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D.C.-area forecast: Near-average chill today. Very warm tomorrow ahead of a cold front.
Wintry midweek temperatures could produce a rain-snow mix late Tuesday night and Wednesday.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons: Live stream, time, date, betting odds, how to watch
Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are looking for their third consecutive win Sunday when they play the division rival Falcons in Atlanta.
Arlington is reconsidering when to work with ICE. Activists want the county to cut ties entirely.
New opera by Esperanza Spalding and Wayne Shorter remakes myth without sacrificing music
The Grammy-winning duo’s “. . . (Iphigenia)” opens Dec. 10 at the Kennedy Center.
Westchester’s Henry Davis needed time to win over MLB GMs, and for one team he was worth the wait
Westchester's Henry Davis wasn't drafted by anyone in the majors when he graduated high school. Three years later, and there may not have been a team that didn't want him.
Shooting outside Memphis’ Graceland kills two teen girls
A shooting ambush at a gas station across the street from Graceland left two teenage girls dead and a 16-year-old girl and an infant injured.
CNN's Chris Cuomo Statement Raises Questions Over 'Additional Information'
The network said "additional information" came to light during a further review of the anchor's conduct.
Real Madrid extends La Liga lead with victory against Real Soceidad, Bayern Munich wins eventful Der Klassiker
Real Madrid moved eight points clear at the top of La Liga after a 2-0 victory against Real Sociedad on Saturday.
Accused Michigan shooter told school officials violent drawings were for a video game
The accused Michigan high school shooter told officials that violent drawings he made ahead of his deadly rampage were for a "video game," a letter released Saturday said.
The world has the tools to end the coronavirus pandemic. They're not being used properly
The Covid-19 pandemic will not last forever.
Ohio driver keeps one hand on wheel, catches baby with other as wife gives birth in passenger seat
An Ohio man helped deliver his newborn daughter Friday when his wife gave birth on the way to the hospital.
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Op-ed: Virgil Abloh dissolved 'barriers of entry' with joy and optimism
British fashion designer Samuel Ross was Virgil Abloh's first assistant. Here, he writes about the late designer's role as a mentor.
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OMG, I Want That House: Sag Harbor, NY
Alan TanseyDecember is here, which means it’s time to start figuring out where you will be summering in 2022. We’re assuming that, like us, this means you are currently stressed about which new Hamptons property you will be acquiring. (Oh, the life we live in our dreams…) If that’s the case, may we introduce you to The Up Studio-designed Harbor Hideaway, the architectural Helen that is sure to start the next Hamptons bidding war. (After all, winning the new love of your real estate portfolio’s life tastes so much sweeter when there’s competition.)Always remember the key word that will protect from being slapped with a label that is the horror of all horrors (nouveau riche, of course): tasteful. In this home, you have a very tasteful floor plan (just over 2,600 square feet) but in a very decadent design package. Just look at how she glows at dusk…From the materials chosen to the interior decor, this home embraces the very controversial color scheme known as “rainbow of neutrals.” If you want a pop of color here, you’re going to have to step outside. (At least in the summer. In the snow white of winter, you’re plain out of luck.)Read more at The Daily Beast.
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This Brand New Civil War Monument Celebrates Black Troops
Alan Cradick/Handout/Cameron Art MuseumRobert E. Lee no longer rides high above Richmond’s Monument Avenue. Dozens of statues of other Confederate heroes have come tumbling down across the South as the nation engages in a long-overdue reckoning with the freighted legacy of the Civil War. But on a recent balmy Saturday morning, a thousand people gathered to witness a very different kind of ceremony on the grounds of the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, N.C.They did not come to see the toppling of an old Civil War monument. They came to see the unveiling of a new monument that consists of 11 bronze figures—nine marching soldiers, a flag bearer and a drummer boy. It is a new Civil War monument. But this is no conventional homage to fallen Confederate heroes. Quite the opposite. The life-size figures are African Americans and, what’s more, they depict members of the Fifth Regiment of the U.S. Colored Troops who led the charge in the Battle of Forks Road on this very spot on the afternoon of Feb. 20, 1865. After two days of nearly suicidal attacks on the entrenched Confederates, the Union troops finally prevailed, then marched the last miles into the heart of Wilmington, where they were greeted by cheering citizens, Black and white. The fall of the Confederacy’s only remaining lifeline to the outside world was the war’s final dagger: 46 days later, Lee surrendered at Appomattox.Stephen Hayes, the Durham-based artist who created the sculpture, which he calls “Boundless,” is thrilled to be part of the historical reckoning—and possible reconciliation—that is finally taking place a century and a half after the end of American slavery.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Growing Up in the 1970s, When Food Was No Fun
