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Top Clinton allies leave Black Lives Matter board

Minyon Moore and Marc Elias have left their positions with the board of the National Black Lives Matter nonprofit.
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More than 6.5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russian invasion, says UN refugee agency
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Can You Get Vaccinated for Monkeypox?
Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by a virus that's normally found in parts of Central and West Africa.
СВР: Антироссийская политика Вашингтона не находит поддержки в Латинской Америке
Большинство стран Латинской Америки не желают подчиняться требованиям Вашингтона и отказываются присоединяться к санкциям Запада против России из-за спецоперации по защите Донбасса
В Подмосковье женщина одновременно родила 14 и 15 ребенка
Роды у 38-летней пациентки приняли сотрудники Воскресенской областной больницы
Russian soldier get life sentence in Ukraine's 1st war crimes trial
Vadim Shishimarin, 21, admitted to killing a 62-year-old civilian Oleksandr Shelipov in the early days of Russia's invasion. He apologized to the victim's widow in court.
В Летнем саду воссоздали огород Петра Великого
"Красный сад", более известный как огород Петра I, открылся в Летнем саду
Watch Live: Testimony continues in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard libel trial
Depp is suing Heard for libel over a 2018 op-ed she wrote describing herself as "a public figure representing domestic abuse."
Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Trial Live Blog: Final Week of Court Begins
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's legal teams will make last-ditch efforts to win as the turbulent court battle comes to an end this week.
Pfizer says 3 of its COVID shots give kids under 5 strong protection
The company says it'll give U.S. regulators the data soon. Moderna is already seeking U.S. clearance to vaccinate kids 5 and under.
Кристина Орбакайте отметит юбилей в Крокус Сити Холле
Кто играет: Кристина Орбакайте.
Инжиниринговый центр Технологического института стал точкой притяжения молодых ученых
- ИЦ действует как центр коллективного доступа химико-технологического профиля для всех сотрудников, студентов, аспирантов
Empowering South Africa's youth through canoeing
Professional paddler Martin Dreyer is giving disadvantaged Zulus a change to shine on the river from his Change a Life academy.
Paddling for change in Africa
In Cameroon, rower Lea Dikoume is inspiring the next generation to clean up and protect local rivers. In South Africa, professional kayaker Martin Dreyer is empowering disadvantaged youths through his Change a Life paddling academy.
Возбуждено дело после отравления воспитанников детсада в Городце
В Городце возбуждено уголовное дело по факту отравления воспитанников детского сада. Об этом сообщает СК по Нижегородской области.
Современные авто уязвимы для хакеров. В чем их слабость
Фото: iStockТак, по статистике МВД, количество краж транспортных средств по итогам первого квартала выросло на 24 процента
Taliban enforcing face-cover order for female TV anchors: ‘non-negotiable’
Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers on Sunday began enforcing an order requiring all female TV news anchors in the country to cover their faces while on-air. The move is part of a hard-line shift drawing condemnation from rights activists.
МИД РФ: Россия отозвала кандидатуру Москвы на право проведения "ЭКСПО-2030"
Власти России решили не бороться за право на проведение в Москве международной выставки "ЭКСПО-2030". Об этом проинформировали в МИД РФ.
Amber Heard’s team set to call Johnny Depp back to the stand today
Multiple sources confirmed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star — who already testified over four days — will be back on the stand Monday.
Pfizer, BioNTech report 80 percent efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine for youngest children
The companies plan to finish submitting data to the Food and Drug Administration this week.
Kourtney Kardashian's D&G Wedding Follows Diana Niece's Controversial Lead
Kourtney Kardashian's Portofino wedding "hosted" by Dolce & Gabbana's founders follows the form set by Lady Kitty Spencer in 2021.
Dad's Parenting Hack for Napping With Baby Delights Internet: 'Innovative'
Patrick Williams found an ingenious way to enjoy a well-earned rest while also looking after his napping son Caleb.
Princess Diana's 'priceless' wedding tiara exhibited for the first time in decades
In celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Sotheby's will display some of history's most influential and rarely seen tiaras including one famously worn by Princess Diana during her wedding to Prince Charles.
Sex crime conviction doesn't require a victim, court rules
Carlocito Slim argued he was just looking for a massage when he responded to an ad on the Backpage website.
My boyfriend is very close with another woman. Can men and women really be just friends?
My boyfriend has a very close relationship with his female friend. Can men and women truly be just friends or should I be concerned?
The Book That Said the Words I Couldn’t Say
As a teen, I didn’t always know how to express myself. A now-forgotten novel helped me find my voice.
How “I’m Dead” Became a Good Thing
Dying of laughter is an exaggeration, but something about it has rung true over the centuries.
Russia Colonel Loses Laptop With Military Intel After Heavy Drinking—Report
Alexander Kuzivanov was at a bar in Moscow celebrating a colleague's 70th birthday when he lost his laptop.
If you think Biden stole the election, you might believe in Bigfoot
Once conspiratorial thinking becomes part of someone's partisan identity, it can spread.
