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This viral paper towel hack will double your roll and blow your mind

A TikTok gone viral is the simplest way to double the life of your paper towel roll.
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DeAndre’ Bembry becoming Nets’ bargain as fill-in starter
Over his last two games, Bembry averaged 13.5 and 9.5 boards, totaling 13 of 18 from the floor and a plus-24.
Ghislaine Maxwell's sex-trafficking trial begins Monday. Prosecutors allege she created a network of underage victims for the late Jeffrey Epstein
The public will get a glimpse into the life of the late Jeffrey Epstein as the sex-trafficking trial of his longtime companion Ghislaine Maxwell gets underway.
Tom Ford 'often laughed out loud' watching 'House of Gucci,' criticizes some 'absolute hams'
Designer and filmmaker Tom Ford's new essay criticizes the "House of Gucci" drama and some of scenery-chewing performances. But he praises Lady Gaga.
Japan suspends arrivals of all foreign nationals over Omicron Covid variant
Former defense secretary Mark Esper sues government for blocking unclassified materials from his memoir
Mark Esper accused the Pentagon of restricting him from using unclassified materials for his book about his experience with Donald Trump.
Jets’ Austin Walter has prayers answered: ‘Wasn’t going to be denied’
A 3-8 team headed for an 11th consecutive year without a playoff appearance — as the Jets are — needs a feel-good story every once in awhile to numb the negativity.
Couple with COVID-19 leave quarantine, arrested trying to flee country, Dutch police say
A married couple who tested positive for COVID-19 left their hotel quarantine and were arrested in an “airplane that was about to” leave the country, Dutch military police said, according to a report.
Opinion: Packers' addition of cornerback Rasul Douglas again pays huge dividends
Rsaul Douglas, an NFL castoff, has won more games for the Packers than Odell Beckham Jr. has won for anyone this season.
Lakers overcome meltdown vs. Pistons in yet another tense performance
The star-filled Lakers shouldn't be struggling to beat teams like the Detroit Pistons, and their recent performances hint big changes could be coming.
New Rams quarterback but same bad Lambeau luck as Packers hand them third loss in row
The Rams were beaten soundly by the Packers in Green Bay and suffered a third consecutive loss for only the second time in the Sean McVay era. Matthew Stafford's interception problems continue.
Cyber Monday PS5 restock: Check the status at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and more
Looking to buy a PS5? Here's a handy guide for tracking restocks at Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and more.
DOJ prosecutors push back against Bannon for wanting to publicize evidence against him
Prosecutors in the case against former President Donald Trump's ex-adviser Steve Bannon have accused him of attempting to try his criminal case through the media instead of in court, saying his tactics could affect witnesses against him, according to a new filing in DC District Court.
Older and … wiser?
Wisdom may be gained with age but, researchers say, you have to pursue it. Correspondent Susan Spencer looks at what accounts for the accumulation of wisdom, which can represent a freedom and creativity unknown to our younger selves.
Giants’ offense continues to sputter under Freddie Kitchens
The Giants actually scored fewer points after an offensive coordinator change. But winning really does hide a lot of flaws.
Biden moves to reassure weary Americans as fears rise about new Covid variant
President Joe Biden's attempts to limit the spread of the new Omicron Covid-19 variant begins on Monday with new US restrictions on travel from South Africa and seven other countries taking effect, as his administration seeks to assure Americans that they are moving swiftly to try to contain the threat.
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Solving the puzzle of female longevity
In nearly every country in the world, women outlive men. Correspondent Nancy Giles talks with researchers trying to understand why there is a longevity gap, answers to which could ultimately help us all.
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New Covid-19 variant Omicron cases, travel updates from around the world
The US, European Union, Japan and other major destinations have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of a newly identified coronavirus variant Omicron. Follow for the latest news updates.
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Billy Crystal now acting his age
Seems that comedian Billy Crystal has always enjoyed playing old, like in 1987's "The Princess Bride." Actually getting old? Not so much. But it will be less of a stretch for the now-73-year-old to play an aging comic in the upcoming Broadway musical, "Mr. Saturday Night." Correspondent Tracy Smith finds out how Crystal stays so youthful.
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Carolyn Hax: Move in with a boyfriend who vapes and has ‘no motivation to quit’?
A letter writer doesn’t want their boyfriend vaping around them constantly when they move in together. Is there a way to compromise?
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Ask Amy: I was ready to move to another continent for my relationship before she dumped me
Reader fell in love with a woman from New Zealand before the pandemic. He was ready to move before she dumped him.
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Hints From Heloise: Are we becoming too entitled?
Reader wonders whether people are developing too much of an “entitlement mentality.”
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Miss Manners: My partner’s daughter took all the best Thanksgiving leftovers
Reader is livid that her partner’s daughter helped herself to most of the Thanksgiving leftovers.
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Jets use three-man backfield to pound Texans without Michael Carter
It wasn’t next man up — it was next men up. 
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Home Depot employee dies after being trapped beneath forklift
A Home Depot employee in Virginia was killed after he became trapped beneath a forklift while working, according to local officials.