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyApart from technology, it is hard to think of any aspect of daily life which has changed so radically in one generation as the way we eat. For a child growing up in the London suburbs in the 1970s with parents who were open to the new culinary influences from the continent and beyond but in a cash-strapped, unconfident, British way, food was both a comfort and a terror. Twice a day we convened around the oak, gate-leg table in the living room, my siblings and I in a state of anticipation or fear, depending on what was on the menu. Breakfast was safe and predictable. Until I was well into my teens, my mother would get up every morning in time to make bacon, egg, and fried bread, all cooked in lard, for the whole family. I did the math once and worked out that by the time I was 16 I had ingested slightly more than my body weight in animal fat—just from breakfasts alone.It’s hard now to equate the lavishness of those daily fry-ups with the thrift that governed other meals. The only joint of lamb we ever saw was breast, the flat, fatty piece, which was rolled up and tied with string and cooked until it was crisp and a tenth of its original size. When I lived in New Zealand in the 1990s, I discovered that this cut, known unappetizingly as “lamb flaps,” was not even sold to humans but was fed to dogs. The other midweek staple—designed to eke out an insufficient allowance of mince—was stuffed marrow. A hefty three-inch slice of this watery travesty of a vegetable was filled with rice and traces of mince and onion, its disappointing contents hidden by a layer of breadcrumbs and grilled cheese.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears: Live stream, time, date, betting odds, how to watch
The Cardinals hope to have QB Kyler Murray back on the field for the first time in over a month as they travel to face the Bears on Sunday on Fox.       
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Trump Lost the Presidential Battle but Won the Immigration War
Alex Wong/GettyLet no one question the Biden administration’s commitment to recycling. With regard to immigrants and refugees, many of its policies are failed retreads that still carry the stench of its predecessor.If former President Donald Trump craves vindication, that’ll do nicely. In a familiar pattern, Biden is doing the wrong thing because it’s easier. The wrong and easy thing is to bring back, as soon as Monday, the absurdly misnamed Migrant Protection Protocols—more commonly known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy.Trump pushed the policy, devised by Stephen Miller, to wash his hands of the refugee crisis on our southern border. The thinking was: Just let Mexico deal with it. No surprise there. Americans always look to Mexicans to do their dirty work.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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'It's everywhere.' Fed up with racist bullying, students across the US are walking out and protesting hate
Some Black students are being told they stink while others are being called monkeys by their White peers. The n-word has been written on the walls of school restrooms as other students are the targets of racist rants on social media.
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Rep. Lauren Boebert and the politics of outrage: Why lawmakers reap rewards from firebrand tactics
Rep. Lauren Boebert, a prolific fundraiser, won't likely lose her seat over her islamophobic comments. She may raise more money for her next election.      
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Is the new COVID-19 normal a new, worrisome variant every few months?
There is no "new" normal for COVID-19 yet, say experts. Any kind of steady-state is still years away.      
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Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. Misinformation is to blame
An analysis by NPR shows that since the vaccine rollout, counties that voted heavily for Donald Trump have had more than twice the COVID mortality rates of those that voted for Joe Biden.
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I’m Proud to Be Trans—and for Now Want to Feel Invisible
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyAfter years of distance between myself and my hometown of Amityville, Long Island, I returned in the spring for my cousin’s birthday. But this time, I had a new look.I was a month post-op top surgery, a gender-affirming procedure for transgender men and non-binary individuals, which results in a flat chest. My beard had finally begun to grow bushier on my face, and my shoulders were much broader than before. In 2018, I started taking testosterone to aid my gender transition. Then, 23 years old, hormones slowly helped the world see the Black man I saw in myself.As I entered the party, high school classmates and family members dapped me up and embraced me as “boss,” “brother,” and “young man.” When things needed to be moved, a family member casually grouped me in with other guys, saying, “You have all these young men here who can help.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Donald Trump Peddled His 'Stolen Election' Story. The Job was to Promote GOP Candidates
In this daily series, Newsweek explores the steps that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot.