From the founders of SoulCycle, a new (flawed) kind of church
A venture called Peoplehood — promoting “relational fitness” — reveals the problems with how we’ve tried to fill a spiritual gap.
How a Washington TikToker would spend a perfect day in D.C.
Hannah Williams is behind the popular account "Salary Transparent Street."
Is Memorial Day a Federal Holiday in the U.S? Everything You Need To Know
Memorial Day 2022 helps the U.S. honor its fallen members of the armed forces, but is Monday, May 30, a federal holiday?
Немецкой экономике предрекли серьезные проблемы в ближайшем будущем
Немецкая экономика находится на пороге структурного кризиса, который может продлиться несколько лет
‘Heroin chic’ out as supermodels ditch diet of booze, drugs and cigs
Health, not hard partying, is now the modeling norm.
The progressive push to oust the last anti-abortion House Democrat, explained
Rep. Henry Cuellar speaks during a congressional meeting on the US/Mexico border in 2018. | Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post via Getty Images A South Texas runoff could show how motivating abortion rights can be for voters. Incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar was already facing a close runoff in Texas’s 28th Congressional District on May 24, but the recent Supreme Court leak has renewed focus on one potential vulnerability: his record on abortion. Cuellar, a nine-term Congressman and longtime fixture in his South Texas district, is now the last standing House Democrat who has taken anti-abortion stances. Cuellar’s challenger, progressive Jessica Cisneros, has blasted him on the issue, arguing that “he could very much be the deciding vote on the future of our reproductive rights and we cannot afford to take that risk.” Though Cisneros and her allies are working to ensure abortion rights shape the race, it’s not yet clear to what extent the issue will affect people’s votes. While Democratic strategists say the fight for abortion rights has energized a segment of voters in the region, Cuellar — whose campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment — has said his views are in line with those in the district. “If his opponent is going to say that we need to kick him out of office because he’s not in favor of abortion, I don’t think that’s going to get very far. I don’t see that being the deciding factor,” says state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond, a Cuellar supporter who also represents part of the district. Cuellar is one of few congressional Democrats to take a hardline position on abortion. Last year, Cuellar was the only House Democrat to vote against the Women’s Health Protection Act, legislation to codify the protections from Roe v. Wade. Cuellar maintains that his position hasn’t changed, but notes that he opposes an abortion ban without exceptions for rape, incest, and a mother’s health. The outcome of the race could offer an early indication of how much the issue of abortion rights energizes Democratic voters. In the March primary, Cisneros and Cuellar were within roughly 2 percentage points of one another, with a third candidate, Tannya Benavides, capturing almost 5 percent of the vote. “My sense is that it is pretty close,” says Matt Angle, a Texas Democratic strategist who’s not affiliated with either campaign. “I thought for a while that Henry was in better shape in the runoff, and he probably still is. But the Supreme Court leak did change the dynamics. It might have excited her base a little bit.” Abortion rights have energized some voters in the district Texas’s 28th Congressional District has been blue for years, though it’s more moderate and socially conservative than the typical district that progressives have gone after. President Joe Biden won the newly drawn version of the district by just 7 points in 2020, compared to, for example, the more than 60 points he won by in the Missouri district where progressive Rep. Cori Bush felled a longtime incumbent that year. A predominantly Latino district that includes many Catholic voters, the Texas 28th stretches from the more liberal San Antonio region to more moderate voting bases in Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley. Though those demographics may suggest the voters in the district skew anti-abortion, local political experts told Vox that views on abortion rights in the area match up to those in the state overall. According to an April 2022 University of Texas poll, Texas voters are split on the subject, with a plurality who identify as pro-abortion. “They assume because it’s South Texas and it’s Catholic that it’s a pro-life district. Texas mirrors the national opinions, and even places like Laredo are pro-choice,” says George Shipley, a longtime Democratic consultant in Texas who’s not affiliated with either campaign. Organizers and Democrats on the ground say they’ve seen the leaked Supreme Court decision energize many voters including young people and women. “I’m Catholic, and yes I’m anti-abortion, but I’m for a woman’s right to choose. I know what just happened has sparked a real response that we didn’t see in 2020,” says Sylvia Bruni, the chair of Webb County Democrats, who’s not affiliated with or backing either candidate. Still, it’s an open question whether this outrage translates to the polls. Older, more conservative voters are among those more likely to back Cuellar, and historically more likely to show up for a runoff election. “There’s a lot of old-school folks. And as you know, in runoffs, old-school folks vote,” says Susan Korbel, a member of the Bexar County Blue Action Democrats and candidate for a Bexar County commissioner seat, who’s not backing either candidate. And as is the case in districts across the country, few if any TX-28 residents are single-issue voters. Observers note that voters are weighing a number of issues, including wages and jobs, in addition to abortion rights. The outcome could say a lot about the party’s future The results in this race could send a strong message about the strength of the progressive wing of the party, and the degree to which abortion rights are a motivating issue for many voters. “If she wins, it’s going to send a message to every Democrat that thinks they can equivocate on choice, that they can equivocate on women’s health, that they won’t be able to do that,” says Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, the president of NextGen America and founder of a statewide group dedicated to mobilizing Latino voters in Texas. Outside organizations like Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Naral are also working to send that message. They’ve mobilized heavily in the wake of the leak, with Naral sending four organizers to the district and launching a new digital ad. Cisneros, meanwhile, has called for House leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who back Cuellar, to withdraw their support over his anti-abortion stance. They’ve argued, though, that they welcome a diverse range of viewpoints in the Democratic caucus. Progressives have eyed this district as a key target since 2020, when Cisneros came within 4 percentage points of Cuellar in the primary. In addition to abortion rights, Cisneros has sought to draw contrasts with Cuellar on issues like immigration, climate change, and corporate donations. A Cuellar loss would be significant given how entrenched he is as an 18-year incumbent in the region and an even longer one in the state. Prior to serving in the House, he was a Texas Secretary of State and a state representative, and he has touted his leadership role in Congress as an important advantage for the district. If her challenge is successful, Cisneros would have to keep the momentum going into the fall. Because the district is a moderate one, experts believe a progressive candidate is likely to have a tougher fight in a general election as Republicans try to cast them as too extreme. “I think the district is Democratic enough that Jessica can win, but I don’t think they should take it for granted,” says Angle. Cisneros has emphasized that she’s focused on district outreach in her campaign, amid concerns that the region is shifting toward the right. “This area has been reliably Democratic for a very long time,” she previously told Vox. “But that’s also led a lot of incumbents to just take this community for granted. We’re offering an alternative vision of what South Texas can look like.”
