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The one, BIG lesson of the 2022 primary season

The 2022 primary season officially ended Tuesday night, with voters in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware casting their final ballots.
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Why You Can't Tickle Yourself, According to Science
Berlin researchers have uncovered the secrets of tickle suppression.
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Magnitude 3.4 earthquake reported near Palm Springs
U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 3.4 earthquake occurred at 4:50 a.m. Friday nine miles from Palm Springs.
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Benefits of whole life insurance everyone should know
Whole life insurance has a cash value account that earns interest that you can then access.
Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy discuss "Hocus Pocus" sequel
Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy – the three iconic actresses who play the infamous Sanderson sisters in the Halloween classic, "Hocus Pocus" – discuss what it was like to reunite for a new sequel 29 years after the original premiered.
Ukraine Says 25 People Died in Attack on Civilians in Zaporizhzhia
People in the convoy were waiting to be allowed into Russian-occupied territory to pick up relatives and deliver humanitarian aid, a Ukrainian official said.
'Not ready to go': Civilians resist rescue groups amid flood devastation
CNN's chief climate correspondent Bill Weir rides with civilian volunteers known as the "Cajun Navy" and "Project Dynamo" in efforts to save stranded civilians from the devastation left by Hurricane Ian on Sanibel Island.
Best TV Shows of September 2022
From House of the Dragon to What We Do In The Shadows, and everything in between.
Why Rockets, Thunder made curious eight-player trade
Oklahoma City traded center Derrick Favors, guard Ty Jerome, forward Moe Harkless, guard Theo Maledon and a 2025 second-round pick (via the Hawks) to Houston in exchange for forward Marquese Chriss and guards David Nwaba, Sterling Brown and Trey Burke.
Zelensky's Lies Can't Hide Ukraine's Bloody Role in the Holocaust | Opinion
Volodymyr Zelensky has performed a truly great service on behalf of the Ukrainian people. But he has in the recent past mendaciously denied the role of Ukrainian people in the Holocaust.
‘Send help’: Hurricane Ian victim stuck in ‘floaty pool’ goes viral, begs for aid
“Someone needs to come help me!" Harrowing footage shows a woman floating helplessly in an inflatable pool after her home was flooded during Hurricane Ian.
Volatility in Currency Markets Crystalizes Fears of A Global Recession
"Even if some countries are not technically in recession...for many people all over the world, it will feel like a recession," said Gerry Rice of the IMF.
Elizabeth Olsen Denies ‘House of the Dragon’ Casting Rumors, Despite Being in Clan of Similarly Haired Siblings
Elizabeth Olsen isn't heading to Westeros anytime soon.
The Taxi Air Jordan 1 is
On today's episode of SD, Sykes dives into the Taxi Air Jordan 1 and ranks it among the BEST Jordan 1s that have come out so far this year. Tap in to find out where.
Ginni Thomas tells Jan. 6 panel Justice Thomas was unaware of her Meadows texts
Her husband was "completely unaware of my texts with Mark Meadows until this committee leaked them to the press while he was in a hospital bed fighting an infection," Ginni Thomas said.
2023 Met Gala theme revealed: Exhibit to honor designer who said ‘fashion is not art’
Fashion's hottest night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been revealed.
Russians Fleeing Putin's Draft Can't Stay in Europe, EU Says
The European Union is calling for a stricter security assessment of every Russian trying to flee the country for the EU.
Putin moves to annex 4 Ukraine regions despite global outcry
The Russian leader launched the process to unilaterally annex a huge swath of the country, and vowed to hold them by "all available means."
Suspect charged with murder in stabbing of FDNY EMT: cops
The maniac who allegedly stabbed veteran FDNY EMT Lt. Alison Russo-Elling to death in an unprovoked Queens attack has been charged with murder, cops said Friday.
Taliban say suicide bombing in Shiite area of Kabul kills 19
An education center in Kabul, Afghanistan was struck by a suicide bombing that killed 19 people and wounded 27, some of whom were high schools students.
What you need to know about Brazil's presidential election
As one of the world's largest democracies heads to the polls on Sunday, here are the main candidates and issues in the Brazilian election.
Former Chicago-area mayor released from prison early due to failing health
A former suburban Chicago mayor who was sentenced to one year in prison for taking money to help a red-light camera company has been released from prison three months in.
Newsletter: Midterm races tighten as election enters the final stretch
The election battleground has narrowed as some races move out of contention. Control of the Senate remains very uncertain.
Is 'Blonde' a bomb?
"Blonde," a new film about Marilyn Monroe, would seem to be Oscar bait. A frosty reception might derail its chances.
Teaching kids how to create a safe space, one downward dog at a time
In a world that can often feel out of control, People's Yoga aims to teach kids how to create a safe place of their own through mindfulness and meditation.
Critics of Netflix's controversial 'Dahmer' open up about lack of 'respect' they felt
The Times spoke to the most public critics of the streamer's No. 1 new series about why they object to 'Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.'
