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Split Va. Board of Education to vote on new history standards in 2023

The Virginia Board of Education is expected to take a final vote on the new standards for teaching social studies and history in early 2023.
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10/3: CBS News Prime Time
John Dickerson speaks with CBS News national correspondent Kris Van Cleave about the recovery efforts in Florida following Hurricane Ian. He also takes a look at the new Supreme Court term and what cases are on the docket.
Asesinan al jefe de prisiones de la Cachemira india
Asesinan al jefe de prisiones de la Cachemira controlada por India
Kansas City police look to Amazon Alexa for clues into double homicide
Kansas City police are seeking access to an Amazon Alexa they hope can help their investigation into the slayings of two medical researchers.
Aaron Judge hits 62nd homer to break Roger Maris’ record
ARLINGTON, Tex. — Aaron Judge is the new home run king — at least to some people. The Yankees outfielder made history Tuesday, hitting his 62nd home run of the season to break Roger Maris’ American League and franchise record set in 1961 — and, some would say, the legitimate MLB record. He reached the...
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Who Went Home on Season 8, Episode 3? Who Arrived at the Beach?
Four people out, five people in. Paradise is popping.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Perfumier’ on Netflix, A Thriller About Scent with No Sensibility
This movie is part crime drama, part erotic thriller, part character study, and a whole mess.
Jalen Brunson has strong first preseason game as Knick
Jalen Brunson played at Madison Square Garden in a Knicks uniform for the first time Tuesday night.
Rams injury problems mount on offense, in secondary
Rams center Coleman Shelton will be sidelined four to six weeks because of a high ankle sprain and safety Jordan Fuller two to four weeks because of a hamstring injury.
A tiny fish that once caused an epic conservation fight is no longer under threat
The snail darter, a tiny Southeastern fish that derailed a federal dam during an epic battle over Endangered Species Act protection in the '70s, is no longer considered imperiled, officials announced.
Yankees dugout goes wild as Aaron Judge hits record-breaking 62nd home run
Aaron Judge's Yankees teammates were ready to celebrate.
Experts warn of brutal upcoming flu season
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that the upcoming flu season could be a nasty one without a vaccine. Dr. Julie Morita, a member of the CDC Advisory Committee to the director, spoke to John Dickerson about what we can expect this flu season.
3 scientists share Nobel Prize in physics for their work on quantum information science
Three scientists jointly won this year's Nobel Prize in physics for their work on quantum information science that has significant applications, for example, in the field of encryption. CBS News' Lilia Luciano and Lana Zak have the details.
Daughter of HS football legend accused of sexual abuse as athletic trainer
A layer for the former players told a news station coaches joked about the trainer’s actions and dubbed it “Tiffany’s special treatment.”
Dinamarca: Reina mantiene decisión de quitar títulos reales
La popular monarca de Dinamarca, la reina Margarita II, se disculpa por consternar a miembros de su familia con su decisión de quitar los títulos reales a cuatro de sus nietos, pero se niega a cambiar de opinión
America deserves answers on President Biden’s cognitive function
The best way to approach Biden’s apparent multiple memory lapses and periods of disorientation is not to speculate based on video clips alone but to demand full disclosure and transparency.
USC offensive line vows to improve after leaving Caleb Williams scrambling
The USC offensive line has stepped up despite injuries and limited depth, but big tests loom against Washington State and Utah.
Inside Aaron Judge’s whirlwind year, from wedding to home run history
Aaron Judge is having himself the year of a lifetime, both on and off the field.
North Korea launches nuclear-capable missile over Japan
For the first time in five years, North Korea launched a missile over Japan Tuesday, rattling nerves and sending a message to the U.S. and its allies. First, Elizabeth Palmer reported from Tokyo. Then, Jim Walsh, senior research associate with the MIT Security Studies Program, explored the implications of this launch.
Ohio man groped 16-year-old stepdaughter on camera during online class: cop
The teen’s stepfather, registered sex offender David Lowe, allegedly creeped up behind the girl in just his underwear while she was attending class an online class at her Berea home for the Ohio Virtual Academy on Sept. 28, police told WOIO.
'Judgment Day!': John Sterling makes his call for Aaron Judge's 62nd home run
John Sterling was ready to proclaim Yankees history, as he let out his home run call for Aaron Judge's 62nd home run of the season.
Gerrit Cole passes Ron Guidry to become Yankees’ single-season strikeout leader
Aaron Judge isn’t the only Yankee who made history Tuesday night against the Texas Rangers.
Jury begins deliberating fate of defendant Paul Flores in Kristin Smart murder trial
After hearing 11 weeks of evidence and a set of fiery closing arguments, jurors on Tuesday began deliberating whether to convict Paul Flores for the 1996 murder of Cal State San Luis Obispo student Kristin Smart.
State audit details misspending in Montgomery school system
A state audit revealed details into an ongoing investigation of Montgomery County Public Schools' transportation department that led to changes in department leadership this year.