‘Presumptive’ case of monkeypox identified in Florida
Florida health officials are investigating a "presumptive" case of monkeypox -- making the Sunshine State the third possible US state to be hit by the disease.
Manchester City players cement 'legend' status after winning a title race like no other
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola described his players as "legends" after they completed one of the most memorable comebacks in English Premier League history on Sunday.
Women are once again becoming the focus of the midterms
In today’s edition … The Post’s Cleve R. Wootson Jr. on how two years after George Floyd’s death, there has been little movement on police reform in Washington … House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) may have echoed the ‘great replacement’ theory, but that didn’t stop firms from donating to her, according to our Todd C. Frankel and Dylan Freedman … Biden unveils the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework while in Tokyo …
Капитал десяти богатейших людей превысил общее состояние 40% жителей Земли
Десять богатейших людей мира сосредоточили в своих руках 12,7 трлн рублей, что превышает состояние 40% беднейших жителей Земли
Фигуранты дела о незаконной рубке леса в Иркутской области получили от 5 до 6,5 лет колонии
Фигуранты дела о незаконной вырубке лесных насаждений в заказнике в Иркутской области получили от 5 до 6,5 лет колонии общего режима.
Under new laws, some teachers worry supporting LGBTQ students will get them sued or fired
With a growing number of laws targeting LGBTQ rights in conservative states, some teachers are growing worried about how to best support students.
U.S. Would Come to Taiwan’s Rescue if China Invades, Biden Says
JONATHAN ERNST/ReutersPresident Joe Biden threw down the gauntlet Monday before China, pledging to defend anti-communist Taiwan in the face of mounting threats by Beijing to wrest the island by force.Biden chose a hypersensitive occasion on which to make the pledge—a meeting in Tokyo with the prime minister of Japan, China’s historic enemy, itching for a firm commitment from its American ally.Biden left no doubt of what the Japanese sometimes see as Washington’s wavering resolve, responding simply “Yes, that the commitment we made” when a reporter asked if the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s rescue in the event of a Chinese attack across the 100-mile-wide Formosa Strait separating Taiwan from the Chinese mainland.“The idea that it could be taken by force will dislocate the entire region,” said Biden, in a crisis “similar to what happened in Ukraine.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Who Is Dalton Kennedy? American Killed by Russians in Ukraine—Report
Dalton Kennedy was among seven Americans being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI for war crimes allegedly committed while fighting in Ukraine.
Pfizer 3-dose vaccine 80% effective against omicron for youngest children
Vaccines for youngest children are expected to be available in June or July
Фестиваль "Золотая маска" в Екатеринбурге откроют "Костиком" по мотивам Чехова
В Екатеринбурге показом спектакля театра имени Пушкина "Костик" открывается фестиваль "Золотая маска"
Эрдоган: Мы ждем от НАТО конкретных действий по Швеции и Финляндии
"Мы не получили от партнеров по НАТО должной поддержки в вопросах борьбы с терроризмом
Monkeypox Pictures: What Do the Virus Lesions Look Like?
The photos can be alarming, but monkeypox remains rare, with a rash that is usually gone within two to four weeks.
Kenny Atkinson, Darvin Ham, Terry Stotts among candidates for Los Angeles Lakers' head coaching job
After several interviews and research, the Lakers narrowed their coaching search to three candidates: Kenny Atkinson, Darvin Ham and Terry Stotts.
Bride Backed for Refusing to Cancel Wedding Over Sister-in-Law's Divorce
"Since they're getting a divorce, now everyone from my fiancé's side of the family demands that we cancel our wedding to show solidarity," the bride wrote.