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SNL’s Lorne Michaels Is Hollywood’s Biggest Matchmaker
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyChristmas came early this year when the celebrity gossip gods convened and decided to give us the gift of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s budding, heavily papped romance. The reality-TV queen was first linked to the comedian around Halloween, when a photograph of the two holding hands on a roller coaster began to make the rounds online. They’ve since been photographed holding hands on at least two other occasions. Tabloids keep publishing vague statements from “anonymous sources” about how good and refreshing Davidson is for her. The relationship reached Instagram official status when, confusingly, Flavor Flav posted a photo of himself with the couple, who were wearing matching Skims pajamas.Does it reek of a PR-manufactured attention-grab? Yes. Do we care? Absolutely not! Anything or anyone that can get literal billionaire Kimberly Noel Kardashian West to eat mozzarella sticks at a chain red sauce joint in Staten Island deserves enthusiastic support. Bring on more hand-holding photos and speculation about whether or not that dark blur on Pete’s neck is a hickey (it definitely is). If this thing ends before we get a triple date with Kourtney, Travis Barker, Megan Fox, and Machine Gun Kelly, preferably filmed for the upcoming Kardashian Hulu series, there will be mutiny. The people deserve to see Kim and Kourt bond over counting their respective beaus’ neck tattoos.When news of the rumored relationship first broke, there was a bit of head-scratching over the seemingly unlikely pairing. Of course, there was the predictable discourse about what this attractive, successful, staggeringly famous woman could possibly see in Davidson. Every time the Saturday Night Live star is connected to a new beautiful actress, singer, or model, people tweet the same icky joke about being perplexed by his dating track record. It’s not a mystery, people. As The Daily Beast reporter Laura Bradley recently pointed out, Davidson is both extremely hot and extremely funny.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Inside the Shady Billion-Dollar Phone Sex Industry
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIn 2019, when I was asked by three award-winning filmmakers to host and co-write a podcast called Operator, which would explore phone sex in the 1990s, of course I responded, “Yes! Yes! YES!” As soon as I learned the basics about American Telnet, a company that made billions off of adult pay-per-call lines, I was chomping at the bit to fly down to Florida to interview everyone involved. What I found is that the more sex work changes, the more it stays the same.1-900 ads on late-night cable and in the back of weekly newspapers represented some of my earliest fascination with sexual pleasure. When I close my eyes, I can still hear the alluring purrs of the models, see their sweaty flesh busting out of bodacious lingerie. To a queer teen in a small town, these professional dirty talkers seemed like horniness unleashed. And they were potentially just a phone call away. Like most hormonal young people, I was drawn to anything to do with naked bodies; unlike my peers, I wanted even more than just intimate experience. I was obsessed with erotic performance and storytelling, art and culture, politics and activism. Those obsessions led me, when I became an adult, to pursue a career as a professional dominatrix and pornographer, and later a podcaster, reporter, and sci-fi writer covering topics like BDSM subcultures and adult entertainment labor rights. The Operator producers were smart enough to bring in the voice of someone with a background both in the sex industry and in covering that industry as a journalist. As the show’s host, I’m a 21st-century sex worker exploring the industry that changed my life in the era right before I became a part of it.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Nightmare Week for London’s Last Press Lord: Name-Shamed by Meghan Markle and His Digital Genius Quits
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIt’s been an uncomfortably rocky week for London’s last surviving Press Lord, who normally keeps a very low profile. First, he was shame-named by Meghan Markle in her statement following her triumph in court against his London tabloid: “Today, the courts ruled in my favor—again—cementing that the Mail on Sunday, owned by Lord Jonathan Rothermere, has broken the law.” Then, on Friday, he lost the man who, in little more than a decade, built MailOnline, a digital business now valued at more than twice as much as his 125-year-old newspaper empire.For at least half of the last century most of Britain’s national newspapers were owned or run by families headed by Lords. To be more precise, their Lordships Astor, Beaverbrook, Camrose, Kemsley, Rothermere and Thomson. Now Rothermere is the only one left standing. His dynasty is the oldest, based on the Daily Mail, founded in 1896.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Trey Songz Has a Long History of Sexual and Physical Assault Allegations. Will He Ever Face the Music?
Matt Sayles/AP“It appears to be an isolated incident.”That’s what an attorney for Trey Songz explained to a Michigan judge when describing an alleged violent altercation in 2016, where the singer was accused of punching a Detroit police sergeant in the head and injuring a cameraman when he threw a microphone stand off a stage.However, time has proven that’s not an accurate description of the musician’s behavior. Over the past decade, Songz (real name: Tremaine Neverson) has faced multiple accusations of both physical and sexual assault.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Why Is Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Acting Extra Crazy?
Mike Theiler/AFP via GettyBillionaire’s scion and Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts set a high watermark for controversy during his first six years in office. There was his “crazy” refusal to lock down the state despite a surge of COVID-19 cases, the unearthed racist messages from his former campaign field director, and his maskless gabfest at a sports bar on election night 2020. (The restaurant worker who filmed the governor was fired.)Yet in recent months the nuttiness quotient has somehow metastasized. Over the summer, the governor fueled a far-right conspiracy that claimed that some of President Biden’s conservation efforts were in fact a private land grab.Then Ricketts dived head first into the culture wars, assailing critical race theory, the playing of the “Black national anthem” at a University of Nebraska basketball game, and other anti-racism efforts at the college.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Double Negative in Donald Trump Election Fraud Statement Raises Eyebrows
The former president's statement prompted sarcastic comments on social media from a range of his detractors.