Maine mother pleads guilty to manslaughter in daughters drug-related death
A Maine woman has pled guilty to manslaughter after her 3-year-old daughter died at Bangor hospital in June 2021 from a brain injury consistent with opioid abuse.
The weirdest town names in all 50 states, from Ketchuptown to Monkey's Eyebrow.
Ever driven past a billboard announcing a town name and done a double take? We're unpacking the most head-turning city and town names in America.
Review: The author of a literary classic, Helen DeWitt tries a novella on for size
Helen DeWitt is best known for her vast, learned and hilarious novel 'The Last Samurai.' Her new novella packs the same punch into 60 delicious pages.
Joy Reid gloats Ron DeSantis going ‘hat in hand’ to Biden for aid
On Thursday's episode of her nightly talk show "The ReidOut," Reid noted that the Republican DeSantis must now "go hat in hand to Joe Biden for aid."
Op-Ed: Online gambling from Prop. 27 wouldn't solve a bigger issue for California's tribes
Our state needs a formal process to support Native American tribes that lack federal recognition.
Iranian American Oscar Nominee Cautions Against Any Negotiations With Iran
Tehran-born actress and activist Shohreh Aghdashloo fled Iran before the Islamic Revolution, when she was 25. She sees new hope in the protests today.
Young adults in California experience alarming rates of anxiety and depression, poll finds
A poll of young Californians finds a generation feeling the strain of problems from the cost of housing to a lack of healthcare.
Column: Did the pandemic finally give working Americans power over their employers? Not really
The prevailing narrative says the pandemic gave workers more leverage over their employers. Unfortunately, it's not true.
Which “Hocus Pocus” character are you based on your zodiac sign?
The black flame candle has once again been lit and after almost three decades "Hocus Pocus 2," the sequel to the 1993 cult classic film ,has returned. Starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi, the film promises magic as spooky and spellbinding as ever before. But which zodiac signs rule them all?
Strike some fun with bowling and arcade reservations at Bowlero
This is right up your alley.
Hurricane Ian regains strength as it takes aim at the Carolinas
Hurricane Ian continued regaining strength overnight as it took aim at the Carolinas Friday -- with more than 2 million in Florida waking without power to survey the historic death and destruction left in its path.
Army major and wife indicted for conspiring to give Russia medical secrets
The two, who work as healthcare providers, in August revealed to an undercover FBI agent their willingness to give Russia medical information to help its invasion of Ukraine.
Defense theory: Shooter used her toe to pull the trigger
Odd crime scene raises odd question in the deaths of millionaire mom Pam Hargan and daughter Helen.
Can Porsche cure an ailing IPO market?
Ian reforms as hurricane eyeing the Carolinas, upcoming SCOTUS cases: 5 Things podcast
Hurricane Ian killed at least 14 in Florida and is now headed to the Carolinas, was cooking chicken in Nyquil a real TikTok trend?: 5 Things podcast
Corentin Moutet, Adrian Andreev in tennis handshake fight after ‘f–k you’ taunt
Top seed Moutet was upset by Bulgarian wildcard Andreev 2-6 7-6 7-6 in a hard-fought Round of 16 clash. But when they approached the net afterwards, Andreev slapped Moutet’s hand and reluctantly shook it.
Woman 'Gutted' by Partner Attending Wedding Abroad Without Her Splits Views
"No, you're not entitled to a free holiday," commented one Mumsnet user.
2 Texas brothers arrested for shooting at a group of migrants, killing 1, injuring another
Two Texas brothers open fired on a group of migrants killing a man and shooting a woman in the stomach. The woman is currently recovering at a hospital.
See why a woman is cutting her hair over her brother's coffin
Women have been a driving force behind anti-regime protests in Iran after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died while in the custody of Iran's morality police for allegedly not abiding to the country's hijab rules.
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Candace Owens 'Offended' by Lizzo Playing James Madison's Crystal Flute
"It's like spraying graffiti on a historical building and going, 'Oh, it's art.' No, it's not art," said Owens on a recent episode of her show "Candace."
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Candidates recognize the power of TikTok, "for better or worse"
As TikTok's popularity has exploded, candidates realize that's where young people are getting their information.
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Illegal annexation fails to hide gulf between what Putin wants and what his forces can hold
It is a moment of two completely incompatible events. One staged in Moscow, of a pen on paper, theater and imperialist expansion. The other the slow, methodical advance of Ukraine's forces through poorly supplied and commanded Russian positions.
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Reflecting on the Las Vegas Harvest Music Festival shooting five years later
A new four-part documentary from Paramount+ called "11 minutes'' features in-depth interviews with people who survived the Harvest Music Festival shooting in Las Vegas five years ago, including radio host Storme Warren. He joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss the documentary and reflect on what he remembers from that day, which was the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.
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