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The best Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 deals you can still shop on Apple, iRobot and more

We've rounded up the best deals you can still get from the Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 sale, from brands like Apple, Bose, Samsung and KitchenAid.      
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Burkina Faso's President Kabore taken by mutinous soldiers after battle at palace
Gunshots were heard late Sunday night near President Kabore's residence, and a battle took place at the presidential palace while a helicopter flew overhead
Another person shoved onto New York’s subway tracks days after Michelle Go’s death
The attacks have sparked widespread calls for Mayor Eric Adams to do more to protect subway riders.
Ford's new Bronco Raptor is a street-legal desert racer
Ford just unveiled its new Bronco Raptor. The Raptor sports a turbocharged V6 engine and is modeled off of Ford's desert racers.
A tale of two Mexico trips during the pandemic
Two recent trips to Mexico -- one to sun-soaked Tulum and another to the big city of Guadalajara -- expose contrasting attitudes and approaches to Covid-19. Find out more on this tale of two trips.
Rooftop Revelations: How are people who block school choice any different from George Wallace?
Pastor Corey Brooks questioned those who oppose school choice as a way to improve what he considers a failure of the U.S. education system
Sleet vs. freezing rain vs. hail: What's the difference?
Winter storms can sometimes unleash a surprising amount of sleet and freezing rain. But how do these different types of precipitation form?
'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Gifted New Audi After Losing Out on Show
Charlene Rubush received a wave of support from outraged "Wheel of Fortune" fans last month, when she missed out winning a new Audi because of a technicality.
SUNMI on Sheeran collab: 'Is this real?!'
K-pop star SUNMI says she couldn't believe it when Ed Sheeran wanted her and Jessi to provide Korean verses for a remix of "Shivers."(Jan. 24)
Christian forum asks bishops in India to take stand against rising anti-Christian violence
The Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace, a group of Catholic clergy and laity in India, wrote a letter to Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai urging him to attend to the increasing attacks on Christians on the subcontinent, according to Crux Now.
Business Updates: Why Investors Targeted Unilever, Peloton and Kohl’s
The companies are under pressure by activist investors seeking a greater return on their investments.
Connecticut family seeks answers after woman found dead while reportedly on a date
A Connecticut family is seeking answers and justice after Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead last month while reportedly on a date. Elise Preston reports.
House panel investigating January 6 spoke with Trump's former Attorney General William Barr
Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, said on “Face the Nation” Sunday that the panel has spoken with former Attorney General William Barr. This comes as the committee investigates a reported plan to use the military to seize voting machines in the 2020 election. CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion reports from Capitol Hill.
Anxiety in Ukraine as Russia and NATO bolster forces, blame each other
A Russian lawmaker warned that Moscow would "respond appropriately" to any more U.S. troops arriving in countries near its western border.
SUNMI takes 'Shivers' to a new level
K-pop superstar SUNMI explains how she came up with the lyrics for her remix of Ed Sheeran's track "Shivers." (Jan. 24)
Olivia Colman and Maggie Gyllenhaal dig into that 'Lost Daughter' ending
The actor and director find empathy for the worst moments of motherhood in the film adaptation of the Elena Ferrante novel.
The Good News About Biden’s Poor Approval Ratings
Public opinion was unusually static across the last two presidencies. It’s a good thing if that’s starting to change.
Heidelberg Shooting: 'Several' Injured in University Hall, Suspect Dead
Police said a single assailant shot several people in a lecture hall at the University of Heidelberg, injuring several people.
Has Tom Brady played his final NFL game? What we know about legendary QB's future
With Tom Brady's quest for his 8th Super Bowl title denied the Buccaneers enter the offseason with one question: Will QB return for the 2022 season?
‘Euphoria’: Sydney Sweeney Was Super Nervous About that ‘Oklahoma!’ Outfit
"Girl, how did you look in the mirror and say, this is it?"
Some schools turn to COVID testing to keep kids in the classroom amid spike in infections
Amid a spike in coronavirus cases, schools across the U.S. are turning to COVID testing to try to keep kids in the classroom. While the majority of districts have stayed open, nearly 4,500 schools did not offer in-person learning on one or more days last week due to a rise in infections. Meg Oliver reports from Paterson, New Jersey.
Mayor Eric Adams to unveil promised anti-crime plan Monday afternoon
Eric Adams is set to announce a plan aimed at curbing gun violence, in the wake of the shooting that left a rookie NYPD cop dead and another officer in grave condition.
Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend Sondra Theodore on being 'groomed' by Playboy founder: 'I saw the devil in him'
Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend and former Playmate Sondra Theodore is speaking out in a new docuseries on A&E titled "Secrets of Playboy."
Jamie Oliver says he's hired cultural appropriation specialists to advise on cookbooks
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has said he hires "teams of cultural appropriation specialists" to vet his recipes and make sure they are safe for publication in his cookbooks.