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Jets vs. Eagles: Preview, predictions, what to watch for
An inside look at Sunday’s Jets-Eagles Week 13 matchup at MetLife Stadium:
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The US is averaging more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases a day, the highest level in two months
For the first time in two months, the US is averaging more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases each day, shortly after millions of Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday.
2 h
Giants vs. Dolphins: Preview, predictions, what to watch for
An inside look at Sunday's Giants-Dolphins Week 13 matchup at Hard Rock Stadium
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Milwaukee Dancing Grannies make parade return after Waukesha tragedy
The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies made their first appearance in a Christmas parade Saturday since a suspect drove through a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, leaving four of the group’s members and two others dead.
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Dropping Cambo Oil Field Won’t Help U.K. Carbon Cuts
Climate activists claim victory but Shell’s decision won’t result in lowering demand for fossil fuels. 
2 h
Death toll rises to 13 in Indonesia volcano eruption
The death toll following the eruption of the highest volcano on Indonesia’s most densely populated island of Java has risen to 13.
2 h
Conviction of Ahmaud Arbery's killers puts new focus on first prosecutor
Those demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery want another conviction beyond the three White men found guilty of murdering the 25-year-old Black jogger running in their south Georgia neighborhood in 2020.
2 h
Texas man guilty of killing wife who wanted divorce day after wedding
Tareq Alkayyali, 39, of Arlington, was found guilty of strangling to death his 23-year-old wife Wasam Moussa in May 2019.
2 h
Amy Coney Barrett Basically Thinks Women Are Incubators
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyBalls & Strikes Editor-in-Chief Jay Willis is a white man and even he admits there’s enough of them talking abortion rights. However, he is also an expert in topics related to the Supreme Court, and host Molly Jong-Fast has him on this bonus episode of The New Abnormal to parse them out, namely the future of Roe v. Wade and the truth about the conservative justices on the bench.With abortion back in the news cycle again as SCOTUS heard arguments this week about certain abortion rights cases, most recently the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization out of Mississippi, there’s no better time. The case may decide if the state is entitled to block women from getting abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. And quite frankly, pro-rights people are scared.According to Willis’ reports on the justices that make up this court—“It’s certainly the most conservative Supreme court since the great depression”—they have a reason to be.Read more at The Daily Beast.
2 h
Man fatally shot in South Bronx
A 44-year-old man was shot and killed in the Bronx on Saturday evening, cops said.
2 h
Powerball Results, Numbers for 12/4/21: Did Anyone Win the $278M Jackpot?
The Powerball numbers on Saturday were 10, 40, 45, 56 and 67. The Powerball was 2 and the Power Play was 2X.
2 h
Bomb squad rushes to hospital after WWII-era shell found in man’s rectum
An army bomb squad rushed to a English hospital after a man was admitted with a WWII-era munition shell stuck in his rectum, according to police.
2 h
Ukrainians tense at frontline amid troop build-up
Ukrainian soldiers at the frontline with rebel-controlled areas say they are ready to fight back Russian aggression amid reports of a build-up of troops at the border.      
3 h
Michigan schools order investigation after staff raised alarms about suspect hours before fatal shooting
Suspect Ethan Crumbley, 15, had numerous conversations with counselors who were concerned after violent images were found at his desk.
3 h
U.S. congressman posts family Christmas picture with guns, days after school shooting
A U.S. congressman posted a Christmas picture of himself and what appeared to be his family, smiling and posing with an assortment of guns, just days after the Oxford High School shooting.
3 h
NFL Week 13 predictions: Ride with Derek Carr and the Raiders
The Raiders, a 2.5-point favorite, are the pick against the Washington Football Team on Sunday.
3 h
'Constant state of anxiety.' Yet another school shooting takes its pyschological toll
Legions of teachers, school administrators, staff and students have been emotionally scarred by rampages that -- according to the authors of a new book on mass shootings -- have become "routine events in our lives."
3 h
Sex offender stages suicide to avoid court date
A West Virginia man is accused of pretending to kill himself to avoid being sentenced for failing to register as a sex offender.
3 h
New Chris Cuomo sexual misconduct allegation emerged days before CNN firing: report
It is unknown if the reported revelation had any role in Cuomo's firing from CNN
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