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph's ...
Taylor Swift says AMA performance in doubt amid music feud
The singer claims music bosses Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta won't let her perform her old songs.
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Oil gains as hopes build for OPEC supply curbs; new optimism on U.S.-China trade deal
Oil prices rose on Friday as OPEC's outlook for oil demand next year fueled hopes that the producer group and its associates will keep a lid on supply when they meet to discuss policy on output next month.
Protesters hound Brett Kavanaugh with Christine Blasey Ford video outside DC event
Protesters hounded Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday night outside an event in Washington, greeting him with shouts of “Impeach Kavanaugh” and a large screen replaying accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s congressional testimony.
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Baker Mayfield Throws 2 TDs as Browns Beat Steelers 21-7 for 2nd Straight Win
The Cleveland Browns appear back on track after a 21-7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baker Mayfield helped the offense flow with three total touchdowns against a tough Steelers ...
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City Council votes to make Hart Island more accessible
The New York City Council has voted to make Hart Island — the nation’s largest public burial ground — more accessible to families of the dead. By a vote of 45-2, the council opted on Thursday to transfer control of the potter’s field from the Department of Correction to the parks department. About 1 million...
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Ex-FDA adviser says LASIK eye surgery should be banned
A former FDA adviser who voted to approve the procedure now thinks it should be banned because of complications faced by some patients.
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Kavanaugh Recalls His Confirmation at Conservative Legal Group’s Annual Gala
A year after his brutal confirmation hearings, the justice returned to the spotlight before a friendly audience.
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Kristaps Porzingis on Knicks Fans Booing in Return to MSG: 'It Is What It Is'
Thursday night marked Kristaps Porzingis ' first game at Madison Square Garden since he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in January, and he received a not-so-warm reception from New York Knicks fans...
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Video suggests Carlos Beltran got stolen Astros signs in 2017 at-bat
Carlos Beltran has been steadfast in saying the Astros legally stole signs during his one season with the team in 2017. We now have video that appears to show the new Mets manager benefiting from Houston’s alleged practice, which is now being investigated by Major League Baseball. Max Wildstein posted video of an August 2017...
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Dan Macsai Pays Tribute to Leaders ‘Who Defy Odds Every Day’ at TIME 100 Next Event
TIME executive editor Dan Macsai paid tribute to leaders of tomorrow “who defy odds every day” at the TIME 100 Next event Thursday night. In his opening remarks, Macsai highlighted several of the members of the TIME 100 Next list, including Hong Kong protest leader Edward Leung and Ugandan musician and opposition leader Bobi Wine,…
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David Fizdale: Luka Doncic Could Top Dirk Nowitzki for Best European Player Ever
New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale didn't hold back when evaluating Luka Doncic following Thursday's matchup...
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Eagles Rumors: RB Jay Ajayi Visiting on Friday Following ACL Injury Recovery
The Philadelphia Eagles could be welcoming a key member of the Super Bowl LII champions into the mix, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that free-agent running back Jay Ajayi is visiting with the team on Friday...
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Myles Powell, Seton Hall just miss massive Michigan State upset
The building felt like was shaking from its foundation and Myles Powell was on the ground with a chance for a four-point play. The lead was now five, the game was in Seton Hall’s hands. From that point on, however, Michigan State reminded everyone at Prudential Center why it is a perennial national championship contender....
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Trump: Impeachment has been 'very hard on my family'
The president's comments came one day after the first day of public testimony, and just hours ahead of the Friday appearance of former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.
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Knicks win another thriller over Kristaps Porzingis, Mavericks
Knicks fans vented their fury in historic fashion against Kristaps Porzingis on Thursday, treating him like a Latvian Benedict Arnold from the second he stepped back onto the hardwood 20 minutes before tipoff. All-night boos and rampant “KP sucks!’’ chants ruled this crazed Garden evening and the Knicks responded with a furious performance to beat...
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Cigarette smoking among adults hits all-time low in U.S.
But 34.2 million adults still smoke and use other tobacco products
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Australia fires: New blazes forecast as temperatures rise
Authorities expect massive bush fires will intensify as temperatures increase over the weekend.
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