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Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling It Is Still Bad Policy.

Canceling student debt won’t fix what’s wrong with higher education.
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Ginni Thomas urged Arizona lawmakers to reverse Trump election loss: report
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife urged Arizona lawmakers to attempt to reverse President Biden’s 2020 presidential win.
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Gov. Hochul’s post-Buffalo massacre ideas show heart, but not much promise
In the aftermath of the Buffalo massacre, Gov. Kathy Hochul refuses to empower local law enforcement with prosecuting gun cases.
Rosmarie Trapp, whose family inspired 'The Sound of Music,' dies at age 93
Rosmarie was the first daughter of Austrian naval Capt. Georg von Trapp and Maria von Trapp, and a younger half-sibling to the older von Trapp children portrayed on stage and in the movie.
Atlanta S.W.A.T officer visits family of baby he saved performing CPR
Florida woman jokes about 'puppy' found on e-Bay
Group uses social media to track down baby formula
100 beagles taken from dog breeding facility
Window washers rescued from 42-story scaffolding
Florida panther and 4-month-old kitten reunited
Firefighters respond to puppy stuck in drain pipe, but rescue baby raccoon
Program builds path to success for young athletes
Mom is warning others after son commits suicide
KJRH Students send messages to mentors during graduation
HS student honored with surprise $10K grant
Pediatrician Tried Hiring Hitman to Assassinate Her Ex-Husband: DOJ
Prosecutors say the doctor placed "$3,500 outside of her medical office in a drop box as half of the payment" and agreed to pay the other half after the murder.
East Coast braces for scorching heat this weekend
Scorching temperatures will hit the East Coast this weekend, with advisories in effect for Boston, New York City and Philadelphia. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes has the forecast.
Gas prices hit records as inflation fears intensify
As the price of gas and groceries rise with inflation, plenty of Americans are feeling the financial pressure of an economy potentially heading toward a recession. Errol Barnett takes a look.
Hurricanes expect physicality to ramp up with Rangers after calm Game 1
The Hurricanes seemed convinced on Friday morning that the lack of physicality in Game 1 of their second-round series against the Rangers will not carry over to Game 2.
Russia claims to have taken full control of Mariupol
Russia said its army seized control of Mariupol on Friday, in the country's biggest Ukraine war victory yet.
Essential drugs in short supply | Sunday on 60 Minutes
Sunday, Bill Whitaker reports on the daily drug shortages hospitals across the country have been facing for more than a decade.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, May 20, 2022
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
Can you spot the playful cat hiding in plain sight?
A cheeky cat has hidden herself among these chainsaws in the hardware store.
Add these National Parks, both the iconic and the inconspicuous, to your bucket list
Sample the splendor of America's national parks, which span more than 85 million acres and attract millions of nature-loving visitors every year.
‘Conversations with Friends’ star Jemima Kirke: I had never heard of Sally Rooney
Jemima Kirke didn’t know who trendy author Sally Rooney was before she landed her starring role in the Hulu series “Conversations with Friends.”  “I had never heard of her. I looked into the hype before I got the job, and sort of understood what her place in creating the zeitgeist was,” Kirke, 37, told The...
Court ruling could upend Pa. Senate race
The ruling could introduce an as-yet-unknown number of uncounted ballots into a race where Oz and McCormick were separated by about 1,100 votes, as of Friday afternoon.
Johnny Deep and Amber Heard’s birth charts show they’re soulmates from hell
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are a toxic couple and based on their zodiac signs, the Hollywood actors were always headed for a happily never after once they collided into one another.
Aaron Wise hit in head by errant tee shot at PGA Championship
Aaron Wise is recovering after being hit in the head by an errant tee shot during the second round of the PGA Championship.
The high-stakes Georgia primaries, by the numbers
Pennsylvania may still not be done counting votes, but the next round of primaries is already fast approaching.
Юрист рассказал, в каких случаях материнский капитал лучше вернуть ПФР
В российском законодательстве вопрос возврата средств материнского капитала детально не отрегулирован. Тем не менее, средства материнского капитала могут быть возвращены в ПФР в ряде случаев
Oilers vs. Flames Game 2 odds, prediction: Calgary too much for Edmonton
Game 1 of the Battle of Alberta got off the rails real quick. By the time we reached the first TV timeout, the Flames were up 3-0, and the lead was 6-2 by the midway point of the second period. At the end of the game, the final score looked more like a Big Ten...