Seven school boards sue to stop Gov. Youngkin’s mask-optional order on the day it takes effect
On Monday, Gov. Glenn Youngkin's order that makes masks optional took effect, leading to legal action by seven school boards.
Blind man who helped rescue 5 after Oklahoma City bombing dies at 75
Raymond Washburn owned a snack bar in the building and led an employee and four customers out after the blast.
Ukrainian families on the Russian border live in fear of Putin invasion
CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams spoke with Ukrainians living along the border with Russia who live in fear of a Russian invasion. She also discussed President Vladimir Putin’s possible motives for taking Ukraine with former National Security Advisor H.R McMaster.
Australian Open criticized for stopping Peng Shuai protest
The Australian Open is facing criticism over its handing of a small protest against the Chinese Communist Party's alleged mistreatment of tennis player Peng Shuai.
Stowaway in plane's nose wheel survives flight from Africa to Amsterdam
"This is definitely very unusual that someone was able to survive the cold at such a height — very, very unusual," police said.
Russian invasion would bring more fear to markets
Uncertainty around the Federal Reserve's plans just drove Wall Street to its worst week since the start of the pandemic.
Peloton should put itself up for sale and fire its CEO, activist investor demands
The knives are out for Peloton and CEO John Foley.
Meat Loaf’s widow describes ‘gut-wrenching’ grief over rocker’s death
Deborah Gillespie opened up about her and the "Bat Out of Hell" singer's love story. Born Michael Aday, Meat Loaf died of COVID-19 at age 74 last Thursday.
Chiefs-Bills’ classic deserved better than what Tony Romo and Jim Nantz delivered
The Bills-Chiefs playoff game was an instant classic. Too bad Tony Romo and Jim Nantz struggled to capture the moment.
Taliban hold first talks in Europe since Afghan takeover
The Taliban and Western diplomats have began their first official talks in Europe since they took over control of Afghanistan in August.
Garret Hedlund arrested for public intoxication following Emma Roberts split: report
Garrett Hedlund was reportedly arrested for public intoxication in Tennessee on Saturday amid reports that his relationship with Emma Roberts has ended.
How ‘Jeen-yuhs’ humanizes Kanye West, even for the haters
A new Netflix documentary “Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy” — the first episode of which premiered virtually at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday night — reveals just how much professor Donda West was an inspiration and guiding light to her 44-year-old son.
Omicron, inflation woes crushing small businesses in the US, survey shows
Of the more than 1,400 small business owners surveyed, 71 percent of respondents said they suffered a drop in expected revenue and 79 percent said they were concerned about the Omicront’s impact.
Large-scale police operation underway in German city of Heidelberg
Multiple people have been injured in the German city of Heidelberg, in southwest Germany, according to the Mannheim police force's Twitter account.
Republican Figures Urge Biden Not to Deploy Troops in Ukraine-Russia Dispute
Republicans such as Paul Gosar have suggested Joe Biden should concentrate on the southern border crisis rather than tensions in Europe.
How epidemiologists want Biden to respond to the pandemic
We asked a range of experts how the administration should approach the confounding problem.
Eye Opener: As fear mounts of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, some Americans are being evacuated
Some Americans are being evacuated from Ukraine amid fears over a potential Russian invasion. Also, U.S. schools face big testing challenges as COVID-19 hits hardest in states with low vaccination rates. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
Several wounded in shooting in German city; gunman dead
German police say a lone gunman wounded several people at a lecture theater in the southwest city of Heidelberg
Josh Allen is only one not complaining about NFL’s overtime rules
While everyone who has a Twitter account railed against the NFL's OT rule— if the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown the game is over — Allen had a different take.
Opening statements to begin in federal trial over George Floyd’s killing
Inside the wildest two minutes of the NFL season
Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen traded haymakers Sunday night in a stunning finish to an NFL playoff classic. Here’s how it happened.
Restaurant Serves Diners Melted Chocolate To Lick off Fingers in Wild Video
In the footage, a server pours melted chocolate directly into the hands of both diners who then proceed to lick it off.
No debate on skyrocketing cost of California single-payer bill? So much for good government
The contentious single-payer healthcare bill, AB 1400, sailed through the Assembly Appropriations Committee on a party-line 11-3 vote without any discussion, columnist George Skelton writes.
More than 1 million have died in the overdose crisis, but still the response is scandalously inadequate
We now have the tools to save countless people from overdose deaths. What is preventing these tools’ widespread use is the stigma and bureaucratic ineptitude that have always marked our relationship to those who use, and need, drugs.
Editorial: Oil drilling near homes is dangerous and unhealthy. California should end the practice
California aims to ban new oil and gas drilling near homes and schools, but to improve health in pollution-choked communities it should end the practice.