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The mountainous talent of Stephen Sondheim
Gene Seymour writes that Stephen Sondheim began his career writing a modern take on Shakespeare. In his death, he may be one of Shakespear's only peers. Sondheim leaves behind him a body of work that will be analyzed and beloved for generations to come.
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Ravens overcome Jackson's 4 INTs, beat Browns 16-10
Lamar Jackson provided one brilliant highlight during an otherwise subpar performance and his 13-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews in the third quarter was enough to lift the Baltimore Ravens to a 16-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night.
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'Use this technology to monitor the progression': How space tech can help the world fight the pandemic
Could technology developed for space help us battle the pandemic? The answer is yes, according to an article published in Nature Medicine.     
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Cryonics: Chilling into the future
In an Arizona laboratory, the bodies of nearly 200 people, and 90 pets, are being stored in liquid nitrogen, to be kept frozen until scientists in the future can possibly revive them. Correspondent Luke Burbank visits the Alcor Corporation, where some very patient patients are being held for an uncertain future, and talks with a neuroethicist about the lethal and moral propriety of cryonics.
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Jews around the world celebrate first night of Hanukkah: 'May the light pierce all the darkness in the world'
Jews around the world gathered Sunday night to mark the first of eight nights of Hanukkah.
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Jets’ Zach Wilson shakes off latest knee injury scare
The Jets had an injury scare early in the fourth quarter when quarterback Zach Wilson limped off the field following a long scramble play that ended with him being sacked out of bounds.
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Ravens overcome Lamar Jackson's four interceptions to beat Browns, move into slot for AFC's No. 1 seed
The Ravens leaned on their defense and kicker Justin Tucker to lead the way on a night when Lamar Jackson threw four interceptions against the Browns.      
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What animals might teach us about living longer
From naked mole-rats and elephants to tortoises and macaws, many animals have traits that help them avoid the damage that aging, or cancer, causes in humans. Correspondent Martha Teichner visits the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama to observe some of Nature's most resilient creatures.
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A University of Nevada Las Vegas student dies days after participating in fraternity charity boxing match
A University of Nevada Las Vegas student died just days after participating in a fraternity's charity boxing match where he collapsed soon after the fight, according to statements from the university and his family's attorney.
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Top Kansas Democrat call for representative to step down after arrest on suspicion of DUI
The Democratic leader of the Kansas House of Representatives called on Rep. Aaron Coleman to step down after his colleague's arrest Saturday for allegedly driving under the influence.
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Giants finally get deserved break with Eagles’ late-game drops
Sometimes it is better to be lucky and good. 
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Opinion: Star-studded Los Angeles Rams are now riddled with red flags amid skid
The Rams made no secret of the fact that they were going all-in on a Super Bowl run this year. Now, Los Angeles looks lost amid a three-game skid.      
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Avatars that tell your story after you're gone
Companies are creating bots, holograms and video renditions that will enable you to "talk" to succeeding generations. Correspondent David Pogue looks into how technology is giving some people virtual immortality.
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Column: USC landing Lincoln Riley may be the most right coaching hire in school history
USC athletic director Mike Bohn and chief of staff Brandon Sosna pulled off a game-winning Hail Mary, luring star Lincoln Riley away from Oklahoma.
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Rams’ Odell Beckham hauls in 54-yard TD for first score in more than a year
Odell Beckham Jr. finally returned to a place that had been foreign to him for over a year. 
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Omicron variant spreads globally, sparking fears of winter COVID-19 surge
Officials warn of new winter COVID-19 wave with new 'highly transmissible' variant.
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Scammers are sending fake 'store' surveys and impersonating Amazon. Here's what to watch out for.
Amazon is one of the most impersonated brands, and scammers are taking advantage of eager holiday shoppers. Here's what to watch out for this year.     
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Jim Gaffigan on the perils of aging gracefully
The comedian discusses his less-than-graceful attainment of years, and its effects on his knees.
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Couple who traveled to South Africa arrested for 'fleeing' Amsterdam quarantine hotel
Dutch police said on Sunday, November 28 that they arrested a married couple who had "fled" from a mandatory government-ordered quarantine.
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11/28/2021: Hazing, Saving the Mountain Gorillas, Rita Moreno
The hazing of Washington State University freshman Sam Martinez; Saving Rwanda’s mountain gorillas; Rita Moreno: The 60 Minutes Interview
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Slow-starting Chargers can't recover from Mile High deficit in Denver
The Chargers had a difficult start on offense, fell behind by two touchdowns and could not recover in an 28-13 AFC West loss in Denver against the Broncos.
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The pursuit of wisdom
Does older really mean wiser? Wisdom may be gained with age but, researchers say, you have to pursue it – and it can represent a freedom and creativity unknown to our younger selves.
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Democrats say they are the party of science but their drug price plans tell a different story
The Democrats like to present themselves as the party of science, but two recent announcements show just how ignorant they are about how science moves from the lab into our medicine cabinet.
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At 73, Billy Crystal is just warming up
The youthful comedian has often enjoyed playing old, but it will be less of a stretch for the now-73-year-old to play an aging comic in the upcoming Broadway musical, "Mr. Saturday Night."
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