‘Jeopardy!’ host Mayim Bialik: Stop judging my nerd wardrobe!
"I don't think anyone should think about it so much, especially me," she said.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Bill Gates Monkeypox Conspiracy
"Bill Gates is very concerned about monkeypox because this is something, apparently, he can make a lot of money off of," said Greene.
5 Stylish & Fun Wedding Guest Dresses That Will (Almost) Outshine the Bride
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Retailers.We’ve officially entered wedding season, which means you’ll need something chic and appropriate to wear. While you could whip out any old frock from last year’s wedding season and roll with it, you really deserve a wedding guest dress that’ll make you look and feel amazing. After all, we’re emerging from a pandemic and finally get to dress up again—it’s exciting!Of course, there are some unofficial rules for wedding guest dresses to keep in mind. Wearing white is almost always a huge no-no, and you don’t want to show up in something super revealing or attention-grabbing over fears you’ll upstage the bride. The dress code will also depend on the couple’s tastes, the venue, the climate, the theme (if there happens to be one), and a number of other factors that should be addressed in your invite, so don’t forget to carefully read it. When it comes to picking out one of the best wedding guest dresses (or two or three) to get you through the season stylish and seamlessly, the goal is to find a happy medium that’s gorgeous and confidence-boosting, but won't make you the center of attention on someone else’s big day. So… where should you start? There are a lot of dresses out there, and you only have so much time (don’t wait until the very last minute to start looking—trust me!). Check out these options for the best wedding guest dresses to help you find the right fit.Read more at The Daily Beast.
‘Short Term Band-Aid.’ Afghans in the U.S. Can Now Apply for Temporary Protection
The Biden Administration will now allow Afghans in the U.S. to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a designation that would protect them from deportation for 18 months, grant them a work permit, and give them authorization to travel. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that 72,500 Afghans already in the U.S. will qualify…
Netflix cancels Ibram X. Kendi’s animated movie ‘Antiracist Baby’
Netflix is canceling several animated projects, including Ibram X. Kendi's "Antiracist Baby," as it has been forced to cut costs and lay off workers due to dwindling subscriber numbers.
This week on "Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan," May 22, 2022
Former United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Senator Rick Scott and more appear on "Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan" this Sunday.
Deshaun Watson accusers sitting down for interview with HBO
Deshaun Watson's accusers will appear on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" next week
Глава МИД Венгрии: Без поставок российского газа экономика страны будет уничтожена
Глава МИД Венгрии: Без поставок российского газа экономика страны будет уничтожена
MSNBC buries NBC News report on Hunter Biden laptop, offers less than 4 minutes of coverage
NBC News verified the infamous laptop belonging to Hunter Biden that was previously dismissed as Russian disinformation in 2020.
Large swaths of the U.S. are at risk of blackouts this summer
Hotter weather and drought conditions are expected to drive up energy demand, potentially straining the nation's aging power grid.
Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Sullivan hopes to channel Glenn Youngkin and flip state red
In an interview with Fox News Digitial, the Republican hopeful was asked about the issues facing Illinois, his political vulnerabilities and how he sees a conservative getting elected in a deep-blue state.
A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said
A tornado swept through the German city of Paderborn Friday, injuring at least 30 people, authorities said, and blew away roofs, toppled trees and sent debris flying for miles.
GOP hammers Biden for going 100 days without sit-down press interview
Republicans criticized President Biden on Friday over a report that said he's gone 100 days without a press interview — accusing him of hiding from tough questions.
Australia's colorful election day could upend the coalition government
Election day creates a carnival atmosphere at polling booths across Australia, but beneath the bonhomie lies a serious decision -- and Saturday's vote has the potential to usher in major change.
Robby Mook says Clinton agreed to give Trump-Russia material to reporter
Mook also said she did so even though the campaign wasn't certain about the veracity of the allegations linking Trump to Russian Alfa Bank.
A 17-year-old boy died by suicide hours after being scammed. The FBI says it's part of a troubling increase in 'sextortion' cases.
Ryan Last received a message on a school night in February from someone he believed to be a girl.