Tropical Depression Forms on the Heels of Hurricane Ian Crushing Florida
The National Hurricane Center said on Tuesday that Tropical Depression 12 had formed a few hundred miles west of the Cape Verde islands.
Aaron Judge hits record-setting 62nd home run
Listen to Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling call Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run of the season which breaks Roger Maris’ AL record.
U.S. economy, labor market still rebounding from pandemic
The U.S. economy and labor market are still rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic. Several workplace trends, such as working from home, still remain prevalent. Aki Ito, senior correspondent for Business Insider, joined CBS News to discuss.
California police share video of person of interest in 6 murders
Police are asking the public for help identifying a person of interest in a string of murders in California.
Fans heartbroken, divided over Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen hiring divorce lawyers
"Try to work it out guys ... you seem like such a great couple," one fan commented on social media, while many others pointed their fingers at each individual.
The Onion defiende parodia ante la Corte Suprema
El sitio satírico The Onion hará una defensa seria de la parodia tras presentar un documento ante la Corte Suprema para apoyar a un hombre que fue arrestado y enjuiciado por burlarse de la policía de Parma, Ohio en redes sociales
This Florida woman survived her 'biggest mistake' in Hurricane Ian. Why experts say many others didn't.
The rising Florida death toll from Hurricane Ian is further proof that people's vulnerability and misinformation play a role who lives and who dies.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone’ on Netflix, an Inspiring Glimpse Into the Life of the Famed Australian Transgender Advocate
The short film captures Stone's experiences pre- and post-gender affirmation surgery.
Meet Cory Youmans, Dallas investment VP who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run
Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run in Game 2 of the Yankees' doubleheader against the Rangers at Choctaw Stadium, and a lucky fan named Cory Youman came away from the ball.
Aaron Judge’s wife, Samantha Bracksieck, joins his parents for historic day
Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck have much to celebrate in their first year as husband and wife.
París no retransmitirá juegos del Mundial en sitios públicos
París no retransmitirá partidos de la Copa del Mundo en pantallas gigantes en zonas públicas habilitadas para aficionados ante la preocupación por las violaciones de los derechos de los trabajadores migrantes y por el impacto ambiental del torneo en Qatar
Firefighter dies while fighting wildfire
Foreign students identified as homicide victims
15-year-old accused of stabbing father to death
Band plays weekly at George Floyd Square
Couple's backyard crashed into by cars 5 times in 15 years
Man bikes over 73K miles since being cancer free
U.S. death toll from Hurricane Ian crosses the 100-mark
The U.S. death toll continues to climb after Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida and the Carolinas last week. CBS News confirms the storm killed at least 100 people across Florida and North Carolina. Thousands still remain without power. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports from Fort Myers, Florida.
Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker denies allegation he paid for an abortion
Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican nominee for Senate, has denied an allegation made in a report by The Daily Beast that he paid for a woman he was dating to have an abortion back in 2009. Plus, in 2021, the National Archives warned attorneys for former President Donald Trump about missing White House documents. CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa, and CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane, report on the latest.
Putin may test underwater nuke 150 times stronger than Hiroshima bomb near Ukrainian border: report
The weapon, called Poseidon, is a long-range undersea nuke designed to hit coastal cities at extremely long range by traveling to targets underwater.
Who won the Musk-Twitter fight? Lawyers
Well, well, well. Look who's asking to buy Twitter for the exact same price he agreed to pay for it four months ago...
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Fan jumps from stands in desperate attempt to catch Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run
One fan went all out for Aaron Judge's 62nd home run ball — and still appeared to come up empty.
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Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia join sports world celebrating Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run
Aaron Judge finally did it — and the sports world rejoiced.
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Los escasos minutos de Cristiano preocupan en Portugal
Para cuando Cristiano Ronaldo desembarque en Qatar, estará bien descansado o sencillamente sin el óptimo nivel de juego para contribuir significativamente en la que probablemente será su última Copa Mundial
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‘It’s Wild!’: Jon Stewart Sounds Off on Herschel Walker Abortion Scandal
YouTubeThe Problem with Jon Stewart doesn’t return to Apple TV+ for its second season until the end of this week, and yet somehow the former Daily Show host managed to beat every other current late-night host to the punch when he dug into The Daily Beast’s Herschel Walker abortion bombshell on his podcast Tuesday afternoon.Jon Stewart began by predicting that, as outrageous as the story about the anti-abortion Walker paying for an abortion in 2009 is, it might not be enough to tank his run for Senate in Georgia. “This guy has had so many ridiculous things and it’s all still like, ‘It’s within the margin of error,’” he remarked. “What are people voting on down there?”For the next few minutes, Stewart and his co-hosts Jay Jurden and Kasaun Wilson roasted Walker for leaving such a blatant trail. “He went to a card store and got one of those ‘Live, Laugh Love’ cards from Hallmark!” he joked before pivoting to bask in the drama the episode has wrought within Walker’s own family.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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